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A new comic-book series asks: Where do we go when we die?

Mark Millar says that some of his biggest hits as a comic book writer have come from the simplest of his ideas. When creating “Kick-Ass,” Millar asked himself what it would be like if a comic book-loving kid decided to put on a mask and try to fight crime. For his newest comic book, “Reborn,” […]

‘Supergirl’ is back. But why is Superman on the show, too?

For the second time in a year, the Girl of Steel has had to find a new home. After being rocketed to Earth from Krypton in last year’s first season on CBS, “Supergirl” now finds itself in a new world where superhero television shows are a lot more common: The CW. Despite sparks toward the […]

As ‘Finding Dory’ tops $1 billion, the Pixar hit is an Oscar favorite

CAN “FINDING DORY” make it three-for-three for Disney? Twice before this year, a Disney-distributed animated film has topped $1 billion in global gross, and both times, that film (“Frozen” and “Toy Story 3?) won the Oscar in the animated feature category. This year, Disney adds two such candidates to the Academy Awards race, with a third title to […]

Satirizing an already laughable election isn’t impossible. Here’s how to do it.

IN ANY normal political environment, the satirist has quite the expansive tool kit. But these are, alas, far from normal times. Typically, one of the most effectively artful instruments is hyperbole. Exaggerate the candidate’s rhetoric or behavior, and the absurdity glows like an X-ray, illuminating the problem in glaring high-contrast. Good luck, though, getting more […]

Meet the go-to designer for the NFL’s latest trend: Shoes that send a message

MARCUS RIVERO prides himself on providing head-to-toe customer service. He may be in the shoe business, but his job begins with a meeting of the minds — just him and some of the world’s most visible athletes, collaborating on virtually the only gameday canvas they are allowed. In his business, the call often comes suddenly. […]

Campaign clown-phobia: Here are some of the week’s best Trump-Clinton election cartoons

IT WAS the week that belonged, for better or worse, to the running mates and first mates. Even an Oscar-winning diva needs strong supporting performances. So as the campaign calendar turned to October, the two major presidential candidates turned to their seconds for a little help. So how’d they do? [How ‘Doonesbury’ predicted Trump’s presidential […]

John Lewis is ‘overwhelmed’ as his ‘March: Book Three’ becomes National Book Award finalist

LAST MONTH, at the Library of Congress’s National Book Festival, I said to an attendee that we would have three National Book Award finalists on our “Graphic Novel Night” stage. “Only two,” a colleague pointed out, citing Gene Luen Yang (a two-time finalist, for “American Born Chinese” and “Boxers & Saints”) and Noelle Stevenson (“Nimona”). […]

Stan Lee has a new plan to unite police and Black Lives Matter

Hands held high: Stan Lee arrives at the premiere of “The Avengers” in Los Angeles in 2012. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles) A HALF-CENTURY ago, at the height of the civil-rights era, Stan Lee was co-creating the regal African character the Black Panther with the aim to appeal to a diverse readership. The legendary Marvel editor believed […]

Can ‘Arrow’ get back on target by going back to its vigilante basics?

Can a broken arrow hit its target? The CW is looking to make “Arrow” great again as the show enters its fifth season. Wednesday night’s premiere had a familiar, gritty vibe to it — one that hasn’t been felt watching this show for a long time. Can a little murder, more shadows and less Olicity […]

How a USDA worker became an action-adventure comic character

IF YOU’RE a regular reader of The Washington Post funnies, you might have recently wondered: Just how does a humble federal worker in Washington end up as a rugged explorer in a widely syndicated comic strip? Well, from a simple call about a forest fire, the creative sparks flew. James Allen is the newest cartoonist […]

A new ‘Suicide Squad’ cut might show all that Jared Leto Joker footage we didn’t see

One of the many questions that came up during “Suicide Squad’s” theatrical run was what happened to all of Jared Leto’s Joker footage. We may get the answer with an “extended cut” of the movie that will be released by Warner Bros. digitally on Nov. 15 — and on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD […]

A new Superman comic honors Darwyn Cooke, a legendary artist who died too young

DC Comics is paying tribute to late artist and writer Darwyn Cooke in the pages of Superman no. 8 in a two-part story titled “Escape From Dinosaur Island,” which arrives on newsstands both real and digital Wednesday. Cooke, who was one of the most influential creators in the comic book industry, died in May at […]

‘The Flash’ begins Season 3 by showing the dangers of time travel

The season three premiere of the CW’s “The Flash” wasted little time getting into the consequences of Barry Allen’s actions in the season two finale. At the end of season two, Barry finally begins to move on from the pain of losing his mother. But Zoom, the season two villain who was almost as captivating […]

Sketchbook: These two Hall of Fame radio legends could always draw us into their worlds

THE GAMES will continue, of course, and so will the songs. But the men who long graced those proceedings — two rare birds, golden-throated warblers both — will no longer be our touchstone voices. There is no joy in Mudville. Vin Scully and Garrison Keillor have struck out for their professional sunsets, leaving many of […]

Why humorists just can’t quit Donald Trump the candidate

It’s time to come clean. Full confession. So here’s the truth of the matter: I’m not ready to quit Candidate Trump. With Election Day just several weeks away, many are ready for the bipartisan sniping, campaign mudslinging and morning tweetstorms to be over. Yet as a cartoonist, just call me “Mr. Piggy,” because I’m still gorging […]

Mike Colter on playing black superhero Luke Cage: ‘I understand how important this character is’

After debuting as one of Marvel’s most well-known black superheroes last year on “Jessica Jones,” Mike Colter returns to the role of Luke Cage, this time in his own series of that title, which begins streaming Friday on Netflix. “When you have your own show, you get a chance to set the tone,” Colter said. “So, with […]

Obama’s final 100 days in office, through the eyes of MAD magazine

AS MAD magazine gets in its satiric digs at the current presidential nominees, the self-branded “Usual Gang of Idiots” also wants to get in its final pot shots at the outgoing president. That is why in its forthcoming “Politics 2016? issue (due to hit newsstands Oct. 11), MAD offers its madcap look at “The Last 100 […]

A live-action ‘Lion King’ is a bad idea. Here’s what Jon Favreau could do to save it.

EVEN A KING has his corporate overlords. And so with Disney’s confirmation Wednesday that the studio will remake its 1994 classic “The Lion King,” the idea that you don’t mess with perfection has just been felled in a corporate gorge, if not a financial gorging. Yes, as Disney gallops along in its plan to tap […]

Simone Missick in ‘Luke Cage’ leads a new wave of Marvel actresses

Auditioning for a Marvel project can be a complex drama all by itself. Simone Missick, who will star alongside Mike Colter as Misty Knight in Netflix’s “Luke Cage,” wasn’t sure exactly what she was auditioning for the first time she submitted a tape. Marvel is known for being secretive during the process. She thought the character’s name […]

Why Banned Books Week is increasingly a good thing for graphic novels

IT IS a sign of its elevated status and popularity that graphic novels have grown to own more shelving within your local library — and likewise, a more prominent place in national conversations about literature. Running through Sunday is Banned Books Week, which highlights attempts to restrict the written word as it also celebrates “the […]

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