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Thought experiment: Aliens vow to destroy U.S. if it doesn’t quickly build the world’s best schools. What would we do?

Here’s a thought experiment: The United States is under external threat of annihilation if it doesn’t create the finest school system in the world within a decade. What would we do? What reforms would we undertake? What would be our priorities? Would we double-down on standardized testing and tough standards? Close down traditional public schools […]

Gov. Christie’s new choice for Newark schools chief gets push-back

A group of New Jersey public education supporters has released an open letter to the State Board of Education to reject Gov. Chris Christie’s new choice for a superintendent for Newark public schools, saying that he will be no more effective than his last controversial choice. Last month, superintendent Cami Anderson, who the governor appointed […]

Teacher: How reforms that seem fine on paper are damaging our schools

On paper, some policies sound like they make simple sense. But when all of the dimensions are understood, and these policies are implemented in real schools with real teachers and students, things that seem fair are not, and the consequences are damaging. Here, from Katie Sluiter, a teacher in West Michigan, is a post about […]

Finally, Congress to start debate on No Child Left Behind rewrite

Congress is finally supposed to be turning its attention to the No Child Left Behind law, the education law that passed in the administration of president George W. Bush, and was supposed to be rewritten in 2007. There are bills in both the House and Senate, both of which would make significant changes to education […]

Is ‘Sesame Street’ really as good as preschool? Let’s ask a Nobel Prize winner.

Can kids really learn as much from “Sesame Street” as from preschool? Recently, a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research titled “Early Childhood Education by MOOC: Lessons From Sesame Street,” prompted media stories, including one in The Washington Post, saying that “Sesame Street” can be as effective as preschool in lifting […]

Why July 2 is really America’s independence day

Everybody (presumably) knows that July 4th is America’s Independence Day. But John Adams, who had a lot to do with the American colonies’ break from Great Britain, had other ideas. He thought July 2nd was the date that would be celebrated “as the great anniversary festival.” Why? Here’s a post I published three years ago, […]

Ohio’s effort to reform its ridiculed charter schools is a big fail

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to officially announce this month that he is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Don’t expect to hear him tout his state’s charter schools. Ohio lawmakers looked like they were actually going to do something about the state’s ridiculed $1 billion charter school system, the No. 1 sector […]

Tired of hearing about failing schools? Here are four that work.

Here are four new profiles of some of the winners in a pilot project called Schools of Opportunity, which is highlighting schools that are creating healthy environments for students, teachers and staff. Seventeen schools were named as inaugural winners in initiative to identify and recognize public high schools that seek to close opportunity gaps through […]

Do we know how to hold teacher preparation programs accountable?

The U.S. Education Department late last year released a draft set of regulations for colleges of education in what officials say is an effort to ensure that teachers are prepared to do their jobs well. But the draft regulations are controversial with educators and researchers who have written letters repeatedly to Education Secretary Arne Duncan […]

Florida’s kooky new plan: giving bonuses to teachers with high SAT/ACT scores

Just when you think the state of Florida can’t find another way to misuse standardized test scores, it finds a way. Now, it is planning to spend $44 million to fund a scholarship program that will award big bonuses to teachers who got high SAT and ACT scores before entering college — even if they […]

When an orderly classroom is counterproductive

It seems obvious to assume that teachers try to maintain control of their classrooms to create an environment where kids learn. But, asks educator and writer Alfie Kohn, what if that isn’t always the case? Kohn ( takes an interesting look at the real purposes of classroom management in the following post. He is the […]

A retiring principal says farewell to graduates, with advice from Winnie the Pooh

For 15 years, Carol Burris has been the award-winning principal of South Side High School in New York’s Rockville Centre School District. She is stepping down for reasons she explained in this recent speech, saying that she could no longer participate in standardized test-based school reforms and educator evaluation systems that she feels are wrong. […]

Scores from botched June SAT testing released as controversy escalates

Scores for the June 6 SAT are now out, and a controversy that erupted over the botched administration of the college admissions exam is only escalating. To wit: Class-action lawsuits have been filed in three states, the reliability and fairness of the results are being questioned, some students who want to accept the College Board’s […]

Texas picks home-schooler to lead state Board of Education

When it comes to education, Texas is the state that keeps on giving — and not in a good way. In 2010, there was tumult over proposed changes to social studies standards by religious conservatives on the State Board of Education, including one that referred to the United States’s slave trade as the “Atlantic triangular […]

Meet Schuyler Bailar, Harvard’s pioneer transgender swimmer

Meet Schuyler Bailar, a new member of the men’s swimming team at Harvard University. What makes Bailar different from all the other men on the nearly 40-man squad is that he was originally recruited to Harvard in 2013 as a female to swim on the women’s team, before he went through a gender transition. This […]

A disturbing quote about teaching literature in Common Core era

How disturbing is the following quote, from this New York Times story titled “English Class in Common Core Era: ‘Tom Sawyer’ and Court Opinions?” The story talks about how English class has changed in the Common Core era because the standards call for students to read much more non-fiction than they did before. How much? […]

Controversial Newark schools chief leaving post — finally

Finally. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration has announced that Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson, who the governor had appointed and defended despite a rebellion against her reform policies in the city, is leaving her post. Interesting timing. Appointed in 2011, Anderson was supposed to turn Newark schools into a “national model” — or, at least, […]

Blended learning: The great new thing or the great new hype?

If you haven’t heard the claim that blended learning is the present and future of education, you haven’t been listening. It is one of the central features of modern school reform, with proponents proclaiming that it helps personalize education, cuts costs and allows students to be more productive.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? But is it? […]

The deplorable way the L.A. school district is treating the world’s most famous teacher — Jay Mathews

Jay Mathews is the Washington Post’s long-time education writer and author whom I have long thought was the most knowledgeable reporter in the field. Rafe Esquith, who teaches has taught fifth grade in Room 56 at Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles for decades is the most famous teacher in the world, an accolade I […]

Why teachers are fleeing Arizona in droves

Teachers have been fleeing Arizona in droves, resulting in such a serious shortage of experienced teachers that state officials are warning of serious consequences if the exodus continues. Over the last five years, thousands of teachers have left the state, according to a 2015 report by the Arizona Department of Education, with this past school […]

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