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Fortune’s ranking of the ‘World’s Greatest Leaders’ is nearly half women

Fortune Magazine released its third annual list of the World's Greatest Leaders on Thursday, and for the first time, the list of 50 CEOs, heads of state, activists and other leaders is nearly half women -- there are 23 this year, compared with 15 last year and 19 in 2014. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is No. […]

Howard Schultz wants you to try some civility with your coffee

Last August, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz answered speculation that he wanted to run for president in a New York Times op-ed, writing about how America deserves a "servant leader" and saying that he has "no intention of entering theShow More Summary

These 15 jobs have the widest gap in pay between men and women

Study after study has shown that that a stubborn gender pay gap persists in what men and women generally earn, and that career decisions play a big role in explaining the difference. But when men's and women's pay in similar job categories are...Show More Summary

This moving tribute explains why former Intel CEO Andy Grove was revered by so many

The technology world has lost an icon. Andy Grove, the former chairman and chief executive of Intel, died Monday, eliciting an outpouring of remembrances, memories and eulogies from leaders in Silicon Valley and far beyond. Apple CEO...Show More Summary

James K. Polk: Getting it done

In a feat basically never before or again accomplished in the White House, President James K. Polk managed to execute nearly every single goal he established for himself at the outset of his term in office. So why is he rarely considered among the great American presidents? In the newest podcast episode of "Presidential," we explore that question with historian […]

Corporate leaders are rallying against another ‘religious liberty’ bill, this time in Georgia

A year after Corporate America rallied against legislation in Indiana that would have allowed business owners to refuse to serve same-sex couples on religious grounds, a growing number of companies and CEOs are speaking out again. This time, they're taking aim at a bill in Georgia that passed the state's legislature Wednesday and is headed to the desk of Gov. […]

These March Madness schools have the narrowest gender pay gap among their graduates

March Madness is here, and the first round of the men's NCAA college basketball tournament is underway. With it comes not just brackets about basketball, but countless contests that piggyback on the annual tournament craze. There are brackets for deciding the tastiest barbecue. Show More Summary

Women are not smiling at Joe Scarborough’s tired advice for Hillary Clinton

“Smile. You just had a big night.” Those words were tweeted by “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday night during Hillary Clinton’s speech after the Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination won in big states such as Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Show More Summary

This is how the U.S. stacks up against the world’s happiest countries

The latest version of the World Happiness Report was released Wednesday, and the good news for the United States is that its place on the report's ranking of the most and least happy countries is pretty high, and moving up. This year's update, produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), shows that the U.S. Show More Summary

The popular new perk companies are using to attract millennials

Forget foosball tables or free snacks. The latest employee benefit for recruiting and retaining young employees is more practical. On Tuesday, Boston-based Fidelity announced that it had begun offering a perk that would help employees repay their student loans. Show More Summary

‘Robot Rubio’ sounded very human in this forceful takedown of Trump’s leadership style

Not that long ago, Marco Rubio was getting mocked for being too scripted and programmed as a candidate -- a victim of Chris Christie's ridicule in the New Hampshire debate, the subject of online cyborg memes, the target of protesters dressed in robot costumes. Now in what may be the twilight of his campaign -- after an ill-fated detour […]

Talking leadership with former USDA Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden

Krysta Harden, a self-described Georgia farm girl, recently left the U.S. Department of Agriculture where she served in various capacities during the past seven years, including as deputy secretary. In an interview, Harden spoke about how life on the farm prepared her for life at the USDA, her personal successes and challenges, and her approach […]

Ghosts and the vice presidency

Though 175 years have passed since John Tyler was sworn in as president following the death of William Henry Harrison, Tyler's grandson—Harrison Tyler—is still alive today. He lives near Richmond, Va., and still holds the family home that President Tyler bought nearly two centuries ago. For the newest episode of the Presidential podcast, we visited Harrison […]

Most Americans think robots are going to steal jobs — just not theirs

After years of hearing about the coming robot boom, most Americans believe the threat of automation in the workforce is real. But when it comes to their own jobs? Oh, those are definitely safe. That's the takeaway from a report released Thursday by the Pew Research Center on the public's views about the future of workforce automation. It surveyed 2,000 […]

The most unusual thing about Mike Bloomberg’s shuttered campaign preparations

Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign-that-never-was had put together a few dozen strategists and staffers. It had set up campaign offices in two states. It had produced television ads calling the former New York mayor and financial...Show More Summary

The White House killed William Henry Harrison

The official cause of death for William Henry Harrison went down in the medical record as pneumonia. The ninth president died only 32 days into office after delivering the longest inaugural address in history (outdoors, without a coat or hat on) — yielding the nearly 200-year-old story that his meandering speech was what did him in. Yet it turns […]

A radical idea for CEO pay: Just give them a fixed salary

The big debates on CEO pay tend to focus on one thing: How high it is. But in a recent essay in the Harvard Business Review, two London Business School professors say the real focus shouldn't just be on the size of CEO pay, but on how it's structured. Their argument: Research has shown, among other things, […]

Here’s how ‘Star Wars’ director J.J. Abrams plans to help fix #OscarsSoWhite

The film industry's diversity problem has taken center stage in Hollywood -- the subject of everything from Chris Rock's brutal monologue at the Academy Awards last weekend to that sticky viral hashtag, #OscarsSoWhite. Director J.J. Abrams is trying to do something about it. Show More Summary

The worst kind of boss is not the one who’s always a jerk

Would you rather have an unfair boss some of the time or all of the time? The answer seems like it would be an obvious one. But it isn't. A new study finds that employees are less stressed and have more job satisfaction when their bosses are always unfair than when their boss is unpredictable. […]

Tips for becoming a senior government leader

For those interested in becoming senior government leaders, the process can be daunting. It takes time, effort, patience and the development of critical management skills to become an executive in government, but there are steps you can take to better understand the process and requirements, and to increase your chances of success. Solly Thomas, an […]

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