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Happy Hour Roundup

Uncle Joey is getting things off to a good start: Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday contradicted Hillary Clinton’s and his own previous accounts of the debate over the raid that killed Osama bin Laden — but he and the White House chief of staff at the time say this one is the accurate […]

What Hillary’s claim that Republicans are her ‘enemies’ is really about

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rivals are now faulting her for joking (sort of joking, anyway) during the Democratic debate that she is proud of the fact that she has made “enemies” out of Republicans. The candidates had been asked: “Which enemy are you most proud of?” Clinton responded by citing a predictable litany of bad guys […]

Are Republican voters going to come to their senses about Donald Trump?

The metaphor most often used about Donald Trump’s candidacy these days is that he’s “defying gravity,” which implies that while a real candidate can rise and then stay high all the way to the nomination, a candidate like Trump is supposed to bounce up and then fall back down to earth. But even as Trump […]

Morning Plum: No, Paul Ryan probably can’t ‘unify’ the Republican Party

House Republicans are pleading with Paul Ryan to become their savior, and according to multiple reports out this morning, he’s seriously considering running for House Speaker, after all. Ryan is widely said to be the only person capable of “unifying” the GOP conference. But at risk of belaboring the obvious, here’s the question: Why would […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Strange doings in the latest WaPo/ABC poll: A bare 51 percent majority of the public approves of President Obama’s job performance in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, while 45 percent disapproves. Although tepidly positive, those are Obama’s best numbers since May 2013 in Post-ABC surveys. The movement in his ratings — which we […]

This week marks the end of the Benghazi ‘scandal’

Hillary Clinton will be testifying before the Select Committee on Benghazi on Thursday, and by the time she walks out of that hearing room, chances are that all the Republicans’ hopes of using this issue to bring Clinton down will be officially gone. The timing of Clinton’s testimony couldn’t have worked out better for her, […]

Morning Plum: Among Democrats, Hillary leads Bernie and Biden on all the issues

As we continue to wait for Joe Biden to tell us whether he will run for president, a new CNN poll brings us what I believe is the most comprehensive polling yet on which candidate Democrats prefer on the issues — and Hillary Clinton leads Biden and Bernie Sanders on all of them. The new […]

Happy Hour Roundup

It’s gettin’ real in the GOP presidential primary: Rising tensions between former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Republican presidential primary rival Marco Rubio broke out into the open Friday after the two campaigns began exchanging...Show More Summary

Do Republicans think it will be easy to beat Hillary?

What is the Republican theory of the 2016 election? Is it that the Democrats have developed a durable demographic advantage in national elections and that the GOP must nominate someone who can broaden the party’s reach beyond core constituencies, as Republicans concluded after the 2012 debacle? Or is it increasingly that such demographic concerns can […]

Morning Plum: Poor, helpless John Boehner has run out of excuses

If I remember correctly, John Boehner recently announced that he is resigning as Speaker. That happened, right? Yes, it did. And so, you’d think Boehner has little reason to worry about the security of his job, leaving him free to raise the debt limit with a minimum of fuss, averting untold damage to the U.S. […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Remember when Jeb Bush’s “shock and awe” fundraising was going to drive other candidates from the race in terror? Not so much anymore: Jeb Bush, whose early fundraising proficiency quickly became a defining feature of his campaign for president, collected contributions at a drastically slower pace during the third quarter of the year, bringing […]

Ted Cruz, slayer of tyrants

Ted Cruz says that the Democratic debate showcased the Dem agenda in all its jackbooted, freedom-trampling, Euro-weenie-socialist-paradise-emulating glory: “It was more socialism, more pacifism, more weakness and less Constitution,” he told about 100 people crammed into a motel lobby in Kalona, a small town in southeastern Iowa. “It was a recipe to destroy a country.” […]

Endless Afghanistan war now scheduled to continue into the next presidency

When Barack Obama became president in 2009, he inherited two active wars from his predecessor, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He had hoped to end them both by the time he left office, bringing American troops home and making a clean break from George W. Bush’s interventionist foreign policy. Even though he did end the military […]

Morning Plum: Republicans are destroying the House Benghazi probe’s credibility. But will it matter?

The internets are abuzz this morning with the news that another Republican has been dangerously candid about the true nature of the House Benghazi investigation: In an interview with WIBX 950 in New York on Wednesday, moderate Republican Rep. Richard Hanna said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was speaking the truth when he said this month that […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Philip Rucker and Robert Costa note a change in tone that emerged at yesterday’s debate: The Democratic presidential candidates have thrust gun control forward as a dominant issue for the national election, signaling a sea change in the politics of a controversial subject that recent Democratic nominees have often avoided. After years of deadly […]

GOP leaders divided over whether to pretend to stage another doomed debt limit hostage crisis

So it looks like John Boehner may be contemplating a scenario that will get conservatives very, very angry but could spare the rest of us from a whole lot of noisy drama. Politico reports: House Speaker John Boehner is looking to move a bill to lift the debt ceiling before he leaves Congress, a tactic […]

Why the Democratic candidates can’t confront the real elephant in the room

In last night’s Democratic debate, there was only one question, to Bernie Sanders, on what may be the most difficult challenge that will confront the next president if he or she is a Democrat: What are you going to do about Congress? We’ll get to the answer Sanders gave in a moment, but first, some […]

Morning Plum: Hillary Clinton finally finds her sweet spot

Until last night, the Democratic presidential primary had largely been viewed through a simple frame: Bernie Sanders represents the full-throatedly populist and progressive wing of the party on economic issues, and Hillary Clinton occupies...Show More Summary

Happy Hour Roundup

Remember when Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to allow the government to shut down or the United States to default on its debt? Not so much: Mitch McConnell privately wants the White House to pay this price to enact a major budget deal: Significant changes to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for raising the […]

Freedom Frauds

David Brooks is getting a lot of positive attention today for this column, in which he dissolves into despair and anxiety over what has become of today’s “radical” and “ungovernable” Republican Party: The House Republican caucus is close to ungovernable these days. How did this situation come about? This was not just the work of […]

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