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2015 Reubens: King’s Mike Peters, on life as a double-duty newspaper cartoonist

THE NCS REUBENS kick off this morning in Washington with an event that, in contrast to most of the industry-group’s weekend lineup, will be open to the public.Today at 11 a.m. in the Madison Building (Montpelier Room), the Library of...Show More Summary

RIP, Seth Kushner: Through the lens warmly, creators salute the N.Y. pop-culture artist

HOW NEAR IMPOSSIBLE it must be to photograph a cartoonist in captivity. Not as distant and rapid snapshot, of course, but as evocative portrait that goes far beyond lighting the tricky armored skin of the subject, and that moves to a...Show More Summary

Marvel’s Bendis & Bagley are just the super-team to bring each Ultimate U to an ‘End’

IT IS no surprise that Brian Michael Bendis would be the writer to bring Marvel’s ultimate universe to an end. Fifteen years ago, Bendis was brought on to do a six-issue mini-series called “Ultimate Spider-Man.” It was a six-month assignment that turned into a 15-year gig.Read full article >>

‘The Flash’ recap: Time waits for no man, or mom, in TV’s truest live-stream.

NOTE: Speed readers be warned: Spoilers of “The Flash” season finale below.ALTHOUGH TIME’S UP on Season 1 of the CW’s “The Flash,” time does remain the constant that continues to make this superhero hit tick.Read full article >>

David Letterman: How Harvey Pekar became one of his greatest recurring guests

IT WAS ODD, a quirky approach, as if the comic bit, in the minds of the show’s writers, could snidely be subtitled The Hoosier and the Loser. Several years in, as the upstart following Carson, David Letterman and his “anti-talk show”...Show More Summary

Sunset review: A beautiful game about a house cleaner’s view of a revolution

Sunset Developed by: Tale of Tales Published by: Tale of Tales Available on: Windows, OSXOn the surface, the work of a house cleaner doesn’t seem like the perfect occupation around which to base a game. “Sunset” does just that, putting...Show More Summary

Heads of State: Our 15-Step Guide to caricaturing your very own Hillary Clinton!

ARTIST’S NOTE: Today marks the launch of a regular Comic Riffs feature, dubbed “Heads of State,” in which I’ll offer step-by-step visual breakdowns of how I caricature political leaders making news. I’ll provide a look at not only what “hits,” but also at my inevitable numerous misses along the way. From the headlines to my lines, here we go. — M.C.Read full article >>

‘Mad Men’s’ McCann: ‘Peanuts’ producer recalls how Coke’s backing altered animation

AND JUST LIKE that, with TV product placement that was not only choice but also reportedly free, the series finale of AMC’s “Mad Men” Sunday night returned the work of century-old ad agency McCann Erickson to pop culture’s center spotlight. Show More Summary

Box Office: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is officially your biggest film of the year

THE AVENGERS sequel is now the biggest North American film of the year, jetting past “Furious 7? as it aims to reach rarefied air that perhaps not even the new Star Wars film can reach at year’s end.Disney/Marvel’s “Avengers: Age ofShow More Summary

Gaithersburg Book Festival: Penelope Bagieu’s gift for creating ‘Exquisite’ life [Q&A]

PENELOPE BAGIEU has mastered a magic trick, and it is this: Somehow, even as she suspends our disbelief, she can turn paper into flesh. And ink becomes lifeblood. Because within several pages of a work like “Exquisite Corpse,” her characters not only breathe and pulsate with vivid life. They also seem entirely, organically authentic in their own skin.Read full article >>

Gaithersburg Book Festival: Gene Luen Yang flies high with ‘Shadow Hero’ & Superman

GENE LUEN YANG had never written a superhero story before. Now, a year later, the two-time National Book Award finalist has two heroes in tow.Last summer, Yang and artist Sonny Liew released “The Shadow Hero” (First Second), in which...Show More Summary

Sketchbook: On Charlie Hebdo, drawing the line between courage and hate.

EARLY THIS week, I was doing a Connecticut radio show when the host, Colin McEnroe, characterized the professional dialogue around Charlie Hebdo as a long conversation — one that is likely to go on and on and on.Read full article >>

Sketchbook: RIP, B.B. King. The thrill is gone. The singular legacy sustains.

AS HIS good friend Buddy Guy might say: Damn right we’ve got the blues.Because any artist, no matter the form or the medium or the instrument, could learn so much from B.B. King and the sounds he caressed out of his instrument, Lucille.Read full article >>

SEE: DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow': All things great and small in CW’s debut trailer

THERE LINGER doubts about the ability of Batfleck and Co. to build a connected, live-action comic-book universe on the big screen to rival Marvel Studios’s intricate MCU. Thhe small screen, however, is a different story, because DC’s caped crimefighters are taking charge.Read full article >>

‘The Simpsons': With Harry Shearer’s exit, the show will lose much of its character

Shearer, eh? We’ll remember that name.IT’S ALL so Simpsons-esque, in its quick and cutting efficiency. A lawyer holding a briefcase and a terminated contract shows up, utters a few bureaucratic words, and suddenly, half of a community disappears.Read full article >>

Here is Harry Shearer voicing his ‘Simpsons’ characters

Harry Shearer did more than just voice-act many of Springfield’s inhabitants. He breathed life into them. His departure from “The Simpsons” means the actor behind dozens of characters — Montgomery Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Reverend Lovejoy, Otto, Dr. Julius Hibbert — will be gone from Springfield.Read full article >>

SEE: Five Takeaways from CBS’s new ‘Supergirl’ trailer [+video]

“WHO IS the mystery flying woman who saved the plane?”Well, O stentorian news anchorman, to answer your question in the immediate: She’s the same woman who apparently will save CBS’s post-“Big Bang Theory” Monday nights.Read full article >>

Lack of diversity? Superhero comics just may save Hollywood from itself.

WELL, comics, your moment of social breakthrough has arrived.Are you ready for your close-up?Read full article >>

Inge Lehmann: How Google salutes more women who seismically change history

TODAY, as Google celebrates Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann, at the core of the salute is a theme that’s been a home-page constant in more recent months.Like elsewhere at the California tech titan, Team Google Doodle has sought a greater...Show More Summary

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review. A game that comfortably embraces the silly

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Developed by: MachineGames Published by: Bethesda Softworks Available on: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneThe Wolfenstein series long-ago staked out a place in gaming history with its outlandish takes on World War II. Show More Summary

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