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Morning Plum: Donald Trump wants to tax the rich. Will Republican voters agree with him?

The chatter continues this morning about Donald Trump’s call for raising taxes on the rich. Justin Green, the political editor of IJ Review, tweets: It might frighten the donor class, but the bulk of conservative voters aren’t especially worried about protecting low taxes for rich people. Is that correct? I dug up a few polls […]

Happy Hour Roundup

In an epic read, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa report that the hostility between Donald Trump and the Bush family goes back decades: In a 35-minute interview this week with The Washington Post tracing his history with the Bushes, Trump unleashed a hailstorm of scorn. He found 33 ways to skewer the family — […]

How much will Hillary’s low ‘honest and trustworthy’ numbers matter?

The New York Times talks to dozens and dozens of Democratic insiders and determines that anxiety among them about the Hillary Clinton email story is very, very real: Democratic leaders are increasingly frustrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failure to put to rest questions about her State Department email practices and ease growing doubts among voters […]

Morning Plum: How Democrats will use Donald Trump to try to destroy GOP among Latinos

The damage radiating outwards from the epic slow-motion disaster otherwise known as Donald Trump is only just beginning. Or at least Democrats hope this will prove to be the case — and they are now taking new and active steps to make that happen. If you want to get a sense of how Democrats hope […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The suspected perpetrator of today’s horror in Virginia has met his end: The suspect in the fatal shooting of two television journalists during a live broadcast in Southwest Virginia died Wednesday afternoon at a Washington area hospital after reportedly shooting himself during a chase on a highway west of the city. Authorities say Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, of […]

Marco Rubio: Eliminating the capital gains tax will help bartenders like my father

It’s widely assumed that most of the GOP presidential candidates will eventually roll out tax plans that cut taxes across the board, including at the very top. Yet the GOP candidates have also signaled that they see a greater need than in previous cycles to have an agenda to address inequality. How Republicans reconcile these […]

Morning Plum: Megyn Kelly nails it on why Donald Trump matters

Call it the Trump Challenge: Will the Donald’s GOP rivals be as specific as he has on the question of what should happen to the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country? Trump’s position is clear, or at least somewhat clearer than that of many Republicans: He would deport them all in a “very humane […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Support for the Iran deal just keeps on piling up: Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), an influential member of Democratic leadership, endorsed the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday in a lengthy statement that voiced some doubts of the plan’s efficacy but gave a strong overall backing for the outline. Murray became the 29th Democrat in the […]

Dear Republicans: You could have avoided this whole Donald Trump disaster

The consensus among many of our wisest political observers is that Trump-ism is a real phenomenon, that it’s here to stay for the near future, and that it may pose a real long-term risk to the GOP. In a piece entitled, “Can the Republican Party survive Donald Trump?” Molly Ball reports that GOP donors and […]

Morning Plum: How Nancy Pelosi may save the Iran deal

As I’ve reported, the math in Congress looks very daunting for opponents of the Iran deal. But that’s what the math looks like right now. Things can always change — if there is some kind of new revelation or external event, or if enough individual lawmakers begin coming out against the agreement to produce media […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The White House vigorously stirs the pot on the the will-Joe-Biden-challenge-Hillary-Clinton question: The White House on Monday said President Obama may offer an endorsement in the Democratic primary, which could pit his former secretary of State against his vice president. Show More Summary

How Obama’s active second term is shaping the 2016 presidential race

“President Obama is the anti-lame duck,” Kevin Drum writes today. By way of illustration, Drum compiles a list of all of the actions Obama has taken since Dems got washed out in the 2014 midterms, in order to demonstrate how active his presidency has been thus far in his second term: 1. Normalized relations with […]

Morning Plum: How Donald Trump has unmasked his GOP rivals

On ABC News’ “This Week” yesterday, George Stephanopoulos had to ask Scott Walker three times whether he favors changing the Fourteenth Amendment to end birthright citizenship before getting an answer. Three times. Here’s the final exchange: STEPHANOPOULOS: So you’re not seeking to repeal or alter the Fourteenth Amendment. WALKER: No. My point is any discussion […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Janell Ross explains why, despite what Republicans may think, the “anchor baby” — the baby born in the U.S. so its parents can become citizens — is a myth: For illegal immigrant parents, being the parent of a U.S. citizen child almost never forms the core of a successful defense in an immigration court. […]

Decoding Scott Walker’s dodge on birthright citizenship

In an interview with John Harwood, Unintimidated Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had this to say about the debate over Donald Trump’s call for ending birthright citizenship: “I’m not taking a position on it one way or the other.” A lot of folks, myself included, had some fun with this on twitter, mocking it as the […]

The simple-minded populism that controls the GOP

I’ve often been critical of “outsider” candidates who claim that their lack of experience in politics and government is precisely what will enable them to succeed in politics and government. Business-people seem particularly prone to believe that they can bring solutions that no one has ever contemplated before, and now Carly Fiorina is showing that […]

Morning Plum: GOP candidates tip toe around Donald Trump’s xenophobic demagoguery

When Republican wise-men penned their autopsy into what went wrong in 2012, counseling a more welcoming posture towards the fast growing Latino demographic, they probably could not have imagined that only a few years later, the most “moderate” candidate on immigration in the 2016 GOP field would be the one calling for more enforcement against […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Something tells me Jeb Bush would like to have a day when he doesn’t get roped in to talking about some issue on Donald Trump’s terms: A feistier, combative Jeb Bush said Thursday that he doesn’t believe the term “anchor babies” is offensive and blamed Democrats for perpetuating the idea that it’s a loaded […]

Paul Volcker: It would be ‘a sad day’ if Congress blocks Iran deal

In recent days, opponents of the Iran nuclear accord have argued that if Congress blocks it, the major powers that negotiated the agreement can simply go back and crank up sanctions to put more pressure on Iran to agree to a better deal. That argument, however, has been met with push-back from some prominent financial […]

Why the GOP presidential candidates can’t reform health care

In the last few days, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio released health care plans, and other Republican candidates are sure to follow soon. Most will probably be pretty similar, even if some are more fully fleshed out than others. But they’ll all share one feature, the thing that tells you that they aren’t even remotely […]

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