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The Democratic Party’s problem with blue collar whites, in one chart

It’s now widely predicted that the 2016 election will be fought heavily around the idea that the economy works far better for the wealthy than it does for working and middle class Americans, who are being left behind by stagnating wages, stalled economic opportunity, and a recovery that’s disproportionately rewarding top earners. One subplot of […]

Why playing the ‘gender card’ really could be enough for Hillary Clinton

You’d almost think the Clinton campaign was just waiting for a prominent Republican to accuse her of “playing the gender card,” because when Mitch McConnell did it earlier this week, they sure were ready. In an appearance that was recorded on video, McConnell said, “I don’t think arguing, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman’ […]

Morning Plum: As Donald Trump prepares to hijack GOP debate, Republicans are already cringing

It appears to be sinking in with top Republicans that the upcoming GOP debate, featuring star performer Donald Trump, could prove to be a full-blown disaster. Politico has this amusing report: Trump’s presence at center stage — his reward if he maintains his lead in the polls — is likely to transform the first Republican […]

Happy Hour Roundup

President Obama isn’t messing around anymore: As he stepped up efforts to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the American public and skeptics in Congress on Tuesday, President Barack Obama compared critics’ opposition to the agreement with support for the invasion of Iraq. In both a muscular speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars […]

What the GOP presidential candidates could say about the Iran deal, but won’t

Scott Walker and Jeb Bush are grabbing a lot of attention as they compete with one another to prove who would be more effective in unraveling Obama’s Iran deal. So it’s hardly surprising that Marco Rubio is trying to grab his own piece of the let’s-fulminate-against-Obama’s-capitulation-to-Iran action: “Senate Democrats face a stark choice when this […]

Unlike Jeb Bush, John Kasich is trying something different

Ohio governor John Kasich joins the presidential campaign today — his announcement speech is underway right now — and he’s trying something remarkable. As part of the case he’s making for himself, Kasich is arguing that the 18 years he spent in Congress provides valuable experience that would make him a better president. This is […]

Morning Plum: How the battle over Wall Street will color the 2016 campaign

Five years ago today, President Obama signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the most far-reaching financial overhaul since the Great Depression. As Mike Konczal writes this morning, Dodd Frank is “one of the most important but least understood bills of his presidency.” (Congress deserves some credit, too.) It has […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Scott Walker is working hard to get women’s votes, as Laura Bassett reports: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed a bill into law on Monday that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is in danger. The legislation, which passed the GOP-controlled state legislature earlier this month, makes no exceptions […]

Republicans fear their activist base. Democrats don’t.

We’ve gotten so used to Republican infighting over the last few years that it would have been easy to forget that historically it’s the Democrats who have been the most consumed by internecine arguments. Over the weekend we got a reminder, as a group of protesters disrupted a forum at the Netroots Nation gathering of […]

Scott Walker: We might have to take military action against Iran on Day One

A dispute has erupted between Scott Walker and Jeb Bush over how to handle the task of undoing Obama’s Iran deal as president, with Bush hinting that Walker is approaching the issue with a lack of maturity, and Walker suggesting that Bush is not zealous enough about confronting the enemy. Walker is also saying that […]

Morning Plum: Could the economy boost Hillary’s presidential hopes?

So what’s going to happen in the 2016 election? Will the economy help or hurt the incumbent party? Will this campaign be about the economy or national security? For purposes of gaming this out, the most important piece of the weekend is this one from the New York Times’ Neil Irwin, in which he talks […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The White House continues to push back on critics of the Iran deal: Congress would damage the country if it voted to reject the nuclear agreement with Iran, the White House said Friday. “For the United States, because of a congressional action, to isolate our country on such an important issue, would be devastating […]

David Axelrod: Hillary Clinton and Democrats can win the Iran debate

Ever since the Iran deal was announced, it has been widely presumed — by Republicans, and some neutral observers — that the battle over it in Congress will inevitably be a political winner for the GOP. The Iran debate just seems risky for Democrats — it involves negotiating with the enemy! — and Beltway punditry […]

Jeb Bush wants to be the Uber candidate. Here’s the problem with that.

Jeb Bush is desperate for you to know that he is the Uber candidate. The old, 20th century ways are not for him and his bold campaign for the future. He’s sharing a ride to the glorious tech-driven tomorrow. But what does that actually mean? So far he hasn’t said, but he’s certainly getting the […]

Morning Plum: A lot of Republican voters agree with Donald Trump. What does that mean?

Does the Donald Trump boomlet reflect widespread agreement among Republican voters with his views on immigration in their rawest, ugliest form? Or does it reflect something else that no one has been able to put a finger on yet? At first glance, a new Fox News poll would seem to suggest the former: Recently, presidential […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Peter Baker reports on President Obama’s visit to a federal penitentiary: They opened the door to Cell 123 and President Obama stared inside. In the space of 9 feet by 10, he saw three bunks, a toilet with no seat, a small sink, metal cabinets, a little wooden night table with a dictionary and […]

The GOP problem with Latinos goes much deeper than Donald Trump’s rhetoric

There’s a lot of political chatter today about a remarkable new poll of 1,400 Hispanic voters. Not surprisingly, it shows widespread Latino awareness — and disapproval — of Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant outbursts. But the real news in the poll is that it vividly illustrates that the GOP problem with Latinos runs a lot […]

Scott Walker wants to drug test food stamp recipients. That shows why he’ll never be president.

Sixteen years ago, George W. Bush presented to America his vision of “compassionate conservatism,” and in response he received an absolute torrent of glowing articles in the media calling him a “different kind of Republican” — conservative, to be sure, but not so mean about it. Well those days are long past. In the 2016 […]

Morning Plum: Democrats worry about risks of supporting Iran deal

Congress has 60 days to review the Iran deal, and President Obama has launched an all-out effort to persuade Senators and Representatives — or, at least, Democrats, anyway — to back the agreement. The general consensus this morning is that it remains uncertain whether Dems will support the deal in large enough numbers to sustain […]

Happy Hour Roundup

President Obama talked to the press about Iran today: President Obama on Wednesday described the agreement to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons in sweeping terms, making the case that it represented a fleeting opportunity for peace in an increasingly dangerous world. The deal is a “historic chance to pursue a safer and more […]

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