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Pennsylvania: The GOP’s Senate challenge in a nutshell

The latest Monmouth poll reports: Among Keystone State voters likely to cast ballots in November’s presidential election, 48% currently support Clinton and 40% back Trump.  Another 6% intend to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, 1% back Jill Stein of the Green Party, and 4% are undecided.  ... Clinton leads by a massive 85 points […]

Republicans misunderstand the electorate

One can only hope that the Republicans learn something from the debacle of 2016 — in addition to coming to the belated realization that the talk show crowd and Fox non-News evening hosts have been peddling junk for years and have no interest in the well-being of conservatives beyond their niche audience. (In the not-too-distant […]

It’s not just Arab governments that want to get along with Israel

We have remarked upon the newfound comity and cooperation between Israel and its Sunni neighbors. A common foe in Iran and common disappointment in a feckless American president has forged new bonds and, with Turkey, repaired old ones. David Pollock writes: Is this revived movement toward some kind of dialogue leading toward peace with Israel just a […]

How Clinton can rattle Trump in the debates

The New York Times reports on Hillary Clinton’s debate preparation. She has set out to analyze Donald Trump’s weaknesses (is there time to get through a fraction of them?) and get under his skin at the debates. (The hidden lead, by the way, is from Trump’s “Art of the Deal” co-writer, Tony Schwartz: “Trump has severe […]

Trump’s racist appeals manage to turn off just about everyone

The Post reports: From the very start of his presidential campaign, Trump has shaped his message around who is to blame for America’s problems — often pointing the finger at illegal immigrants, Black Lives Matter activists and other minorities in a pitch that was aimed primarily at white Republicans. But now, as Trump seeks to […]

How would an ordinary GOP candidate have run?

The belief is widespread on the right — and maybe on the left as well — that a run-of-the-mill Republican candidate would be even with or ahead of Hillary Clinton at this stage in the race. Take a plain-wrap Republican, give him a professional campaign with adequate fundraising from both small and big donors (whom […]

Morning Bits

This is long overdue. “The United States and its coalition partners should declare their intention to deliver relief to Syria’s beleaguered and besieged residents through humanitarian organizations under the protection of a no-fly zone or safe zone over Aleppo and other areas where civilians are starving, deprived of food, medical assistance and safe shelter. We […]

The seven telltale signs of Trump

Shortly after Hillary Clinton’s senior adviser Huma Abedin announced her separation from former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, Donald Trump released this statement: Huma is making a very wise decision. I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him. I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was […]

How dumb policies help the Islamic State

  Lest any American think Trumpism is a unique right-wing nationalist reaction to economic dislocation and the threat of terrorism, we got a reminder last week that Europe is regrettably much farther down the path than the U.S. On Friday, France’s highest administrative court struck down several French cities’ edicts against wearing so-called “burkinis” on the […]

Does it matter if Trump really is crazy?

For months now, ordinary people, politicians and pundits have speculated in public and private: Is there, you know, something wrong with Donald Trump? Laymen would say he is “nuts” or “crazy,” while a mental health professional might say “suffering from a personality disorder.” It’s not one trait or attribute, but the whole complex of behaviors: […]

Permission granted: Abandon Trump

Among Hillary Clinton’s most interesting ads aimed at Republicans is this one: The ad acknowledges that Republicans of good conscience may at one time or another have supported Donald Trump. That’s a technique to show respect for such voters (who are portrayed as  civil and thoughtful) but also effectively to give them permission to abandon […]

Trump team dodges and ducks

  Donald Trump’s campaign chief Kellyanne Conway and VP pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence divided up the Sunday talk shows, neither able to answer whether Trump still favors mass deportation of non-criminal illegal immigrants. Conway hemmed and hawed on CBS and Fox, but was never pressed to answer the question. On CNN, Jake Tapper showed […]

Ups and downs

UP: Jeb Bush on immigration DOWN: Mass deportation UP: Hillary Clinton’s speech tying Donald Trump to the alt-right DOWN: Stephen K. Bannon UP: Clinton’s lead DOWN: Clinton’s willingness to have news conferences UP: Clinton’s support among African Americans DOWN: “Your lives are a disaster!” UP: Sen. Rob Portman’s chances of holding his seat in Ohio DOWN: […]

Morning Bits

The latest gobbledygook: “Mike Pence defended Republican running mate Donald Trump’s immigration position as consistent but responsive to practical considerations, a stance campaign manager Kellyanne Conway described as a softening in...Show More Summary

Sunday wrap

Who said it? 1. “The softening is more approach than policy.” 2. “I go with the flow.” 3. “If you are a Republican operative, you’ve got to want to put your head through a wall right now.” 4. “Donald Trump is still running the same race he was a year ago. He just has on […]

Ryan and Clinton: A wonkish match?

If the presidential campaign continues along the same trajectory it’s been on since the conventions, Hillary Clinton should win the White House with room to spare, the Senate majority will probably shift to the Democrats (but just barely) and the House should remain under GOP control. It doesn’t have to be all gridlock and fighting. […]

Distinguished pol of the week

In  a depressing election for many long-time Republicans, there are moments of inspiration and moral clarity. A steady parade of Republicans has come forward to renounce Donald Trump, and even go so far as to support Hillary Clinton. (The group is organized to encourage others to do precisely that.) This week a notable figure, […]

A practical solution to keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership alive

Simon Lester at the National Interest writes: Tough talk on trade may be seen as necessary during campaigns, but a president naturally looks outward. International affairs is an area where a president has a great deal of power, and presidents are drawn to it. A former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton will be no different, […]

Anti-immigration crowd should spare us the outrage

Donald Trump’s contortions over what was once his signature issue — mass deportation — is cause for grief among anti-immigration reform advocates. Rather than rant about Trump’s “betrayal” and moan that no politician can be trusted on this issue, they would do well to look in the mirror, where responsibility for this debacle originated. It […]

Trump’s ‘measured path’ is more like a dumpster fire

  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, according to news reports, declared, in a conference call this week: “It’s going to be important for us and for Donald Trump to continue down this measured path that he’s on, and if he does that, I think he’s going to be tied or ahead at or just after Labor […]

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