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Who will flourish after Donald Trump self-destructs?

Donald Trump’s self-destruction will soon manifest itself in his drop in the polls. The problem remains for those GOP voters still seeking a candidate who is a viable alternative to Jeb Bush. It is not likely to be Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who has been outshone by more credible candidates and again showed bad judgment […]

Ups and downs

UP: White House disdain for Congress DOWN: White House credibility on Iran deal UP: Anti-Iran hawks DOWN: Giving President Obama time to negotiate UP: Hillary Clinton burn rate on campaign DOWN: Hillary Clinton favorability numbers UP: Donald Trump’s effect on Jeb Bush DOWN: Donald Trump’s effect on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) UP: Objections to Iran […]

Morning Bits

Let’s be serious: “To succeed at this difficult undertaking, the next president will need to create a comprehensive campaign, in cooperation with allies, and that is simply not going to be possible on day one. But laying the foundation can begin now, and that requires expressing resolute opposition to this deeply flawed treaty.” Seriously? That’s […]

Sunday wrap

Who said it? 1. “This is a term that, honestly, I never heard in the four years that we were negotiating. It was not on the table. There’s no such thing in arms control as anytime, anywhere.” 2. “He jumped the shark yesterday.” 3. “I am troubled by the deal.” 4. “This isn’t about my […]

How to handle a bully like Trump

As the candidates who will qualify for the presidential debate in August begin their preparations, they are going to want to bone up on a range of policy issues and make sure they have coherent answers to hard questions. (Now that Syria is a mess what do we do about it? If a Supreme Court […]

By 2016, Iran could be back building a nuke

Iran sanctions experts Eric Edelman and Ray Takeyh explain: In as little as a few months, Iran will for all intents and purposes no longer be a sanctioned country. Although elaborate and protracted procedures are in place for the re-imposition of the U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions, the economic sanctions imposed by the European Union […]

Distinguished pol of the week

He has had his troubles and is no longer a sure bet even to make the first GOP debate, but this week New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie repeatedly struck a chord with frustrated conservatives. On the Iran deal he told Hugh Hewitt: “He put his entire support of this agreement, as you heard yesterday, on […]

Bush welcomes key legislation

The House’s and Senate’s passage of  similar legislation to reauthorize No Child Left Behind is an important win for education reformers and activists concerned about federal interference in the nation’s K-12 classrooms. The Post reported: The Senate on Thursday passed a bipartisan rewrite of No Child Left Behind, the main federal education law, that would […]

The pro-Israel, anti-Iran community revs up

The first of many ad buys and campaign-style efforts to defeat the Iran deal kicked off today. While bipartisan, the group has a heavily Democratic tilt. Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran announced a $5M ad buy today, more than twice the announced budget of the leftwing pro-Iran deal J Street, to influence voters and […]

How many times has the White House conned Democrats on Iran?

The Democrats in Congress need to recover their self-esteem. They’ve been played for fools and directly misled time and again by the White House. The president signed the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Review Act and spoke about the importance of Congress fully participating in the approval process. Then along comes negotiator Wendy Sherman in a press […]

Our ‘snapbacks’ became Iran’s nuclear blackmail

The idea of a “snapback” on Iran sanctions was always problematic because of the time it takes to detect a violation, agree it is a violation, bring it to Iran’s attention, implement (“snapback”) sanctions and ensure enforcement to deter an Iranian “sneakout” (a dash to a nuclear weapon). The structure of the deal also makes […]

A regime like Iran requires a different deal

“If you oppose this, you want [fill in the blank with: war, children to starve, people to die].“  “My opponents are blinded by partisanship.” “My opponents don’t know what they are talking about.” Such is the way this president makes his case to the American people. Deride foes, ignore details, impugn motives. His sympathetic scribes […]

The nukes aren’t even the worst part

The nuclear provisions including the inspections rules in the Iran deal are, from a fair reading, riddled with loopholes. But that, I would suggest, is not the most egregious part of the deal. That distinction belongs to the non-nuclear provisions, which taken in total build up Iran as a major regional power, put us at […]

Morning Bits

No one can say this is the first time the president tried to ignore Congress. “President Obama’s attempt to outmaneuver Congress and win quick United Nations approval for the Iran nuclear agreement is backfiring on him in Congress, and could further erode support among key players.” Republicans complain about yet another snub of Congress. “Any […]

The president is expert at enraging Congress

The Obama administration made clear Wednesday that after years of negotiations with Iran it would not wait for the 60-day consideration period it agreed to give Congress to vote up or down and instead would go first to the United Nations Security Council. “This certainly violates the spirit, if not the letter of the Nuclear […]

Scott Walker: A little too sly?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has been hammered by some in the antiabortion community for an ad he wrote and created in his gubernatorial campaign in which he looks into the camera and says, in defending a mandatory sonogram bill: “The bill leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor. Now, reasonable people […]

Rick Perry’s glorious takedown of Donald Trump

Two candidates in the GOP presidential race are reacting to Donald Trump in vastly different ways, reflecting on their character. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) not only refused to criticize Trump’s racist language about illegal immigrants but praised him, once again demonstrating there is no limit to how low the Texas junior senator will stoop to […]

Arthur Brooks interview (Part 2)

American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks has a new book, “The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.” Below is the continuation of my interview with him. (Part 1 can be found here): Your seven habits of highly effective conservatives seem like they’d be effective for promoting any popular agenda or movement. […]

10 reasons the Iran deal is ludicrous

If you examine the Iran deal in any detail, you will be horrified as to what is in there. Aside from the nuclear provisions, there is a host of items that betray our allies and give aid, comfort and protection to a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel. The list below comes from […]

If you love peace, you will loathe the Iran deal

  It is no secret the Iran deal is fraught with loopholes, weaknesses and concession. The president is forced then to argue the alternative is war. He is wrong both with regard to the region and to U.S. action. President Obama’s deal dismantles the sanction system. Once dismantled, business will rush in to bolster Iran. […]

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