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Trump debacle shows why kids shouldn’t run the campaign

Top politicians very often have canny spouses who provide not only emotional support but also smart insights. The best ones can level with the politician. Nancy Reagan watched the White House staff like a hawk. Laura Bush chastised President Bush for macho talk like “bring it on.” Neither of these political wives, however, would have […]

What is Clinton willing to do on human rights?

Tuesday in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton said this: “I think we have to defend the advances in rights that we have made here in America. And I am very proud of our young people. This is the most tolerant and generous generation that we’ve ever seen in America.” She continued, “And yes, we are going to […]

New campaign shake-up, same old awful Trump

In  case you had any doubt, Donald Trump sent an unmistakable sign that he has no intention of running a legitimate campaign. He demoted his much-maligned campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and elevated pollster Kellyanne Conway and — no, seriously — Stephen Bannon, Trump pal and chairman of the much-mocked Trump-cheerleading outlet Breitbart News. Neither one has […]

Morning Bits

I think this means Donald Trump doesn’t want to win. “If you start pivoting, you’re not being honest with people. No, I am who I am.” This is not a winning issue for them. “Democrats continued to defend [Obamacare] as much better than the old system, but said the news that Aetna Inc. will withdraw from 11 […]

A guide for vulnerable Republican senators

Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight writes: Since the conventions...  [Donald] Trump’s polling has worsened — overall and in states with key Senate races. In the eight states with competitive Senate races and both pre- and post-conventions polling, Trump had previously been down an average of about 6 percentage points; he’s now down an average of […]

Trump’s ‘nation-building’ bogeyman

Donald Trump has taken to mouthing the same false right-wing talking points used by pols such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). They, and now Trump, disparage “nation-building,” a buzzword divorced from recent history and present realities. Both Trump and Cruz falsely talk as if we deposed Hosni Mubarak, forgetting that his own people had risen […]

Virginia: Emblematic of Trump’s disaster

  The Post reports: Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead over Donald Trump in Virginia, with disdain for the Republican presidential nominee helping Clinton overcome her own vulnerabilities, a new Washington Post poll finds. Clinton leads Trump by a 14-point margin — 52 percent to 38 percent — among registered voters in the state and by an […]

Trump flunks his own ‘extreme vetting’ test

Location: John F. Kennedy International Airport Scene: Donald Trump is undergoing questioning (“extreme vetting“) by an officer from the Ideology Investigation branch of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Officer: Mr. Trump, there will be just a few questions. Trump: But I’m a U.S. citizen! Officer: We don’t see that any court has adjudicated that. Your […]

Is Trump being duped by his pro-Russia advisers?

Paul Manafort, manager of Donald Trump’s increasingly chaotic campaign, may become just the sort of distraction that Trump, for all his vaunted loyalty, refuses to tolerate. Manafort’s close relationship with former Ukrainian president...Show More Summary

Trump’s nonsensical speech shows he has learned nothing

Donald Trump, reading awkwardly from a teleprompter yesterday, confirmed he’s learned virtually nothing about foreign policy nor does he have anyone around him who has even basic familiarity with jihadism, the Constitution or national security policy. Simultaneously childish and menacing, Trump risks being mocked openly by the media and Hillary Clinton. Aside from a silly […]

Morning Bits

Friends don’t let friends consult for Donald Trump. “Dismayed by [retired Lt. Gen. Mike] Flynn’s behavior since he left the military, former colleagues have contacted him to urge him to show more restraint. Among them are retired Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who relied heavily on Flynn in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and retired Adm. Michael […]

How will McConnell and Ryan fare after the election?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), we have argued, has handled the Donald Trump phenomenon better than House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). McConnell acted quickly and perfunctorily in giving his support and then spoke about Trump almost invariably in negative terms (e.g. chiding him for being off-script, questioning the viability of his campaign). Ryan agonized […]

The upside to defeat: Exposing the phony purists

We are not alone in recognizing that the most rabid right-wingers have become lapdogs for the presidential candidate embracing big government, isolationism, protectionism and opposition to entitlement reform. Tim Alberta observes that...Show More Summary

No, Donald Trump, they don’t love you

He’s “doing well with women.” “The Hispanics love” him. He “has a great relationship with the blacks” and has “tremendous support among African Americans.” These are the lies Donald Trump tells himself. In fact, he is losing women (by...Show More Summary

From Russia with love — and cash

For months news reports have documented the Russian connection to Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and other Trump advisers. Manafort’s five-year consulting engagement by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the Russia...Show More Summary

Trump’s troubles mount

  On Sunday, Donald Trump’s surrogates fanned out across the talk shows, falsely insisting that the campaign was on track. Trump is focused! Trump “gets it”! The race is “not over,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) declared, which is a sure sign that a whole lot of people think it’s over. For such an A-OK campaign, however, Trump is […]

Ups and downs

UP: Hillary Clinton’s lead in battleground states DOWN: GOP’s chances of keeping the Senate majority UP: Republicans who came out against Donald Trump long ago DOWN: Republicans still backing Trump UP: Republicans for the Libertarian ticket DOWN: Hispanics who “love” Donald Trump UP: Tax breaks Trump wants for the rich DOWN: Trump’s “audit” excuse for not […]

Morning Bits

And Donald Trump’s team wonders why Republicans are giving up. “That a Republican presidential candidate was spending a Saturday night and campaign resources addressing a crowd in Connecticut was surprising, given that a Republican presidential candidate has not won the state since 1988, a fact that Trump himself acknowledged.” Teaming up with Trump surely was […]

Sunday wrap

Who said it? 1. “These guys have been outflanked, outmaneuvered, outsmarted, and they’re not taking it very well.” 2.  “[I]t’s almost as if Donald Trump is trying to lose.” 3. “I’m afraid of what Donald Trump would do to this country.” 4. “And Mr. Trump bears no responsibility for his campaign being off-message?” 5. “[H]e […]

Post-Trump Republicans: To shun or not to shun?

The #NeverTrump Republicans have about had it with the Trumpkins — the apologists on Fox Non-News, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus telling us not to believe what we read (we suggest not believing Donald Trump is being audited), the anticipatory claim of cheating in Pennsylvania, where Trump trails by double digits, the ludicrous “get […]

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