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Bringing a city back from rock bottom

Tom Murphy was the mayor of Pittsburgh from 1994 to 2006, often engendering controversy as he helped revitalize the beleaguered steel town. He is now a senior resident fellow at the Urban Land Institute. Murphy discussed his passion for public service as well as the need for leaders to challenge the status quo and take […]

Deloitte becomes first of the big firms to name a female CEO

After nearly three decades of working at the world's largest accounting firm, Cathy Engelbert is set to become Deloitte's new chief executive in the United States, making her the first woman to lead any of the country's big professional services firms. While many of these companies have intensified their efforts to recruit and retain female employees, […]

How ‘fake’ Jon Stewart became a real American leader

  Way back in 2010 — back before Jon Stewart announced he will leave "The Daily Show," before Stephen Colbert left to replace David Letterman, before John Oliver left to start his own show, before Brian Williams got suspended for "truthiness" — Stewart took his brilliant brand of fake news satire off the screen. In an event that was part marketing stunt, part […]

What research tells us about how Brian Williams should respond

When Dan Ariely first heard the Brian Williams news — that the popular anchor had apologized for misstatements about a personal experience during the Iraq War — his first thought was about the irony. Ariely, a behavioral economist and Duke professor, had just wrapped up making a documentary on the topic of dishonesty. Show More Summary

Dean Smith’s wisdom on leading teams

There is an anecdote in The Carolina Way, the leadership book that seems obligatory for any successful coach, in which former University of North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith shares his team's routine when riding commercial airlines. Show More Summary

Why American women hate board quotas

Barb Stinnett, an early computer science enthusiast, became Hewlett Packard’s director of worldwide sales in 2000. She was 41-years-old, a rare female executive in technology and the only woman to sit on the board of American Multiplexer Corporation, a public telecommunications firm in Silicon Valley. Show More Summary

Could Pope Francis save Congress?

What happens when a man who some eight in 10 Americans like speaks before a group whose favorability ranks somewhere below root canals and cockroaches? That's exactly what we'll find out when Pope Francis addresses the U.S. Congress this September. Show More Summary

How to find time to develop your leadership skills

Are you so caught up in the day-to-day grind of addressing personnel matters, budget concerns and sudden crises that there never seems to be time to even think about improving yourself at work? If so, you're unfortunately in good company. Surveys show that federal leaders consistently give themselves poor grades when it comes to engaging in […]

Why Twitter’s CEO is under pressure

Exactly a year ago today, Dick Costolo announced Twitter's first earnings report as a public company. Yet however monumental that day may have been for Costolo as CEO, today's update could be even more critical. That's because in recent months, pressure has been building on him. Show More Summary

How dysfunctional is your boss?

Somewhere along the line, everyone's had a bad boss. Someone who's disrespectful or takes credit for their work. Someone who yells or gives them the silent treatment. Someone who focuses on their weaknesses or insults them. But what's truly abusive, toxic behavior, and what's merely irritating? Researchers at the University of Louisville, in a paper recently published […]

How about a vaccine against bad leadership?

Suddenly, vaccines have become a hot-button political issue among likely contenders in the 2016 race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie kicked things off Monday from across the pond, saying on a visit to London that parents should have "some measure of choice" and that there should be "balance" between what parents want and what the government requires. (His office later […]

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson bows out

Chip Wilson, the at-times controversial founder of Lululemon, is stepping away from the athletic apparel company he began in 1998, resigning from the board he publicly battled with last year. In a press release Monday, Wilson said the company "is back on track" and that the move would free him up to work more on a different apparel company that his wife and […]

Pete Carroll’s right response for a very wrong call

On Friday, before Sunday's Super Bowl, I wrote about the time I asked Pete Carroll, then the head coach at the University of Southern California, about his biggest mistake. This was way back in 2006, and he told me his biggest mistake was making the gutsy move in the 1990s to become the coach of the New England Patriots. Carroll lost his […]

Maria Contreras-Sweet on running the Small Business Administration

Maria Contreras-Sweet, who came to the United States from Mexico as a child, is the administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), a post she assumed after a career as an entrepreneur, business executive and state Cabinet official in California. In this interview, Contreras-Sweet discusses her approach to leading the SBA and explains how her […]

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has learned his lesson

Nearly 10 years ago, I interviewed Pete Carroll for a cover story for BusinessWeek magazine. I asked Carroll, then head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans, to tell me about his biggest mistake and what he learned from it. He talked about choosing, back in the mid-1990s, between the head coaching job at the St. Louis […]

Danny Meyer’s strategy for growing Shake Shack

It took Danny Meyer, founder of the soon-to-be-public company Shake Shack, nearly 10 years after opening his first restaurant, in 1985, to open his second one. And after he launched the first permanent Shake Shack location in New York's Madison Square Park in 2004, it was almost five more years before he opened another. He told the New York Sun back in 2008: "I […]

The biggest mass layoffs of the past two decades

Last Thursday, a technology blogger for Forbes magazine reported that IBM was planning to cut 26 percent of its total workforce — or some 112,000 jobs — in a "bloodbath" of layoffs that would begin this week. Headlines buzzed that this would amount to the biggest corporate layoff in history, and the stock appeared to rise on the news. Show More Summary

To thine own self be true? Maybe not at work

The job market may be improving, but for many people, finding the right new gig is still a huge challenge. After years of cutbacks in corporate programs, few Americans have had much on-the-j0b training at all. And even if your workplace is giving out promotions, the competition for getting one is especially stiff after years of pent-up demand. Show More Summary

A reality check about U.S. women in power

On election night in November, many cheered a relative milestone: For the first time ever, there would be more than 100 women in the U.S. Congress. Yet while that may be a record high, it doesn't look as impressive when compared with other high-income nations — or even many lower-income ones. The Pew Research Center released a data analysis Monday […]

Podcast: Becky Hammon on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon   This week our podcast conversation is with Becky Hammon, a former star point guard in the WNBA. When the San Antonio Spurs hired Hammon earlier this season, she became the first woman to hold a full-time paid coaching position in the NBA. In this episode, the latest […]

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