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‘EA UFC 2? captures the awkward art of audience participation

EA UFC 2 Developed by: EA Canada Published by: EA Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One Many fans of professional sports obsessively track statistics, keep team histories, and deconstruct past events as if they were watching the Zapruder film. Mixed martial arts, a sport that mixes many particular disciplines — muay thai, jiujitsu, boxing, Greco-Roman […]

For Netflix’s ‘Daredevil,’ comics geek Jon Bernthal embraces the ‘honor’ of playing the Punisher

  EVEN BEFORE he was on the show, Jon Bernthal loved the show. During its first season, Netflix’s “Daredevil” was one of the “best things on television.” And as he became a fan — as he watched Vincent D’Onofrio deliver a menacing performance as the debut season’s Kingpin — Bernthal wanted to be a part […]

How boring tasks became the most compelling parts of video games

  Eluding the dread-inducing alien of the video game “Alien: Isolation” is a thrill-ride, but there’s something even more satisfying, even zen-like, about simply using a blowtorch to unlatch a sealed door. You can feel its weight as it opens, the darkness that awaits promising ever more horror. “Fallout 4’s Commonwealth” likewise contains many joys, […]

Richard Linklater’s new movie ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ captures the grace and beauty of baseball

  WHEN RICHARD LINKLATER starts talking sports, his hands move with great sweeps and waves as if a favorite game were suddenly being realized before his very eyes. It is the deep muscle memory of a man who, long before he was composing extended tracking shots for a living, was tracking down deep fly balls in […]

‘Flash’ TV recap: No matter his Earth, this show revolves best around Tom Cavanagh

TO WATCH Tuesday night’s episode of “The Flash” was to see Tom Cavanagh at the top of his game. The actor’s performance as Eobard Thawne disguised as Harrison Wells has been the highlight of the CW show’s first season, which has established the show as some of the best comics-adapted television around. Cavanagh’s dual-personality performance in Season 1 […]

People used to make fun of Trump. Now they make fun of those who underestimated him

WHEN DONALD TRUMP announced his presidential candidacy last summer by entering a Trump Tower in an escalator, the pundits began painted the mogul as the joke. The whole cartoonish scene could have been captioned, “Crude Descending a Staircase.” Nearly 10 months later, the joke is apparently on everyone else. In response, many of the world’s cartoonists […]

‘Supergirl’s’ Flash crossover: Here’s her best power that both Batman and Superman lack

WHO WINS a race between Supergirl and The Flash? Easy: CBS. Monday night’s crossover between CBS’s Girl of Steel and the CW’s Fastest Man Alive was fun, funny and a breath of fresh air in the wake of DC Entertainment’s other superhero crossover this week (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”), which many felt was […]

‘Batman v Superman': The fanboy deep-dive into dreams, parademons, King Kirby — and that ending!

FAIR WARNING: Thar be major spoilers ahead. –M.C. WHO KNEW a single superhero film could stir quite so much heated debate among its talon-wielding detractors and its die-hard defenders? “Batman v Superman,” which opened over the weekend to a record global haul (the biggest superhero opening, not adjusted for inflation), seems to have stoked such verbal […]

Does ‘Batman v Superman’ prove that critics are irrelevant? Whatever, that’s not the point.

THE NARRATIVE in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” might change course as quirkily as the East River, but at least it isn’t lazy. The same cannot be said, however, for the simplistic narrative about critics-vs.-superhero films that again rears its head. “Batman v Superman” grossed $424-million globally over the Easter weekend, making it the […]

‘Batman v Superman’ earns a whopping $424 million worldwide in its opening weekend

WHEN SUPERMAN does battle with kidnapping baddies in his new film, he flaunts that he’s utterly bulletproof. Now his director, Zack Snyder, has apparently armored the new “Batman v Superman” as utterly critic-proof. Snyder’s “Man ofShow More Summary

Video of the week: Here’s why ‘Sad Affleck’ is just perfect

THE IRONY here is, Ben isn’t so bad. He rather deftly embodies a midcareer Batman — a smart, suave and wealthy fella who often, as a public figure, is taking it on the chin. And by that description, we of course mean Ben Affleck himself. Which is why the humor derived from this week’s viral […]

Why are Superman and Batman so sad?

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is a very serious movie about very somber superheroes. On the surface, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) should have a lot to be happy about: good looks, rock-hard bods, well-paying jobs, near invincibility. But you know what they say. Never assume you know what someone’s going through. […]

Why ‘Batman v Superman’s’ Lex Luthor reminds you of every other Jesse Eisenberg character

IT CAN BE a challenge to stare at the kinetic presence of Lex Luthor in the new “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and not detect elements of nearly every Jesse Eisenberg role. This multifaceted junior psychopath is so eerily familiar, the picture could have been subtitled “The Antisocial Network.” This Lex has tics and verbal hiccups, like […]

If ‘Batman v Superman’ achieves only one great thing, this is that mighty feat.

REGARDLESS OF the final box-office numbers, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has already accomplished one major feat. Zack Snyder’s film, which opens today, has successfully introduced Wonder Woman to critical applause. With her strong, long-overdue entrance, Wonder Woman (winningly played by Gal Gadot) becomes a mighty, and mighty crucial, cog in the Warner Bros./DC […]

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ trailer brings a little light to the Dark Knight

Batfleck got you down? Have no fear: Lego Batman is here. If you’re not liking the dark vibes coming from the debut of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” you can take comfort in knowing that a Batman is out there that can make you laugh and smile. And he’s coming to a theater near you, […]

‘Batman v Superman': This could be Superman’s most heroically generous act yet

BEYOND HIS narrative within Friday’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the Man of Steel looks to be performing an entirely different act of altruistic heroism: Superman, as near as we can tell, is diminishing his role so that the rest of DC Comics’s cinematic universe can come to fruition. Warner Bros. is on a […]

The fanboy review: ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is flawed yet fearless

[Note: This is a mostly spoiler-free review.] FOR WARNER BROS. and DC Entertainment, the mission was simple: Use the new film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to build a popular launch pad for their own expandable and connected movie universe to rival Marvel Studios. By doing so, they would more fully exploit having the […]

#JeSuisBruxelles: How the world’s artists are responding to the Brussels terror attacks

THE PATTERN repeats. When terror strikes, we first see a wave of art in support and sympathy and — so often –a sense of “Je suis” community. Immediately after the lethal attacks in Brussels on Wednesday, the emotion-laced illustrations came. Soon, the most common was Tintin with a tear, a nod to Belgian cartooning legend Herge. Other […]

‘Batman v Superman’ is ‘incoherently structured’ and other nuggets from early reviews

THE EARLY “Batman v Superman” reviews are in, and the general verdict is that the DC blockbuster could be subtitled “Din of Justice.” There’s so much sound and fury and dazzling special effects, but in the end, it signifies what, exactly? That resistance is futile and that we’ll soon have a dozen sequel and spun-off […]

‘Wait, why are Batman and Superman fighting?': Your ‘Dawn of Justice’ primer

AHEAD OF the Dark Knight’s showdown with the Man of Steel in this weekend’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the hashtag #whowillwin hit Twitter. But another apt hashtag for this film could be: #whyaretheyfighting? That’s because for every comics diehard who views “Batman v Superman” and sees the heavy influence of writer-artist Frank Miller’s classic […]

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