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If you think Trump has made it hard for secularized Republicans, what about these people?

It’s no secret that President Trump and the Republican Party’s capitulation to him at the expense of long-held principles and simple decency have distressed many who spent decades in the party. Some have thrown up their hands in disgust; other consider themselves “Republicans in exile.” (Tom Nichols writes, “I actively want to see the Republicans […]

Trump has chosen the wrong women to demean

President Trump continually insists, no matter what the tragedy, that he is the biggest victim — not slain Army Sgt. La David Johnson or his family; not Puerto Rico residents; and not his opponent, who was harmed (not helped, as he was) by Russian meddling in the election. The “dishonest media” (the worst!), Barack Obama, […]

Trump keeps defending abusers, and his supporters keep enabling him

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway had this mind-numbing exchange on ABC’s “This Week,” which George Stephanopoulos began by reading President Trump’s Saturday tweet (“people’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false, some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused […]

Ups and downs: John Kelly on borrowed time?

UP: White House turmoil DOWN: Chief of Staff John F. Kelly’s reputation UP: President Trump now for due process DOWN: Except for the Central Park Five, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. UP: Times Trump has defended men accused of sexual or physical abuse DOWN: Times Trump has defended abuse victims UP: Republican concern about […]

Morning Bits

Republicans have consistently rolled over this president. “I’m starting to think that MAGA stands for Make America Greece Anon. Trump is leading Republicans to fiscal, intellectual and moral perdition. There is no longer a conservative party in this country. There is only a cult of Trump.” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) should have fetched a new chairman a […]

Sunday wrap: Defending the indefensible

Who said it? 1. “I spoke to the president, and he said please tell Jake that I have full faith in Chief of Staff John Kelly and I’m not looking for replacements.” 2. “There’s no due process when you’re talking about whether someone gets a senior level West Wing job with the highest national security […]

Trump wanted to ‘lock her up’ for far less

Candidate Donald Trump used, more than any other issue, Hillary Clinton’s home email server to argue that she was unfit for office and, moreover, that there were grounds for sending her to jail. The eerie chants, more common in banana republics, to imprison his opponent (“Lock her up!”) would thrill his crowds and reignite the anti-Clinton […]

Distinguished person of the week: He deftly defies Trump

The country should be immensely grateful that Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is there — not only because he is a steady hand and speed bump on President Trump’s rash decisions, but because every week he demonstrates how one can serve without degrading one’s self in this administration. He recently played a key role in […]

Americans don’t believe Devin Nunes’s nonsense

If you are infuriated by the fear-mongering and conspiracy-spinning coming out of the right-wing media machine (not to mention the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee), you can take some solace in the knowledge that most Americans do not believe their hooey. The Marist poll is the latest to confirm high levels of support for […]

Want national security oversight? Don’t leave it to Republicans.

Let’s put aside ideology. Let’s put aside policy. For now, let’s focus on national security. Congress, a coequal branch of government, has inexcusably refused to conduct one of its key functions: proper oversight. Instead of checking the executive branch, characters such as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Sen. Show More Summary

Forget about small government. Republicans support big debt.

For decades, the Republican Party has genuflected at the altar of small government. It has waged war against the Great Society, even the New Deal. The arguments ranged from constitutional (citing the commerce clause and the Ninth and 10th amendments) to philosophical (libertarians insist active government is a threat to freedom) to economic (decrying regulations […]

The core mission of the GOP is now to defend abusers

Amanda Carpenter, former speechwriter for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), had this to say on the subject of the Trump White House’s protection of Rob Porter: “They protect abusers... If you are willing to defend someone who hurt someone in this fashion you have no boundaries, you have no respect for the law.” […]

Morning Bits: Kelly on thin ice, stock traders on pins and needles

This is a tad unnerving. “Dow plunges more than 1,000 points on specter of higher interest rates.” Pretty nervy! “The State Department on Thursday called a recent military parade in North Korea a ‘dog and pony show,’ even amid reports that the Trump administration is planning a military procession of its own. ” This really strikes […]

Women will make the difference in many midterm races

On a day the White House is under siege for harboring a senior aide who couldn’t get a security clearance due to credible evidence that he abused two wives, it is fitting to focus on the degree to which President Trump, and the Republicans in general, have annoyed, horrified and angered women voters. (Men, too, but let’s […]

Taking the Fifth is different for a president

Former vice president Joe Biden sat down down with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss his view of President Trump’s credibility. “He does not tell the truth,” Biden said. “He is not accurate in much of what he says.” He explained that this is why his lawyers are afraid to let him talk to the special counsel. […]

Republicans are still in danger

Republicans are rejoicing over some polls showing a small rebound in President Trump’s approval and a narrowing in the Democrats’ generic-poll advantage. They might want to look a little deeper. The Cook Political Report today shows:...Show More Summary

The ‘family values’ crowd is mute on Rob Porter

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) was blunt about the Rob Porter issue. “I have no use for anybody who beats their spouse,” he said. “I tell you, the guy should have been shipped out the door months ago, as soon as they found out about it.” He added, “If John Kelly is […]

Inconvenient facts about the tax cut

CNBC reports: “Corporate buyback announcements have surged in the weeks since President Donald Trump signed a sweeping corporate tax overhaul into law.” And Democrats have noticed: “Senate Democrats launched a new line of attack on the Republican tax plan Wednesday in a report showing companies have announced $97.2 billion in share buybacks since the start of the year. […]

How aberrant is this White House?

A normal White House — meaning any other from either party in modern history — does not attack the FBI based on ill-conceived conspiracy theories nor does it ignore a threat to our electoral system because it might make the president feel insecure about his victory. And never, ever does it hire a senior staffer […]

Morning Bits: Good ideas, bad ideas and one stupid idea

This was the guy who couldn’t figure out that meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton was a really bad idea. “Donald Trump Jr. says the president is not racist because rappers take photos with him.” I’ve got an idea: Hire a president who will protect our democracy! “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned […]

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