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Happy Hour Roundup

The Republican Party crack-up over Donald Trump continues apace: The Republican Party could be nearing a breaking point with Donald Trump. As he skips from one gaffe to the next, GOP leaders in Washington and in the most competitive states have begun openly contemplating turning their backs on their party’s presidential nominee to prevent […]

Donald Trump’s crazy ideas about immigration just got even crazier

Remember Donald Trump’s call for a temporary shutdown on all Muslims from entering the country until we can figure out “what is going on” (wink, wink)? In his GOP convention acceptance speech last month, Trump revised that plan, calling for an immediate suspension of immigration from all countries that have been “compromised by terrorism,” while […]

Is Trump destroying the GOP? This new poll will terrify Republicans.

THE MORNING PLUM: Not long after Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech at the festival of rage, hate, and megalomania otherwise known as the GOP convention, leading Never Trump conservatives despaired that the GOP’s nomination of Trump could cost the party a generation of young voters. As former Jeb Bush adviser Tim Miller pointed out, […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Republican oppo researchers, start your engines! Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, earned $10.7 million last year according to their 2015 tax return, which her campaign released Friday along with a trove of other documents intended to apply pressure to Republican Donald Trump to do the same. Clinton […]

How Donald Trump is making the economy less important than it’s ever been to a presidential campaign

This week, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gave speeches on the economy, and both said pretty much what we’d expect from a Democrat and a Republican running while a Democrat currently inhabits the White House. The Democrat said that things are going pretty well, but there’s a lot more that could be done to […]

Is time running out for Donald Trump?

Presidential campaigns can run into trouble for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there are external events over which they have no control that put them at a disadvantage, such as an economic downturn that makes it hard for the party in power to resist calls for change. Sometimes there’s a scandal that engulfs the candidate, […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Hillary Clinton delivered her economic pitch today, and it was all about the folks: Hillary Clinton cast the presidential election Thursday as a choice between policies that would lift up American workers and those that would mostly help the very rich, attacking Donald Trump for advancing an agenda that “only benefits millionaires like himself.” […]

Why Hillary Clinton should stop worrying and learn to love the deficit

Hillary Clinton delivered an economic address Thursday, and while there’s much there that’s worthwhile, I do want to flag one thing in her regular economic argument, particularly as it pertains to what Clinton would face from a Republican Congress if she becomes president. Among the arguments Clinton presents is that unlike her, Donald Trump will […]

The one thing keeping Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States

I believe I have discovered Donald Trump’s problem. While I’m somewhat reluctant to reveal this insight since I find the idea of him becoming president rather unsettling, it wouldn’t be right of me to keep it to myself. So here it is, the essence of Trump’s predicament and the one thing keeping his party from […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Katherine Krueger describes the strange turn WikiLeaks has taken in recent days: When the radical government transparency organization Wikileaks on Tuesday offered a $20,000 bounty for information about the murder of a Democratic National Committee staffer, it marked the group’s latest salvo against Hillary Clinton in its newly assumed role as her chief antagonist. […]

Trump’s disastrous campaign shows he’d make a disastrous president

Right now there are probably a lot of Republicans saying to themselves and each other, “Is it too much to ask for our presidential candidate to go 24 hours without shooting himself in the foot?” Apparently, the answer is yes, that is too much to ask. There have been poorly run campaigns before, campaigns that […]

Trump’s latest outrageous statement wasn’t a ‘gaffe.’ It was something much worse.

A day after dutifully reading a policy address to a bunch of people in suits, Donald Trump returned yesterday to his more comfortable oeuvre, the stream-of-consciousness speech delivered to his supporters. And inevitably, he said something that made journalists rewind their DVRs and Democrats leap excitedly out of their chairs. Is it possible that Trump […]

Happy Hour Roundup

If you had “Suggest that somebody shoot Hillary Clinton” in your office’s “Would Trump ever say that?” pool, then you’re in luck: Donald Trump suggested at a Tuesday rally that “the Second Amendment people” might be the only ones who can take action against a Clinton presidency. In a speech at the University of […]

Hillary Clinton may be headed for a blowout. But can she bring other Democrats with her?

If you go to a Donald Trump rally in the next week or two, chances are you won’t hear something you heard at earlier Trump rallies: the candidate discussing, at much more length than anyone could possibly be interested in, just how great he’s doing in the polls. However, you might hear him mention that […]

We may be about to get a wave of Republicans deserting Donald Trump’s sinking ship

Just when people like me finished writing their “Wow, this sure has been a bad week for Donald Trump” pieces, things are getting worse for him. It’s not another wave of gaffes, or some new person or group Trump has found to offend; this time it’s Republicans announcing their support for Hillary Clinton, or at […]

Happy Hour Roundup

David Sanger reports on the latest salvo from Republican foreign-policy heavyweights in Donald Trump’s direction: Fifty of the nation’s most senior Republican national security officials, many of them former top aides or cabinet members for President George W. Bush, have signed a letter declaring that Donald J. Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” […]

Rebellious outsider Donald Trump details standard-fare Republican economic plan

Today Donald Trump gave a speech in Detroit describing some economic policies he’d like to pursue if he became president, and like with his other periodic “policy” speeches, he sounded as if he was encountering the speech, and the substance therein, for the first time as he sleepily read it off a teleprompter. But that doesn’t […]

Why Donald Trump won’t even persuade his own side to believe that the election is ‘rigged’ against him

Last week, Donald Trump began telling his supporters, in both media appearances and stump speeches, that not only are polls that show him trailing being manipulated (after all, how could any honest poll not show him winning?) but also the election itself is going to be “rigged,” so that his victory will be stolen from […]

Morning Open Thread

All: I’m off this week, but the always excellent Paul Waldman will be dropping in a bit later this morning to entertain you. Enjoy!  

Even after Khan battle, Trump voters support ban on Muslims

The new Washington Post/ABC News poll — which shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 50-42 among registered voters nationally — also provides more evidence of one of the most important subplots of Campaign 2016: The ways in which Trumpism is forcing a deep cultural split between college educated white voters and the non-college whites […]

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