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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ hurtles toward becoming biggest domestic film. Ever.

AS IT keeps barreling along, Star Wars is bringing a new hope into a new year.“The Force Awakens” amassed a whopping $88.3-million in North American theaters this weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday (final numbers are due Monday), and has now grossed $740.3-million domestically — the second-biggest total ever.Read full article >>

Why are there no staff black cartoonists at a time when we need them most?

AS A LIGHT-SKINNED man fled the sharp sting of a police officer’s weapon, the assembled crowd of a thousand or so let out the loud, full-throated sound of mass laughter. That’s because right next to him was a black man, gun muzzle pressed...Show More Summary

For 2016, a sincere hope that cartoons can be a life line, and not a firing line.

AS IF WE required any more proof than humankind is one damned absurd species, and some days one absurdly damned one, we need only be reminded that 2015 was the year you could get killed for a doodle.What is the power of the line that...Show More Summary

Comic Riffs 2015: The Year in Cartoons

Here is a look back at 2015 through cartoons, as illustrated throughout the year by Comic Riffs:I. CARTOONISTS UNDER ATTACK:#FreeJasonRead full article >>

Campaign 2015: A year best told through these 15 Trump cartoons

IT’S NOT JUST voters, linguists and Wall-ready construction companies who can’t look away from the candidacy of Donald Trump. He also has won the daily gaze of most everyone who lampoons politics for a living and who for months has been Trump-stumped by one question:Read full article >>

First look: Marvel/Netflix’s new ‘Daredevil’ photos hint at a Punishing season

NEW YEAR. New devil.With all the Jones-ing for “Jessica” going on in terms of Netflix superhero options, let us not forget Marvel’s original streaming antihero: The Man Without Fear.2016 will bring us a second season of Marvel/Netflix’s Daredevil that will include appearances from big Marvel names: The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elondie Yung).Read full article >>

“Xenoblade Chronicles X” takes the pleasures of wasting time to a new extreme

Xenoblade Chronicles X Developed by: Monolith Soft Published by: Nintendo Available on: Wii UMany video games prey on time. They can devour days and weeks, transfixing a player with mathematical experimentation — deducing which weapon, armor or character delivers optimal performance. Show More Summary

In a Tamir Rice era, why are there no staff black cartoonists to comment?

AS A MAN fled the sharp sting of a police officer’s weapon, the assembled crowd of a thousand or so let out the loud, full-throated sound of mass laughter. That’s because right next to him was a black man, gun muzzle against his spine as he begged to be only tased, and the visual jolt that had the crowd smiling was pure electric recognition. Show More Summary

Excelsior! As Stan Lee turns 93 today, here are our 20 best Stan the Man quotes

This post has been updated.ED. NOTE:Today, the great Stan Lee, that legendary creator and tireless ambassador for comics, turns 93. To celebrate his birthday, Comic Riffs reprints our 20 favorite Stan the Man quotes from our interviews with him.Read full article >>

First look: For ‘Doctor Strange,’ Marvel leans into Benedict Cumberbatch’s star-power

NOT SINCE the first “Iron Man,” it seems, has Marvel leaned so hard into its star-power.We are now entering a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — one in which Disney leaves the more comfortable orbit of household-name characters and looks to build an audience bridge beyond Thor and Captain America and friends.Read full article >>

From Pixar to Star Wars: How ‘voicing’ BB-8 caps a stellar year for Bill Hader’s pipes

PERHAPS BILL HADER was destined to voice a Star Wars droid. The sci-fi franchise, after all, provided his first inkling that he would wed his wife of now nearly a decade.“Yeah, that’s true,” Hader said the first time I interviewed him, several years back now. Show More Summary

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ becomes the fastest film ever to $1-billion mark

“STAR WARS: The Force Awakens” continues to blow past box-office records like the Millennium Falcon on a Kessel Run.The latest mark to fall: The seventh main Star Wars film has just crossed the $1-billion mark in worldwide gross faster than any movie in history.Read full article >>

That new ‘Deadpool’ trailer: Why the Merc With a Mouth gives us hope

HE’S NOT super. He’s not a hero. But he might be 20th Century Fox’s best hope for making comic book-inspired hit movies that don’t begin with the letter “X.”The first trailer won fan raves back in July, at San Diego Comic Con, Now, “Deadpool” (opening Feb. 4) is back just in time to swig a little spiked nog with a holiday-timed trailer.Read full article >>

Captain Phasma’s ‘Star Wars’ role is limited, but her toy-shelf appeal sure isn’t

I’VE GOT a Captain Phasma theory.Now, yes, you may be saying: Captain Phasma? She was nearly a non-entity in “The Force Awakens.” But hear me out.Perhaps you are one of the many who have thrilled to the new Star Wars film, but who were also less than moved by the leader of the Stormtroopers. Show More Summary

The Post just pulled this Ted Cruz cartoon. Would you have published it?

IN APRIL, when Post political cartoonist Ann Telnaes was speaking at the Library of Congress, she told a packed room that she objected to red lines being imposed on her work. As a satirist, she said, “I don’t want the tools limited to me.” To surrender your weapons of artistic engagement, she underscored, was “a slippery slope.”Read full article >>

After ‘Force Awakens': What we now hope to see in Episode VIII of Star Wars

The usual caveat: major spoilers fill the air like oxygen itself. WITH ‘THE FORCE AWAKENS,’ filmmaker J.J. Abrams has succeeded with a primary mission: To leave a huge audience hungry for more.That galactic appetite is ravenous for answers...Show More Summary

Why J.J. Abrams now regrets deboarding the Star Wars chair before Episode VIII

J.J. ABRAMS recently read the script for Episode VIII of Star Wars. And he had a reaction to it that his lifelong friend, “The Force Awakens” actor Greg Grunberg, had not ever heard from the director over their decades together in the industry.Read full article >>

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Warm tribute to the 1977 original, or cold, hard copying?

Caution: It’s not just that spoilers lie ahead, but rather: As a veritable minefield, this entire piece essentially IS a spoiler.“PART OF the secret to screenwriting is to confuse the audience — then give them a sense of clarity at the end.”Read full article >>

The inevitable ‘Star Wars’ showdown that can’t come soon enough

Note: Major spoilers ahead, around every narrative corner.THE PRELUDE to the next great Star Wars rivalry began with a staredown. When Kylo Ren had in his clutches “the girl” we know as Rey, it was déjà-vu all over again. We’d seen a...Show More Summary

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ fulfills destiny as biggest box-office opener ever with $238 million

THIS ISN’T your father’s record book.That’s because the seventh film in the main Star Wars franchise is rewriting the record books — even if an ol’ Jedi scribe (Lawrence Kasdan) helped recharge the story.Read full article >>

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