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It turns out Melissa McCarthy, not Superman, is the real box-office Kryptonite for critics

AND HERE all those critics of critics were looking to Superman to prove their point: that even if critics pan a movie, it can still succeed at the box office. But the latest evidence of critical invincibility comes from Melissa McCarthy’s newest comedy, “The Boss,” which opened in a near dead-heat with “Batman v Superman: […]

This artist has built a career on bringing action figures to life

IF artist Daniel Picard had known a few costumed “cosplayers” around his Canadian home, he might never have embarked on a thriving career with his favorite type of model: the action figure! “I think if I had had access to people in costumes back then, the toy series would have never taken off,” Picard tells The Post’s […]

‘Dark Souls 3? review: A worthy addition to the series

Dark Souls 3 Developed by: From Software Published by: Bandai Namco Entertainment Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One No video game series in last twenty years has whisked away more of my time than the Souls series. “Demon’s Souls”– the cryptic, sword-and-sorcery game that started it all — exerted its grip on my imagination […]

Why Benedict Cumberbatch makes an intriguing Doctor Strange, and other trailer takeaways

WITH THE first “Doctor Strange” trailer having finally arrived, Comic Riffs breaks down just what we’re seeing — and can expect: MICHAEL CAVNA: This was certainly a night of [Steve] Ditko news, what with Strange and Spider-Man announcements and reveals overnight. So first we should address: Can Hollywood do right by Ditko’s more mystical, less […]

Scarred by cartels, Mexican artist finds healing in the forthcoming drug-war comic, ‘Sombra’

AMERICAN writer Justin Jordan knew he had a fertile idea for his fictional tale. He would delve into Mexican drug cartels. But which artist could render this story into riveting life? He needed an illustrator who has a textured, firsthand understanding of Mexico, if not also its cartel violence. The result: BOOM! Studios will unveil this summer’s Comic-Con […]

The first ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer arrives to provide a reality-bending peek

  “THE MATRIX” and “Inception” just had a love child, and his name is “Doctor Strange.” We, much like the title character of Doctor Strange himself, have just been given a preview of other worlds and other possibilities. And now we want to see more, and know more. Teach us, O Ancient One. The first […]

Ben Affleck will star in and direct a solo Batman film, in his apparent master plan to rule DC’s Gotham

WARNER BROS. confirms it: Ben Affleck will direct and star in a solo Batman film in the near future. Part of the studio’s ambitious plans to expand its DC Comics properties involves giving each member of the Justice League a solo film. Superman kicked off DC’s connected superhero-movie universe with “Man of Steel.” Wonder Woman, […]

With new book, Alex Segura cracks the case of balancing his lives in comics and mystery novels

AS ALEX SEGURA has segued professionally from various roles as editor and publicist and mystery-novel author, one constant has been comic books. For years, the New York-based Segura was the publicist for DC Comics. He now serves in that some role at Archie Comics, where he’s also the editor of Archie’s Dark Circle imprint. And […]

Grant Morrison’s new Wonder Woman: ‘You don’t give up sex just because you gave up men.’

FOR ALL that he’s contributed to the DC Comics universe, including his defining storylines for Superman and Batman, Grant Morrison had never created a major Wonder Woman story. And for that, he blames how the character was handled in his narratively impressionable youth. Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, Morrison encountered tales in which DC […]

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn could become a pop icon, and other takeaways from the new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer

  With “Batman v Superman” still near the top of the box office, DC is riding that wave with Batman’s next outing, in the August release of “Suicide Squad.” The newest trailer has landed, so today, we take a deeper look at just what “Suicide Squad” is teasing us with to win our interest: MICHAEL CAVNA: […]

Superman? Melissa McCarthy (‘The Boss’) is the real box-office Kryptonite to critics

  AND HERE all those critics of critics were looking to Superman to prove their point. Turns out, it’s the cape of Melissa McCarthy you dare not tug on. The latest evidence of critical invincibility on screen comes from this weekend, as McCarthy’s newest comedy, “The Boss,” opened in a near dead-heat with “Batman v […]

Why so serious? New ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer ups the ante for cheeky superhero-film humor

WILL “DEADPOOL” still be 2016’s funniest superhero film by year’s end? Not if “Suicide Squad” can help it. DC’s August release not only has the Joker. It’s got jokes. And judging by tonight’s new trailer, which debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, the filmmakers are aiming to stack the deck with humor. DC Comics may […]

IDW will announce English-language ‘Who Killed Kurt Cobain?’ graphic novel at Seattle comic con

SEATTLE will be an apt setting this afternoon for the newest announcement from IDW. The San Diego-based publisher will reveal the title of its new graphic-novel release: “Who Killed Kurt Cobain?” IDW is loosely adapting an English-language version of “Le Roman de Boddah,” a French prose novel by Heloise Guay de Bellissen that details the […]

As ‘All the President’s Men’ turns 40 today, Woodward and Bernstein share their favorite shots from the movie

CARL BERNSTEIN has a favorite shot — a powerful, wordless visual within a film rippling with verbiage. It is the moment when everything elevates as metaphor. It is, Bernstein says, “the Library of Congress shot.” The film is “All the President’s Men,” Alan J. Pakula’s classic journalism procedural, which today celebrates the 40th anniversary of its […]

Gifted artist Juana Medina draws powerfully upon her long saga as an immigrant in America

JUANA MEDINA is one of America’s most gifted talents in a rising generation of cartoonist-illustrators, having fulfilled much of the promise that her peers in the National Cartoonists Society first saw eight years ago — well before it was certain whether she would even be able to remain in America. In 2008, while a college artist, […]

‘Arrow’ recap: Now about last night’s shocking death to a favorite character…

EVER SINCE this season began, we knew someone on the Green Arrow’s masked vigilante crew would fall. We now know who that character is… The Black Canary. And we’re still a bit shocked, and feeling the loss, after Wednesday night’s episode of the CW’s “Arrow.” To prevent Damien Darhk from escaping prison, Team Arrow went in trying […]

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ trailer teases the early Rebels with a cause

“THIS IS a rebellion, isn’t it?”  Another December brings another globally anticipated Star Wars story. And so, like Stormtrooper clockwork, teaser trailers are marched out to tantalize the masses. Today, the first trailer lands for Gareth Edwards’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” which is said to be set before the events of the original 1977 […]

How the campaign circus is a cartoon dream for true political animals

MAY YOU live, the saying goes, in interesting times. Which we certainly are, if you judge by political commentary — because we are living amid interesting ‘toons. In any era, editorial cartoons can begin to become trite and true, slicing the White House and dicing the Congress with too-familiar satirical cuts. But there’s nothing quite […]

Here are this year’s NCS nominees for the Golden Globes of comics

EVEN AS Terri Libenson receives recognition, the mind of the cartoonist naturally gravitates toward the punch line. Her syndicated feature “The Pajama Diaries” has just been named a finalist for the National Cartoonists Society‘s Silver Reuben award. Show More Summary

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new Black Panther comic provides a debut fit for a king

THIS IS a moment to celebrate. It’s finally time to read and rejoice. Today, the Black Panther, the most important black superhero ever, returns in his own solo comic-book series. Also today, author Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of America’s great young, black minds, writes his debut issue for the Marvel character, as illustrated by veteran black artist Brian Stelfreeze. […]

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