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Will Carly Fiorina’s history of self-promotion help her?

Among the general voting public, Carly Fiorina is said to lack name recognition. Monday's entrant to the GOP presidential field shows up as barely a blip in the early polls. But that relative obscurity hardly extends to the business world, where in many ways Fiorina has been the very embodiment of a celebrity CEO. During her much-studied tenure at […]

Cisco names successor to longtime CEO John Chambers

One of the longest-tenured CEOs in Silicon Valley is passing the torch. On Monday, Cisco Systems announced that John Chambers, the company's CEO since 1995, will be succeeded this July by longtime company executive Chuck Robbins, who is currently the networking giant's senior vice president of worldwide operations. Chambers will remain at Cisco as executive chairman and […]

Warren Buffet has been CEO for nearly 50 years; others last less than 10

This weekend, Warren Buffett will preside over Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting, an extravaganza that will include a newspaper tossing contest, a table tennis challenge and a cocktail reception at the company's jewelry store, Borsheims. Show More Summary

The secret to fighting digital distractions may be all about commitments, not willpower

It's hard enough avoiding online distractions if you're a working professional. The news alert about a favorite sports team, the insistent tug of social media sites, the seventh e-mail from a group of co-workers chiming in about where to go for lunch. And that doesn't even get to the cat videos. But consider how much allure such digital distractions have for people […]

Talking leadership with Commerce CFO Ellen Herbst

Ellen Herbst, who joined the government in 2005 after two decades in various private-sector leadership positions, is the chief financial officer and assistant secretary of administration at the Department of Commerce. She oversees matters dealing with the budget, financial management, strategic planning and performance management. Show More Summary

Productivity expert David Allen on getting things done in a digital world

David Allen can sound something like a guru. The author of the productivity bible Getting Things Done likes to talk about "mismanaged inputs," the things that "pull on your psyche" and the nirvana people experience when they fully empty their email inbox. "Have you ever tasted what it was like to have one?" He asked when we spoke recently over the phone. (I […]

Podcast: Productivity guru David Allen

LISTEN: A conversation with productivity guru David Allen   This week our podcast is with David Allen, author of the classic productivity guide Getting Things Done. In this conversation, Allen talks with The Washington Post's Jena McGregor about his advice for organizing and executing all the to-do items swirling around in your head (and your inbox). You can subscribe to […]

The woman leading the Maryland National Guard

Just a few months into his tenure as governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan (R) is tasked with leading his state through the riots that erupted in Baltimore on Monday. Another leader working to help quell the violence in the city is also very new to her job: Linda Singh, who is in charge of the Maryland National Guard that was […]

Salesforce CEO combs through 16,000 workers’ salaries to make sure women are paid fairly CEO Marc Benioff is tackling yet another social issue: the gender pay gap. Benioff, who grabbed headlines recently for his opposition to the controversial "religious freedom" law in Indiana, says he's methodically combing...Show More Summary

What makes some federal agencies better than others at innovation

Given the complexity and difficulty of the challenges that government leaders face, encouraging innovation among their workers can pay dividends. Government-wide employee survey data, however, suggest that much more needs to be done to foster this type of culture at many federal organizations. Show More Summary

Podcast: The New Yorker’s Susan Orlean on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean   This week our podcast is with Susan Orlean, a writer at The New Yorker magazine and an author of several nonfiction books, including The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend. (Orlean is also the co-host of a podcast called "Crybabies," which explores the […]

The New Yorker’s Susan Orlean on the magic and mystery of writing

There's hardly a pocket of the media cosmos with more literary journalism stars than The New Yorker, and Susan Orlean has been one of its bright fixtures. She joined the magazine more than two decades ago, writing stories about a gospel group traveling graveled roads through the South, a real estate broker who has nightmares her clients will […]

Abercrombie & Fitch says it will stop hiring workers based on ‘body type or physical attractiveness’

Getting a job folding shirts at Abercrombie & Fitch is about to get easier for people who don't look like they just stepped off a runway. On Friday, the teen retailer announced it will no longer hire store workers based on their "body type or physical attractiveness" and will give employees more leeway in what they wear to work. The […]

The happiest countries in the world

Maybe it's the chocolate. Or its reputation for neutrality. Or how much it's known for investing in the health, education and employment of its people. Whatever the reason, Switzerland is the world's happiest country, according to an analysis released Thursday of more than 150 countries. Show More Summary

Among professional women, African Americans are most likely to want top executive jobs, report says

The number of women holding CEO positions among America's largest corporations is, as everyone knows, very small. Just 23 women are CEOs of companies in the S&P 500. But the number of female African American chief executives among those...Show More Summary

Office designers find open-plan spaces are actually lousy for workers

Innovations in the world of office furniture design have tended to serve one of two purposes. Some are designed to help the corporations who pay for them — open-plan offices are supposed to make workers more collaborative, for example, and cubicles or “hotel” desks help save on real estate costs. Then others are designed to help improve workers’ health […]

Two of the country’s biggest accounting firms will now be led by women

For the first time in history, two of the largest accounting firms in the United States will now have women at their helm. KPMG announced on Tuesday that Lynne Doughtie will become the firm’s new U.S. chief executive and chairman, closely following the election of Cathy Engelbert as Deloitte’s U.S. CEO just a few months […]

What Etsy, Patagonia and Warby Parker have in common

Etsy, the online bazaar of handcrafted goods, received gobs of attention for its initial public offering last Thursday, in which shares nearly doubled to close at $30. Its big public offering could also help shine a spotlight on something else, though — the certification of "B Corp," which the company holds. Show More Summary

Podcast: Barney Frank on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with former congressman Barney Frank   This week our podcast is with Barney Frank, a former Democratic congressman from Massachusetts who served in the House for roughly three decades. He played a strong role in shaping the government's role to the financial crisis, and was also the first U.S. representative to voluntarily come out […]

Barney Frank on how to be likable and intimidating, at the same time

Former congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) made a name for himself as a wit, wordsmith and frequent dealmaker during three-plus decades in Congress. As chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, he also played a powerful role in shaping the government's response to the financial crisis. Frank, who retired from Congress two years ago now, spoke with The […]

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