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The vice-presidential candidates’ to-do lists for the next debate

The vice-presidential debate Tuesday night will be a much less exciting affair — wouldn’t anything? — than the first presidential debate. Unlike with Sarah Palin, there is no widespread concern that Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) or Indiana Gov. Mike Pence could, if need be, ascend to the presidency if something happened to his running mate. […]

To understand how dumb our politics have become, listen to a real CEO

We have bemoaned the level of discourse in the presidential debate, but more specifically, the candidates’ neglect of the single most important issue we face: raising worker productivity. “Right now our productivity stinks,” explained GE Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt at the Aspen Institute/Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum today. We can get to $35-per-hour jobs, but not […]

Trump’s ingrained racism

Donald Trump told us last month what he thinks of African Americans: “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” In other words, you say “African American,” he thinks poor, uneducated, violent (our cities […]

Trump doubles down on defeat

It is not enough that Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns and may be using every available loophole to avoid paying taxes. He had to brag at the debate that he was “smart” not to pay taxes. It is not enough that he cruelly berated former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado for gaining weight. […]

Trump’s stumble spurs Clinton to open up, Biden to get mad

Relishing a decisive debate win, Hillary Clinton was back on the trail Tuesday. The debate did not allow for heartfelt moments (staving off Donald Trump’s interruptions demanded workmanlike cool, not frothy sentiment). That did not mean Clinton has given up on trying to show her softer side. In a speech in Raleigh, N.C., she told […]

Clinton’s post-debate insight

In our ordinary lives it is not unusual to think of the killer retort well after a confrontation is over. So it is with presidential debates, although fortunately for Hillary Clinton she has two more outings to make a key point. On her press plane Tuesday, most media attention focused on her wisecrack, “Anybody who […]

Morning Bits

If you are complaining you are losing. “Donald Trump’s long night on Long Island morphed into a day of finger-pointing Tuesday, as he revived his brashest personal style to explain an erratic debate performance against Hillary Clinton.” This is how a loser behaves. “He looked flustered and exasperated. He sniffed. He sighed. He rolled his […]

Republicans’ tax cut trap

In Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton, as many conservatives hasten to point out, made an unsupportable argument that the Bush tax cuts caused the 2008 crash. You might make the argument that insufficient regulations or Fed policy (sustaining a bubble) or housing policy (everyone should own a home) or simply Wall Street irresponsibility is to blame […]

Imagine if Republicans hadn’t lost their minds

As Donald Trump flailed and sniffled his way through the presidential debate on Monday night, one could not help but imagine: What if the Republicans had nominated any of the “normal,” reasonable Republicans, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), former Florida governor Jeb Bush or Ohio Gov. John Kasich? Most of […]

Conservatives’ major fail on trade

Donald Trump began the debate with an assault on trade. Among other whoppers, he said: China is still devaluing its currency; jobs are fleeing due to defective trade deals; “thousands” of Ford jobs are leaving Michigan and Ohio; and Mexico’s value-added tax (VAT) is unfair — or something. (In all honesty, his word salad on […]

The questions left unasked

In a 90-minute debate, you can cover only a fraction of what voters think is important. That means there were acres of unplowed issues Lester Holt did not touch upon in the first of three debate outings. Next week is the vice presidential debate, but looking ahead to the final two presidential debates (if Donald […]

Eight takeaways from Trump’s awful night

We know from past debates that the winner of the post-debate spin is as important as the winner of the actual debate. We know many people will not watch the entire debate, or any of it, so their opinions will be shaped to an outsize degree by the media reaction and “snap polling” afterward. In that […]

Yes, Mr. Secretary, you are delusional about Syria

The catastrophe in Syria shows no signs of abating. The Post reports: The White House says it’s difficult to envision any military cooperation with Russia in Syria because Moscow has repeatedly failed to fulfill its commitments to a recent cease-fire deal. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the situation in the city of Aleppo got […]

Morning Bits

Another falsehood debunked. “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says the cost of keeping troops overseas and protecting allies is bankrupting the United States. But a new study has crunched the numbers and found that America’s security commitments are a net economic gain, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) […]

Debate night: Clinton vs. Trump

The hype and expectations game going into the first presidential debate were at fever pitch, but, like Super Bowl games to which the Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump debate was frequently compared, it was not as competitive as one might have imagined. Clinton came away the winner, accomplishing what she set out to do. She […]

Hillary’s toughest question

The presidential debate tonight is Donald Trump’s best, and maybe last, chance to change the trajectory of the race in his favor. Despite a ludicrous amount of hubbub over Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia and “diving” poll numbers the last couple of weeks did not change the fundamentals of the race: Clinton, already with an advantage in […]

Obama’s Iraq incrementalism is back

Last week news outlets reported that the Pentagon had requested another 500 boots on the ground in the fight in Iraq against the Islamic State: The new deployment, if approved by the White House, would assist Iraqi and coalition forces in preparing for the battle to capture the northern city, the extremist group’s last major stronghold […]

How can Trump supporters trust he is on their side?

We concede all politicians lie. Nevertheless, Donald Trump is in a class by himself. As David Frum correctly notes: Donald Trump’s dishonesty … is qualitatively different than anything before seen from a major-party nominee. The stack of lies teeters so tall that one obscures another: lies about New Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11, lies about his opposition […]

Trump’s Russia problem

In advance of the debate tonight the Clinton campaign put out a new ad suggesting Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes because of nefarious connections to Russians: The ABC report referenced in the ad explained: As questions have been raised about Trump’s business interests with Russians, the candidate has sought to distance himself from […]

Ups and downs

UP: Number of campaign staffers playing the debate expectations game DOWN: Effectiveness of the debate expectations game UP: Nonwhite voters’ intense dislike of Donald Trump DOWN: Trump re-raising the birther issue UP: Need for anti-bias training for police DOWN: Gov. Mike Pence’s notion we shouldn’t look at institutional racism UP: Vote to ban ransom payments […]

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