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R.I.P.: How Adam West made peace with life and career after his iconic ‘Batman’ role

“BATMAN” the high-camp TV series burned so brightly in the ’60s night zeitgeist, and then so swiftly burned out, that it took both the Caped Crusader and the man who played him years to recover from the program’s lasting impact. Ultimately, though, despite what the rogues’ gallery of skeptics might still say, both Batman and […]

First ‘Black Panther’ trailer unveils the proud glory of Wakanda

AFTER A SUCCESSFUL debut in “Captain America: Civil War,” the Black Panther is poised to fill his own superhero spotlight. Marvel Studios debuted the Black Panther’s first teaser trailer during Friday night’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals — a moment awaited by generations who made him the most popular black superhero ever. At director Ryan Coogler’s disposal […]

‘Arms’ for Nintendo Switch: A safe way to throw a punch

Arms Developed by: Nintendo EPD Published by: Nintendo Available on: Nintendo Switch The Nintendo Wii was the first video game console I can remember my father being eager to play. For him, like so many other parents and grandparents, the appeal was in the system’s controller as much as in any of its games. The […]

New Yorker cover renders Trump as a ‘Modern’ clown of his own making

WERE FILM FANS to pick a Charlie Chaplin picture that most summons thoughts of President Trump, some might choose “The Gold Rush” or “The Great Dictator,” if not a short titled “The Property Man,” “His New Job” or “Gentlemen of Nerve.” For his latest topical New Yorker cover, though, Barry Blitt goes with man vs. […]

On World Oceans Day, ‘Arctic Circle’ artist explains how her comic takes on climate change

ALEX HALLATT wasn’t always so political. At least that you could readily detect in her comics, given her ability to camouflage her opinions in her art with the supreme skill of a cuttlefish or mimic octopus. Yet time, and dire times, has brought Hallatt onto a cartoon pulpit. Hallatt is the creator of “Arctic Circle,” the […]

What to expect from James Comey’s Trump testimony today, according to cartoons

IN WASHINGTON, you know a major spectator occasion is at hand when even the bars open early. But on the Hill, as the main event unfolds today, will they be serving political red meat, red herrings or a big nothing-burger? On Wednesday, a day ahead of James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing concerning his interactions […]

Can ‘Wonder Woman’ save the rest of DC’s movies?

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have their first certified hit in their still very young “Justice League” era of movies, as “Wonder Woman” is finally the mainstream critically acclaimed film they’ve craved to go along with the major money they’re used to making. The question that remains is: When will we see a “Wonder Woman” effect in […]

Chris Pine in ‘Wonder Woman’ shows there are other ways to save the day in a superhero movie

Note: Major spoilers for “Wonder Woman” ahead. Even though he didn’t play a lead superhero in “Wonder Woman,” that didn’t prevent actor Chris Pine from delivering one of the most charismatic and heroic performances in DC’s new “Justice League”-era of movies. Pine was once rumored to be in contention for the role of Green Lantern in the […]

The scene in ‘Wonder Woman’ where you can’t help but think of Syria

Spoilers ahead. NINETY-NINE years ago today, in France’s Belleau Wood, U.S. soldiers launched their first large-scale battle in the “War to End All Wars.” By month’s end, after nearly 10,000 men died, the United States won that fight, but not before the German Gen. Erich Ludendorff had unleashed not only machine guns but also nerve […]

Does ‘Wonder Woman’ have the best romantic chemistry of any superhero movie?

Spoilers ahead. RICHARD DONNER’s “Superman” spoiled us. When the Man of Steel first soared toward the heavens with Lois Lane on an exhilarating flyover date, the 1978 movie heightened our expectation for most superhero films to follow: Future costumed crimefighters with love interests would surely deliver not only the thrilling action, but also magnetic romantic […]

With ‘Wonder Woman’s’ milestone opening, can comics draw Hollywood out of its sexist cave?

SOME FILM FANS bemoan superhero saturation while also rightly spotlighting the lack of diversity among top-grossing Hollywood directors. What they perhaps don’t appreciate, though, is that nerd-culture films might well be the best spear point for changing the entertainment landscape. Show More Summary

How the world’s cartoonists are skewering Trump’s Paris climate-accord pullout

How the world’s cartoonists are reacting to President’ Trump’s announcement Thursday afternoon that the United States is pulling out of the Paris accord on climate: STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune): RAINER HACHFELD (Germany): ADAM ZYGLIS (Buffalo News):. JOEP BETRAMS (The Netherlands):.  

How ‘Wonder Woman’ slyly comments on the politics of Hollywood

FOR ALL the wide, high-octane spectacle in the new “Wonder Woman,” perhaps the film’s most special effect involves one central trick: turning the tables on viewer expectations. Director Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Allan Heinberg take this opportunity to comment on the politics of Hollywood, both on and off the screen — a feat that feels entirely […]

Wonder Woman has been a warrior, a secretary and a sexpot. What version did the movie use?

WHEN PATTY JENKINS signed on two years ago to direct “Wonder Woman,” industry observers wondered what type of superhero the film would present, especially given the character’s many iterations over 75 years. Would we get the hardened Wonder Woman of the ’90s “Kingdom Come” comics, or the sometimes deferential “secretary” Diana Prince of her ’40s team-up […]

A disabled protagonist creates interesting opportunities but ‘Perception’ falls short

Perception Developed by: The Deep End Games Published by: Feardemic Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One There are times when I find myself rooting for a game even after it has failed to elicit a strong first impression. Usually this happens because my imagination latches onto some aspect of its design that feels inspired […]

Trump, ‘covfefe’ and the art of Twitter (mis)communication

IF PRESIDENT TRUMP wants to seek out negative press coverage — or even negative press covfefe — he can receive a highly concentrated daily dose not from cable, but cartoons. Political cartoons, by their very nature, are set to go negative on whoever is in power, thus providing fine fodder for a leader looking for […]

How ‘Wonder Woman’ director Patty Jenkins cracked the superhero-movie glass ceiling

IN THE new film “Wonder Woman,” our title hero leaves her empowering, all-female island of Themyscira for the tightly corseted society of World War I-era London. As her companions coax the Amazon-tribe warrior into trading in her free-flowing leather skirt for the confining bustle of a male-dominated Western world, Diana Prince has a natural question: […]

We asked our readers to draw messages for Trump. Here are the best ones.

THIS WEEK, we were reminded that President Trump is a visual learner. As The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker reported, Trump likes to pore over “maps, charts, pictures and videos, as well as ‘killer graphics,’ as CIA Director Mike Pompeo phrased it.” “That’s our task, right?” Pompeo said of presenting intelligence reports of […]

The best from DC in a decade? What the first ‘Wonder Woman’ reviews are saying.

“WONDER WOMAN” director Patty Jenkins tells The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs that within the summer multiplex of high-octane, sensory-assaulting action films, she believes there is still an audience that appreciates subtle touches, too — even if “not everybody cares about those nuances.” Judging by the first wave of reviews for her new film, her attention […]

‘Wonder Woman’ marks DC’s triumphant return to great storytelling

“Wonder Woman” is the first masterpiece in Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Justice League era. Breathtaking and action-packed, with an occasional dark edge and plenty of humor, “Wonder Woman,” more than any of Warner Bros.’ current DC Comics films, channels the one emotion from the company’s classic cinema lore that has been missing from its […]

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