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Why an office furniture CEO got the top job at one of America’s biggest automakers

  Ford's new CEO -- a 62-year-old former office furniture executive now tasked with jump-starting the world's oldest automaker amid frustrations over the stock price and growing threats from Silicon Valley rivals -- is not exactly a household name. But in management and design circles, as well as in Silicon Valley, Jim Hackett has long been something of a star […]

Elon Musk is the unusual CEO who says his stock is overvalued

After a story published late last week about Tesla in the Guardian, investors might zero in on one comment in particular that CEO Elon Musk made: He said the company's "market cap is higher than we have any right to deserve" and that building an auto-maker from scratch is "the worst way to earn money, honestly." (A […]

Trump invited the CEO comparisons, and now he’s being held to them

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump never shied away from touting his business skills, running as the outsider whose supposed management acumen would bring executive sensibilities to Washington. In his convention speech, he lauded his deal-making prowess, promising "to make our country rich again." During a campaign town hall, he said he had "great management […]

Roger Ailes’ death could increase pressure on Fox to settle legal cases, experts say

Roger Ailes, who died Thursday at the age of 77, left behind a legacy as a builder of a conservative media empire and a strategist for dozens of political campaigns. But Ailes, whose perch at the top of Fox News ended suddenly last summer following sexual harassment allegations, also leaves behind several pending lawsuits alleging harassment or race or gender […]

Jack Welch bashes Trump for ‘crappy management practices’

Jack Welch, whose tenure at General Electric made him a management icon in the 1990s and 2000s, has been a huge fan of President Trump's. A longtime Republican supporter, he got behind Trump last year, praising his plans for tax cuts, regulatory reform and aggressive stance on terrorism. He's been called a member of Trump's “kitchen cabinet” and lauded his […]

More CEOs are getting forced out for ethics violations

For former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, it was an incorrect resume, revealed by an activist shareholder, that initially prompted the company's board to sever ties with him in 2012. In 2015, former United CEO Jeff Smisek parted ways with the airline in connection with a federal probe into whether it improperly tried to sway officials at the […]

Morale is down, but federal employees remain dedicated to their agency missions

The change in administrations and a series of proposals, from workforce reductions to reorganizing and streamlining government, has created uncertainty for federal employees. To get some perspective on how employees view the currentShow More Summary

Your mean boss is secretly miserable

When we talk about someone being on a "power trip," the idea behind it is the abuse they're throwing around somehow makes them feel good. The boss who hands out extra work just before the weekend feels some kind of superiority. The manager who yells at their employees gets some kind of rush from the show of dominance. But a […]

Trump’s ‘you’re fired’ message to Comey broke this basic rule of management

There are plenty of big questions about President Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey: What does this mean for the investigation into the ties of Trump associates to Russia? How will this affect the likelihood of a special...Show More Summary

A lot of research shows that putting 13 male senators in charge of a health-care bill is a lousy idea

Republicans' efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have now drawn no less than three viral flare-ups of outrage in the past two months among critics — each for the lack of women either among their ranks or at their decision-making tables. First there was the widely shared photo of the House of Representatives' Freedom Caucus, meeting […]

Trump loves his new desk in the Oval Office. But it also has its downsides. 

In an interview with CBS's John Dickerson to mark his first 100 days, President Trump proudly showed off the changes he'd made to his new digs. Chatting inside the Oval Office, Trump told Dickerson about how he decided to keep several "beautiful" armed forces flags in the room. He put up a portrait of Andrew Jackson "because they said […]

All the office talk about politics since Trump’s election is stressing workers out

Distracted and stressed at work by the constant buzz about politics and the onslaught of news out of Washington? You're not alone. A new survey by the American Psychological Association found that a significantly higher percentage of...Show More Summary

House Republicans just voted to change overtime rules for workers

On Tuesday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that Republicans have promoted since the Newt Gingrich era, one that would allow private-sector employees to exchange overtime pay for "compensatory time" off, electing to accrue extra hours off rather than extra pay in their wallets. The bill passed 229 to 197, largely along party lines. The bill […]

A week to publicly recognize the good work of federal employees

Every year since 1985, seven days in May have been designated as Public Service Recognition Week, a time to honor federal, state and local government employees and acknowledge the many benefits they provide to the American public. While leaders in the private sector are lauded as running "best places to work" for their efforts to […]

Interns at these 25 companies make more than the median U.S. worker

Summer is nearing, and workplaces everywhere are awaiting the arrival of this year's interns to help out on extra projects and shoulder the seasonal load. But among certain companies, they're likely doing more than getting coffee and making copies. Or at least, they're being paid that way. According to a new report by the jobs site Glassdoor, the […]

Trump had a puzzling answer to this CBS interview question about a basic leadership concept

President Trump sat for an interview with "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson that aired Sunday morning, where they spoke about North Korea ("if he does a nuclear test, I will not be happy"), his new health-care plan ("pre-existing conditions are in the bill") and entitlements ("the concept of Medicare, I'm not touching"). Then, in a portion of the interview that […]

The most important United Airlines policy change after its dragging fiasco could also be the hardest

  After United Airlines' epic passenger-dragging debacle, many people saw a recipe for an easy fix: Common sense and a dose of judgment from workers on the front lines could have gone a long way to preventing the public relations disaster. Why couldn't employees have simply decided to offer more money and entice someone else off the plane? Coming just days after United […]

What Pope Francis did in his surprise TED talk matters as much as what he said

Pope Francis's surprise videotaped TED Talk on Tuesday night had many memorable lines, perhaps none moreso than his call for a "revolution of tenderness." He suggested the conference's tech leaders, investors, journalists and academics...Show More Summary

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo stake is worth $186 million ahead of sale to Verizon

As Yahoo nears its much-delayed vote on June 8 over the sale of its Internet business to Verizon, the company released its definitive proxy statement Monday, which spelled out the deal for shareholders. But the filing also served as an...Show More Summary

The leadership lessons in Sheryl Sandberg’s and Adam Grant’s new book about resiliency and grief

Sheryl Sandberg's long-awaited book is out on what she learned about becoming resilient and coping with grief following the sudden death of her husband, Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg, in 2015. It's an intimate, largely personal...Show More Summary

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