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Why some Chinese towns are banning birthday parties

22 minutes agoNews : BlogPost

It’s just not as much fun being a Chinese Communist Party cadre any more. Largely gone now are the lavish banquets where you could while away the best part of a day in an orgy of food, booze and cigarettes. It’s no longer politically correct to show ordinary people just how important you are by […]

Chinese woman loses $7 million to a 300-year-old emperor

3 hours agoNews : BlogPost

Call it the advance payment scam with Chinese twist. The man posed as 300-year-old Chinese emperor Qianlong, who was apparently still going strong thanks to drinking the “elixir of life,” and he told a woman in southern China he could access his “imperial savings” but he just needed a down-payment to “unfreeze the money.” Who wouldn’t believe that […]

As France fights burkini war, many ask: Why?

9 hours agoNews : BlogPost

PARIS — On Thursday, France’s highest court began deliberations over the “burkini” — the full-body bathing suit designed to allow Muslim women to enjoy the beach while still respecting traditional codes of modesty. With a decision expected Friday afternoon, the court will consider whether local authorities in the south of France respected the existing laws on […]

A little-noticed casualty of latest Afghan attack was training center for the blind

19 hours agoNews : BlogPost

It was a means to an end, collateral damage in a carefully orchestrated terrorist assault on a far more dazzling prize: the elite citadel of an American-built university in Kabul that trains some of Afghanistan's most ambitious and promising students. But the small, low-budget government school for the blind, a collection of sheds and low-slung classrooms located […]

Action hero Steven Seagal at home with ‘Europe’s last dictator’

21 hours agoNews : BlogPost

There was no hesitation on Steven Seagal's face as he took a raw, freshly-peeled carrot from the hands of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko and bit into it with a satisfying chomp. It was an act that the former action hero was ready for. In his visits to other strongmen of the former Soviet Union, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chechen […]

As France bans burkinis, Canada and Scotland let cops wear hijabs

22 hours agoNews : BlogPost

The French enforcement of a series of local bans on the burkini -- a type of swimwear that enables swimmers and beachgoers to adhere to Islamic traditions of modesty -- caused outrage both in France and abroad. Images of armed police officers forcing a French Muslim woman to disrobe on a public beach went viral and […]

#Gobifound! Australian runner finds the dog that followed him on a China ultra-marathon

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

A small stray dog had won hearts all over the world after deciding to follow an Australian runner for several days during an ultra-marathon through China’s vast, forbidding Gobi desert. Dion Leonard fell in love with the dog, named her Gobi and planned to bring her back to his home in Edinburgh, Scotland. This short […]

The sad state of a Russian border road led smugglers to secretly upgrade it

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

Russian smugglers were apparently so dismayed by the quality of the roads along their routes that they took it upon themselves to repair and improve them. According to TASS News Agency, criminal gangs smuggling goods into Russia repaired a dirt road in the Smolensk region so that it could be used by heavy vehicles that were […]

The staggering toll of Colombia’s war with FARC rebels, explained in numbers

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

The peace deal to end Colombia's half-century battle with FARC guerrillas promises to wrap up a conflict that many outside the country probably forgot about a long time ago. But Colombians know this war all too well. It's a common refrain that there isn't a single family that hasn't been scarred by it.  In May 1964 Colombian troops and warplanes attacked […]

Turkey’s Syria offensive is as much about the Kurds as ISIS

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

Turkey upped the stakes of the already ruinous Syrian conflict after it launched a direct offensive across its southern border, targeted ostensibly at Islamic State positions in the northern Syrian town of Jarabulus. With the support of U.S. forces, Turkish tanks motored into Syrian territory in the early hours of Wednesday. By the afternoon, the state-run Anadolu Agency […]

France’s burkini bans lead to cries of hypocrisy and sexism

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

Fifteen communities on the French Riviera have banned burkinis, a kind of swimwear worn by women who want to keep their body covered while going for a dip in the sea. Judges have ruled that the burkini bans are "necessary, appropriate and proportionate," as the outfit may be viewed as a "provocation exacerbating tensions" at a time […]

7 uncomfortable facts about France’s burkini controversy

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

The "burqini ban" recently implemented in a number of French cities has become a topic of global controversy this week after images spread online of a women being forced by a group of male police officers to remove her clothing at a beach in Nice. But really, the French debate over Islamic clothing has been […]

Italian town known for its pasta dish ‘is no more’ after earthquake

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

The town of Amatrice — one of the areas hit by a strong earthquake early Wednesday that killed at least 73 people across Italy — is known for more than the picturesque tranquility of the Italian countryside. The town also happens to be the place where one of Italy’s most famous and recognizable dishes originated: pasta […]

Drunk Americans illegally float into Canada

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

TORONTO — Illegally entering Canada and being rescued by the coast guard was not what the swimsuit-clad Americans who were swept into foreign waters on Sunday had in mind when they set off from Port Huron, Mich. But that's what happened to Ann Levere, who has spent many summer days in an inflatable raft on the […]

6 Things the Slovenian Government Does that the World (including the Trumps) Could Learn From

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

By Noah Charney   I’ll admit that I tend to idealize my adopted homeland. But then again, it is pretty ideal. I’m an ex-pat American, resident for five years now in Slovenia, after sojourns living in England, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy. Having gotten a taste of how quite a few countries operate, and […]

The man who says he’s paid $278,000 in burqa ban fines

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

For the past five years, the act of wearing an Islamic full-face veil in France's public spaces has been illegal. This means that if you were a Muslim woman and you wore a niqab or a burqa and walked down the street, you ran the risk of a 150 euros ($167) fine. This summer, some French […]

One of the world’s biggest cities will soon be governed from a jail cell

2 days agoNews : BlogPost

On Wednesday, Waseem Akhtar will become the mayor of a city that is home to about 20 million to 25 million people. And he will do the job from prison. It might be better said that the Pakistani port city of Karachi has, for decades, been governed by organized crime. It is a city of mayhem, […]

‘We run toward the screams': Meet the Aleppo rescue team that saved 5-year-old Omran

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

As the volunteers scrabbled through smashed cinder blocks, the whimper they’d been hearing for hours grew louder. It was the only sign that this rubble had once been someone’s home. “Go slowly, go slowly,” shouted one as the noise turned into a sharp cry. This was always the critical moment, a time when the owner […]

A Utah man accused of being ‘the gringo agent’ in Venezuela

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

In many ways, politics in Venezuela increasingly resemble politics in North Korea. An authoritarian and corrupt government consolidates power as food supplies dwindle and political opponents are thrown in jail. Problems at home are blamed on a favorite external scapegoat: the United States. Show More Summary

Suicide bombing shows how Turkey’s Kurds are getting hit from all sides

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

The suicide bomb that ripped through a Kurdish wedding in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep over the weekend killed 51 people, roughly half of whom were children, and wounded dozens more. Turkish officials say the assailant acted in the service of the Islamic State. If they're right, that would make the blast the worst jihadist strike on […]

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