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Morning Plum: How far can Obama go to ease deportations?

As I’ve argued here, the political battle over the current migrant border crisis is in many ways a warm-up for the bigger battle to come, over Obama’s coming executive actions to ease deportations. Republicans are seizing on images of kids crossing into South Texas to hype a general sense of a border in chaos and […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The latest Medicare trustees’ report has been released, and the results are striking: Medicare’s financial health is improving, according to a new official forecast that says that the program will remain solvent until 2030 — four years later than anticipated a year ago — because of the Affordable Care Act and lower-than-expected spending on […]

Dems may force GOP to vote on corporate tax ‘deserters”

A primary argument Dems have made against Republicans this year is that they are the party of plutocracy: They are beholden to “billionaires” and “special interests” (i.e., the Koch brothers) who continue to “rig” the political system in their favor, through a gamed tax code and the push for a low-tax, low-regulation agenda that enriches […]

Sighting: Bipartisan governing in Congress!

As Congress approaches the August recess, something incredible may be about to happen. A piece of reform legislation addressing a problem could actually pass both houses of Congress and be signed into law. I’m not talking about immigration (a bill there is possible too, though I wouldn’t bet your life savings on it), but about […]

Morning Plum: Hillary sharpens up stance on border crisis

As the political battle in Congress over the border crisis comes to a head this week, you can already see the contours of the immigration issue developing for the 2016 presidential election. In a smart move, Hillary Clinton firmed up her position on the crisis in an interview that aired over the weekend — in […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The war in Gaza is not going to stay confined to Gaza: RAMALLAH, West Bank — Violence spread across the West Bank on Friday, as Palestinian protests against Israel’s assault the Gaza Strip broke out in several areas, highlighting the increasing restlessness of the occupied territory. At least five demonstrators were killed in clashes […]

A smoking gun on Obamacare? Maybe not so much.

The big story of the day is that Obamacare foes have unearthed what they call a smoking gun: Video of Jonathan Gruber, a key architect for the Affordable Care Act, in January 2011 seeming to endorse the argument that subsidies would not be available to those who get coverage on the federal exchange. This seems […]

How the F-35 boondoggle shows that deficit hawkery is a sham

Yesterday in Fort Worth, officials from the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin, and the Australian government gathered to celebrate the fact that two F-35 fighter jets bound for our ally down under were rolling off the assembly line. The news about this plane over the last few years has largely been buried on the inside pages of […]

Morning Plum: Only Republicans and conservatives support lawsuit against Obama

A new CNN poll finds that a majority of Americans oppose impeaching Obama by 65-33, and oppose the House GOP lawsuit against the president by 57-41. A majority disagree by 52-45 that he’s gone too far in expanding executive power. You’ll be shocked to hear that only Republicans and conservatives support both impeaching the president […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Everybody in both parties agrees that this will be a good year for Republicans, but the question is just how good. The folks at Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball say things may be looking not so terrible for Democrats: But 2014 is no 2006. The electorate had turned off to George W. Bush and would […]

Dems to GOP: Sorry, no easy way out on immigration

As House Republicans struggle to figure out whether their proposed response to the border crisis can pass the House, given opposition to action among conservatives, it’s increasingly likely they’ll need House Dems to get anything through the lower chamber. So House Dems appear to be coalescing behind a response that essentially offers House Republicans two […]

The big problem with Paul Ryan’s new poverty plan

Today, Rep. Paul Ryan is unveiling his latest idea to change the federal government’s poverty programs. For someone who is constantly saying how concerned he is about poverty, Ryan’s previous budgets have relied an awful lot on slashing benefits to poor people. But this time, he promises that his proposal doesn’t cut benefits, but merely […]

Morning Plum: GOP lawsuit against Obama could play into Dems’ hands

Democratic leaders are planning an aggressive effort to turn the House GOP lawsuit against President Obama into a political positive in the 2014 elections, with ads and other paid media designed to cast the GOP as extreme and committed to destructive governing — which Dems hope will contrast sharply with their concrete economic policy agenda. […]

Happy Hour Roundup

Liberal media bias alert: Today the New York Times had not one but two investigative blockbusters aimed at Democratic politicians. One tells the story of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office hindering corruption investigations. The other contains some very bad news for Montana Senator John Walsh: An examination of the final paper required for Mr. Walsh’s […]

It doesn’t look like Congress will act on border crisis

Today, a House GOP border working group rolled out its plan for addressing the border crisis: Changes to the 2008 trafficking law to expedite removals of arriving minors, some kind of humanitarian role for the National Guard, and $1.5 billion for more border security. Meanwhile, Senate Dems are set to roll out their own proposal […]

The deepening divide between red and blue America

Halbig v. Burwell, the case in which opponents of the Affordable Care Act won a dramatic if temporary victory yesterday, has profound implications for millions of Americans’ health care. But it’s also a demonstration of a trend that is determining more and more of what our politics and our country are going to look like […]

Morning Plum: Republicans are certain Obamcare hasn’t helped anyone in America

With the political world still pondering what yesterday’s court rulings mean for the future of Obamacare, CNN has published a fascinating new poll that asks a question I haven’t seen before. It asks whether the law has personally helped respondents, but then follows up and asks whether respondents think the law has helped others. And […]

Happy Hour Roundup

The news of the day was of course the two Obamacare rulings, one declaring people in states relying on the federal exchange should have their subsidies taken away, and one ruling the opposite. Republicans were cheered by the first decision, but Brian Beutler says they shouldn’t get too happy about it: There’s no use […]

What today’s Obamacare rulings really tell us

Only hours after Obamacare opponents celebrated the D.C Circuit Court’s decision invalidating subsidies to those the federal exchange, the Fourth Circuit Court has now weighed in with precisely the opposite decision, upholding the IRS rule extending those subsidies. That was a short party wasn’t it? Now the story is no longer “crushing blow” — the […]

What today’s Obamacare ruling reveals about the GOP

Today in a two-to-one decision a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit delivered Republicans perhaps their biggest victory yet in their ongoing legal battle to destroy the Affordable Care Act. This case is far from over — it will probably be appealed to the full appeals court (where today’s decision […]

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