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Yes, Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions are ‘fair game.’ But what does that even mean?

It is a not irregular occurrence in Washington that arguments that consume the political world for days on end are fought around words or phrases that, upon closer examination, don’t actually have any apparent or agreed upon meaning. The latest of these is the battle over whether Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions are “fair game” for […]

Here’s what Donald Trump’s birther attack on Ted Cruz is really about

Donald Trump is now questioning whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be president, because the Constitution states that the president must be a “natural born Citizen,” and Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother. Trump is even getting some support from John McCain, himself born outside the geographic confines of the U.S., who […]

Is Marco Rubio squandering his most precious political asset?

Is Marco Rubio frittering away the very asset that makes him such a formidable political talent? That’s the subtext of a good piece out this morning from Bloomberg Politics. It argues that Rubio’s need to chase after Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is leading him to sound a lot more angry and a lot less […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Success!!! The House on Wednesday passed legislation that would repeal much of ObamaCare and defund Planned Parenthood for one year, sending the measure to President Obama’s desk. The bill passed by a vote of 240 to 181. Obama is certain to veto the measure, but Republicans touted the vote as important step toward reversing the Affordable […]

Republican Congressional leader has insane idea that Congress can do something about gun violence

With leading Republicans all condemning President Obama’s new executive actions on guns, Democrats are gleefully pouncing on video of House Speaker Paul Ryan in 2013 saying that Congressional action to close the loophole in our background...Show More Summary

Paul Ryan’s tricky balancing act is working. So far, anyway.

Today, Republicans in the House are planning to pass a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, which according to CNN’s count is the 62nd time they’ve had such a vote. The president will of course veto the bill, but as Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy puts it, that’s the goal: “With this bill, we will force […]

Ted Cruz is refusing to take Trump’s chump bait. Here’s why.

THE MORNING PLUM: Ted Cruz is refusing to take Donald Trump’s bait — or, if you prefer, Trump’s chump bait. As the Post first reported, Trump is now raising questions about whether Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth casts doubt on the legitimacy of Cruz’s presidential candidacy. The sight of Trump’s birtherist tendencies now being turned against […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Republicans are publicly acting horrified that President Obama wants more people to go through background checks. But, via Scott Wong and Cristina Marcos, privately some of them aren’t so sure his new executive actions are such a big deal, after all: Privately, some GOP lawmakers said they didn’t think Obama’s actions on guns amount […]

Why Obama and Democrats are pushing the gun issue so hard, in one chart

In an emotional address today introducing his new executive actions on guns, President Obama teared up as he discussed the 20 children who were killed by gun violence in the awful 2013 massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Obama also repeatedly expressed frustration over the failure of our political system to act on gun violence. Underlying all […]

Marco Rubio, angry young man

With the Iowa caucuses just 27 days away, the Republican race for president is getting more intense by the day. You can see it in the way the candidates are all shifting their focus to whatever they think is going to make voters more fearful, as Matea Gold documents in today’s Post. My favorite quote […]

Here is how Obama’s most controversial new action on guns really works. It’s fairly modest.

THE MORNING PLUM: Today, President Obama will roll out his new executive actions on guns, and the action that is most likely to generate a lot of noisy controversy and criticism is the one designed to expand federal background checks to gun sales that were previously not covered by them. Yet, based on what we […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The Obama plan to inundate our country with undocumented immigrants proceeds: The Obama administration confirmed Monday that it began a new wave of arrests of Central American immigrant families over the weekend, moving forward with deportations of mothers and children despite an outcry from immigrant rights groups and potential political fallout for Democrats. Homeland […]

Foes of Obama’s executive actions on guns should take them to court

As early as tomorrow, President Obama is set to roll out a series of new executive actions on guns, and the GOP presidential candidates have already decided they are unconstitutional, even though the details of them are not yet known. Marco Rubio insists they will “undermine our Second Amendment rights.” Jeb Bush opines that Obama’s […]

Is the Oregon standoff the inevitable result of anti-government rhetoric?

Out in Oregon, the Bundy clan has begun another heavily-armed standoff with the government, seizing control of a building at a wildlife refuge and talking about laying down their life for liberty, presumably in some kind of gruesome battle in which plenty of law enforcement officials are killed along with the martyrs to the anti-government […]

Donald Trump’s new TV ad: Make America great by keeping the darkies out

As the final, frenzied push towards the first presidential voting begins, Donald Trump has unveiled a riveting new television ad that perfectly sums up Trumpism in all its xenophobic glory — and also perfectly captures the problem Trumpism has created for the Republican Party. The ad, which is set to run extensively in Iowa and […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Robert Costa and David Weigel report the latest from the snake-pit that is the Ben Carson campaign: Two of Ben Carson’s top advisers, including campaign manager Barry Bennett, quit Thursday following an internal power struggle, a sharp decline in the polls and a week of confusion about who would remain on the former neurosurgeon’s […]

Marco Rubio’s terrible new idea

Campaigning for president requires one to come up with policy proposals, a need that from time to time produces innovative and promising ideas. But it also produces some extraordinarily dumb ones, as Marco Rubio is now demonstrating. Here’s his latest plan to fix what’s wrong with Washington: Shortly after 11 a.m. on the East Coast, […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The Jeb! Bush campaign is making a bit of an adjustment: Jeb Bush’s campaign is canceling its Iowa television advertising buy and shifting money to double staff on the ground in January, the final month before the high-stakes Iowa caucuses. The news will raise questions about whether the former Florida governor might pull out […]

Ted Cruz’s opponents try to sabotage him with Iowa’s evangelicals

With just a month to go before the Iowa caucuses and Ted Cruz looking better and better there, his opponents are trying to figure out how they can stop him. The most logical route for many is the group that dominates the Iowa Republican electorate (more on that in a bit), and the one that […]

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