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‘Mage,’ ‘Bee and Puppycat’ and ‘Red Sonja’ lead new wave of ComiXology Unlimited titles

WERE IT NOT for Matt Wagner and his sword-wielding tales of “Mage: The Hero Discovered,” then ComiXology might not even exist. Which means ComiXology, in turn, would not be announcing “Mage (Vol. 1)” today as part of its new wave of titles for its Unlimited library. Starting June 27, the New York-based digital-comics platform will […]

‘Finding Dory’s’ record opening ($136M) cures concerns over Pixar ‘sequel-itis’

PIXAR has found the prescription to treat all common fears of “sequelitis.” And the best medicine, as always, is good storytelling. “Finding Dory,” the sequel to 2003’s highly popular “Finding Nemo,” grossed $136.2 million in its domestic debut, according to studio estimates Sunday (final numbers are due later Monday). That represents Pixar’s biggest opening ever, […]

How Sigourney Weaver and Ed O’Neill wound up in ‘Finding Dory’ — and stole the show

“Finding Dory” brings back a lot of familiar faces from “Finding Nemo” — but if you’ve seen the movie, you know some of the newer characters steal the show. One such character doesn’t even have a face, as she’s just a disembodied voice: As the fish travel to the Marine Life Institute (“the jewel of […]

The Pakistani American Marvel editor who is trying to make comic books more diverse

SANA AMANAT may help guide a diverse range of comic-book superheroes now, but as a child, these weren’t the images that dominated media. Instead, growing up as a Pakistani American in a predominantly white New Jersey suburb, she looked at art of women who were blond and white as if that were the ideal for beauty. And in […]

How ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ deal beautifully with disabilities

GROWING UP, I would see the look. My mother taught special-ed for many years, and when I accompanied her students on field trips, I was sensitive to how adults in the world would react facially, and then vocally, when encountering her pupils and realizing they had special challenges. It was so common, I began to […]

What does Superman’s arrival mean for ‘Supergirl’?

The Last Son of Krypton will officially join his cousin on the CW this fall. Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf,” “Everybody Wants Some!!”) has been cast as Superman/Clark Kent for the second season of “Supergirl,” which will air on the CW after the show spent its inaugural season on CBS. Superman’s presence was frequently felt, albeit […]

Why Dory is one of Pixar’s most popular characters

ELLEN DeGENERES had spent the night in the balcony, listening to friends and peers rave for hours about her as a comedian and colleague. She basked in the glow of the warm tributes, but she also seemed a bit uneasy, as if this was all too much concentrated adulation. The moment called for a dose […]

As ‘Finding Dory’ is released, why did ‘Finding Nemo’ connect so deeply with all ages?

It’s something that would only happen in the world of Pixar: A tiny orange clownfish named Nemo goes missing; his father sets out to find him; and a movie about their adventure rakes in nearly $1 billion worldwide. Everyone knows the story of “Finding Nemo,” the 2003 animated smash that led to the highly anticipated […]

For Oculus Rift gaming, a promising start but a long way to go

I admit I am not the kind of person for which virtual reality is made. I became sick when I played the 1990s version of VR — in particular, an awful hang glider flying game. Yet I was completely enthralled by the Oculus Rift — the virtual reality headset which debuted earlier in 2016 — […]

The 15 most political Orlando-shooting cartoons so far

IN THE IMMEDIATE aftermath of the Orlando shooting this past weekend, much of the artwork in response featured the same go-to images and symbols: Weeping monuments. Silhouettes of labeled semiautomatic guns. Rainbow flags running red. American flags stitched together with ballistics. And sometimes, a Pulse reference rendered like a national EKG. But during the week, the […]

‘Finding Dory': Does a good Pixar film have to make us cry?

ONE PIXAR motto over the years has been “for every laugh, a tear.” But ahead of Friday’s release of “Finding Dory,” I wonder: As the marine-life high jinks and slapstick unfold, is it unfair to expect audience waterworks, too? After a recent screening of “Dory,” laughter seemed to be far more common than any residual weepiness. […]

Elderly Batman and Superman? That’s what the brilliant ‘Kingdom Come’ imagined 20 years ago

Twenty years ago, DC Comics looked 10 years ahead into the future and found a dark dystopia that would turn into an instant superhero classic. “Kingdom Come,” a four part miniseries written by Mark Waid and beautifully illustrated by Alex Ross back in 1996, asked what happens when the next generation of superheroes doesn’t live up […]

‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ review: A flawed but effective take on parkour

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developed by: DICE Published by: EA Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Possibly not since the 1960s, when the French New Wave realigned the expectations of filmgoers all over the world, has there been a cultural export from France comparable to parkour. The free flowing practice of treating the world as […]

The Orlando tragedy: This art seeks to speak to our grieving hearts

We think of you, we mourn with you, we pray for you. #Orlando #OrlandoStrong #Pulse #Pulsenightclub #ThoughtsAndPrayers #shooting #christinagrimmie #LGBT #CapitolPride #DCPride #LAPride #Florida #Tonys2016 #TonyAwards #PrayForOrlando...Show More Summary

World of ‘Warcraft’: Will this type of game-changing film render American audiences irrelevant?

SORRY, America, but “Warcraft” is just not that into you. Oh, it might seem that it was the North American market that largely spurned the domestic debut of the film based on the popular online game — “Warcraft” opened to only $24.4 million in the States and Canada over the weekend — but the movie wasn’t particularly […]

Why the ‘Cul de Sac’ creator found his comic strip’s ideal playwright inside his own home

I’D NOT BEEN in Richard Thompson’s house more than a few minutes and I was already wondering why he had let in a big jackass. Or, to be more precise, the head of a jackass. The donkey-faced prop sat on Thompson’s dining table like a strange main course, except that it was papier-mache and plastic with googly cartoon eyes. It […]

Yep, Ellen DeGeneres can find no gay characters in ‘Finding Dory’

DORY, for one, doesn’t see it. Ever since the latest trailer for the highly anticipated Pixar sequel “Finding Dory” landed last month, there has been speculation over whether the film includes LGBT representation — particularly concerning a quick shot of two women who some interpreted to be a lesbian couple. Such stated inclusion would be a […]

Comic-Con 2016: Women dominate the Manning Award finalists for best newcomer

EVER SINCE the fiasco in France, the year in comics honors has thankfully felt like something of a corrective. When the Angouleme festival’s list of lifetime-award finalists was circulated in January, revealing that women creators went a staggering zero-for-30, it took blowback, backlash and a PR nightmare before any were deemed worthy. It was at […]

What all the Donald Trump caricatures are missing about the man

LAST MONTH in the Library of Congress, journalist Mark Shields fielded audience questions after delivering the 2016 Herblock Lecture. Some of the evening’s laugh lines had come at Donald Trump’s expense, but at one point Shields submitted a more serious answer: The media need to more deeply consider why Trump appeals to so many voters. […]

Why do fans love the actor who played TV’s Batman but not Darth Vader?

JUST HOW profoundly different can an actor’s career be if he is allowed to take off the mask? That divergence was made stark this past weekend at Awesome Con DC, as two octogenarians from globally famous entertainment franchises played to the geek-culture festival’s fans. On Saturday, Adam West, who wore the cape and cowl a […]

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