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Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo stake is worth $186 million ahead of sale to Verizon

As Yahoo nears its much-delayed vote on June 8 over the sale of its Internet business to Verizon, the company released its definitive proxy statement Monday, which spelled out the deal for shareholders. But the filing also served as an...Show More Summary

The leadership lessons in Sheryl Sandberg’s and Adam Grant’s new book about resiliency and grief

Sheryl Sandberg's long-awaited book is out on what she learned about becoming resilient and coping with grief following the sudden death of her husband, Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg, in 2015. It's an intimate, largely personal...Show More Summary

A short history of presidents’ complicated relationship with the 100-day milestone

On Friday morning, Donald Trump had something to say about his first 100 days. In a tweet, he wrote "no matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!" That tweet, which appears to recognize his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to […]

The curious political effect of men losing their breadwinner role

There's something about money and men. Researchers have long shown a link between men's identities and their income: Men tend to work more hours if faced with the threat of their wife earning as much as they do. When men make less money than their wives, they tend to do less housework, not more. And when men are out-earned in […]

Steve Ballmer wants you to know how the government really spends its money

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seemed to be following the script for retired tech billionaires. After retiring in 2014, the now 61-year-old bought a sports team (his Los Angeles Clippers are playing in the NBA playoffs). He signed on to teach a management course at a top business school. He started thinking more about philanthropy. But […]

Introverts tend to be better CEOs — and other surprising traits of top-performing executives

The image most people have of a straight-from-central-casting CEO is usually something like the following: An extroverted, charismatic, confident executive who climbed a mistake-free ladder to the top with a degree from an elite school. Show More Summary

IRS commissioner: ‘You have talk to the people on the front line’

John Koskinen has held many critical public sector jobs, heading the government’s Y2K effort to avoid federal computer malfunctions during the transition to the millennium and stepping in to rescue government-owned mortgage financer Freddie Mac during the financial crisis. In 2013, Koskinen came out of retirement to take the job of IRS commissioner when the […]

The number of Americans who think Trump keeps his promises is plummeting

President Trump's setbacks on campaign promises like repealing the Affordable Care Act and his shifting positions on other stances look like they're catching up with him -- bigly. A new poll from Gallup released early Monday finds that a majority of Americans no longer view Trump as keeping his promises, with poll numbers on that question falling from 62 […]

Bosses, be warned: Your biggest kiss-up could be your biggest backstabber

One of the most widely held — if rarely practiced — ideas in management is that it's important for chief executives to encourage different opinions from the people who work for them. To find the dissenting voices who won't just try to flatter or praise, but remind leaders when they are wrong. Doing so, the thinking goes, will lead to […]

United CEO Oscar Munoz: The rise and fall of a ‘Communicator of the Year’

Not quite a full month ago, before #LeggingsGate and dragging-gate and the accompanying public scorn, United Airlines chief executive Oscar Munoz put on a bow tie and ascended a stage in New York for the self-styled “Oscars of the PR...Show More Summary

From ‘tone-deaf’ to ‘textbook’: Experts review the United CEO’s first — and latest — apology

Just one day after issuing a statement that was widely mocked online after a passenger was pulled screaming and bloodied from his seat on United Airlines, the company's CEO is trying for a do-over.  After an initial apology that public...Show More Summary

In China, Starbucks is offering health insurance to a surprising group of people

In China, Starbucks already invites workers' parents to an annual employee meeting. Now it's planning to offer those parents health insurance. The coffee giant said early Tuesday that it would begin offering a "critical illness insurance plan" to its eligible full-time employees in stores operated by the company in China. Show More Summary

New York City just banned bosses from asking this sensitive question

It's the interview question no applicant likes: How much did you make in your last job? The New York City Council isn't fond of it, either. In a vote Wednesday, it approved legislation that will ban employers from asking job applicants about what they make in their current or past job and could have far-reaching consequences beyond the city as […]

What the commander of the bin Laden raid thinks you should know about leadership

The first thing William McRaven does when he wakes up each day is make his bed. Referring to McRaven's practice as a strictly executed “habit” doesn't do it justice. It's more like a ritual or a daily rite or perhaps even a “lifestyle.” The bed-making routine began during basic SEAL training in the late 1970s and […]

JPMorgan’s Dimon says the U.S. is exceptional, but ‘something is wrong’

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Tuesday that his closely watched annual letter to investors was written with shareholders, employees and the community in mind. But other parties might be interested in what he has to say: the White House and Congress, as the high-profile banker sounded off on policy issues in his investor letter in a very big way. […]

Some Swedish workers are getting microchips implanted in their hands

How would you feel about having a microchip implanted in your hand to make things more convenient at work? In Sweden, some workers are actually volunteering to do just that, electing to have a chip the size of a grain of rice implanted in their bodies to help them unlock doors, operate printers, open storage lockers and even buy […]

Yul Williams on fostering innovation at the NSA

Yul Williams is the technical director for the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, working with computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers to develop new technologies in the cybersecurity field that will assist the agency in its intelligence operations. Show More Summary

Why one tech giant is investing another $3 million to close its pay gap

Back in 2015, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff admitted something many CEOs wouldn't: The company had found a pay gap between the men and women who worked for the cloud computing giant, and it was spending $3 million to fix it. Now after acquisitions and rampant growth at the company brought in 7,000 new employees in the past […]

Ahem: Business leaders who over-golf are linked to underperformance

President Trump wants to run government more like a business. He campaigned on his dealmaking chops, stocked his Cabinet with business executives and announced a "SWAT team" aimed at bringing business ideas to the government. And as many executives do, Trump also likes to play golf. Show More Summary

Starbucks’s tall order on CEO succession

Will the third time be the charm? Starting Monday, Starbucks will begin answering that question when it officially hands over the coffee company's reins to Kevin Johnson, its president and chief operating officer, marking only the third...Show More Summary

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