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Berkeley Breathed speaks: Here is why ‘Bloom County’ is really returning…

“I thought it might be funny for me to ghost ‘Pearls [Before Swine]’ sometime, just to flip it all on its head. It was just a silly idea.” — Bill Watterson to Comic Riffs, June 2014“The times have lightened. It’s a good time for silliness.” — Berkeley Breathed to Comic Riffs, July 2015Read full article >>

With new trailer, ‘Fantastic Four’ raises its rock-solid prospects to torch box office

AT WHAT point do we have to admit that this “Fantastic Four” movie is starting to look a little cool?If you harnessed the energy of the collective sighs and groans when it was announced that 20th Century Fox was rebooting the FF franchise...Show More Summary

The Joker may not kill, but ‘Suicide Squad’ sure ‘kills it’ in sly 1st trailer [+VIDEO]

IN CASE YOU didn’t notice by the blood-soaked newspaper article mailed to Bruce Wayne — or the hints alluding to a dead Robin the Boy Wonder — in the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer that debuted Saturday at Comic-Con, one thing should be creepily obvious as Warner Bros. Show More Summary

The best part of this game is when it crashed: A review of ‘Red Goddess: Inner World’

Red Goddess: Inner World Developed by: Yanim studio Published by: Yanim studio Available on: PS4Before last week I would never have guessed that a corrupted save file, which snuffed out my progress in a game, could make me leap joyfully from my seat. Show More Summary

Quick Picks: For Craig Yoe, old-school side of Comic-Con still enjoys a Golden Age

AS AN old-school comics fan and publisher, Craig Yoe finds that “great” or “awesome” hardly provides the adjectival oomph that he’s looking for when describing the granddaddy of American pop-culture conventions.Read full article >>

The real origin story behind how Rep. John Lewis became THE hit of Comic-Con…

LAST YEAR, on a warm April day, Rep. John Lewis sat on stage at D.C.’s Walter E. Washington Convention Center and shared the story of what new worlds he had encountered since becoming Congress’s first-ever graphic novelist. “I went to...Show More Summary

Comic-Con Quick Picks: With Mark Evanier’s pen, it’s always a word from the wise

MARK EVANIER has a way with the word that makes us laugh — the sort of right-timed verbiage and movement that blindsides us enough to delight us, and that deftly taps the funny bone instead of oafishly shattering it, like so much clumsy comedy.Read full article >>

Quick Picks: Lalo Alcaraz returns to Comic-Con, this time saluted and celebrated

THERE ARE, perhaps, not better credentials for being a stir-the-pot political cartoonist who might one day be granted “special guest” status at San Diego Comic-Con.Lalo Alcaraz, the “La Cucaracha” creator and Universal Uclick editorial...Show More Summary

Second ‘Ba-na-na': ‘Minions’ enjoys the second-biggest animated opening ever

YELLOW nearly beat the green at the all-time box office.The third film in the “Despicable Me” franchise almost toppled the third film in the “Shrek” franchise for biggest opening ever by an animated film.Read full article >>

Comic-Con Quick Picks: Busy as ever, Peter Bagge is a creative force on ‘Fire!!’

PETER BAGGE first landed at Comic-Con 30 years ago, when the festival was a relative pup. And now, as a true veteran of the event, the cartoonist has learned to navigate both the physical and mental challenges as he stays on the go, balancing what keeps him busy.Read full article >>

Comic-Con Quick Picks: ‘Bone’s’ Jeff Smith plots America’s next great comics fest

JEFF SMITH has been coming to Comic-Con for more than two decades, since his epic “Bone” was still a dawning idea and a fresh, dewy adventure. After lo these many years, though, Smith now comes to the Con observing the action through newly trained eyes.Read full article >>

Quick Picks: ‘Rhymes With Orange’ creator packs sharp wit for her 1st Comic-Con

FOR YEARS, Hilary Price has attended one of the oldest comics conventions in the nation, the National Cartoonists Society’s Reubens shindig for industry pros. This weekend, the “Rhymes With Orange” creator is attending a relative young’un instead.Read full article >>

Comic-Con Quick Picks: Jen Sorensen arrives at a true Fusion of her comic talents

JEN SORENSEN, in so many ways, resides on a front line of American editorial comics, sustaining a balancing act of talents that can seem almost requisite in 2015.In one arena, Sorensen creates political cartoons for her alt-weekly clients and online readers — work that led to her becoming the first woman to win the esteemed Herblock Prize. Show More Summary

Comic-Con: New ‘Batman v. Superman’ trailer does justice to eager fans [+VIDEO]

NOT MUCH is riding on this. Except the entire future of DC Entertainment’s cinematic universe.Warner Bros. and DC screened the new “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer Saturday afternoon at Comic Con, with the hopes that the...Show More Summary

Comic-Con Quick Picks: Eisner-winning Ed Piskor basks in the ‘Hip Hop’ love

AS ED PISKOR’s hip-hop world-building grows, so, too, does reader appreciation of his ongoing accomplishment.What began with a aptly tight focus, often trained on the boroughs of ’70s New York, spins outward now like a rapidly escalating collection of vinyl to sample. Show More Summary

Comic-Con Quick Picks: Why’s SDCC so great? Scott McCloud’s got a theory about that

FOR SCOTT McCLOUD, heading to Comic-Con doesn’t just mark a return. It’s a reunion. It is about seeing and reconnecting with people both near and distant who are related not by blood, but ink — the shared medium that runs thick.Read full article >>

Pro tips for Comic-Con 2015: Here’s how 9 special guests prepare for ‘the granddaddy’

IT’S A MASS of humanity and a big, beautiful mess of state-of-the-art creativity, all spilling into the aisles and show-floor arteries that lie at the heart of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.Navigating this granddaddy of American pop-culture conventions can be an overwhelming experience even for veteran trekkers. Show More Summary

Here’s how ‘Batkid Begins’ filmmaker spotlights the joy ride that moved millions

THE TENSEST, most wrenching moment in Dana Nachman’s action-filled new film is not when the caped crusader rushes toward a cackling supervillain. Or when a streetcar hurtles toward a damsel shackled to explosives. No, it’s when the crimefighter in the Bat-suit breaks for lunch, catches his breath and mulls sitting out the next caper. Show More Summary

Exclusive 1st Look: Thanks to ‘Peanuts Movie,’ here’s your new Little Red-Haired Girl

DAY ONE: I’ve just been given the Little Red-Haired Girl’s phone number. And to be honest, as a lifelong “Peanuts” fan, I feel just a bit of a tingle. Today, I’m actually going to talk to the Little Red-Haired Girl.Read full article...

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