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The end is coming: A top Sanders adviser hints at a quiet finish

THE MORNING PLUM: There’s a whole lot of hand-wringing among Democrats right now over Bernie Sanders’s vow to keep on trying to flip super-delegates even if he continues to trail badly in the popular vote and pledged delegate count — a quest that, he says, could spill on to the convention floor in Philadelphia in […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Lisa Lerer and Hope Yen report that Hillary Clinton is sitting awfully pretty right now: Hillary Clinton can lose every remaining primary in the coming weeks and still clinch the nomination. With Clinton’s double-digit win in New York and more than two dozen new superdelegates joining her camp, rival Bernie Sanders now faces a […]

Harriet Tubman just bumped Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill. Historian Eric Foner approves.

Abolitionist Harriet Tubman has knocked former president Andrew Jackson off of the front of the $20 bill, the Treasury Department announced today. Jackson has been demoted to appearing on the back of the bill, even though there had been a movement to get him removed completely, on the grounds that he was a slave-owner, oversaw […]

The next three months will be awful for Republicans — and good for Democrats

Three months from now, on July 18, the Republican Party will open its convention in Cleveland, to be followed a week later by the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. A lot is going to happen in those three months. But it’s not too early to predict that most of it is going to be good for […]

Bernie Sanders on the brink

THE MORNING PLUM: Hillary Clinton’s crushing 58-42 win over Bernie Sanders in New York puts the nomination firmly within her grasp, and raises some tough questions about what’s next for the Vermont Senator. Exit polls showed that the demographic fundamentals that have shaped this contest throughout continued to hold, and the durability of Clinton’s diverse […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Jeffrey Young reports on some not-so-great news for the Affordable Care Act exchanges: UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurer in the U.S., will pull out of most states’ Obamacare exchanges next year, the company announced Tuesday. UnitedHealth cited about $1 billion in losses over the past two years for the firm’s decision to significantly […]

Joe Biden was a good vice president. The Democratic candidates should learn from this.

It won’t be long now before the political world begins the quadrennial festival of pointless yet momentarily diverting speculation on whom the presidential nominees will choose to be their running mates. So let me suggest a radical idea before that process gets underway: The candidates should choose someone who would actually — are you ready? […]

New York values: Here’s why Trump and Clinton keep talking about 9/11

  My post colleague Philip Bump catches Donald Trump saying this at a rally in Buffalo, New York: “Everyone who helped clear the rubble — and I was there, and I watched, and I helped a little bit — but I want to tell you: Those people were amazing. Clearing the rubble. Trying to find […]

Some Republicans see ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders as the weaker opponent

THE MORNING PLUM: If Hillary Clinton racks up a big win in New York today, it will only temper Bernie Sanders’s arguments for keeping up the fight — it will not put an end to them. Faced with increasingly difficult delegate math, Sanders will continue to argue that he may be able to lure super-delegates […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Katie Glueck reports that Ted Cruz is a bit concerned about his ability to be a unifier, bringing all people together: Ted Cruz on Monday acknowledged he’s concerned about how a contested convention might “fracture” the party ahead of the general election, especially if Donald Trump lashes out should he lose the primary. “There […]

Republicans can’t remain the party of mass deportations forever

Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the high stakes battle over President Obama’s executive actions deferring the deportations of millions, and it looks as if a majority of the eight-justice Court may not be there to side with the government’s arguments in their favor: There was little indication at the Supreme Court on […]

Sanders is not going to Bern down the Democratic Party. Here’s why.

THE MORNING PLUM: Polls continue to show that Hillary Clinton may win a sizable victory in New York tomorrow — which would then begin to make the delegate math for Bernie Sanders look still more daunting. Which will raise the question: If the nomination process ends with Clinton securing a majority of the pledged delegates […]

Obamacare is helping a lot of people. Not everyone thinks that’s good news.

In politics there are some issues where liberals and conservatives share the same goal, but disagree about how to achieve it — we all want to have as little crime as possible, for instance, but there are different ideas about how to accomplish that. Then there are issues where the two groups have different goals […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Gabriel Debenedetti reports that a pro-Clinton super PAC is already planning for the general election: The main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton is reserving $20 million more in television ad time beginning the day after California’s June 7 Democratic primary, meaning the group has now set down $90 million to air its anti-Republican message […]

Whether it’s crazy Trump, nasty Ted Cruz, or wonky Paul Ryan, GOP nominee would cut taxes on rich

Here’s one thing that’s worth noting about the coming general election: Democrats are probably going to run a very similar playbook against the GOP nominee, no matter who it is. Sure, if it’s Donald Trump, they’ll go hard at his penchant for insulting women and immigrants, and if it’s Ted Cruz, they will focus on […]

The big debate dust-up over Israel shows why Sanders’ candidacy is so valuable

In their rather spirited debate last night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a lengthy exchange on Israel, and what we in the media usually do the next day is assess who got the better of the argument and who helped or hurt their cause. But in this case, that’s not really what matters. Far […]

Democratic voters refuse to believe the worst about Hillary Clinton

THE MORNING PLUM: From the outset of this campaign, Bernie Sanders has sometimes seemed reluctant to take his arguments about our corrupt political system to their logical conclusion: he has declined to say outright that Hillary Clinton’s policy positions are the direct result of her reliance on corporate contributions and her profiting from Wall Street […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Sari Horwitz reports that Democrats are getting actively involved in voter access issues before the November election: The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will sue the state of Arizona over voter access to the polls after the state’s presidential primary last month left thousands of residents waiting as long as five hours […]

A path to peace among Democrats? Jane Sanders hints at a way forward.

Bernie Sanders’s appearance in Washington Square Park last night before an enormous, energized crowd suggested once again that tensions are running high between the Sanders and Clinton camps. A Sanders surrogate blasted “corporate Democratic whores,” which got lots of press. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly made up with Donald Trump. Everyone else on the right will do the same.

Fox News and Donald Trump are reaching a detente at last; yesterday Megyn Kelly went to Trump Tower for an hour-long meeting she described as allowing “a chance to clear the air,” after which Trump went to the Fox offices to have lunch with network chief Roger Ailes. This comes after Kelly had the temerity […]

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