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The CEO apology, in 14 tweets

When Uber CEO Travis Kalanick rattled off a series of 14 tweets Tuesday afternoon, most of the attention was on what he said rather than how he said it. While Kalanick may have intended to apologize for the controversy that erupted after...Show More Summary

Talking leadership with Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

As secretary of the Department of Commerce, Penny Pritzker has the job of promoting American businesses' economic development and overseeing a wide range of agencies, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the International Trade Administration to the Census Bureau and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Show More Summary

What presidential leadership scholars think of Obama’s immigration move

One of the chief criticisms President Obama has faced during his six years in office has been that his leadership isn't strong. Much of the criticism has been politically motivated, coming from opponents who suggest he is weak and lacks resolve. And some of it comes from insiders, who have said he lacks fire or the "passion of a leader." And yet here is Obama, about […]

How to craft a successful career

Chad Dickerson says he doesn’t believe in perfect career ladders. He studied Shakespeare in college, worked as a Pizza Hut deliveryman after graduation and eventually found his way into digital jobs at companies like Yahoo and CNN. He is now the chief executive of Etsy, one of the largest and fastest-growing commerce sites on the […]

Uber CEO apologizes. Kind of.

On Tuesday, Uber's chief executive, Travis Kalanick, attempted to steer the ride-sharing company away from the pileup of criticism that one of his executives caused after suggesting that Uber dig up dirt on its critics in the press.Show More Summary

Can a church be too big to fail?

The designation “Too Big to Fail” usually makes us think of large banks, propped up by taxpayer funds during the 2008 financial crisis. But the central questions it raises—When do we have a responsibility to save an institution? And who should be on the hook to save it?—apply beyond the finance industry. Each of us […]

Even Harvard MBA women are disappointed by their careers

Another day, it seems, another study about the gender gap in careers. Over the last week, Gallup told us women are more pessimistic about the job market. New Bloomberg Businessweek data showed us that female MBAs reported an average of nearly $15,000 less in expected annual pay than men did. And research by a Canadian duo tells us the pay gap might have something […]

Why customers are less and less happy with their banks

Americans are less happy with their banks in 2014 than in previous years, marking a dip in what looked like an upward trend in customer satisfaction with the industry. And they're even more fed up with their health insurers, whose scores from customers in the American Customer Satisfaction Index have sunk to a 10-year low. The ACSI, one of the […]

Why Facebook wants to ‘friend’ your boss

According to a report Sunday in the Financial Times, Facebook is developing a new product to help the social network giant find a home at work. Called "Facebook at Work," the new site is reportedly designed for employee collaboration — letting...Show More Summary

Critiques of the Presidential Management Fellows program

A number of federal employees responded to my recent column about the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program, largely reinforcing the flaws that recent surveys found in the way agencies manage this premier initiative. The surveys, conducted by the Partnership for Public Service with assistance from the Office of Personnel Management, took the pulse of a group […]

Podcast: Jim Moffatt on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with Deloitte Consulting's Jim Moffatt    This week our podcast features Jim Moffatt, the chairman and chief executive of Deloitte Consulting. In this conversation, Moffatt talks about the evolution of his 27-year career at Deloitte, what he's learned are the most and least effective CEO traits, and the best career advice he ever received. You can […]

Are there too many consultants in the world?

Initially best known as a global accounting firm, Deloitte has been expanding more and more into management consulting. It's to the point where, in the United States, consulting is now the largest piece of the broader Deloitte business pie. Jim Moffatt, the chairman and chief executive of Deloitte Consulting, sat down with On Leadership to reflect on his 27-year […]

Will Harry Reid’s moves be enough?

The Democratic party was run over in the midterm elections, giving up at least eight seats in the Senate. In some cases, they lost races they were supposed to win, and in others they lost by wide margins in contests that were supposed to be close. So what does this newly chastened and humbled party do to show a fresh face to […]

U.S. Postal Service selects first female postmaster general

According to a press release the U.S. Postal Service e-mailed Friday morning, Megan Brennan has been selected as the agency's next leader. Brennan, who serves as chief operating officer, will become the first female postmaster general when she takes over in early 2015. She joined the organization in 1986 as a letter carrier in Pennsylvania. Brennan will assume […]

In a digital age, blind faith is not so blind

Recent reports have detailed how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints posted an essay on its Web site in late October formally admitting for the first time that its founder, Joseph Smith, had multiple wives — including one who was a teenager and others who were married to other men. What's interesting is not just the formal […]

This year’s overlooked business book

Tuesday night, the Financial Times and McKinsey named their business book of the year: Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century. It's a decision that comes as a surprise to...well, no one. The economist's much-discussed tome on inequality has gotten the kind of attention that's usually reserved for the latest edition of Harry Potter. Show More Summary

Nationals’ Matt Williams named Manager of the Year

It's a little unusual that Washington Nationals skipper Matt Williams won the National League Manager of the Year award Tuesday night. That's not only because it was just his first season at the helm, and that he made some post-season calls that many blamed for a stunted October run (the votes for the award are made during the […]

The biggest challenge at Veterans Affairs

Before Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald announced a restructuring of the agency on Monday, the day before Veterans Day, much of the focus on the new agency chief has centered on whom he has — or hasn't — fired. McDonald has been chided for not moving fast enough to oust people involved in the wait-times scandal that shook the agency earlier this year, despite […]

Women are much more pessimistic than men are about the U.S. job market

The "gender gap" typically refers to the difference between how much women and men are paid, the kind of jobs they tend to pursue or how well they're represented among a company's senior ranks. Yet a report released by Gallup on Monday finds there's also a big gap between how confident men and women are about the job market. And that gap is wider […]

Podcast: Monty Roberts on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with horse trainer Monty Roberts   This week our podcast features Monty Roberts, a horse trainer and the author of several books, including The Man Who Listens to Horses. In this conversation, Roberts talks about the work he's doing with returning veterans, as well as what training flight animals has taught him about building trust — not only […]

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