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Essay: How Pixar enchants us, and moves us, with close-up emotional magic

All Pixar movies suck.No, that’s putting it too mildly. Let me, in the true spirit of Pixar, take another crack at that:Arguably no film studio in the world expends so much energy actively trying to fail. And succeeding at it. Time after...Show More Summary

AFI Docs: Why New Yorker cartoon editor let a filmmaker get ‘Very Semi-Serious’

SUBMIT A CARTOON IDEA to The New Yorker and expect rejection. Gag artists spend lifetimes trying to crack its legendary pages. The late film critic Roger Ebert even entered hundreds of ideas into the magazine’s back-page Cartoon Caption Contest over years before finally submitting a winner. Show More Summary

With the first-ever ‘Garfield’ musical, creator Jim Davis revels in a dream fulfilled

“GARFIELD’S” CREATOR and I are stepping carefully around the clusters of fresh paw-prints, which, rather fittingly just a week into rehearsals, sit still wet on the floorboards. We are treading through the set for the first-ever creator-penned...Show More Summary

Pete Docter’s inspiration behind Pixar’s mindful ‘Inside Out’? This one goes to 11.

THE SHIFT is sharp enough to make grown men weep. One day your child bounces with the relatively gravity-free air of innocence and joy. And then, just like that, a different life form moves in, similar in appearance but not quite in spirit.Read full article >>

With new Heroic Hollywood, ‘El Mayimbe’ Gonzalez aims to soar to the next level

FOR UMBERTO GONZALEZ, timing is the difference between scoring a Hollywood scoop, as he so often does, and being scooped. The difference between breaking the news and having it slowly break you.For the past 13 years, Gonzalez (knownShow More Summary

Z2 Comics announces new fall titles as it ramps up its creator-owned mission

Z2 COMICS will announce later today that the publisher is set to debut three ongoing creator-owned books this fall:“Welcome to Showside,” by Ian McGinty, is about young Kit, who just wants to have fun and isn’t interested in the family business of destroying worlds. The book will debut in October.Read full article >>

As the Trump card enters the race, the nation’s political jokers are flush with glee

FLASHING the cash and that beguiling half-beehive, a new/old suitor’s in town, and he’s ready to tell us how much he’s worth to us. Because he believes that if you’re a voter who can wooed by someone’s cold, hard billions, then Donald’s are a girl’s best friend.Read full article >>

‘Her Story’ review: A game about an unsolved crime that reveals the best the medium has to offer

Her StoryPublished by: Sam Barlow Developed by: Sam Barlow Available on: Windows, OSXI was about half way through “Her Story” when I realized I had no idea what I was trying to accomplish. Described by writer and designer Sam BarlowShow More Summary

‘The Peanuts Movie': 10 telling reasons to appreciate today’s new trailer

YOU’RE IN good hands, Charlie Brown.Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox offered a peek at “The Peanuts Movie” this afternoon by dropping a nearly three-minute trailer. And as if serving like a fan’s security blanket, this 3D footage reassures that all is right with Schulz’s 65-year-old world.Read full article >>

When humorists see Rachel Dolezal as one color: Comedy gold

IT’S GOT it all. Race. Religion. More race. A family feud. A race-rights organization. And even, perhaps, a touch of bronzer.Straight out of Spokane (with detours into Montana), the Rachel Dolezal story checks off enough boxes in the national consciousness that it’s sure to remain in the American conversation for more than a few news-cycles. Show More Summary

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out': ‘Anxious’ Bill Hader embraces becoming Fear itself

BILL HADER chooses such intriguing and divergent roles, time after time, whether he’s going dramatic in “The Skeleton Twins” or going animated as an agro-cumulus chemist in “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” that one wonders whether he’s cherrypicking from an especially well-stocked orchard of Hollywood offers.Read full article >>

Sorry, Ryan Reynolds, but Chris Pratt is suddenly having your career.

EVERYTHING IS progressing according to plan. After growing up near the U.S./Canadian border and then breaking into Hollywood as a very young actor, he moved from his adolescent TV series and a hard-won run of small roles into goofy big-screen comedies and better, smarter television series. Show More Summary

‘Avengers’ record falls, as ‘Jurassic World’ ($209M) claims biggest domestic debut ever

THE “AVENGERS” record has fallen, and not, as some predicted, by the hand of its sequel. Nay, a dino has done it. And now, in an apt linguistic fit, a rex is king.Many industry soothsayers were, well, saying this would be the year that...Show More Summary

Sketchbook: RIP, Ornette Coleman and Christopher Lee—the shape of legacies to come

THEY DIFFERED in physical height by nearly a head, but each hit creative heights that influenced their art forms. And so when I think of Sir Christopher Lee and Mr. Ornette Coleman, both of whom died this week, one word steps forward like the shape of legacies to come: Formidable.Read full article >>

Can ‘Ant-Man’ ride Iron Man’s red-hot shoulders to box-office success?

“From the studio that brought you ‘The Avengers’…”YES, HE’S a superhero who can shrink to microscopic size, but can you see Ant-Man? Meaning: Can you see him as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?Read full article >>

#Draw4Atena: See how artists support Iranian woman sentenced to 12 years for cartoon

IF ATENA FARGHADANI can convert flattened cups into a makeshift canvas while in prison, about the least that fellow illustrators can do is to offer our own canvasses to protest the absurd injustice that’s kept her in prison in the first place.Read full article >>

Bart Simpson’s blackboard reveal: Cowabunga, no breakup for Homer and Marge

YESTERDAY, the rumors ran rampant around here at Comic Riffs, once word gained traction that Homer and Marge will “legally separate” to kick off the new season of “The Simpsons” this fall.That was just one of the teasing tidbits from showrunner Al Jean this week, in an interview with Variety. Show More Summary

Open Call to Artists: #Draw4Atena to support appeal of Iranian artist’s 12-year sentence

I WAS tempted, I’ll admit, to draw the decision-makers as jackasses, braying and neighing with each “nay” vote. Or, to borrow from the Comic Riffs lede of early June, and render a beast-headed quorum as a true kangaroo court. But then, I read a diplomatically forceful letter.Read full article >>

D’oh! Marge and Homer Simpson will call it quits. (Thanks, Lena Dunham.)

Marge: “This is the worst thing you’ve ever done.” Homer: “You say that so often that it’s lost all meaning.”IF LOVE is a drug, then Homer Simpson is smitten with his new dealer.Read full article >>

Puzzles & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition struggles to make free-to-play games worth a higher price of admission

Puzzles & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. EditionDeveloped by: GungHo Online Entertainment Published by: Nintendo Available on: Nintendo 3DSVideo games depend on obscuring information, presenting players with an obvious goal that must be attained through indirect and often cryptic means. Show More Summary

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