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Happy Fourth!

We hope you have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July. Right Turn will be back on Sunday.

Better advice, real leadership in denouncing crackpotism

It is a sad state of affairs in the conservative movement when some flagship publications and otherwise stable pols begin insisting that the Confederate flag is no big deal, or that states can avoid a Supreme Court ruling, or that Donald Trump has his finger on the pulse of the country. It is distressing when […]

Iran’s threat: Hillary ignored it

In his most comprehensive statement on Iran, Jeb Bush, writing in conservative Townhall, displays determination and certitude not always seen before. It is worth reading in full, but the conclusion gives one a sense of where he is coming from: Whatever happens in the coming days, America under our next President will have to deal comprehensively […]

A thoughtful speech on poverty by Perry

In contrast to marginal candidates who are hyping social issues, former Texas governor Rick Perry tackled poverty in a speech Thursday at the National Press Club. Perry’s pitch was simple: The supplemental poverty rate for African-Americans...Show More Summary

Has Scott Walker squandered his early advantage by wavering?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, prior to the presidential primary season, was known as a fiscal conservative who, while socially conservative, did not fancy himself a cultural warrior. That is the formula for beating back three challenges in four years. It is that profile that, if he wins the nomination, will make him formidable in the […]

Obama covers for Iran’s nuclear violations yet again

According to the Associated Press, an International Atomic Energy Agency report finds that Iran only partially complied with its requirements under the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA). You have to read between the lines and the spin, but it is plain that Iran did not complete the oxidation process outlined in the JPOA — and […]

Obama winks at BDS

You thought the Obama administration’s hostility toward Israel could not get more egregious? Think again: The US State Department backed away Tuesday from controversial language included in the anti-BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions)...Show More Summary

Morning Bits

Scary. “The destroyed Al Kibar reactor site in Syria is now under the control of ISIL/Daesh, which is apparently dismantling and possibly conducting excavation activities at the site.... Its intentions are unknown. There is no new information about Syria’s supply of uranium that would have been used in the destroyed reactor, although […]

E-mail problems: Favors for donors, and handling Iran

The two most serious issues for Hillary Clinton in the most recent batch of e-mails concern donors and Iran. On donors, Bloomberg points out: Clinton says that Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman “wanted help on a visa” and asked for a status report. The name of the potential recipient was redacted by the State Department. She then […]

What Joe Biden should say to win the nomination

I have written in favor of Vice President Joe Biden’s plausibility as a presidential candidate (and am pleased I am not alone). But how would he do it, and would he face a backlash from female Democrats? The answer to the latter is that it depends. He would be handicapped in making some very reasonable […]

GOP denounces Obama as he sells out the Cuban people

The Associated Press reports: WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba will reopen their embassies in Havana and Washington, heralding a “new chapter” in relations after a half-century of hostility. Show More Summary

E-mails expose Hillary Clinton as a small-minded pol

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton e-mails disclosed by the State Department is perhaps the most interesting. This is not because there is a bombshell; we know she destroyed “personal” e-mails, so we are not likely to find any real nuggets in those she turned over. (In one humorous e-mail previously released, she asked whether […]

GOP candidates shouldn’t try to outdo Donald Trump

The latest national CNN poll confirms what we suspected: The presence of Donald Trump in the race helps one candidate, Jeb Bush. If this is more than a passing phenomenon, the conservative pundits who fawned over Trump and the GOP contenders who seek to ingratiate themselves with him might want to rethink their approach. In […]

Marco Rubio confirms his support of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

As we have written previously, both immigration reform critics and Hillary Clinton have falsely suggested that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) had backed off his support for a path to citizenship. To the extent there was either genuine confusion or wishful thinking — or an effort by aides to play it down — Rubio has now […]

Walker on Iran

While it was a source of concern early on, the strongest part of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s message may be foreign policy. In a tough piece on Iran he appears direct, informed and steely-eyed. He writes: “The truth is these talks were doomed from the start by the administration’s pattern of retreat. As the Iranians […]

Morning Bits

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) warns: “Those of us closely following the Obama administration’s never-ending nuclear talks with Iran are experiencing a major case of déjà vu today. With this latest missed deadline, these negotiations have descended into an even deeper level of desperation mode that will prompt more dangerous concessions to the mullahs.” Sen. Ben Sasse […]

Trump, Cruz and Paul emerge as Todd Akin Republicans

In 2012, then-Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) took a winnable Senate race and turned it into a debacle for the whole party. His comments on rape were front and center at the Democratic National Convention. One news cycle after another was devoted to his ignorant remarks. He lived up to the cartoon portrait of a clueless […]

Even more bad news for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s re-launch did absolutely nothing to improve the trajectory of her campaign. And there are daily reminders that far from being Democrats’ best bet she may be the Republicans’ ideal opponent. First, she generates as much enthusiasm as dental surgery. But don’t just take my word for it. A new poll from Democracy Corps […]

Skepticism as the Iran talks are extended

The Post reports, “The deadline for an agreement in the Iran nuclear talks was officially pushed back by a week on Tuesday, as negotiators extended a temporary accord that limits Iran’s nuclear program. Without the last-minute extension, the interim agreement known as the joint plan of action would have expired at midnight. By announcing new timeline […]

The best and worst of Chris Christie’s kickoff speech

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s kickoff speech in his high school gym was a perfect metaphor for his candidacy. It was self-indulgent and at times rambling, focusing for a long introduction on his personal biography. It lacked the self-discipline of a speech, making it shapeless and resulting in some painful mixed metaphors. (On entitlements, the […]

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