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‘Moana’ isn’t your typical Disney princess. She’s an action hero.

AS DISNEY returns to the sea nearly two decades after “The Little Mermaid,” the animation studio’s newest heroine feels a whole world away from Ariel. In the 1989 undersea film, of course, the young heroine pines for a man from afar, literally losing her voice in the process. In the new “Moana,” by contrast — […]

Two top comic book creators have a new series about a cure for death

On the way to becoming two of the most popular writers in the comic book industry, Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire have depended on a friendship that includes bouncing creative ideas off each other. The two were having coffee together a few years back when Snyder brought up an idea for a comic about what it would […]

Why ‘Moana’s’ main demigod looks so much — and so little — like People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

ONCE UPON a time, in his early incarnations, Maui the Disney demigod bore a striking tonsorial resemblance to People magazine’s latest idea of a man-god. In the animated movie “Moana,” which opens Wednesday, Maui sports full and flowing hair. But his thick raven mane only took shape after the film’s creative leaders eventually chose to […]

TV recap: ‘Supergirl’ offers the Hank Henshaw revelation we’ve been waiting for

The standard caveat: Thar be spoilers ahead. The real Cyborg Superman has finally stood up. Ever since David Harewood was cast as Hank Henshaw on then-CBS’s “Supergirl,” viewers have speculated as to whether he would eventually turn into the Cyborg Superman — just as Henshaw does in the pages of Superman comic books. But when […]

How Trump’s transition will change Washington, according to cartoons

AS PRESIDENT-ELECT Donald Trump hunkers down near the bunkered hills of Bedminster, N.J., where hopeful Cabinet candidates have been swinging by Trump National Golf Club, the campaign promise hangs still in the air: “Drain the swamp,”...Show More Summary

‘Dishonored 2? review: Little to get excited about

Dishonored 2 Developed by: Arkane Studios Published by: Bethesda Softworks Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One I’m not normally given to trying every little thing in a game — vacuuming up all the trinkets, nabbing all the trophies, etc. But I like to see the majority of what a title has to offer if […]

Rep. John Lewis’s National Book Award win is a milestone moment for graphic novels

“THREE” at last: A graphic novel has finally broken through. “March: Book Three,” the third installment in Rep. John Lewis’s powerful civil rights memoir, received the National Book Award on Wednesday evening in Manhattan. Five times before, a graphic novel had been named a finalist for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature — […]

Why the ‘Suicide Squad’ extended cut is a better movie than the original

The extended cut of “Suicide Squad,” now available for purchase digitally, is the version of the movie that should have debuted in theaters back in August. Unlike the R-rated edition of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which didn’t add much to the film’s PG-13 theatrical release, “Suicide Squad’s” extended cut is a better movie than […]

‘Being Right Sucks’: ‘The Simpsons’ are not thrilled that they predicted President Trump in 2000

The Simpsons updates its 2000 prediction of a Trump Presidency… #TheSimpsons — The Simpsons (@TheSimpsons) November 14, 2016 Sixteen years ago, “The Simpsons” writers predicted a Donald Trump presidency. Sunday night, in the first show to air after Trump’s victory, they expressed their regret. Show More Summary

Sikh Captain America vows to fight the ‘rise in bigotry’ he sees in Trump’s America

IN JULY, Vishavjit Singh, a Washington-born cartoonist in his daily existence, donned the costume of his public alter ego, Sikh Captain America, and headed to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. There, he says, he saw the mood of Donald Trump’s America up close. “It was clear to me I was not going to change […]

The young female Iron Man Riri Williams makes an impressive debut — despite controversy

On Wednesday, Riri Williams — a female, black Iron Man — finally debuted in her own Marvel Comics series, “Invincible Iron Man,” both in print and digitally. After the character was announced in July, it was clear the days of a unanimously positive reaction to a new hero of color were over. Social media has given voice to […]

The Donald Trump transition to the presidency, through the eyes of America’s cartoons

THE AWKWARD first meeting, as years of bitter history simmer just beneath the surface. The protests by the hundreds and thousands in cities across a divided nation. And the accusatory @RealDonaldTrump tweet that breaks his public turn toward a more presidential tone. In the immediate aftermath of America’s electoral November Surprise, the steps of “peaceful […]

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ is a shooting game at war with itself

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Developed by: Infinity Ward, Raven Software Published by: Activision Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows The first-person death scene has become something of a tradition for the “Call of Duty” series. These macabre polygonal shadowboxes fixate on the last breaths of a fallen soldier. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” […]

‘South Park’ had planned on a Clinton win. Here’s how the show scrambled to depict President Trump and sexism.

IN PERHAPS “South Park’s” best single-day rewrite ever, the Clintons and the show’s Colorado denizens absorb the nation’s presidential results just hours after real-life Hillary Clinton conceded. Wednesday night’s episode, as originally written, was to focus on Bill Clinton’s becoming the first First Gentleman. Show More Summary

Marvel has never won a visual effects Oscar. ‘Doctor Strange’ should break that streak.

MARVEL STUDIOS has never won an Academy Award for best visual effects. But that could very well change with “Doctor Strange.” As it should. Marvel’s newest film is its most visually stunning spectacle yet. You may quibble or carp over other aspects of the box-office hit, but the praise for Dr. Strange’s multiverse world is […]

How the world is viewing Donald Trump’s presidential win, according to cartoons

After Donald Trump’s presidential win, as “stunned” world leaders extended their congratulations to him, cartoonists on foreign shores began to render their reactions through the often wordless pen. Here are their visual responses from...Show More Summary

‘The Simpsons’ predicted a Trump presidency 16 years ago. The writer explains why.

SOMETIMES “The Simpsons” is like a Magic 8-Ball that can seem to hold all the answers. Peer deeply enough into the long odyssey of Homer, say, and a certain warped wisdom can float to the surface. One example resurfaced early this year, when it was remembered that David Bowie and Alan Rickman, who died within days […]

Why ‘Doctor Strange’ isn’t Stan Lee’s favorite film cameo

STAN LEE, to be clear, is rather fond of his latest Marvel appearance. “I loved the ‘Doctor Strange’ cameo,” the Marvel mastermind tells The Post’s Comic Riffs of his scene in the new film, in which he briefly can be glimpsed as a bus passenger reading Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception,” oblivious to a […]

Trump vs. Clinton: Whom would cartoonists prefer to ridicule for the next four years?

FEW PEOPLE spend as much time with the president — even if they never meet the nation’s leader — than an American political cartoonist. As a visual satirist, you effectively “live” with the commander in chief up close, day after day. You intensely study everything from facial features to fiscal policies. You know the president’s […]

Why are Marvel’s villains so mediocre?

WHY DON’T most of Marvel Studios’ villains make much of an impression? It really is quite striking: Besides Thor’s brother, Loki, most of the studio’s cinematic baddies don’t rise to the memorable epic levels of those from DC (Joker, Bane, Lex 1.0 or Zod) or Sony (Doc Ock or Green Goblin) or Fox (Magneto, most […]

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