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ADHD in kids: What many parents and teachers don’t understand but need to know

There seems to be a never-ending stream of research reports about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD — the most commonly diagnosed neuro-behavioral disorder in U.S. children — and how it affects young people. The latest is a study from the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, which found that girls with childhood ADHD were “at a […]

An astonishing admission from a controversial school reformer

Cami Anderson is the former schools superintendent in Newark who was relentless in pushing highly controversial education reforms from 2011 through 2015 and became one of the faces of the corporate school reform movement. She abruptly left the job last summer after her “One Newark” program sparked serious community unrest. As I wrote last June: […]

Signs in Okla. school now warn visitors: Adults carry guns and are ready to use them

Okay Public Schools is a tiny rural district in Okay, Okla. It has one K-8 school and one high school on a single campus of about 420 students. Its superintendent, Charles McMahan, just took a new step that he thinks will be a deterrent to violence: Signs that warn visitors that some district staff are carrying […]

Why in the world would rapper B.o.B think the Earth is flat? A quick science lesson.

The rapper B.o.B has stirred up some controversy with tweets declaring that the Earth is flat and that NASA fooled the entire world in 1969 by faking the historic moon landing. It might have gone unnoticed, just another remarkably uniformed tweet among many, but then Neil deGrasse Tyson, the renowned astrophysicist, responded and tried to […]

The testing opt-out movement is growing, despite government efforts to kill it

The U.S. Education Department is warning states that they could be sanctioned if their public schools can’t force at least 95 percent of their students to take mandated standardized tests for “accountability” purposes. The warnings became necessary because of a growing testing “opt out” movement around the country that stemmed from the Obama administration’s push […]

The hairy hand of the SAT reaches far into your future

Test scores have consequences, some more than others. College admissions test scores are more far-reaching than many students might know. In Florida, for example, legislators have been spending millions of dollars to fund a program that gives bonuses to teachers with high SAT and ACT scores and high evaluations. The tests could have been taken […]

New Yorker writer returns to high school English class — for a year. Excerpt from David Denby’s new book, ‘Lit Up’

David Denby is a highly regarded journalist who is a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine and the author of “Great Books: My Adventures With Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other Indestructible Writers of the Western World,” a  fascinating 1996 narrative about his experience going back to Columbia University a few decades after graduating and re-enrolling […]

‘What passes for acceptable school choice rhetoric is frightening’

This past week was School Choice Week with no less than 16,140 events held across all 50 states, according to the School Choice Week websites.  They took place in 13,224 schools, with 1,012 chambers of commerce and 808 homeschooling groups staging events too. Twenty seven governors and more than 200 mayors/county leaders issuing proclamations to […]

The Academy Awards isn’t alone with its color problem. Look at higher education.

When the 2016 Academy Award nominations were announced recently, it turned out that every single acting nominee was white — for the second straight year. That prompted a rebellion of sorts in Hollywood, with some actors saying they would boycott the ceremony, and Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts […]

Kindergarten teacher: Don’t blame us if your kids are overworked. It isn’t our fault.

I published a post the other day titled, “Parent: No, my kindergartner won’t be doing that homework assignment,” by a mother of three, Cara Paiuk, who wrote: I just can’t imagine prioritizing homework with my 5-year-old son when I feel it’s more important we spend time together as a family, nurture our children, or let […]

U.S. Education Department threatens to sanction states over test opt-outs

Anyone who thought that the U.S. Education Department’s power over states in regard to standardized testing was over because of the new K-12 education law passed in December should think again. The Every Student Succeeds Act was the result of a compromise among Republicans and Democrats who were intent on ending No Child Left Behind, […]

Parents told to stop wearing pajamas when they come to school. Really.

In the scheme of things, this doesn’t exactly constitute a real problem for most of us, but for one primary school in northern England, it evidently did. The Guardian reports that Kate Chisholm, the head of Skerne Park Academy in Darlington, wrote a missive to parents telling them to stop wearing pajamas and slippers when […]

Walton family steps up support for school choice with $1 billion pledge

Walmart made some business news this month when it announced that it is closing 269 stores this year and will no longer build two superstores it had promised to build in Washington, D.C. to serve some of its poorest residents, infuriating city officials. Why? This Washington Post story explains: The giant retailer cited increasing costs […]

Best-selling teen author: If schools want kids to write well, let them pick their own topics

Jake Marcionette was 12 when he hit the best-seller list with his 2014 young adult novel, “Just Jake.” It was the first time such a young writer had accomplished that feat, and he was the youngest author to get a publishing deal with Penguin Books.  His second best-seller was the 2015 “Just Jake: Dog […]

Teacher: How school reformers have redefined my profession — and diminished it

For years now, teachers have been speaking out about changes in their profession that have resulted from school reforms that educators say have, among other things, diminished their authority in the classroom and altered how they interact with students. Here is a thoughtful new piece looking at the consequences of these changes from veteran educator […]

Former dean questions costs of ‘no excuses’ charter schools on students of color

“No excuses” charter schools have become a prominent feature of modern school reform. What exactly are they? This is how Joan Goodman, a professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the school’s Teach For America program, defined them in this post: These schools start with the belief […]

Award-winning teacher: ‘America really doesn’t care what happens to poor people and most black people. There, I said it.’

By all counts, Nathan Gibbs-Bowling is a great educator who knows how to reach students and inspire colleagues, so it is no wonder that he is the 2016 Washington state Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the 2016 National Teacher of the Year. He also has a lot to say about the state […]

What you have to do to forecast the weather (and do it well)

Meet Jason Samenow. He is the 39-year-old weather editor of The Washington Post who, in 2004, founded the Internet’s first professional weather blog and is one of a small army of people who are part of our daily lives. How? They pour over mounds of data and then tell us what to expect from the […]

Florida finds yet another way to waste millions of dollars

The Florida legislature has an uncanny ability to find useless programs to fund and then waste millions of dollars on them. Last year, for example, it approved $44 million for a cockamamie pilot one-year program called “Florida’s Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarships,” which gives up to $10,000 bonuses to teachers with high SAT and ACT […]

Detroit teacher: ‘Why is separate and unequal okay in 2016?’

Detroit teachers, prevented by law from striking, have been staging a series of “sick outs” in recent weeks to call attention to the miserable conditions in which they work and students are forced to come and supposedly learn. As my colleague Emma Brown wrote in this story: Teachers say they are fed up with working […]

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