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Morning Bits

“Shambles” is  a good way to put it. “Obama’s aim to end ‘Bush’s wars’ is in shambles. The more pressing legacy question now is whether he will be seen to have contributed to, and done too little to redress, the threats from the Islamic State.” With Islamic jihadism creating turmoil, at least we know the […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham offers a new ‘construct’ to defeat the Islamic State

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a presidential candidate, is out with a robust proposal for defeating the Islamic State. It includes a plan for “a force of 10,000 troops to Iraq to reestablish stability, take back lost territory, and destroy radical extremist groups like ISIL.” He also tells Right Turn exclusively he is drafting legislation to re-impose sanctions […]

Obama unnerves the American public

Whenever President Obama comes out to speak about Islamic terrorism (or “extremism,” without identifying the type of extremism), I am reminded of President George W. Bush’s appearances during the financial crisis; on a split screen one could see the markets go down the longer he talked. If there were a split screen with a measure […]

Jeb Bush’s message is solid, but his delivery needs work

Jeb Bush’s latest ad is revealing: He is making two points: Hillary Clinton is so caught up in liberal Democratic correctness that she cannot correct identify the enemy, and Donald Trump’s strange brew of semi-isolationism ignores the U.S. obligation to lead in a dangerous world. If you read the script or listen to the audio, […]

10 questions to determine who’s serious on national security

In the aftermath of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, more Republican primary donors may place national security proficiency at or near the top of their considerations in selecting a nominee. But how can they tell the credible commanders in chief from the pretenders? Has the candidate served in any executive capacity? It’s not essential […]

Beware the anti-immigrant charlatans

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, as the saying goes. So it is not surprising that Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and others on the right wing have made the Paris attacks into an immigration issue. It is all they know, and they will continue to bang the […]

Democrats put their fate in Obama’s hands — and the Islamic State’s

The president’s bizarre insistence Monday that nothing much about his approach to fighting Islamic terrorism (he doesn’t call it that, of course) need be changed should rattle all Americans. Alert Democrats might see their political lives pass before their eyes. The president, you see, hopes they will join him in defending a failed policy, hoping against […]

Morning Bits

Feel safe? Me neither. “The Islamic State is plotting more operations similar to the Paris attacks, the CIA director said Monday, asserting that Western governments and intelligence agencies are hampered in monitoring terrorist suspects...Show More Summary

Three things the next GOP debate needs

The next Republican debate, scheduled for Dec. 15 and hosted by CNN and Salem Radio, could not be more important. Given this will be the first post-Paris debate, Republicans would be wise to adopt several modifications. First, the debate certainly must be devoted entirely to foreign policy. To do otherwise would repeat President Obama’s cardinal […]

Chris Christie takes center stage

The attacks on Paris, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility, could potentially rearrange the GOP presidential campaign. If foreign policy know-nothings Donald Trump and Ben Carson may be at risk, voters may now see New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a new light. In a phone interview this morning, Christie was blunt in […]

Can Martin O’Malley be Democrats’ Plan B?

If Democrats could find a candidate to Hillary Clinton’s left domestically, without her record of foreign policy stumbles (including, from the left’s perspective, her vote for the Iraq war) and without her ethical landmines, would they grab him? Especially if the alternative were, say, 15 years younger and had some real executive experience, it might […]

Hillary Clinton’s big problem: Why should we promote her?

Honest Democrats will acknowledge that their party has a fundamental problem for 2016: It has only one serious presidential candidate and she is deeply problematic. That certainly was clear in the Saturday night debate, conveniently scheduled to reduce the audience. No matter what size the debate audience, though, Clinton’s problems are growing by leaps and […]

Obama needs help: Time for a Nov. 13 commission

During President George W. Bush’s presidency, Democrats insisted on — and Republicans consented to — an outside commission to address a perceived massive national security failure, stretching over multiple administrations, namely the failure to appreciate the threat of radical jihadism preceding the Sept. Show More Summary

Ups and downs

UP: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie DOWN: Donald Trump UP: Spending time on the ground in Iowa DOWN: Telling Iowa voters they are “stupid” UP: Chaos on college campuses DOWN: Adult supervision on college campuses UP: Criticism of “helicopter” parents DOWN: “Micro-aggressions” UP: FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails DOWN: Ending the e-mail issue at […]

Morning Bits

Given the option to sound presidential, she didn’t. I rarely quote the Nation, but … “Though there was a breathtaking cynicism in the way Clinton took a question about Wall Street’s influence on her and turned it into a trifecta of righteousness — not only claiming that her efforts on behalf of finance capital were really […]

Sunday wrap

1. “If this is what ISIS looks like contained, I shudder to think what ISIS looks like uncontained.” 2. “We have allowed ISIS to have sanctuary in Syria and Iraq with too much time to plan and plot, too much resources to be directed against us.” 3. “We should declare war, and harness all of […]

Five questions on where the GOP presidential race is going

We are about three months away from the Iowa caucuses. No one is technically “winning” a race in which no votes have been cast and in an era when polls are highly suspect. Predicting what we will have three weeks from now, let alone three months, is a fool’s errand. But there are questions, the […]

France at war: What have we learned?

As President George W. Bush did on September 11, French President François Hollande recognized the barbaric attacks on Paris of November 13 were “an act of war.” We have in fact been at war since the al-Qaeda attacks of the 1990’s, or since the 1979 Iranian revolution if you prefer. We have had U.S. presidents who […]

Distinguished persons of the week

Tuesday’s GOP debate was revealing, feisty and substantive. We saw the isolationist on the stage debate the internationalist. We saw pro-immigration reformers take on Donald Trump. The candidates deserve credit. Most of them have improved steadily through the process. But the real credit for the overall effectiveness of the race goes to Fox Business hosts […]

The Iran debacle, as predicted, becomes the Syria debacle

The Associated Press reports: As diplomats return to Vienna for another round of Syria talks on Saturday, they’re grappling with questions that have scuttled all previous attempts to forge a ceasefire and usher in a political transition: Other than the Islamic State group, who are the terrorists? Who from Syria’s government and opposition should do […]

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