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‘Battlefield 1? review: An odd way to play with history

Battlefield 1 Developed by: DICE Published by: Electronic Arts Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows “Battlefield 1942” made war into an irreverent sport. Released in 2002 after a burst of World War II nostalgia driven by “Saving Private Ryan,” “Band of Brothers,” and the “Medal of Honor” games, Swedish studio DICE designed a 64-person […]

‘The Flash’ surprises again, revealing the debut of a classic villain

One strength of CW’s “The Flash” since its beginning has been the consistency of its unpredictability. Season 1 gave us father figure Harrison Wells, who was secretly Eobard Thawne, while even more secretly being the Reverse Flash. Then Season 2 gave us Jay Garrick, who was really Hunter Zolomon/Zoom. Now, Dr. Alchemy looms over Season 3. […]

Pepe the Frog’s creator wants him to be a symbol of chillaxing again

CAN MATT FURIE return his comic frog to a happy place? His character, Pepe, has gone from slacker to meme to unwilling hate symbol — and now Furie is trying to reclaim him. Furie created Pepe the Frog about a decade ago in his psychedelic...Show More Summary

‘Supergirl’ recap: Lynda Carter returns to superhero TV, now as a powerful female president

Warning: Thar be spoilers ahead. On the CW’s “Supergirl” Monday night, Lynda Carter quickly made an impact in her debut as the American president. And Carter, whose 1970s spin as TV’s Wonder Woman remains iconic, seemed at home in her new world of small-screen DC superheroes. The new story line: Carter’s president aims to sign an […]

RIP: ‘Preacher’ co-creator Steve Dillon found divine inspiration in the American Western

Steve Dillon was among those superlative U.K.-born storytellers who have incisively mined a fascination with American settings. And for that, we are especially all the richer. From Neil Gaiman to Bono, the United States has been graced with a post-Lennon generation of artists and writers creatively drawn to our shores, lured by both the bright, […]

The world’s cartoonists are showing Trump as a defeated candidate

IN CARTOONS around the world, the tone has changed. For months, many overseas satirists have rendered Donald Trump as a thundering threat — a heat-stoking showman of anti-immigration sentiment and fear-based hate of so many things foreign. In recent days, however, editorial artists are painting a new Trump — a candidate who is defanged and […]

The U.N. hires Wonder Woman to fight for gender equality. But not everyone is happy about it.

FROM HER origin to her sexual orientation right down to her latest toned-down outfit, arguably no figure in all of superhero comics is more saddled with political scrutiny great and small than Wonder Woman. She projects strength with compassion; onto her, the world has projected so much else. So it’s entirely in character that as Wonder […]

The lighter side of the Dark Side: Our favorite Darth Vader moments from his Marvel comic book

At some point, even the Dark Side must come to an end. Last week brought us the final issue of “Darth Vader” from Marvel Comics. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca’s 25-issue run gave us a peek inside the mind of one of the great evils in the galaxy. No easy task when you […]

Hugh Jackman prepares to pop his claws for the last time as Wolverine in the first trailer for ‘Logan’

Parting, much like the popping of adamantium claws from one’s hands, is such sweet sorrow. After much teasing on various social-media platforms, 20th Century Fox finally released the first look at Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine with the trailer for “Logan.” With an obvious and likely fanboy-approved nod to writer Mark Millar and artist […]

How suspenseful Donald Trump calls this a ‘rigged’ election, according to satirists

WITH THE World Series just days away, baseball reminds us that a controversial call can prompt a game to be played “under appeal.” And now that is how, essentially, Donald Trump is playing out the rest of this election. One of the top headlines to come out of this year’s third and final presidential debate […]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? releases its first trailer: More laughs, more pop music in space

Perhaps lost in the news of Doctor Strange’s pending mystical arrival next month, a new “Star Wars” movie in December and Wonder Woman’s debut on the big screen next June is that the Guardians of the Galaxy are about to bring us the remix. Marvel Studios today released a sneak peek of “Guardians of the […]

This gut-wrenching short by Pixar artists proves animation isn’t just for kids

Pixar has become known for its life-like animated stories that children find entertaining and adults find emotionally resonant. (Didn’t cry during “Inside Out?” Are you made of steel?) But a new short from two of the company’s animators takes that trademark Pixar style into much more devastating and dark places. “Borrowed Time” isn’t the kind of short that should be […]

Why ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ is ‘Peanuts” greatest visual masterpiece

“A CHARLIE BROWN Christmas” may have been the debut for “Peanuts” characters on television, but it was the follow-up special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” — which premiered 50 years ago this month — that stands as the breakaway visual achievement. “Great Pumpkin,” which airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, represented an […]

She turned Batgirl into a hipster. Now she wants to create more comics about rebellious women.

Babs Tarr rose to comic book stardom in part for her ability to draw women who are badasses. After helping redesign classic DC Comics character Batgirl, Tarr knew right away that Barbara Gordon wouldn’t be the last tough heroine she’d draw — she just wasn’t sure when she’d be able to dust off her pencils to create […]

When will ‘The Simpsons’ end? One producer says, ‘Never.’

AS “THE SIMPSONS” nears the record for most episodes of an American scripted prime-time show — the Fox series celebrated its 600th episode Sunday, just 35 behind all-time champ “Gunsmoke” — the minds behind the animated program sometimes get hit with the question: So when is the show finally going to ride off into the […]

PlayStation VR game review: The new platform has the chance to become the planet’s VR system of choice.

After all the hype and fanboy adulation, the time has come for virtual reality gaming to prove its staying power. That’s because PlayStation VR, now available for $400, has the chance to become the planet’s VR system of choice. Not as expensive as the Oculus Rift ($599), it attaches to any of 40 million PlayStation […]

For 600th episode, ‘The Simpsons’ unveils a VR ‘couch gag’ that points to the future of TV

FIRST Pikachu, now Homer Simpson. Could SpongeBob or a Minion be next? Because iconic yellow cartoon characters will apparently be our highly visible guides into our techno-entertainment future. On Sunday night, just several months after virtual Pokemon took the real world by storm, we were treated to another step of cartoon trailblazing from the realm […]

Here’s how a wacky 2016 hasn’t been so hard to predict

I’M A BELIEVER less in prophecy than I am in geometry. That sense is reinforced in recent days, amid current electoral and pop cultural events. For archiving purposes, I’ve been going through my “Warped” comic strips from more than a dozen years ago, and I’m struck most by how — in reading rectangular panel after […]

‘Gears of War 4? review: Exactly what I wanted it to be

Gears of War 4 Developed by: The Coalition Published by: Microsoft Studios Available on: PC, Xbox One When I tried to enlist a couple of other video game critics to take on the new “Gears of War” campaign with me one declined because he finds the franchise “too bro-ish” while another said he had no […]

‘Bone’ cartoonist aims to create the South by Southwest of comics

IF IT’S GOOD enough for movies or music, then why not for comics? The idea of a film festival taking over a town for a few days doesn’t sound so novel in North America, but the notion of non-superhero cartoons and sequential storytelling swarming a metropolis for several days can still sound like something out […]

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