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Happy Hour Roundup

Here’s an initiative that deserves some praise: Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff will introduce a bill Tuesday that provides direct authorization to fight ISIS while also sunsetting the two laws the administration has used to justify current efforts against the militants. Schiff’s authorization for use of military force bill allows the president to use “all […]

Could the public actually be looking at ISIS in a sober way?

On Wednesday, President Obama laid out his plan for attacking the Islamic State, and the immediate response from Republicans was almost uniformly negative. That wasn’t surprising, given that one of the opposition’s core duties is to say that the President is wrong about everything, but if you expected that all Republican voters would fall in […]

It doesn’t matter whether we call the mission against ISIS a “war”

The last time the United States actually declared war on anyone was in World War II. We’ve had plenty of wars since then, not to mention more limited military adventures, like bombing campaigns (Bosnia, Libya) and quick invasions of countries too small to put up a fight (Grenada, Panama). Yet today, many in the media […]

Morning Plum: Bill Clinton tells Dem voters to wake up already

For the purposes of understanding this midterm election, the most important quote of the weekend by far comes from Bill Clinton, who said this while in Iowa yesterday: “I’ve studied all the polls and I really believe that we’re still in a zone where they’re all real close and it depends on who decides to […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The White House is now saying something new about the Islamic State: The United States is at war with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL), the White House and Pentagon said Friday, a day after Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly declined to use that phrase. “In the same way […]

Congress may vote on war, after all (sort of)

House GOP leaders appear set to push through a measure giving President Obama the authorization and money he has requested to train Syrian rebels for the fight against ISIS — a rare display of unity between Republicans and the president. This would be separate from any measure authorizing Obama’s ramping up of American military operations, […]

The new campaign theme: Fear

There’s a new narrative emerging about the midterm elections. After months in which political reporters essentially wrote the same stories over and over with only small variations — it’ll be a good year for Republicans; the Affordable Care Act is a disaster for Democrats; oh, wait, maybe not — we now have a brand-spanking new […]

Morning Plum: Yes, some Dems are campaigning on Obamacare

One of the most fascinating political stories of this cycle has been the emergence of the Medicaid expansion as a separate issue from Obamacare. The health law is supposed to be an epic political disaster for Dems — and it surely is a net liability for them — but at the same time, multiple GOP […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The Obama administration’s fight against ISIS is getting personal: President Obama has authorized the Pentagon for the first time to target and kill individual leaders of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a key component of his plan to go on the offense against the Sunni extremist group, according to U.S. military officials. At […]

Why Dem voters may not show up this fall

Countless pixels have been expended on the Democrats’ “midterm drop-off problem,” in which core Democratic groups such as young voters, minorities and single women are expected to go to the polls in lower percentages than GOP groups, putting Dem control of the Senate in peril. What if a key part of the problem is that […]

If Republicans want full-scale war, they should say so

While there were a few Republicans who reacted favorably to President Obama’s speech last night describing what we will be doing to combat ISIS, the reaction from most on the right was predictably negative. Which is fine — it’s the opposition’s job to oppose, after all. But when you hear what they have to say, […]

Morning Plum: Keep pushing for a Congressional vote on war

The key takeaway from President Obama’s big speech last night outlining expanded military action against ISIS is that Congress must debate and vote on it. Obama is regularly faulted for not having an overarching strategy for the Middle East. But as Peter Beinart has argued, he does have a consistent guiding idea. Obama has “shown […]

Happy Hour Roundup

It looks like there may be a congressional vote on military action in Syria after all, just a narrowly focused one: Lawmakers are likely to vote in the coming days to authorize the U.S. military to train and equip foreign troops to help battle the Islamic State after a last-minute request from the White […]

Congress may still vote on military force against ISIS

Is Congress really going to allow the country to escalate military action against ISIS without voting on it? There almost certainly wont’ be any vote before the midterm elections. But there is still another way: Members of Congress could try to force a vote on authorization of force after the elections — during the lame […]

The right (and wrong) questions to ask about Obama’s speech on ISIS tonight

President Obama will be giving an unusual prime-time speech tonight, explaining to the American public exactly what action his administration plans to take against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. As of this morning, the details are still vague. He’ll be discussing “how the United States will pursue a comprehensive strategy to degrade and […]

Morning Plum: Is media putting thumb on scale for more war?

The other day, CNN’s Brian Stelter made an important point, asking whether leading media figures were “letting their fears get the best of them,” and professing that he is “very concerned about the press provoking panic about ISIS.” Stelter quoted commentators beating the drums of war and wondered “whether the media is pushing the president […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The White House says says we shouldn’t expect too much from President Obama’s speech tomorrow night on ISIS: Viewers tuning in to President Obama’s primetime address Wednesday should expect few details about the cost or length of the U.S. strategy to fight militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the White […]

Even in Romney states, more want to keep Obamacare than repeal it

The new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that even in the states carried by Mitt Romney, there is slightly more support for keeping Obamacare than repealing it. No, this doesn’t mean the health law is a winner for Dems or that approval of it is rising. But it does suggest reasons for optimism about the […]

Why White House and Congress don’t want vote on military action

It’s becoming clear that we’re about to seriously ramp up efforts to combat ISIS in Iraq and possibly Syria as well. While it would be extremely premature to call it a “war,” there is some kind of more significant military action on its way. But there won’t be a Congressional vote to authorize it, even […]

Morning Plum: For Republicans, the midterm elections are all about Obama

The new Washington Post/ABC News poll is loaded with bad news for President Obama — more on that below — but for purposes of understanding this election, perhaps the most interesting finding is that Republicans overwhelmingly see their vote as an expression of opposition to the President, while pretty much every other group doesn’t see […]

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