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Sepp Blatter’s resignation: A rare example of U.S. regime change that the world can support

4 hours agoNews : BlogPost

A long-standing foreign leader, friendly with autocrats and recently reelected despite accusations of corruption,  stepped down Tuesday just days after the threat of U.S. intervention. Variations on that story, in one form or another, have appeared in the pages of The Washington Post many times over the years. The difference this time is that this world leader […]

In Turkey, when is a ‘gold-plated toilet’ just a figure of speech?

6 hours agoNews : BlogPost

On Tuesday, just days before an important vote, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's attorney told reporters that the Turkish president would be seeking 100,000 Turkish lira ($37,000) in compensation from opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. Kilicdaroglu,...Show More Summary

7 times the Onion was lost in translation

15 hours agoNews : BlogPost

On Sunday, Jack Warner, now a member of Parliament in Trinidad, released a video statement in a bid to defend himself from bombshell allegations of corruption during his time as a vice president of FIFA. In his video, Warner asked how he could be “responsible for any perceived culture of FIFA" and how Sepp Blatter, the president […]

Why Germany now requires people to be trained before using some elevators

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

On most autobahns, Germans are not held back by speed limits — but as of Monday, when it comes to the use of some elevators, they face heavy restrictions. Germans now need to complete special training before being able to enter the old-fashioned elevators called paternosters. Those elevators are unusual — they do not have doors and […]

Video: A French woman held hostage in Yemen pleads for help

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

In a video that appeared online Monday, a French woman being held hostage in Yemen pleaded for help to facilitate her release. "Please bring me to France, fast, because I'm really, really tired," Isabelle Prime says in the short message addressed to French President Francois Hollande and Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. "I tried to kill […]

Why this Hollywood actor dropped everything to fight the Islamic State in Syria

yesterdayNews : BlogPost

Michael Enright was sick and tired of the Islamic State's horrors. So the 51-year-old British-born actor packed what little belongings he culd take with him and made his way to Syria. He wrote his family and friends to tell them that he might never see them again. "I didn't come here to run, I came here to […]

Self-exiled former Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili returns as governor of key region in Ukraine

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

MOSCOW—He's probably best known as the former president of Georgia. Or more recently, as a one-term academic at Tufts University, or to residents of Brooklyn, as the man about Williamsburg in fluorescent shoes. Mikheil Saakashvili, the pro-Western ex-president of the small former Soviet country brazen enough to start a war with Russia in 2008, has tried to […]

Map: The U.S. is bound by treaties to defend a quarter of humanity

3 days agoNews : BlogPost

The United States is bound by a number of treaties that could, in theory, force it to get involved in a war if an ally is attacked. Consider, for example, the situation in Ukraine, a non-member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. If a NATO ally were to find itself under similar threat from Russia, the U.S. […]

After FIFA arrests, Brazilians ask: Why didn’t we do this?

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

As the shock wave that followed this week's arrests in Switzerland of seven FIFA bosses, including the former head of the Brazilian soccer confederation, José Maria Marin, subsided, Brazilians expressed three reactions. The first was: well done to the United States and Swiss for arresting this bunch. Show More Summary

It’s not corruption that keeps FIFA’s Sepp Blatter in power. It’s history.

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

It's confusing to many how a man as universally reviled as FIFA President Sepp Blatter can still command so much influence. From his blatant sexism to his role at the top of an institution racked by allegations of corruption, Blatter has become a pantomime villain — a scheming bureaucrat, an agent to autocrats and crony […]

After 33 years, the U.S. drops Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. Here’s what it means.

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

The U.S. State Department's formally removed Cuba from its official list of state sponsors of terrorism. The move signals a significant, symbolic step toward the normalization of ties between Washington and Havana and the potential opening of embassies in both countries. Cuba's status as a "state sponsor" of terrorism had been under review since last […]

Map: The world according to the Islamic State

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

The Islamic State had one of its most successful weeks recently with the capture of Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria. But another statement about the group is also quite disturbing: The militants established 10 networks outside of Iraq and Syria, according to the Soufan Group. What's more: These Islamic State strongholds are only the […]

Kazakhstan’s ecological mystery: Why have over 100,000 saiga antelopes died in just a few weeks?

4 days agoNews : BlogPost

As a species, saiga antelopes have endured a lot. They once roamed the Earth with Wooly Mammoths during the last Ice Age and but were almost driven to extinction by a loss of habitat and hunting during the late-20th century. Now the distinctive animals, easily distinguished by their large noses and prized for their meat and horns, are considered an […]

Chart: The mystery behind a dramatic rise in executions in Saudi Arabia

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

This week, Saudi Arabia announced the executions of Awad al-Rowaili and Lafi al-Shammary. These two men had been found guilty of smuggling amphetamines in the northern region of Jawf, the official Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday. Their executions were followed on Wednesday by news of the killing of Hussein Daghriri in the southern province of Jazan. Daghriri had […]

British tourists say their Greek holidays are being ruined by Syrian refugees

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

The world is in the middle of a full-blown migration crisis, with conflicts and poverty leading people to take terrifying risks in the slim hope of a new and better life on other shores. You see it in places like Lebanon, where around a quarter of the population is now Syrian refugees, or in Southeast […]

Why the FIFA arrests made Russia so angry with the U.S.

5 days agoNews : BlogPost

News of the arrest of prominent officials in FIFA, world soccer's governing body, on U.S. federal corruption charges triggered a fair amount of jubilation among soccer fans, keen to see the murky administration of the world's most beloved sport cleaned up. [What is FIFA and why is it so hated?] But not all were happy. Not […]

Islamic State says ‘historical monuments’ of Palmyra are safe – except for the statues

6 days agoNews : BlogPost

The Islamic State's capture of the Syrian city of Palmyra has caused a great deal of concern around the world, and not just because of the considerable strategic importance of the city itself. Many around the world fear what the Islamic State could do the pre-Islamic ruins just by the city, a UNESCO World Heritage site and […]

Drinking in a public park in Moscow? Your name could end up on a ‘board of shame.’

6 days agoNews : BlogPost

MOSCOW — If officials from President Vladimir Putin’s party get their way, a Soviet-style practice of naming and shaming citizens for bad behavior may soon be instituted in the Russian capital. Oleg Smolkin, the United Russia party’s executive head in Moscow, told state-owned news network Moscow 24 this week that there are plans to set […]

How FIFA became the world’s most powerful and loathed sports organization

6 days agoNews : BlogPost

For many, the arrests of seven top officials at FIFA, soccer's global governing body, on U.S. federal corruption charges was a long time coming. The world may love the beautiful game more than any other, but the sport's main administrative organization is widely perceived as being bloated and rapacious. Its head, FIFA President Sepp Blatter — […]

In Iceland, it’s no longer legal to kill Basques on sight

6 days agoNews : BlogPost

In late April, one of the world's strangest laws was quietly revoked. Authorities in Iceland's Westfjords district, the scenic northwestern corner of the Scandinavian island nation, repealed a 400-year-old decree ordering the death on sight of any Basque person found in the region. This old grudge stems from a grisly incident in 1615, when misunderstandings […]

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