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Bernie Sanders is right: Hillary Clinton’s silence is unconscionable

Bloomberg reports: Hillary Clinton’s refusal to take a stand on a controversial Asia trade deal is offensive, one of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s challengers, Senator Bernie Sanders, said Thursday. “I don’t understand how,...Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina wants to reclaim ‘feminism’

In a call with supporters previewing her speech on the state of women in America tonight at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Carly Fiorina said, “It is important to have this conversation as conservatives. It is important to have this conversation as Republicans.” She invited her followers to acknowledge, yes, women’s potential is still being underutilized. […]

End of the discussion?

Two of the leading young lights in conservative media, Guy Benson and Mary Katherine Ham, are out with a new book, “End of Discussion.” They take on a serious topic with wit and levity — the left’s impulse to shut down speech that “offends,” or more clearly, differs from the liberal hymnal on proper thought […]

In defense of going on offense

Karl Rove makes a plea for GOP presidential candidates to play nice. Drawing comparisons with the last presidential campaign, he warns that “if this group of candidates conducts itself as the last group did in 2011 and 2012, Republican enthusiasm will decline dramatically. Republicans did not like then, and will like even less now, personal […]

The fallacy of campaign certitude

Jeb Bush is either going to miss the $100 million fundraising mark or make it. His campaign is either in turmoil or it is just beginning, collecting some of the best under-40 talent around (Danny Diaz, Michael Steel, Tim Miller, Robert Story Karem, John Noonan). He is sinking in the polls or he never had […]

More flaws in the Iran framework

It has not been a good week for the president’s Iran framework. It seems the more experts and lawmakers see, the worse the deal looks. At the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Iran’s ICBM program — which the administration agreed to leave out of the talks — multiple experts blasted the decision to exclude […]

Morning Bits

Scrambling in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s ruling: “[President] Obama and other supporters were apparently completely taken aback when a majority of states refused to take the financial bait and set up state exchanges. The administration has been scrambling ever since to convince the public and the courts that what actually happened didn’t really happen, and […]

Scott Walker’s Common Core conundrum

In an op-ed in the Des Moines Register, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) writes: In 2011, we changed that broken system in Wisconsin. Today, the requirements for seniority and tenure are gone. Schools can hire based on merit and pay based on performance. That means they can keep the best and the brightest in the […]

Democrats become the obstructionists

Politico reports: Congressional Republicans are calling Democrats’ bluff on government spending and vowing to press ahead with funding bills despite filibuster threats from the left — a move that deepens a standoff between both parties and all but ensures an all-out spending war this summer. Senate Democrats have threatened to blockade the GOP’s spending bills […]

How important is Iowa?

Just because the Iowa straw poll is going the way of the dinosaurs does not mean the caucuses themselves are unimportant. Far from it. Although it will not determine the nominee, it surely will eliminate some. Top-tier candidates like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are going […]

A ‘major’ shift in Iraq or a useless gesture?

The New York Times eagerly reports a “major” shift in U.S. strategy in Iraq. But wait: It’s 450 troops on a new training base in Anbar Province? There must be some mistake. For that would be a useless, token gesture meant to assuage the media and critics, yet another lame effort to win a news […]

Obama’s magical thinking about Iran

President Obama has taken “wishful thinking” to a whole new level, making it the foundation of his approach toward Iran. Hence, we get to such peculiar conclusions such as: “Sanctions brought Iran to the table but sanctions relief won’t impede Iran’s agreement to a final deal.” We see his mindset when Obama imagines that merely saying […]

Rubio’s briar patch

Few Republicans welcome an attack from the New York Times on their finances or lifestyle. However, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and his team seem downright giddy about the Times’ pieces raising his traffic tickets over nearly 20 years (only 4 were his, the rest his wife’s) or his financial dealings as a 20-something. As The Hill reported: “The […]

Morning Bits

As expected: “United Nations monitors said governments reported no new incidents of Iran violating Security Council sanctions against its nuclear program, even though some have unfolded in plain sight.... While the panel found that Iran ‘implemented its commitments’ under an interim framework easing economic sanctions in return for curbs on its nuclear […]

A good news day for Rubio, Bush, Christie and Perry

Several candidates got a welcome lift in different venues over the last 24 hours. They came from New York, Germany, New Jersey and New Hampshire. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) got a break when the New York Times breathlessly reported he had financial issues in his twenties (which, unlike Hillary Clinton, was not in the late […]

Confusion about our enemy

On the far left and right, there is mass confusion about the identity of our enemy and the stakes. Isolationists including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) insisted we had no interest in a civil war in Syria and, for a time, could find no interest in Iraq. Hillary Clinton (who is pandering to the left of […]

Ignoring gettable voters

You sometimes get the sense the parties are vying for the distinction of leaving the most gettable voters to the other side. Hillary Clinton seems intent on recreating the Obama coalition — minus moderates, affluent voters and independents — while too many Republicans still think the election can be won by turning out more older, […]

Don’t forget Jeb’s strengths

Jeb Bush is getting some rather harsh press these days. “He’s lost his lead,” the media repeat endlessly (as if he had a real lead, as opposed to high name recognition). He’s too much about the past, and too similar to Hillary Clinton, others warn. His liabilities are well known — fatigue with the Bush […]

Are universities to blame?

In an engrossing interview with Bill Kristol, the conservative scholar, author and former Harvard professor Peter Berkowitz paints a dismal picture of our universities. He explains that he sees “a hollowing out of the core. I see a politicizing of the curriculum. I see curtailing of freedom of speech, liberty of thought and discussion on campus. […]

Obama blasé about the Islamic State, sneers at the Supreme Court

President Obama was on quite a roll on Monday. From Germany he proclaimed what we all knew — since the last bad news cycle regarding our lack of strategy to defeat the Islamic State, we have made little progress either on the battlefield or in devising a feasible strategy. If you did not know better, […]

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