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No, liberal women shouldn’t date antiabortion men to avoid more Trumps

Sounds like someone is having a hard time on the dating apps. The Federalist published an article Tuesday with the accusatory headline, “Your Refusal To Date Conservatives Is One Reason We Have Donald Trump” that immediately caught the Internet’s eye. In it, the author outlines why OkCupid was wrong to offer users the option to […]

What is the single best thing and the single worst thing Trump has done since the election?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election, we want to hear from Post readers about Donald Trump’s decisions as president-elect and as president. Please tell us what you think is the single best and the single worst decision he has made since Nov. 8. Click here or use the form below […]

So much for the climate change ‘hoax’

New research out Monday seems to give climate doubters new ammunition in their war against climate science. In fact, it undercuts one of their essential criticisms. The peer-reviewed journal Nature Geoscience released a surprising new paper finding that the world may have a little more room than previously thought to cut greenhouse gas emissions. A group […]

Trump’s presence at the U.N. General Assembly was reassuring

So far, President Trump’s approach during his first visit to the United Nations General Assembly has shown an unusual grasp of realism and relatively remarkable restraint. It comes as a surprise given Trump’s nationalist rhetoric and generally hostile disposition toward the U.N. But there he was, at the General Assembly Hall lectern, saying, “We must […]

Why art collector Aggie Gund is spending $100 million to combat mass incarceration

“Six of my 12 grandchildren are black or brown.” Agnes “Aggie” Gund is known around the world for her philanthropy and her art collection. In June, the president emerita of the Museum of Modern Art stunned the art world when she sold “Masterpiece,” a 1962 painting by Roy Lichtenstein she owned for decades. As the […]

Why Trump’s golf ball retweet wasn’t just a joke

Another weekend, another tweetstorm from @RealDonaldTrump. This one had all the usual elements — stock market-centric self-congratulation, bizarre nicknames (Rocket Man? Really?) and the signature Meme Retweeted From an Anti-Semitic Feed. Show More Summary

‘The first white president’ is a ‘bad dude’

I have a confession to make. I have not been as enamored of Ta-Nehisi Coates and his writing on race as some white people, particularly liberals, are. In fact, recently, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in thinking that Coates’s views on race are too emotional, too dark, too relentlessly pessimistic. As one friend wrote […]

#IStandWithJemele: Stop trying to silence us black women on racism

Lately, the White House and big corporations seem to be angrier about the words “racist” and “white supremacist” than they are about racism and white supremacy. A Twitterstorm of controversy erupted after ESPN host Jemele Hill called President Trump a “white supremacist.” In response, ESPN publicly censured her, saying her comments “do not represent the views […]

For congressional Republicans, it’s tax reform or die

For congressional Republicans, it’s tax reform or die. If Republicans can’t pass a major tax bill, the rationale for the GOP majority will be obliterated. In speaking with Republicans on the Hill, I know many think tax reform will be easier than the repeal and replace of Obamacare for a number of reasons. First, many […]

Chelsea Manning’s Harvard fellowship was revoked. Good. Now revoke Sean Spicer’s.

Well, what about Sean Spicer? Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government precipitously, and in a bit of panic, withdrew its offer to Chelsea Manning to become a visiting fellow after sustaining some criticism, including from intelligence figures who strongly felt that honoring her dishonored them. (CIA Director Mike Pompeo canceled an appearance at Harvard over the […]

Harvard’s embarrassing choice to revoke Chelsea Manning’s fellowship

They say the hardest thing about Harvard University is getting in, but for Chelsea Manning it was staying there. On Wednesday, the university announced the former Army intelligence analyst would serve as a visiting fellow at its Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics. On Friday, the school withdrew the invitation. That was a mistake. […]

The loss of morality in America’s health-care debate

Throughout Republicans’ doomed push to replace Obamacare, two words struck fear into their hearts: “CBO score.” No matter how much momentum the GOP built up for an updated bill, the Congressional Budget Office would project tens of millions of newly uninsured people and skyrocketing health-care costs, and Republicans would be on the defensive again. Show More Summary

Can the GOP survive Trump?

Donald Trump is a political independent who got elected as a Republican. He has embraced plenty of Republican positions, but he has never asserted himself as party leader. To state the obvious, Trump’s presidency is creating fissures, not unity, within the Republican Party. It’s even fair to ask whether he wants to lead the Republican […]

‘Bodega,’ the start-up that wants to kill mom-and-pop shops, is a very bad idea

The headline seems designed to convey maximum despicability: “Two Ex-Googlers Want To Make Bodegas And Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete.” The story gets worse from there. Not only does a former technology project manager named, of all things, Paul McDonald want to replace small brick-and-mortar retailers with even smaller five-foot-wide boxes that look like they came […]

Thank you, Edie Windsor

Seeing the news should not have been as shocking as it was. When Edie Windsor died on Tuesday, she was 88 years old. She lived a long, beautiful life in New York filled with friends and love. But my husband and I, along with thousands of same-sex couples in the United States, lost a heroine […]

Sergio Dipp is not what makes NFL broadcasts a joke

Monday night, Americans across the country met a new human meme — and no, it wasn’t Ted Cruz. Sergio Dipp, an ESPN sideline reporter, made a splash in the opening quarter of this season’s first “Monday Night Football” game with a speech so halting many thought it sounded more humanoid than human. “Folks, it’s a […]

Howard Dean on young voters: ‘These people are not Democrats’

“Trump’s election was the Edmund Pettus Bridge … for those kids.” As Hillary Clinton hits the road for a book tour to talk about “What Happened” and the 2016 presidential election, the latest episode of “Cape Up” turns to Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee who ran for […]

The Bannon era is over

In a senior position at the White House, it is almost impossible to succeed in eight months. But it is possible to fail. And by almost any objective measure, Stephen K. Bannon failed during his tenure working for President Trump. He had his shot at making a big difference and nothing good appears to have come […]

Transactionalist in Chief

Democrats may have wondered why their leaders looked so happy, almost giddy, in the Oval Office when they cut a deal with Donald Trump on the debt ceiling. Didn’t they understand they had just handed the president a chance to get his presidency back on track?  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi  (D-Calif.) […]

A Democratic debate worth having

Here’s a debate I would like to see about the future of our country brought to you by the two wings of the Democratic Party. Let’s call them, imperfectly, the pro-growth and fairness sides of the party. First, for the fairness side: Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) opening statement: “Today’s Democratic Party must first tell the […]

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