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Democrats should ditch Robert Menendez

The end of 2017 has seen a spate of resignations from Congress, as Reps. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) and John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) all stepped down or promised to step down due to sexual harassment allegations. All three did so under pressure from their own party. It shows that in between […]

‘This has to be unacceptable’: Dan Rather on media attacks and politics in America under Trump

“A free, a truly free and independent, fiercely independent press, when necessary, is the red beating heart of freedom and democracy.” As the anchor of the CBS Evening News for 24 years, Dan Rather was a face of that fiercely independent press. Today, the 86-year-old who is wildly popular with millennials keeps going by sharing […]

Why ‘Cat Person’ went viral

“Cat Person,” the New Yorker short story that took over Twitter this weekend, is about plain old humans: Margot and Robert, a college-aged woman and an older man who meet, text, go on an okay date and have bad sex. But you probably knew that, because you probably saw your friend share the piece on […]

Ben Sasse should get off the Internet and do something

Former college president Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has some propositions to share. First, “humanities > social sciences.” Next, “hard sciences > social sciences.” In case you thought we were only talking academics, “sports > social sciences.” And, of course, “economics > all other social sciences.” Sasse took to Twitter on Thursday to express these inequalities, […]

Robert Mueller has got some explaining to do

Has special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation been contaminated? This very good question was asked by the very credible Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard. In my view, the simple answer is: yes. Enough has been disclosed in recent weeks that would create doubts about the objectivity and honesty of Mueller’s Russia investigation. Show More Summary

The one best idea for ending sexual harassment

The past few months have seen a deluge of stories revealing that sexual harassment takes place everywhere, from Hollywood hotel rooms to factory floors. The stories shared by silence breakers have made it impossible to deny how prevalent sexual misconduct is, and how much damage it can do. While the reckoning must continue, it’s time […]

The GOP tax plan is just a prelude to attacking entitlements

It’s no secret that the GOP tax plan working its way through Congress is weighted toward the wealthy. The richest Americans get the bulk of the tax cuts, and the poorest Americans see a tax increase. But Republicans aren’t satisfied with one blow for inequality: They’re openly positioning to attack the poor on several fronts. […]

Watch: Jerusalem is in, Franken is out, Trump hammers the FBI, and it’s only Thursday

President Trump recognizes Jerusalem and disses not only the FBI but also Vice President Pence’s pets. Only in Washington. John Conyers and Al Franken are out. Roy Moore is … in? All that and more, and it’s only Thursday. This week on your Washington Post Opinions roundup, Deputy Editorial Page Editors Ruth Marcus and Jackson […]

Does Taylor Swift deserve her spot on the cover of Time?

Time magazine has chosen its 2017 Person of the Year, and it’s “The Silence Breakers” — plus Taylor Swift. That, at least, is how Swift’s harshest critics would frame the decision to include the singer on the cover celebrating the “voices that launched a movement” around sexual harassment and assault. This summer, Swift successfully faced down a lawsuit […]

Time’s Person of the Year breaks silence on sexual harassment and changes our culture

Time Magazine made it official. The “person of the year” is a group of people: “The silence breakers.” The #MeToo movement creators and the women who went public with complaints of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace were given the recognition for a cultural movement that has led to action in just about every […]

What’s the GOP to do if Roy Moore wins?

In addition to whining, hand-wringing and adopting a general state of denial (my personal plan), there are some practical things that individuals, the Republican Party and the Senate itself can do to both minimize the impact of Roy Moore’s possible election and send signals to the rest of the nation. First, at the individual level, […]

The quest for collusion is over as the desperate shriek for impeachment begins

The quest for collusion is over. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation has not — either through leaks or announced indictments — revealed any collusion, and Democrats and their allies in the liberal mainstream media know that it never will. This reality is setting in among the president’s clearer-thinking foes, and they are […]

This immigration advocate believes Trump wants to make everybody happy on DACA

“President Trump wants to find a solution that makes everybody happy.” Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, believes the president who rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy wants to do right by the children brought to this country by their undocumented immigrant parents — a belief that will be […]

Walmart stocked a shirt that suggested lynching journalists. This isn’t new.

Walmart wants to sell you everything you’d ever want to buy. Until Thursday, that included a T-shirt that read “Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” The company pulled the offending item, which first surfaced at a Trump rally, almost immediately after an advocacy group complained. Teespring, the third-party seller that posted the shirt on Walmart’s […]

Republican delusions go far beyond Trump

To borrow a phrase from Donald Trump, many people are saying the president may be out of touch with reality. Even in private, the president tells advisers and lawmakers delusional falsehoods. He claims he won a majority of women voters (he didn’t), insists Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake (it isn’t) and claims it wasn’t […]

What was Trump so afraid of? Flynn may finally tell us.

It’s a truism of Washington scandals that it’s not the initial actions that lead to legal disaster, but the attempt to cover them up. It’s possible that is the case with Friday’s indictment of former national security adviser Michael Flynn — and in the broader investigation of the Trump team’s contacts with Russia. But there is much […]

Flynn’s plea doesn’t prove collusion

Friday morning’s guilty plea from former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn is a major disappointment for Democrats. Flynn admitting to having made false statements is nowhere near where the Democrats want this to go. Of course, the story is big and the fact that a former White House official has been charged with anything and […]

Is Mike Pence a fool or a knave?

Is Vice President Pence a fool or a knave? He can’t be both. Either he was an unwitting tool of the White House or he knew better when he declared on “Face the Nation” on Jan. 15 that President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had not discussed with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak “anything having […]

The worst Roy Moore take ever has arrived

The worst Roy Moore take has arrived. It is headlined, “Why Alabamians Should Vote for Roy Moore.” It is subheadlined — yes, really, this is what it is subheadlined — “I have a 14-year-old daughter. If I caught Roy Moore doing what was alleged, for starters I would kick him where it counts. That said, […]

How long can Trump’s tweets and serious policy development coexist?

The Trump presidency is bifurcated. It is coming apart, but not in the way most people think. There is a stark divide between the governing aspect of the Trump presidency and the tabloid aspect. Assuming tax reform passes in the Senate, these two worlds will have been proven capable of coexisting — at least so far. […]

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