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Why many companies are giving bonuses — not raises — after the new tax cuts

On Wednesday, yet another company -- this time Apple, which pledged to give $2,500 restricted stock awards for most of its employees, in addition to investing $350 billion in the U.S. economy  -- joined the ranks of employers offering bonuses in the wake of the new U.S. tax law. Companies such as American Airlines,Bank of America andAT&T have also made one-time […]

One year in to Trump’s presidency, the world’s citizens give U.S. leadership a record low rating

President Trump is facing his first annual performance review, and while support from many who voted for him is still strong, the president's first year in office is facing harsh reviews from many other corners. According to recent polls, U.S. Show More Summary

World’s largest money manager to CEOS: You must do good for society

More than 1,000 global CEOs received a letter Tuesday from one of the world's most influential money managers with a pointed message: Simply posting good financial returns is no longer enough. You must have a positive impact on society, too. In his annual letter to CEOs sent Tuesday, Laurence Fink, the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, which manages nearly $6.3 […]

Episode 15 of the Constitutional podcast: ‘Privacy’

In the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, the final intention the framers set was to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” And one such blessing they had in mind was privacy. But over time, privacy has become harder and harder to preserve, as new technologies emerge that document our actions and track our interests […]

Sexual Harassment Inc: How the #metoo movement is sparking a wave of startups

Lisa Gelobter has had male engineers she works with say they're surprised she knows software programs like Shockwave and Flash. She's heard co-workers wonder whether she could follow a technical conversation. And she recalls how when she studied computer science, she and other women felt they had to prove themselves more than their male classmates. So when the […]

The best time of day — and year — to work most effectively

They say timing is everything. Yet when it comes to how we work, it's often not given much thought at all. We work nine to five (or 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) not because that's when our bodies work best, but because that's when we're supposed to show up. We spend weeks preparing a pitch presentation for a […]

Episode 14 of the Constitutional podcast: ‘Prohibition’

In January 1920, Prohibition went into effect across the United States. The 18th Amendment had been passed the year before--banning the manufacture, sale and transport of alcohol--at the urging of citizens and lawmakers who thought this ban would improve the general health and welfare of the nation by eliminating one of its vices. Show More Summary

Sen. Thom Tillis on why he expects his staffers to apply for other jobs

Sen. Thom Tillis (R.N.C.) was a management consultant before entering elective politics, and has used this background to help inform his decision-making as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel and to manage his Senate staff. In a conversation with Tom Fox, Tillis talked about how he promotes professional development of his employees […]

Will the #metoo movement speed up the number of women in leadership – or slow it down?

As the wave of sexual harassment allegations reached seismic proportions, one solution touted repeatedly has been the need for more women in power. Barack Obama suggested earlier this month in Paris that more women should be put into power "because men seem to be having some problems these days." Sheryl Sandberg, in a Facebook post, called for […]

11 leadership books to read in 2018

Following a year of dizzying news cycles, Twitter flame wars and increasingly deep political divisions, getting engrossed in a meaty book on leadership lessons, in-depth career advice or ideas for improving the way we work may sound pretty tempting. Show More Summary

How too much focus on ‘superstar’ workers enables harassment

These days, no industry, no workplace, no pocket of American life seems to be immune from the long reach of sexual harassment. From Capitol Hill to Hollywood, higher education to hotel housekeeping, women -- and men -- are coming forward to tell their stories. Show More Summary

10 memorable leadership stories from 2017

The last year has been an epic one for leadership stories: A combative, unrestrained, ego-driven president in the White House. A divided, dysfunctional Congress with little to show -- other than this week's likely tax reform bill -- for a year that was supposed to bring substantial change. A watershed workplace moment with the wave of sexual […]

Episode 13 of the Constitutional podcast: ‘Taxes’

In 1913, America ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution—explicitly granting Congress the power to tax incomes. Ever since, the income tax has been the main source of revenue for the U.S. government. "The entire trajectory of the United States in the 20th and now into the 21st century is completely different than it would […]

Another day at work for many women: Lower pay, passed over, treated as incompetent and subjected to slights

Amid a wave of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile men, a reckoning would seem to be coming to the workplace, as women speak out about unwanted advances or inappropriate behavior, employers respond with more training and policies, and prominent men are shown the door following misconduct complaints. Show More Summary

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government data can point the way to better employee engagement

The 2017 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings were released this week, providing important insights into how employees view their agency leaders and work experience. If one believes, as I do, that having an engaged and motivated workforce is critical to a well-functioning government, agency leaders should closely examine the Best Places […]

These three companies have made this best workplaces list for 10 consecutive years

Glassdoor released its 10th annual list of the best-reviewed workplaces by employees on Wednesday, and Facebook is ranked No. 1, topping the list for the first time since 2013. It's the eighth year in a row the social media giant has landed on the list, known as the Employees' Choice Awards, since it was started in 2009, back when Facebook had […]

Investment group urges more women in Amazon’s senior ranks following harassment allegations

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations against a now former Amazon executive, a group that advocates for investors sent a letter last week to the online giant, urging it to improve the diversity of its senior executive ranks, among other things. The letter is the second filed by CtW Investment Group, which works with union-sponsored pension funds, and […]

Episode 12 of the Constitutional podcast: ‘The common defense’

One intention the framers had when creating the U.S. Constitution was to “provide for the common defense.” But who shoulders that duty has not always been so clear. At many points throughout American history, it’s fallen to the poor more than the rich; to the young more than the old; to men more than women. […]

Aspen Institute names Dan Porterfield, president of Franklin and Marshall College, as its new leader

The Aspen Institute, a venerable Washington think tank, announced Thursday that it has selected Dan Porterfield, the president of Franklin and Marshall College, as its new leader. Porterfield is relatively unknown outside of higher education circles where he helped start the American Talent Initiative, a program to get more low-income students through college that is […]

Fear and panic in the H.R. department as sexual harassment allegations multiply

Cecily Strong's much-watched "Claire from H.R." character on "Saturday Night Live" may have been frazzled and exasperated. But amid a deluge of sexual harassment allegations and reports of workplace misconduct, what many human resources managers are feeling is actually this: fear and panic. Show More Summary

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