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Remembering a speech from ‘the most beautiful loser’ after Trump won’t commit to accepting results

The debates may be over, but the election is not -- and talk of concession may seem a little premature. Yet chatter about gracious hand-offs and yielding to opponents was all over social media Wednesday night as the nominee for a major U.S. political party refused to commit to accepting the results of the U.S. presidential election. "I will keep you […]

Want to know what you’re worth at work? This new salary tool could help.

  Salary transparency has been a big buzzword in recent years. President Obama signed an executive order that bans federal contractors from retaliating against workers who talk about their pay. More Silicon Valley start-ups have adopted the idea of disclosing workers’ salaries. Show More Summary

The good and the bad of Bill Clinton

The newest episode in the Presidential podcast is all about the 42nd president, Bill Clinton. David Maraniss, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Clinton, explores how his core character traits had both a bright and a dark side. "He’s sort of chaos theory," says Maraniss, a longtime reporter for The Washington Post and […]

Making improvements at the Department of Veterans Affairs

LaVerne H. Council is the assistant secretary for information and technology and the chief information officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs. There she oversees the VA’s $4 billion IT budget and more than 8,000 employees and 8,000 contractors. Council, who spent years in the private sector, including serving as the first Global CIO at […]

Michelle Obama’s epic New Hampshire speech was a master class in speaking from the gut

Michelle Obama's epic speech Tuesday in New Hampshire should be required viewing for every leader. Not because of its political content. Not for her strongly worded endorsement of Hillary Clinton or her scathing takedown of the Democratic nominee's "opponent" -- the First Lady refused to even say GOP nominee Donald Trump's name -- that has already been called […]

The unusual change Wells Fargo made to its board as it tries to move beyond the fake accounts scandal

Incoming chief executive Tim Sloan is not the only new leader taking over at Wells Fargo as the embattled bank tries to turn the page on the damage caused by its fake accounts scandal. The boardroom will too, as Wells Fargo becomes only the second bank among the largest U.S. players to have a separate chairman and CEO -- and one of […]

Only one of the 10 best-performing CEOs in the world runs a U.S. company

Quick: Guess one CEO of an American company that Harvard Business Review ranked in the top 10 of its list of the best-performing CEOs. Warren Buffett? Mark Zuckerberg? Disney's Bob Iger? Bain & Co.'s Bob Bechek, who employees voted the best in another ranking? You'd be wrong on all of them. On its 2016 list of the world's […]

This might help explain why corporate boards are still an old boy’s club

Companies with the highest percentage of female directors have been shown to outperform on equity, return on sales and return on invested capital. They pay less to gobble up other firms. They have lower stock price volatility. And those with more women at the top have even been shown to have fewer governance controversies, such as bribery and fraud. […]

Even in response to a question about ‘discipline,’ Trump showed none of it

If ever there was a moment that neatly summarized Donald Trump's problem with impulse control, it came Sunday night, near the end of the second presidential debate, in a question from Anderson Cooper about leadership. The co-moderator said to the GOP nominee: "In 2008, you wrote in one of your books that the most important characteristic of a good leader is discipline. […]

In a new era of politics, looking back at the restraint of George H. W. Bush

The more the American political climate today resembles a personality-driven reality show, the more the country's nostalgia seems to grow for restrained elder statesmen like George H. W. Bush. "There's clearly a new appreciation of his grace, of his dignity," biographer Jon Meacham says. "But we miss the point of Bush if we simply focus on his good […]

LinkedIn wants to help you look for a job behind your boss’s back

LinkedIn has long been a way to promote your resume to other companies or recruiters without hanging out a "for hire" sign that your boss can see. Now it's launching a way to let recruiters know you're open to considering other jobs -- and do so privately, the company says. On Thursday, the professional social network announced a new feature it has been […]

Kaine and Pence spent more time talking about Putin’s leadership than their own

Elaine Quijano, the moderator of the vice presidential debate, started things off Tuesday night with a perfectly sensible question. "What about your qualities, your skills and your temperament equip you to step into that role at a moment's notice?" she said, adding "I'd like to start with the topic of presidential leadership." Yet that question received little attention […]

What this Harvard innovation guru thinks can protect companies from disruption

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has written for years about why companies and industries fail. But in a new book released Tuesday, the veteran innovation guru writes about how companies can succeed -- or grow new products and services. Show More Summary

How federal leaders can build constructive relationships with their internal watchdogs

Do you want the good news or the bad news? This is one of the questions that you assume any leader would hate hearing. After all, who wants bad news? But for savvy federal leaders, bad news can turn out to be good news. If sought out as a means of identifying and solving problems […]

Myths and truths about Ronald Reagan

Dutch. The Gipper. The Great Communicator. Ronald Reagan's name(s) and legacy are invoked constantly in American politics today, whether to highlight conservative ideals or presidential leadership traits. So in the newest episode of the Presidential podcast, we decided to take a look at how well the popularized image of Reagan aligns with the man and […]

Why this big gap for women in the workplace should get much more attention

By now the statistics are well-known, if still unsettling: Women make up less than five percent of the CEOs at the biggest corporations. Just under 20 percent of directors at S&P 500 companies are female. Only 18 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women, and under 30 percent of the science and engineering workforce is […]

Holding out hope for a bigger raise or bonus in 2017? Don’t.

Anyone hoping his employer is planning to put more into raises and bonuses next year is likely to be disappointed.  Human resources consultancy Aon Hewitt’s annual U.S. Salary Increase Survey predicts that base salaries and bonuses for U.S. workers won’t budge in 2017, despite a better job market this year that would seem to prompt employers to shell out more to […]

What Trump doesn’t seem to understand about leadership ‘temperament’

According to the fact-checkers, Donald Trump kept them especially busy during Monday night's first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee said he did not support the war in Iraq despite his supportive comments in the past. Show More Summary

Add big investors to the list of those taking aim at North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’

embargoed for 12:01 a.m. monday 9/26 The list of people and organizations that have spoken out against North Carolina's HB2 law, often known as the state's "bathroom bill" for its policy that dictates which restroom transgender people...Show More Summary

The faith of Jimmy Carter

In the newest episode of the Presidential podcast, we look at how faith has shaped Jimmy Carter's leadership in and out of the presidency—from his racial sensitivity growing up in Plains, Georgia, to his Middle East peace talks as president, to the humanitarian work and Sunday School lessons he conducts in old age. Our guests for the episode […]

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