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Sick of your kids being home for summer? Survey says you’re not alone.

Most kids love summer vacation: They don’t have to get up early to go to school, sit all day in class and then spend time doing homework. But their parents? They may not love it quite as much — or, at least, not for as long. Research in England found that by Aug. 1, 50 percent of […]

Thinking critically about democracy and education reform in Thailand

Critical thinking is seen, of course, as an essential skill for college and careers — but it is also essential in a healthy democracy.  Here is a post about the Kingdom of Thailand, a country that straddles monarchy and democracy and where educators and politicians are grappling with how critical thinking should be taught in […]

U.S.: Georgia illegally segregating students with disabilities in inferior buildings with inadequate instruction

(Update: Comment from Georgia Attorney General’s office) The U.S. Justice Department is accusing the state of Georgia of segregating thousands of students with behavior-based disabilities from their peers in inferior buildings that formerly served as schools for black students back in the years of legal segregation. Show More Summary

An offer teacher Ruby ‘couldn’t refuse': $80 million guaranteed over six years with incentives — based on test scores

You have to watch this video, from Comedy Center’s “Key and Peele” show. It’s a spoof on SportsCenter, called TeachingCenter, complete with a fake BMW commercial, and here is a taste of the latest in the world of standardized tests and teachers: Teacher Ruby Ruhf: I’ve enjoyed my time in Ohio very much, but I’m […]

J.K. Rowling reveals how much Hogwarts school cost Harry Potter to attend

A few weeks ago, ran a piece about how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It said: Exactly how much money would it cost to attend Hogwarts in American dollars? Thanks to J.K. Rowling, Pottermore and the Internet at large, we can figure out how much Muggle money […]

Four unintended consequences of using student test scores to evaluate teachers

As any even semi-regular reader of this blog knows, the practice of using student standardized test scores to evaluate teachers is riddled with problems. I’ve written before about some of the more ridiculous consequences, such as teachers being evaluated by students they don’t have and/or by subjects they don’t teach. (See here and here.) There […]

What do you do when your school’s (or company’s) name is ISIS? Change it.

For years, the accredited U.K.-based ISIS Schools have taught English to thousands of students in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States without giving a thought to the company’s name. But with the rise of the Islamic State terror group, sometimes called ISIS, the name of the schools is changing. ISIS Education and Travel […]

A list of 180+ ranked schools that don’t require ACT or SAT scores for admissions

George Washington University in the Washington, D.C. is the newest major school to drop its requirement that most freshman applicants must submit SAT or ACT test scores for admissions purposes, according to this story by my Post colleague Nick Anderson, joining a list of more than 850 accredited, bachelor-degree granting schools (out of about 3,000 […]

The tyranny of top-down education reform (or, if everyone has school choice, is it still a choice?)

So many of the changes being proposed today, regardless of where they come from, share a feature in common: the people proposing them see their reforms as silver bullets, and seem like they won’t be satisfied until their ideas are adopted by everyone. That’s part of the post below about the problems of top-down education […]

What Ohio Gov. John Kasich is doing to public education in his state

With two-term Ohio Gov. John Kasich joining the crowd of candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, it’s a good time to look at the public education mess that has developed in his state under his leadership. Kasich has pushed key tenets of corporate school reform: expanding charter schools — even though the state’s charter […]

Yes, Donald Trump really went to an Ivy League school

Donald Trump likes to talk about how smart he is. Not kidding. Trump just said this: “I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m, like, a really smart person.” — Michael Barbaro (@mikiebarb) July 11, 2015 So where did this really smart person go to school? The Trump campaign did not respond to a […]

How five schools meet the socio-emotional needs of their students

Here are the final five profiles of winners in a pilot project called Schools of Opportunity, which has highlighted schools that are creating healthy environments for students, teachers and staff. Seventeen schools were named as inaugural winners in initiative to identify and recognize public high schools that seek to close opportunity gaps through practices “that […]

2015 Teacher of the Year: How to fight the ‘simplistic slogans and manipulated data’ of critics

Shanna Peeples is a high school English teacher in Amarillo, Texas,  who was named the 2015 National Teacher of the Year earlier this year by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Peeples teaches AP English at Palo Duro High School and serves as the English department chair as well as an instructional coach for other […]

Obama administration denies state’s request to relax test mandates for students with serious disabilities

It seemed like an entirely reasonable request. The state of New York asked the U.S. Department of Education if it could get flexibility from federal law to test students with disabilities — those with “significant intellectual delays and substantial difficulties in cognitive areas such as memory, language comprehension, reasoning and problem-solving” — based on their […]

Columbia University divesting from private prison companies. Why other schools should too.

Last month, Columbia University became the first U.S. institution of higher education to announce that it was divesting from private prison companies after a years-long campaign by students. This post explains how Columbia came to make the decision, and examines why other colleges and universities should do the same. It was written by Christia Mercer, […]

How three schools challenge their diverse student populations

Here are three new profiles of some of the winners in a pilot project called Schools of Opportunity, which is highlighting schools that are creating healthy environments for students, teachers and staff. Seventeen schools were named as inaugural winners in initiative to identify and recognize public high schools that seek to close opportunity gaps through […]

Teacher: I’ve loved my ‘very difficult’ job. But now Ohio has made it ‘impossible.’

One thing about teaching that is easy for parents, policy-makers and others to forget is that working with students for hours every weekday to help them learn is very, very hard work. Even in the best of schools and even with supportive administrators, teachers have unrelenting jobs. In recent years, a growing number of teachers […]

Things we say to kids that sound positive but can be detrimental

  Have you ever heaped praise on a child, or said something like “good job!” and thought you were being helpful? Well, maybe you weren’t. Here’s a piece looking at how “positive” practices can actually have negative implications. It was written by Alfie Kohn, the author of  14 books, including “Schooling Beyond Measure….And Other Unorthdox […]

With apologies to Bob Dylan, a song: ‘How many tests must a child withstand/Before we can kill this scam?’

  With apologies to Bob Dylan, here are some new lyrics to his famous and brilliant song “Blowin’ in the Wind.” These were written by a reader of Diane Ravitch’s blog identified as “NY Teacher.” (If you somehow don’t know the tune, don’t tell anyone, find a version on the Internet, radio, CD, vinyl or […]

And now, mandatory summer school for some kindergartners

It isn’t enough, apparently, that many kindergartners today are subjected to test after test, homework, little or no play, little or no rest time, and sometimes, no snack. Now, a Florida schools superintendent is recommending a new treat for kindergartners who are not reading as well as adults want them to be (even if they […]

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