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Nepal earthquake reduces World Heritage sites to rubble

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that violently shook Nepal on Saturday left more than human casualties in its wake. The country also saw a number of its iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and most popular tourist attractions -- some dating more than 1,700 years -- reduced to piles of rubble. Among the well-known Kathmandu landmarks destroyed by […]

On the centennial of Armenian massacres, Turkey commemorates a WWI battle

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

On the same day as Armenians around the world marked the centennial of the start of what is known as the Armenian genocide, the Turkish government embarked on its own somber commemoration. But this had nothing to do with the massacres triggered after Ottoman officials ordered the mass deportation of ethnic Armenians a century ago, and led […]

Why Israel does not recognize the Armenian ‘genocide’

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

Here's one instance where Israel is on the same side as many other countries in the Middle East. On Friday, April 24, Armenians around the world will mark the centennial of what they call the "Great Catastrophe," when an unraveling Ottoman...Show More Summary

Why Britain’s anti-immigration candidate prefers Indians to Eastern Europeans

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

In the run-up to Britain's parliamentary elections, Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-immigrant U.K. Independence Party, has been something of a bogeyman. UKIP's ultranationalist, Euroskeptic agenda surged into the British conversation last year, culminating in a surprise victory in European elections. Show More Summary

Timeline: Key dates that led to the strikes that killed two American al-Qaeda operatives and two hostages

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

The Obama administration revealed that a CIA drone strike in Pakistan inadvertently killed two hostages, one American and one Italian, along with an al-Qaeda leader, earlier this year. A well-known al-Qaeda leader, Adam Gadhan, was also killed in a separate operation. Here is a rundown of the events leading up to the strikes. [Read full […]

The two slain al-Qaeda operatives who were U.S. citizens

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

Two American citizens working with al-Qaeda were among those killed by U.S. drone strikes earlier this year in Pakistan's rugger borderlands with Afghanistan. Adam Gadahn An American convert to Islam, Adam Gadahn, 36, was raised on a remote farm in California by Protestant parents who themselves had undergone a religious transformation, changing their last name to […]

The U.S. keeps killing Americans in drone strikes, mostly by accident

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

On Thursday, the White House acknowledged that an American hostage, Warren Weinstein, had been inadvertently killed in a U.S. operation earlier this year. Weinstein, along with an Italian hostage named Giovanni Lo Porto, died in what has been described as a drone strike against al-Qaeda militants along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. American hostages have died […]

The hostages and hostage-takers who were killed in the U.S. drone strikes

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

A botched U.S. drone strike along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan inadvertently caused the deaths of two aid workers in al-Qaeda captivity — Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto. The January operation killed Ahmed Farouq, an al-Qaeda leader and U.S. national. Show More Summary

Billionaire Saudi prince tweeted that he would reward bombers with Bentleys. Then he deleted the tweet

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

#Saudi pilots joined #Yemen strikes to be rewarded with #Bentley cars, accrd to now-deleted #Tweet by @Alwaleed_Talal — Mohamed Othman (@Othmanbay) April 22, 2015 On Tuesday, as Saudi Arabia announced it was ending its military operations in Yemen, known as "Decisive Storm," and embarking on an unclear path of actions in the country that would […]

Brits thought that Ed Miliband was too weird to be prime minister. Now he’s become an unlikely heartthrob.

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

LONDON -- The British politician Ed Miliband has been called many things by the British press -- weirdo, nerd, geek -- but until now, heartthrob hasn’t been at the top of the list. But there he was on Thursday morning being asked about just that. “I have to talk to you about your new status […]

The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

These seven maps and charts, visualized by The Washington Post, will help you understand how diverse other parts of the world are in terms of languages. 1. Some continents have more languages than others Not all continents are equally diverse in the number of spoken languages. Whereas Asia leads the statistics with 2,301 languages, Africa follows […]

250,000 people have requested citizenship in a country that might not exist

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

About 250,000 people have applied for citizenship in Liberland in less than two weeks, Vit Jedlicka, president of Liberland, told the Czech news agency CTK on Tuesday. However, some of these potential Liberlanders may be in for a shock. For one thing, it's unclear at the time of writing whether the country they are applying for citizenship in really exists […]

Israel honored terror victims today, but remembering Palestinian boy burned alive by Jews proved controversial

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

JERUSALEM — Among the names this week on a national memorial for Israeli victims of terror was that of Mohammad Abu Khieder, the 16-year-old Palestinian boy burned alive by Jewish extremists last summer. But on Wednesday morning, shortly before a ceremony for Israel's Memorial Day was held in the cemetery where the memorial sits, officials removed his name. […]

Why the Mediterranean migrant disaster is a problem for Israel, too

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

The death of up to 950 refugees trying to get from Africa to Europe has sparked a major debate about what should be done to deal with the problem. But that debate isn't limited to Europe. Farther east along the Mediterranean, Israel, too, is facing renewed interest in the plight of migrants. On Monday, Yisrael Katz, a Likud […]

What four Americans saw happening to Armenians 100 years ago sounds like ‘genocide’

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

It appears President Obama will not use the word "genocide" on Friday when acknowledging the massacres of perhaps more than 1 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire a century ago. That's when the nation of Armenia, as well as the far-flung Armenian diaspora, will mark the 100th anniversary of what they staunchly believe was a genocide. There's little […]

Japan’s maglev train sets second world record

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

A high-speed Japanese bullet train bested its previous world record for speed by traveling 374 mph on Tuesday, according to news reports. The Central Japan Railway’s seven-car maglev — short for magnetic levitation — topped its 366 mph record (set last week) on a test track track near Mount Fuji, according to the Guardian. The […]

A gruesome video of dogs being slaughtered sparks protests in Iran

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

Last week, an upsetting video went viral. It showed a handful of Iranian men putting down a whole pack of stray dogs near the southern city of Shiraz. They were, according to some accounts, injecting the dogs with a form of lethal acid. The footage makes grim viewing; the dogs whimper and twitch and are […]

This image sums up Europe’s conflicted horror about migrant deaths

5 days agoNews : BlogPost — Robin Tilly Matthews (@Couverts) April 20, 2015 It may have taken the deaths of up to 850 people for it to happen, but the European public seems to be waking up to the horrors faced by migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Africa. Now, many Europeans are reevaluating their own governments' responses to […]

3 reasons why Europe is being held responsible for migrant deaths in the Mediterranean

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

"In a few weeks, this tragedy might be forgotten — at least that's what has happened every time, so far. But maybe there will be a day when things will fundamentally change. Today could be that day," Claus Kleber, a famous German TV anchor, began his evening news broadcast Sunday. He was referring to the drowning of as many as 700 refugees […]

What China and Pakistan’s special friendship means

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

The friendship between China and Pakistan, read billboards in Chinese and English dotting Islamabad this week, "is higher than mountains, deeper than oceans, sweeter than honey, and stronger than steel." This sort of romantic sloganeering routinely bubbles up ahead of key bilateral summits between the two countries, and so it did this week as Chinese President […]

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