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Famous Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak killed by sniper in eastern Ukraine

14 hours agoNews : BlogPost

Amid the thud of artillery and rattle of gunfire, Vasyl Slipak’s deep, resonant voice in the trenches of eastern Ukraine was a warm reminder of humanity’s less barbaric traits. The professional baritone had left his native Ukraine in the 1990s to settle in France, where he regularly sang at the Paris Opera. But after war […]

Brits turn to ‘Game of Thrones’ to try to make sense of their politics

18 hours agoNews : BlogPost

The political mess enveloping British politics after last week's vote to leave the European Union is so bewildering that many are looking to fiction for reference. Did Boris Johnson mutter a Shakespearean "et tu, Brute?" to Michael Gove as his fellow Brexit backer effectively ended his hopes to be prime minister by announcing he was running […]

First reviews of Michael Gove’s power play in Britain: Not good

18 hours agoNews : BlogPost

LONDON — Over the past week, journalists across Britain, living in what can best be described as Alice-in-Wonderland-times, have become used to expecting the unexpected. And Friday did not disappoint, with the anti-European Union Daily Mail tabloid backing Conservative Party politician Theresa May to become the next British prime minister. The paper was always expected […]

How Canada’s prime minister became a super-hero

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

A forthcoming issue of Marvel’s “Civil War II: Choosing Sides” series features on its cover a smiling, well-toned Justin Trudeau sitting at the corner of a boxing ring. Even in comic book form, his eyes are a glistening green, his teeth perfectly straight and white. Surrounded by members of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, […]

A U.S. Embassy outed six men. Then they were beaten and forced to flee.

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

The six men were at the U.S. Embassy in Abidjan to mourn the victims of this month's mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. They knew all too well the dangers that come with being gay or bisexual in this part of the world. They were in the Ivory Coast, where being gay is not […]

#Borexit: The Internet reacts to Boris Johnson’s big decision

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

Almost one week from the Brexit result that rocked Britain and the world, former London mayor Boris Johnson said Thursday that he will not run for British prime minister. Many had been speculating that he'd make a formal announcement of his intention to run. But in an unexpected turn of events, Johnson took himself out of the competition for the […]

Meet Michael Gove, the man who just turned British politics into an episode of ‘House of Cards’

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

LONDON — He's quiet, bookish, and widely accused of back-stabbing the front-runner in the race to become the next British prime minister. Michael Gove is suddenly the talk of the town. Shocking political pundits in Britain — who, by now, really ought to be immune from shocking news — Gove on Thursday said that he […]

Boris Johnson says the darndest things

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

“One of the few mad ideas that I’ve not been able to put into practice was to reintroduce the red squirrel,” Boris Johnson once told London's Financial Times. “I got absolutely obsessed with it for a while, but they told me it would basically involve creating a huge aviary patrolled by G4S security people to […]

Islamic State applauds the British: ‘Brexit threatens the unity of Crusader Europe’

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

LONDON — Earlier this year, the Islamic State released a chilling video in which it directly threatened attacks on Britain. But the group is also willing to praise its enemy countries: In its latest edition of the al-Naba magazine, the Islamic State welcomes Britain leaving the EuropeanUnion because it supposedly "threatens the unity of Crusader Europe." […]

Turkey’s cat-and-mouse game with the Islamic State

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

The terror attack on Istanbul's main airport is both a tragic reminder of Turkey's vulnerability to militant violence as well as yet another sign of the deadly reach of the Islamic State. The extremist organization has, as yet, not asserted responsibility for the triple bombings that claimed at least 41 lives and injured hundreds more […]

Brexit leader mocked E.U. by saying its lawmakers never had ‘proper’ jobs. He’s wrong.

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

On Tuesday, Nigel Farage, leader of the Euroskeptic United Kingdom Independence Party, gave a defiant, sharp-tongued speech to his fellow members of the European Parliament. He was addressing a room full of the people he had villainized for months. Show More Summary

Indian couple accused of faking widely praised Everest climb

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

In early June, Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod told reporters that they had climbed the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. In doing so, the two 30-year-olds — both police officers from the city of Pune — were thought to have become the first Indian couple to conquer the 29,035-foot-tall Everest together. The couple proudly told reporters that they […]

Amid post-Brexit hate crimes, Brits show solidarity with immigrants by wearing a #safetypin

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

LONDON — Amid increasing concern over a reported spike in hate crimes and xenophobia in Britain, a campaign has been set up to encourage Brits to show solidarity with immigrants with a simple gesture: wear a safety pin. On Wednesday, the outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the “appalling” reports of hate abuse following the […]

What a real ‘Brexit Britain’ would look like

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

Last week, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Well, at least part of it did. If you look at the map above, it's hard to miss the geographical split among British voters in the E.U. referendum results. Scotland and Northern Ireland clearly voted to remain and are now grumbling that they might try to block the […]

Everyone hates the elites. Even the elites.

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

The greatest bogeymen of the moment are the shadowy, yet weirdly ubiquitous "elites." (Or perhaps they come a close second to Muslim migrants.) If you listen to the political conversation on either side of the pond, it's these elites who are the problem. Show More Summary

Istanbul airport bombing: What we know so far

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

At least 31 people have been killed and 147 have been injured in a suicide attack at Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul’s largest airport. Here is what we know: - The bombers targeted the international terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. - Three attackers detonated their suicide vests at the entrance of the airport after police opened fire on […]

E.U. leaders are spending 3 hours talking bureaucracy before they turn to Brits’ rejection of E.U. bureaucracy

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

BRUSSELS — British voters firmly rejected European Union bureaucracy that many see as a faceless force that is not responsive to the concerns of the people. How are E.U. leaders responding to it at a hotly anticipated summit in Brussels on Tuesday? By chatting for three hours about E.U. bureaucracy before getting around to Britain. It’s […]

Chinese and Indian media compete over which country is more ‘self-righteous’

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

An editorial that ran Tuesday in China's Global Times newspaper did not mince words on the topic of Indian people. "Some Indians are too self-centered and self-righteous," one line read. "India is spoiled. Although the South Asian country's GDP accounts for only 20 percent of that of China, it is still a golden boy in the eyes of […]

Dating app Remainder pairs Brits who are heartbroken over Brexit

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

A dating app has been launched that only matches people who voted Remain — Jonathan Gaventa (@jonathangaventa) June 26, 2016 Imagine sitting alone at home, too sad to go out and too overwhelmed with frustration to do anything. Show More Summary

Pakistani Muslim clerics approve transgender people’s right to marry, call them ‘one of Allah’s creations’

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

Muslim clerics in Pakistan are usually known for issuing stern, conservative pronouncements on gender-related issues, mostly limiting the rights of women. But in a surprising twist, a large group of clerics there has just issued a fatwa, or religious edict, affirming the rights of transgender people to marry. The ruling, issued Sunday by 50 Islamic […]

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