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Shocker: Melania Trump, wife of world’s most famous birther, admires the Obamas’ American values

On Day Three of the Melania Trump plagiarism story, her assistant puts out a new statement explaining what really happened: This admission — we now know the phrases were, in fact, lifted directly from Michelle Obama’s speech — cuts against some of the other explanations we’ve heard thus far, such as Trump senior adviser Paul […]

How the fall of the godfather of conservative media could save the GOP

Roger Ailes, the creator and chief of the Fox News Channel, is being forced out of his position atop the conservative media hierarchy in the wake of a series of sexual harassment allegations begun by former Fox personality Gretchen Carlson. While this might seem like just an inside-the-media story, it’s much, much more than that. […]

The GOP’s rousing chant on a night about the economy: “Lock her up!”

THE MORNING PLUM: Donald Trump completed his takeover of the GOP last night, officially securing the nomination, fittingly enough, on an evening that was ostensibly about the economy but devolved at times into chants about throwing Hillary Clinton in prison. Such talk is common among Republicans and GOP-aligned media elites, of course. Much of the […]

Happy Hour Roundup

They’re really running a highly skilled, super-competent operation over there at Trump HQ: The potential first lady’s address — the night’s highlight — was suddenly under attack because of apparent plagiarism. By morning, the campaign’s efforts at damage control added up to a series of conflicting explanations and calls for firings. The episode reopened […]

Patience, folks. Don’t take the polling too seriously until next month.

Nate Silver posts a useful chart: The polling averages a month after the conventions have been more in line — in some cases, a lot more — with the eventual results than the polling averages before them ended up being. In every one of these elections, the candidate leading in the polling averages after the […]

Ten lies, distortions, and absurdities you’ll hear at the GOP convention tonight

Last night’s theme for the Republican convention was “Make America Safe Again,” but if you were watching, you would have thought it was actually “We’re All Gonna Die!” Tonight’s theme is “Make America Work Again.” Given what we’ve heard from Donald Trump and other Republicans in recent days, you can be sure that the tenor […]

Melania Trump apparently ripped off Michelle Obama. Here’s what’s really awful about this.

  THE MORNING PLUM: So Melania Trump’s speech last night apparently lifted a big chunk from Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. As of this morning, the Trump campaign has offered two explanations for this. Top Trump adviser Paul Manafort claimed early today that the notion that Ms. Trump plagiarized Ms. Obama is “just really absurd,” […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Jonathan Martin reports that the first day of the convention got off to a friendly, unity-minded start: Donald J. Trump’s chief adviser used the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday to excoriate Gov. John R. Kasich for not endorsing Mr. Trump, touching off a remarkably bitter exchange between the campaign of […]

Sorry, Donald Trump. It isn’t 1968.

Donald Trump views Richard Nixon’s acceptance speech at the 1968 Republican convention as a model for his own acceptance speech this week, his senior adviser tells us. That’s because Trump will be able to speak to a forgotten majority of Americans anxious about crime and disorder, just as Nixon did. And, to take the comparison […]

Trump’s convention is all about securing GOP votes. That won’t be enough.

The theme for the first night of the Republican convention is “Make America Safe Again,” in keeping with Donald Trump’s belief that we’re all about to be killed by terrorists or criminals. In the last week or two he has been repeating the phrase “law and order” again and again, saying that he’s the law […]

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. And the American people know it.

THE MORNING PLUM: As the GOP convention gets underway in Cleveland today, three national polls released over the weekend showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump: A CNN poll putting Clinton up by 49-42; an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll putting her up by 46-41; and a Washington Post/ABC News poll putting her up by 47-43. But […]

Happy Hour Roundup

And it’s official — the Pencetastic portion of the Trump campaign has begun: Donald Trump announced Friday that he has selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, ending days of feverish speculation and recruiting to the GOP ticket a soft-spoken and seasoned conservative who could help unify the divided Republican Party. “I […]

Both Trump and Clinton stiff-arm the media. Only one is a genuine threat to it.

The Post fact-checking team has a fun look at more than a year of statements by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You’ll be startled to hear that they concluded that Trump lies a lot more often than Clinton does — and a lot more outrageously, too. Out of 52 statements by Trump, nearly two thirds […]

On terrorism, Republicans reach for new heights of stupidity and moral repugnance

Watching the reaction to the truck attack yesterday in Nice, particularly on the right, one couldn’t help but be struck at how removed it was from reality. If you didn’t know anything about the attack itself, you would conclude that it must have been a large-scale military operation carried out by a strike team sent […]

After another attack, Trump vows to get tough…on refugee children

THE MORNING PLUM: The horrific terrorist attack in Nice, in which more than 80 people were slaughtered by a truck that plowed a bloody path of carnage through a Bastille Day celebration, has sharpened the contrast between the two presidential candidates’ responses to terrorism. As always, the deeper dispute here turns on what really constitutes […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Pence, shmence — are you ready for Kainementum? Feel the thunder: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on Thursday derided Donald Trump as a candidate who will be remembered for two things: “You’re fired” and Trump U. In his potential vice presidential audition alongside Hillary Clinton in Annandale, Virginia on Thursday, Kaine posed three questions to […]

This will be a brutal presidential race. Clinton’s top strategist talks about what’s next.

The latest polling has painted a worrisome, though somewhat mixed, picture for Hillary Clinton. Today’s New York Times/CBS poll had them tied nationally at 40-40 among registered voters. Some state polls yesterday found the race tightening...Show More Summary

Get ready for the Trumpiest Show On Earth

It’s being reported that Donald Trump has chosen Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate, and assuming the story holds up, this will be the single most boring thing Trump has done during the course of this campaign. Fortunately, the Republican convention starts next week, and Pence’s appearance is unlikely to alter an event […]

Yes, Clinton is sinking in the polls. No, you should not panic. Here’s why.

THE MORNING PLUM: It’s another poll freakout day, apparently: The new New York Times/CBS poll finds that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now tied among registered voters nationally, at 40-40, with the email story taking an obvious toll on Clinton’s numbers. The key findings: Mrs. Clinton’s six-percentage-point lead over the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Julie Pace and Chad Day report that Donald Trump is keeping his focus on the issues that are important to America: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is seeking $10 million in damages from former senior campaign consultant Sam Nunberg, alleging that Nunberg leaked confidential information to reporters in violation of a nondisclosure agreement. In […]

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