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One year after Robin Williams’s death: A D.C. humorist illuminates mental illness

ON A DEEPLY personal level, Teresa Roberts Logan mourns the loss of yet another clown.Roberts Logan and her husband, who works in Washington theater, were friends with Yury Belov, a Russian exile who lived a rich and literally dramatic life before dying this year, in April, at age 82. Show More Summary

As Snoopy celebrates his birthday today, film and fan art draws upon the decades

WHEN YOU ARRIVE at Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, Conn., he sits there sweetly, fluffily, just waiting for you to approach. Here in the animated home of Seuss’s Horton and “Ice Age’s” Scrat and the occasional “Rio” macaw, there first reclines Snoopy. Hospitality, like happiness, is a warm beagle.Read full article >>

‘Fantastic Four’s’ flame-out: A four-point response to a teenager’s scathing review

THE FATHER and teen daughter were just ahead of me, within easy earshot, as the “crowd” of a dozen or so filed out of “Fantastic Four” over the weekend. “What did you think?” Dad asked. The daughter shrugged. He said he was genuinely curious. So like a walking PowerPoint with an air of practiced detachment, the teenager fired off a four-sentence verdict:Read full article >>

Doctored doom: Reshot ‘Fantastic Four’ gets clobbered with dismal $26M debut

ONCE it became clear that “Fantastic Four” was due this weekend not for release but rather impact, and that the theater lobby’s velvet rope line could be swapped out for yellow police tape, it was only a matter of just how brutal the blunt force would be.Read full article >>

Rand Paul launches a small cartoon offensive against Chris Christie [GALLERY]

WHY DON’T more candidates use the power of the social-media pen?Now, on Thursday night, Comic Riffs wasn’t the only cartoonist sketching the GOP debates in real time. So were such colleagues as Liza Donnelly and Ann Telnaes. Yet that sparks the question: Why don’t all the presidential contenders themselves encourage doodled commentary by their converts?Read full article >>

One fanboy’s 4 takeaways from the troubled, yet intriguing, ‘Fantastic Four’

AT THIS POINT, with all its success, Marvel Studios seems to have a ready seal of approval from most Marvel comic-book fans. In this arena, 20th Century Fox has mostly performed admirably just to stay in the superhero-film business with...Show More Summary

GOP Debate: For heavyweight bout, even quick sketches can draw a little blood

THERE IN Quicken Loans Arena, the home of Cleveland hoops, the mood often turned indeed cavalier at Thursday’s title-card GOP debate, as shots were fired faster than a LeBron-in-the-lane scoring spree.Read full article >>

‘Submerged’ review: You’ll either dig the lush tedium of this game or you won’t

Submerged Developed by: Uppercut Games Published by: Uppercut Games Available on: PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox OneThese days, some video game developers are priming their creations to do things other than elevate a player’s pulse rate. Show More Summary

Now that Wally West is cast, questions about new ‘Flash’ season hurtle toward us

IF YOU’RE wondering how “The Flash,” the CW’s surprise superhero hit, is trying to top its successful first season, the answer so far seems to be: yet more speed.“The Flash” — a spinoff of another CW superhero show, “Arrow” — has announced that Keiynan Lonsdale, the Aussie actor from “Insurgent,” has been cast as young super-speedster Wally West.Read full article >>

Eight eye-catching cartoons to prep you for tonight’s GOP presidential debate

IF ONLY the world had known days earlier about Jeb Bush’s guacamole bowl, or “guaca bowle” — the candidate’s official, recipe-free molcajete that sells for 75 smackers. Because what better way to set the gorge-at-the-political-trough...Show More Summary

What it means if the cursed ‘Fantastic Four’ can weather this week’s box-office storm

HERE’S THE THING: Set aside the full film and the tone-deaf interviews and the sketchy embargo and the rolling circus of half-hearted hype for a moment, because in a span of mere seconds, the trailer for the newly rebooted “Fantastic Four” encapsulates most everything that’s wrong with how this latest superhero film is landing this weekend in theaters.Read full article >>

Do you hear the first ‘Deadpool’ trailer? That’s the sound of Ryan Reynolds’s comeback.

BY SHOOTING from both the hip and the lip, the “merc with a mouth” is deftly hitting target after PR hard-target.After a successful debut reception at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, the full “Deadpool” trailer has finally arrived.Read full article >>

N++ review: One of the most peculiar series in video games has its best entry yet

N++ Developer: Metanet Software Publisher: Metanet Software Available on: PlayStation 4“N++” is the third in a series of games built around the hypnotic fascination that can come from repeating the simplest acts. The original, “N,” was...Show More Summary

‘Jon Stewart smoked us': How his ‘Daily Show’ raised the bar for other satirists

LIZZ WINSTEAD, so rapid-fire with a reply anyway, didn’t have to wait a beat. She had frequently been asked the question, but it tended to come up especially often during an election year, when politicians and media scrums were so thick on the campaign trail, and many eagerly sought to swing by and kiss her comedy baby.Read full article >>

An open letter to Google: Why it’s time to give ‘Peanuts’ creator his own Doodle

THE MEDDLING KIDS in the Scooby-Doo van have been there, as have the kooky-spooky members of Charles Addams’s family. Popeye’s creative pappy has been spotlighted, as have the men who dreamed up “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and “The Spirit.” And as a window into the worlds of Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss: Oh, the places we were able to go.Read full article >>

Franklin integrated ‘Peanuts’ 47 years ago today. Here’s how a teacher changed comics history.

IT IS A GENTLE afternoon in this Connecticut office park, where several floors up, a lighting artist is herself backlit by the glinting summer sun. “The Peanuts Movie” is in the home stretch of production, ahead of its November release, and here at Blue Sky Studios, the look and line of creator Charles M. Show More Summary

‘Exploding Kittens': Most-backed Kickstarter project ever kicks off huge distribution

HOW DO YOU smartly spend your money when you ask for, say, 10-grand and your throngs of sudden new investor “friends” give you nearly 9-million bucks?For Matthew Inman, creator of the oft-viral comic “The Oatmeal,” you don’t get distracted by offering frivolous extras. Show More Summary

‘Minions’ is now July’s biggest film. Here’s why the little guys are visually addictive.

TO WALK through a market with a teenager is to gain a fresh perspective on the brilliance of the visuals. Young children can get wide-eyed at most anything that’s color-saturated and bright, while many adults can become almost blinkered against anything that distracts from the efficiency of a list. Show More Summary

To mark Comic Riffs’ 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes about comics

SO LITTLE time, so many universes.Seven years is a quirky marker of time, and rather an odd anniversary. The traditional gift is wool (anything but a Cosby sweater) or copper (anything but a Trump hair tint), and its modern gift is for a desk set (how sublimely apt). Show More Summary

Kickstarter of the Day: After Medium, The Nib charts a new course for excellence

MATT BORS, whether he likes it or not, is more than a cartoonist, because he also represents a test case. Since the Portland-based artist also edits and curates The Nib, his cartooning site aptly has all the sharp hues and biting acid of a litmus test. Show More Summary

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