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Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Right Turn will be back on Monday.

Rubio’s winning edge might not be foreign policy

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) forced a shutdown over it. Every GOP presidential candidate vows to repeal it. But only Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) can claim to have done something tangible to hobble, maybe permanently, Obamacare. He went after the “risk corridors,” the insurance for the insurance companies participating in the Obamacare exchanges designed to cushion […]

The ‘establishment’ comeback

The media for months has trumpeted the year of the outsider, the triumph of non-politicians and the politics of angry populism. But do Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) — the three leaders in the tea party “lane” of the race — really have the inside edge? There is reason to believe […]

Christie and Rubio battle for top dog in national security

After his rip-roaring speech Tuesday at the Council on Foreign Relations, New Jersey Gov Chris Christie kept pounding away on his message: He is ready to be commander in chief while his opponents are not. He had this exchange with Fox’s Bret Baier on Turkey’s downing of a Russian plane: CHRIS CHRISTIE: First off, speaking […]

Morning Bits

There is plenty of talk but too little action. “Defeating ISIS will require a commitment of ground forces and air power. Tens of thousands of troops will be necessary. Those ground forces don’t have to be provided by the US but they do have to be provided by someone — and so far they have […]

Christie’s foreign policy broadside

In his speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left no doubt a governor can master foreign policy. He made the case that he both knows the issues and showed the same disregard for elite opinion and passing conventional wisdom as Ronald Reagan did. (“We had a president who finally […]

Rubio’s risky proposition: Being calm and positive

The easiest sell in politics, especially in conservative politics, is to tell the voters their leaders are untrustworthy, Christianity is under assault, the president is out of touch and foreigners are a threat to us physically and economically. Democrats tell us foreigners will steal jobs if we enter into free-trade deals; conservatives tell us they […]

The commander in chief’s meltdown in the polls

President Obama’s petulant news conference in Turkey insisting there is no need to shift our strategy for fighting the Islamic State might have been the low point in his presidency. But that does not mean he’s hit rock bottom. Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized him for both tone-deafness and self-delusion, and the longer he digs in, […]

Getting serious about intelligence

GOP hawks Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got some powerful assistance in their argument to restore our surveillance capabilities. Former attorney general Michael Mukasey and Justice Department lawyer Jamil Jaffer write: Plainly, the terrorism threat environment is bad and getting worse. This is no time to be paring back […]

Cruz claims general election viability

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who once declared he did not need independent voters in a general election to win the presidency, may have gotten a math lesson. With Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson still taking the lion’s share of tea party voters Cruz is in need of more support, especially since (unlike Sen. Marco Rubio) he […]

Trump’s not the GOP

    Pundits who claim to be “puzzled” or “at a loss” to explain why Donald Trump doubles and triples down on inflammatory lies, the latest being his accusation that Muslims in New Jersey cheered on 9/11, must be playing dumb. Anyone by now who has not figured out that Trump’s goal is to inflame […]

Morning Bits

A pattern? “[Sen.] Rubio is emerging as the Republican alternative to Trump in New Hampshire through a methodical move into second place. Rubio led in voters’ approval, with a 64 percent favorable — 22 percent unfavorable rating. When asked which Republican had the best chance of beating the Democratic nominee, Trump finished first at 31 percent and Rubio was […]

Political gratitude

  The indispensable Arthur Brooks’s column on gratitude and it’s scientifically proven connection to happiness is an apt start to the Thanksgiving week. He wisely recommends, “Make gratitude a routine, independent of how you feel — and not just once in each November, but all year long. There are concrete strategies that each of us can […]

The Louisiana lessons of David Vitter

These are good times politically speaking for Republican, who hold 32 governorships, the majority in both houses of Congress and the most state legislative seats since 1928. Despite all that, the GOP managed to lose the gubernatorial race in deep red Louisiana. The only good news for Republicans in the thrashing of Sen. David Vitter […]

Post-Paris: Heading for Trump vs. Rubio?

Ten days after the jihadist attacks in Paris (followed by the attack in Mali, which left 27 dead) the GOP presidential race is now focused on national security. The election is now essentially a try-out for commander in chief. In the most recent Fox News poll, the president’s approval has sunk to 40 percent. (The Post/ABC poll shows […]

Democrats echo Republicans on Obama’s failure

It was a remarkable across-the-board showing on Sunday of frustration with and criticism of President Obama’s failed Islamic State policy. And that was just the Democrats. Ranking member on the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had this exchange on “Face the Nation“: FEINSTEIN: I don’t think the approach is sufficient to the job. […]

Cruz’s opportunism becomes a liability

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has taken a lot of heat lately on his immigration and national security positions. As someone rising in the polls and arguably the favorite in Iowa if Ben Carson sinks, Cruz should not find this surprising. Top candidates get scrutiny from the media and from their opponents, and Cruz is a […]

Ups and downs

UP: Hillary Clinton edging away from President Obama’s foreign policy DOWN: Clinton running for third term UP: Fear of another Islamic terrorist attack DOWN: The libertarian moment UP: Republicans looking for a commander in chief DOWN: Dr. Ben Carson UP: NSA metadata gathering DOWN: Gathering identities of American Muslims UP: Focus on homegrown Islamic threats […]

Morning Bits

Good riddance. “Louisiana Sen. David Vitter lost to Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards in Saturday’s gubernatorial election. The race was expected to be a tight one, but long-time politician Vitter was beleaguered by his 2007 prostitution scandal as well as allegations that his campaign had secretly recorded opponents. For a sense of how steep […]

Sunday wrap

Who said it? 1. “They’ve gotten very good at hiding from intelligence services across the globe.” 2. “There may be some land held by ISIL in Iraq and Syria that’s been taken back. But for all of that, there’s much more they have gained in other countries.... I don’t think the approach is […]

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