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Rick Scott has an easy way out of his Medicaid mess

I hope you’ll indulge this blog for writing about the bruising, high-stakes fight over the Medicaid expansion in Florida for a second day in a row. But now things have taken a turn towards the truly surreal. As you may recall, Governor Rick Scott recently reversed himself on the Medicaid expansion, digging in against it […]

Everyone’s hopping on the populist bandwagon. Will it lead to actual policy change?

There’s no shortage of groups and people who want the 2016 presidential race to be about their issue of choice, hoping that all the candidates will be forced to answer their questions and maybe even support their preferred policy solutions. But if you call yourself an economic populist — even if the word “populism” wasn’t […]

Morning Plum: If there’s an Iran deal, Congress probably won’t stop it

Now that the White House has accepted the new Corker-Menendez framework outlining a process for Congress to exercise oversight over any Iran deal, what comes next? In a piece entitled, “Iran bill unlikely to scuttle deal,” Politico reports this morning that the White House believes the outcome of the battle over the Corker bill is […]

Happy Hour Roundup

New frontiers in courtship of media: President Obama will travel to Charlotte, N.C. Wednesday to speak with 50 female bloggers and several dozen other women about fiscal issues ranging from equal pay to the federal child care credit. The town hall, organized by the online lifestyle giant SheKnows Media and its subsidiary BlogHer, reflects […]

Battle over Florida Medicaid expansion is a big, big deal

You really should be paying attention to the ongoing battle over the Medicaid expansion in Florida. If supporters of Obamacare get their way, it could help weaken the blockade of opposition that conservatives have successfully used to stall the expansion in multiple states this year, after it seemed to be progressing last year. Now there’s […]

The push for higher wages is starting to look like a real movement

Around the country today, protests will take place demanding a $15 minimum wage. That would more than double the current federal minimum of $7.25. And guess what: A push for higher wages is beginning to look like a real movement, with all the possible political effects that entails. Here in the nation’s capital, a new […]

Morning Plum: Republicans bet 2016 will be a foreign policy election

National Journal reports today that some GOP operatives believe the 2016 race will be less about the economy and more about foreign policy, which is interesting, given the deep concern among GOP candidates about inequality and stagnating wages. The Journal report describes an internal GOP poll that finds security issues at the top of voter […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The battle has been joined: Democrat Hillary Clinton, at the first official event of her presidential campaign, spelled out the ideas that she said will be at the heart of her campaign. “I want to be the champion who goes to bat for Americans in four big areas,” she told four students and two […]

The new Iran bill: Better, but still risky

GOP Senator Bob Corker and Dem Senator Ben Cardin, the leaders on the Foreign Relations Committee, have announced a compromise recasting the Corker-Menendez bill to deal with objections from Senate Dems. The compromise is an improvement, but it still poses a risk to a final deal with Iran. The Huffington Post outlines the new Corker-Menendez […]

Why you should be thankful on Tax Day

Tomorrow is Tax Day, when Republican arguments about the rapacious hand of government plunging into your wallet to steal your future may seem a bit more persuasive than usual. After all, nobody likes paying taxes, since we’d all rather have more money than less. There’s even a certain brand of conservative who believes that taxation […]

Morning Plum: Marco Rubio pledges to scrap Iran deal, regardless of what our Euro-allies think

In the latest sign that GOP primary politics are colliding rather loudly with the politics of international engagement designed to curb Iran’s nuclear program, newly-minted presidential candidate Marco Rubio has confirmed in an interview with NPR that he would cancel any Iran nuclear deal, even if our European allies want the deal to continue. After […]

Happy Hour Roundup

From the department of liberals getting their act together: A cadre of wealthy liberal donors aims to pour tens of millions of dollars into rebuilding the left’s political might in the states, racing to catch up with a decades-old conservative effort that has reshaped statehouses across the country. The plan embraced by the Democracy […]

GOP resistance to Obamacare is working brilliantly

One of the core purposes of the Affordable Care Act is to expand health care to people who previously lacked it, and today Gallup-Healthways released new numbers showing once again that the law is accomplishing this goal. But buried in the data is an indicator of a different kind of success: Republican resistance to the […]

Everybody’s second choice? What Marco Rubio’s candidacy says about today’s factionalized GOP

Though most of the political media’s attention may be on Hillary Clinton, another candidate is entering the 2016 presidential race today. This morning Marco Rubio semi-officially announced on a conference call to donors that he will in fact be running (“Rubio says he has always felt the United States is about tomorrow,” reported the AP, […]

What Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement video tells us

Hillary Clinton’s video announcement of her presidential run features Americans who are entering transitional periods in their lives — an expecting mother, a pair of immigrant brothers starting a business, a man changing to a new skilled blue-collar job, a woman running for president (Clinton herself). They discuss the future with a mix of trepidation […]

Morning Plum: The Hillary rollout begins. Here’s what to look for.

Hillary Clinton will reportedly release a video announcement on Sunday confirming she is running for president. CNN reports that her video is aimed, at least in part, at the Democratic primary audience: Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Ron Brownstein reports on a new poll that will have wiser Republican operatives shaking their heads and wondering why some in the party seem determined to drive Latinos as far away from it as possible, heading into another national election: In a measure of the challenge Republicans could face with Hispanic voters next year, […]

Happy Hour Roundup

John Harwood has a fascinating interview with Ted Cruz, in which the Great Hope for American Liberty makes peace with the 20th Century: Harwood: A third Texas president, L.B.J., created Medicare in the mid-’60s. Your hero Ronald Reagan campaigned vigorously against that, saying it would lead to socialized medicine, would end liberty in the […]

Could the Corker-Menendez bill kill an Iran deal? A top Dem supporter pushes back.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is among the most prominent Democratic supporters of the Corker-Menendez bill on Iran. He may be one of the most important players in determining whether it passes and what it ultimately looks like — which in turn could help influence whether a final Iran deal is reached and goes forward. Critics […]

Morning Plum: The religious freedom wars are back — already!

You may have thought that the religious freedom wars were put on hold when Indiana Republicans agreed to water down the state’s controversial religious freedom law and Georgia lawmakers subsequently shelved their own version. But Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana and determined presidential candidate, wants to ensure that the battle continues — and helps shape […]

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