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Marissa Mayer’s total pay as Yahoo CEO could end up reaching almost $219 million

When Yahoo officially shared the news Monday morning Verizon had agreed to buy it for $4.8 billion, the next question for many was this one: What will happen to Yahoo's embattled chief executive, Marissa Mayer, who struggled for four years to turn around the aging Internet pioneer? Mayer said in a letter to employees that she wasn't planning to go anywhere. […]

A tale of two Calvin Coolidges

For decades, President Calvin Coolidge was mocked as 'Silent Cal' and chastised for having a do-nothing approach to leadership. But more recently, his political star has been on the rise—particularly among conservatives—as some politicians, economists and historians reassess his tenure in the White House during the roaring twenties. Show More Summary

These business titans are teaming up for better corporate governance

A handful of the most powerful names in business and finance have joined up to try and improve the way American corporations are governed, putting a collective stake in the ground for what they see as "commonsense" standards for corporate governance at a time when activist investors have ramped up the pressure on corporate boardrooms. In […]

Advice on leading high-risk projects in government

Jason Matheny is the director of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, or IARPA, which conducts scientific research and develops technologies for national intelligence. In an interview with Tom Fox, Matheny talked about...Show More Summary

Pay for corporate directors creeps higher, to $263,500 a year

The people who sit on the boards of America's largest corporations got a modest raise last year. Corporate directors at Fortune 500 companies saw a three percent increase in their total direct compensation for 2015, rising to a median $263,500, according to a new report from the advisory firm Willis Towers Watson. But over the past […]

As Yahoo sale nears, do women in tech get pushed more onto the ‘glass cliff’?

For Yahoo, it's nearly all over but the shouting. Final bids are expected Monday in the protracted sale of the core Internet business at Yahoo -- which will also announce second quarter earnings late Monday -- and it likely won't be long before we know the fate of both the faded Internet company and its embattled CEO, Marissa Mayer. Show More Summary

The loves and scandals of President Warren G. Harding

Steamy love letters. Jazz. Scandal. Psychics. Newspapers. The Hope Diamond. In the newest episode of the Presidential podcast, historian Nicole Hemmer of the University of Virginia's Miller Center helps guide us through the wild life and presidency of Warren G. Show More Summary

Clinton and Trump are the oldest candidates ever. No one seems to care.

In 2008, John McCain admitted he didn't use a computer, prompting negative ads by then-candidate Barack Obama saying he was "out of touch." In 1992, a 45-year-old Bill Clinton surprised the political world by picking Al Gore, 44, as his running mate, setting up a youthful duo to run against a 68-year-old George H.W. Bush. And back in […]

Congratulations, Theresa May. Now mind that ‘glass cliff.’

It's hard to imagine what Theresa May must be thinking right now. Just three weeks ago, she was a low-profile member of David Cameron's cabinet, regarded as a professional and reliable leader in the Conservative Party ably holding aShow More Summary

Trump’s military pick for VP now looks less likely. Here’s why no one should be surprised.

Over the weekend, chatter around the GOP veepstakes went into overdrive as another contender, Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, was reportedly being vetted as a potential running mate for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. But on Monday morning,...Show More Summary

The racism, progressivism and complicated legacy of Woodrow Wilson

For a long time, the main legacy of President Woodrow Wilson’s hinged on his progressive domestic policies and his leadership during World War I that reshaped American diplomacy. But more recently, another part of his personal and presidential story—racism—is starting to overshadow those other elements. Show More Summary

Gun brutality emboldens CEOs to speak out about race

Having spoken out in increasingly vocal fashion on issues such as gender equality, gun control and gay rights, a few tech leaders and companies are making their voices heard on social media in the aftermath of the fatal shootings of two black men and five police officers, expressing grief for the victims and their families or calling […]

This advertising agency turned its entire home page into a powerful #BlackLivesMatter message

As of Friday morning, there were no videos of past advertisements to be found on the home page of global advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. No links to bios for the agency's senior managers or founders, no links to contact info for potential clients looking to work with them. Instead, there was only black and white, simple text […]

The states where government workers most hate their jobs

Gallup, the research and consulting firm, often reports on how much -- or how little, really -- different workers are "engaged" in their jobs. Managers. Private-sector workers. Federal employees. Now they've released new data on howShow More Summary

In just two words, FBI director cut at one of Clinton’s core strengths

  Of the more than 2,000 words FBI Director James B. Comey said in his unusually detailed statement Tuesday that all but cleared Hillary Clinton of criminal indictment over the long-running probe into her email, two in particular got the most attention. "Extremely careless," Comey's phrase to describe Clinton and her colleagues' handling of classified information, […]

How to strengthen the Senior Executive Service

One might assume that a sizable majority of federal career employees who have reached the GS-14 and GS-15 levels would aspire to move up to the next and highest rung of government—to become members of the Senior Executive Service. But a recent poll found only about half of these employees across the government expressed interest […]

How a CEO’s face could predict his success

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. But you can apparently conclude something about a CEO's performance by his or her facial features. Past research has shown that CEOs who have physical characteristics associated with power...Show More Summary

What makes a good person wrong for the presidency?

"Part of the problem was that he had really never loved politics, per se. He loved executing public policy, but that's different from loving politics." Those are biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin's words about William Howard Taft, who served as U.S. president from 1909 to 1913 following Theodore Roosevelt. In the newest episode of the Presidential podcast, […]

To improve diversity, don’t make people go to diversity training. Really.

Companies have tried everything to boost the stubbornly anemic numbers of women and minorities in management roles or in certain industries, such as tech or finance. They're making candidates' resumes blind to race and gender. Setting up partnerships with historically black colleges. Show More Summary

Women could soon lead the three largest Western economies

It's still months until September, when Britain's next prime minister will be named, and November, when the United States will elect its next president. But the political turmoil that's erupted following Britain's vote to leave the European Union has put in place the possibility of a profoundly historic moment: By next January, women could lead the three largest […]

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