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Sketchbook: Still counting the days till justice for jailed Post reporter Jason Rezaian

BECAUSE HE is not free to light a candle, today I will light one for Jason Rezaian. Today is Jason’s 39th birthday, but there is another number that looms: He has now been in captivity for 236 unjust days. The Washington Post bureau chief sits in a cell, in a Tehran prison, facing another numeral: zero. Show More Summary

Smudge! Expo 2015: Matt Dembicki spotlights the line from comics to the classroom

FOR MATT DEMBICKI, who grew up in a Polish-speaking Connecticut neighborhood, comic books began as a window into the English language. What they ultimately led to, however, was a full and deep and wide-ranging appreciation of his cultural home.Read full article >>

Sketchbook: Of Wikipedia and the NYPD: ‘To Protect and Server…’

What’s that Winston Churchill said about who writes history?In a social-media era, apparently the “victors” can sometimes refer, too, to the most determined “editors.”So it seems based on Capital New York, and its review of Wikipedia “police brutality” edits reportedly originating from NYPD HQ.Read full article >>

Just In: Roz Chast wins Best Autobiography award from National Book Critics Circle

IT IS a story that Roz Chast refused to tell till after her parents had passed.It is a tale not only of eldercare, and the realities of aging, but also a poignant look at what we say (and don’t say) to our loved ones when death looms near.Read full article >>

RIP, Terry Pratchett: Fantasy author’s satirical fire illuminated his popular worlds

NEIL GAIMAN, as he so often does, may have put it best. In writing last year about his longtime friend and co-author for the Guardian, Gaiman offered this insight about Sir Terry Pratchett:“Terry’s authorial voice is always Terry’s: genial, informed, sensible, drily amused. Show More Summary

RIP, Sam Simon: How a lone fear led to creating a key character on ‘The Simpsons’

SAM SIMON feared only one man in Hollywood. So he turned him into a cartoon.Simon, the gifted sitcom writer-producer and original showrunner for “The Simpsons,” was known for being, oh, a bit combative. Literally. He had nine fights as an amateur boxer, winning six. Show More Summary

Read: Here’s an excerpt from Bill Watterson’s rare new ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ interview

YESTERDAY, Comic Riffs reviewed “Exploring Calvin and Hobbes,” the ravishing new retrospective of an exhibition catalog that includes the definitive interview with the beloved comic strip’s creator, Bill Watterson.Read full article ...

‘Daredevil’: The Kingpin is in the building in Netflix/Marvel’s dark new trailer [+Video]

THE KINGPIN is in the building.Netflix dropped a new “Daredevil” trailer today, and it gives us a closer look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s big, bald badass. Yep, it’s looking as if Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil won’t be the only “man without fear” turning up the heat in Hell’s Kitchen.Read full article >>

République Remastered: A game that taps into our police-state anxieties

République Remastered Developed by: Camouflaj, LLC. Published by: Camouflaj, LLC. Available on: Mac and PCWe are still learning to live with our digital shadows. In a post-Prism world, it’s bewildering to take stock of the number ofShow More Summary

Sam Simon’s lasting influence on ‘The Simpsons’

“The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon’s  death Monday following a battle with colon cancer prompted remembrances from all corners, including current and former animators, writers and producers.Simon left “The Simpsons” in 1993 but helped...Show More Summary

Bill Watterson Talks: This is why you must read the new ‘Exploring Calvin and Hobbes’ book.

THE WAIT was worth it.Bill Watterson, that master of timing, waited decades to give a truly in-depth interview. As he did with his beloved strip, the “Calvin and Hobbes” creator knows when and how to aim for, and deliver, the exceptional. Show More Summary

Comic-Con 2015: So just what happens if Marvel’s a no-show at San Diego Comic-Con?

FOR YEARS NOW, San Diego Comic-Con International has been a reliable mega-stage from which Marvel Entertainment would introduce its multi-part, live-action universe to the pop masses. But now, we have reached the point where one does not need the other.Read full article >>

Charlie Hebdo: Here’s why Gene Weingarten wrote today’s ‘Muhammad’ strip of ‘Barney & Clyde’

IF THE MOUNTAIN can’t come to Muhammad, then “Muhammad” must go to the “mountain.”So goes the thinking of father-son cartoonists Gene and Dan Weingarten for today’s “Barney & Clyde,” in which — nodding to Magritte’s famed painting “The Treachery of Image” — a representational “not Muhammad” is drawn at the foot of “not a mountain.”Read full article >>

First look: Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl costume revealed by CBS

IT MIGHT not break the Internet the way the first #JaredLetoAsJoker costume reveal will. But today’s sneak-peek at your next costumed Supergirl could rival the online heat for last year’s reveal of your next costumed Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”).Read full article >>

Are kids (still) reading comic strips? ‘Big Nate’ creator Lincoln Peirce draws this conclusion.

IT WAS the potshot heard ’round the syndication world.This week, as you may know, an Indiana 8-year-old called his local paper to rant about his favorite missing Sunday funnies. The boy, Mac, was being denied his “Peanuts,” “Garfield,”...Show More Summary

Selma at 50: How artist movingly re-creates the ‘March’ in Rep. John Lewis’s graphic memoir

REP. JOHN LEWIS was among those who spilled blood on Bloody Sunday. He was among the civil-rights leaders who marched near Selma 50 years ago tomorrow, and crossed the iconic Edmund Pettus Bridge in the name of equal voting rights, and who was struck down by the baton of official oppression.Read full article >>

Momofuku Ando: Inventor of instant ramen artfully saluted with Google Noodle Doodle

AUTHOR’s NOTE: Three minutes ago, I poured hot water over a Nissin “Souper Meal” of instant ramen. The goal of this article is to inform readers so efficiently that they can finish this article before, finished myself, I’ve set down my chopsticks. —M.C.Read full article >>

Jeff Lemire: Amid Hollywood’s call, new ‘Descender’ comic book is his big picture

WHEN DEVELOPING a story about a young robot boy in space, Jeff Lemire expected the writing process for his next creator-owned project to take him to the far depths of the universe.He landed in Hollywood instead.Read full article >>

Will Eisner Week: Here’s how stars salute ‘The Spirit’s’ 75th birthday

THE ORIGIN, Jules Feiffer says, “was phony-baloney.”America hadn’t quite yet entered World War II, but the nation had recently launched into its love affair with superhero comics. Will Eisner was looking to create a comic for adult readers that could disguise itself as a “superhero” feature. Show More Summary

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’: New trailer provides gripping Vision into how film will unfold

THE ONLY path to peace for our planet is the extinction of the human race. Those are the cold, robotic words bringing forth the Age of Ultron.In a surprise, after telling fans that the latest trailer for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” would...Show More Summary

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