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For nearly 200 years, we’ve played by Martin Van Buren’s rules. Then the 2016 presidential race happened.

He may not have been a very memorable president, but nearly two centuries ago Martin Van Buren did much to create the modern political system we have in America today—the idea of strong national parties, the creation of nominating conventions and the contours of political organizing. "He was a master of manipulating the electoral college and […]

Why the CEO of Restoration Hardware may have written this BLARING ALL CAPS MEMO

Many CEOs who write memos to their employees -- even in tough times -- hide behind euphemistic lingo. They cram their missives full of so many inscrutable "initiatives" and MBA-approved phrases that any real sense of urgency gets lost in the shuffle. Gary Friedman is apparently not one of those CEOs. He likes to cut through all that and speak directly to […]

This powerful ad for laundry detergent is getting raves from Sheryl Sandberg

  This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen – showing how stereotypes hurt all of us and are passed from generation to generation. When little girls and boys play house they model their parents' behavior; this doesn’t just impact their childhood games, it shapes their long-term dreams. In this #SharetheLoad […]

Tim Cook’s interview about Apple’s fight with the FBI may be the most important of his career

Tim Cook's office is tidy and neat, with a large iMac on his desk -- pretty much what you'd expect for Apple's CEO. A bust of Bobby Kennedy, the Ripple of Hope Award he received in December from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, sits behind it. The cover of an alumni magazine for Auburn University -- where Cook […]

Where tech leaders stand on the Apple vs. FBI debate

Add Bill Gates to the cacophony of voices -- from a former CIA director to Donald Trump -- who have now weighed in on the debate that's erupted between Apple and the FBI over user privacy, security and the unlocking of a phone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorism attacks. Early Tuesday, the […]

Andrew Jackson: The violence, the fight

In a recent New York Times op-ed, NPR reporter and Jacksonland author Steve Inskeep examined the ways in which Donald Trump's character on the campaign trail mirrors that of a figure from American history two centuries ago—Andrew Jackson. "What Mr. Trump borrows from Jackson is not an issue, but a way of thinking about the world," Inskeep writes. And […]

How a Buddha on your desk could ward off an evil boss

People share many different things at work to try and brighten the drudgery of office life. They append moral quotes to an email signature line. They sit little statues of Buddha or other religious icons on their desk. They thumb-tack quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. Show More Summary

Your retirement plan may be supporting the ‘most overpaid’ CEOs

In 2011, investors began getting the right to have their "say on pay," a rule in the Dodd-Frank financial reform act that requires companies to let shareholders cast an advisory vote on the CEO's pay package. But many big investors don't have much to say against it -- at least publicly with these votes -- even when it comes to the CEOs deemed to […]

The absurdity of the debate over replacing Scalia

Since Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died Saturday, debate has raged over how his replacement will be named. Republican leaders on the campaign trail and in the Senate have said the next president should appoint his replacement, or called for delays or obstruction of any nominee President Obama puts forward, while Democratic leaders lobbed back that all […]

John Quincy Adams and the trait that broke a presidency

John Quincy Adams was dogged in his ideals—a trait that by most accounts made him a great secretary of state and a powerful congressman, but that ultimately tanked his presidency. For this week's episode of the Presidential podcast, we explore the unique and all-important leadership skill of being able to work with Congress, and how that […]

Love the Presidential podcast? Here’s our reading list of presidential biographies

Not sure where to begin brushing up on presidential history? Or already a history buff and want some new recommendations? The Presidential podcast, consisting of 44 episodes leading up to election day in November, examines the leadership and legacy of each of the American presidents. As listeners tune in each week, the podcast reveals the […]

A lot more people are quitting their jobs. Here’s inspiration for doing it in epic fashion.

After years of staying put in jobs that may have been uninspiring, unrewarding or even flat-out soul-crushing, more Americans are choosing to say sayonara to their current place of work. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier thisShow More Summary

What makes a boss a ‘Superboss’

Most of us just want a decent boss. Someone who doesn't take credit for our work. Who doesn't mind if we don't immediately respond to an email sent after 11 p.m. Who actually asks us every once in a while how we're doing. But Dartmouth business school professor Sydney Finkelstein decided to study what he calls "Superbosses" -- […]

Talking leadership with the new GSA administrator

Denise Turner Roth, the administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), was named to the role just this past August—but she has been in public service for more than 18 years. During that time, she's worked for members of Congress, the District of Columbia government and as city manager for Greensboro, N.C., where she […]

The most important thing Hillary Clinton said Tuesday night

After Hillary Clinton finished what was -- despite her double-digit defeat by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders -- a rousing concession speech Tuesday night in New Hampshire, one of CNN's pundits commented how much she used the word "I" rather than "we" in her remarks. And indeed, if one listens to the speech, or reads through the transcript, the once […]

The secret to getting more women to the top could be giving fathers more time off

A huge study released Monday reveals yet more unsettling statistics about the low numbers of women in leadership jobs. In the report, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the consulting firm EY found that nearly 60 percent of the almost 22,000 companies around the globe examined in its giant sample had no women on the […]

James Monroe: The Forrest Gump of presidents

James Monroe had a knack for being present at famous moments in history—fighting alongside George Washington during the American Revolution, studying law under the mentorship of Thomas Jefferson, watching Napoleon Bonaparte crown himself emperor in France, serving as U.S. Show More Summary

How the Carolina Panthers fired ahead without firing anyone

When Dave Gettleman got his job in 2012, he did something unusual for a new NFL general manager -- or for any new leader. Rather than coming in and cleaning house, replacing the existing team of assistant coaches, front office staff and recruiting scouts with people he'd gotten to know over his 27-year NFL career, the Carolina Panthers GM left […]

Americans are seriously clueless about how much money CEOs make

Quick: How much does the the typical CEO of one of the largest U.S. companies make each year? A new study from researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Business finds that the typical American gets the answer wrong -- very wrong. A survey of 1,200 individuals released Thursday shows that the median respondent said they make just $1 million a year. The […]

With Redstone out, these are the oldest men at the top of America’s largest companies

It's the end of an era. Sumner Redstone, the 92-year-old media tycoon who, despite ailing health, has insisted he would never retire, is leaving his positions as executive chairman of both CBS and Viacom. While he will still control about 80 percent of the voting stock in the two companies and will become chairman emeritus of each one, […]

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