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Donald Trump’s electoral shipwreck

It seemed self-evident to many Republican opponents of Donald Trump that a candidate with the highest unfavorable ratings (around 60 percent, with only about 40 percent favorable) in memory, hugely unpopular with woman (loses in the latest CNN poll by 61 percent to 35 percent against Hillary Clinton) and toxic with non-whites (loses 14 percent […]

Morning Bits

As well she should. “Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Wednesday released a campaign video featuring Republicans tearing into Donald Trump, as the two candidates pivot towards a likely general election face-off.” They were telling the truth about him, after all. Party hacks should listen up. “Donald Trump openly blamed George W. Bush for 9/11. […]

Clinton should learn from failed GOP candidates

Hillary Clinton won’t need much help stepping over the dead body of the GOP on her way to the White House. (The easiest job in the United States might be doing opposition research for her.) Nevertheless, she would be smart to absorb some of the lessons of the GOP race. First, she should not passively […]

#NeverTrump is good for the soul

With every noxious movement, dangerous leader and misguided endeavor, there are people who should know better but who cheer, enable or passively accept horrible ideas. To those cheerleading Donald Trump: Be prepared to shoulder a heavy burden, a soul-crushing weight for the next six months. Reince Priebus, Bobby Jindal, Fox Non-News hosts, talk show fans and […]

It’s the beginning, not the end, of #NeverTrump

You can never be too cynical, but when large numbers of Republicans say #NeverTrump, some of them actually mean it. Not all of them need to be true to their word for Donald Trump to lose, of course. A significant number of Republican refuseniks, combined with women, minorities and thinking people regardless of race and […]

The upside to the GOP’s crackup

The imminent nomination of a “pathological liar” such as Donald Trump is cause for consternation and even mourning, but it can also be liberating for longtime Republicans. When combined with the flame-out of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), the self-anointed prince of conservative purism, Trump’s rise should allow Republicans (or conservatives? What do we call them?) […]

What Cruz can do to brighten his future

We hope Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) learns the right lessons in defeat. As he labored to corral the not-Trump vote, we trust he recognized that he cannot lead a party in which he has sown dissension to advance his career. He perhaps now can comprehend that there is no majority even within the GOP of “very […]

How Republicans save the House and Senate

Republicans’ presidential prospects, once so bright for 2016 now look nonexistent. Soon Republican donors, activists and voters should begin to ponder whether the House and Senate can be saved. It is not impossible. In 1984, former vice president Walter Mondale got trounced, yet Democrats netted two Senate seats. In 1996, former Senate majority leader Bob Dole […]

Morning Bits

A solid explanation as to why the Middle East is a mess: “There are many consequences of the long decline and fall of the modernizing Arab republics: a power vacuum that leaves Arab world open to intervention, most recently by Russia and Iran; cultural and social crisis that made fanatical jihadi movements possible; economic crisis […]

Trump rolls to victory: The great separation begins

No one who has been paying attention to the GOP presidential race for the past couple of weeks can be surprised that Donald Trump scored a huge victory Tuesday night, prompting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to get out of the race. That his big win occurred on the same day as his insane accusation that Cruz’s […]

What is the value of continuing on?

If Donald Trump wins impressively in Indiana Tuesday night, principled conservatives and other center-right voters will be facing the unappetizing prospect of a Trump vs. Hillary Clinton match-up. There are two ways to change that scenario — the tiny sliver of a chance that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) in shouldering on can stop Trump short […]

If we can’t change Iran, which candidate will change our Iran policy?

Michael Singh of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy writes: One of the hopes underlying the Obama Administration’s approach to the Iran nuclear negotiations has been that reaching a deal would moderate the behavior of the Iranian regime.... The structure of the nuclear deal, or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), anticipates such […]

If Cruz loses tonight: Irony overload

Perhaps a last-minute change of heart will sweep across the Hoosier State. Maybe Indiana voters will finally figure out the emperor has no clothes or that the tales Donald Trump has been telling them are no more real than the education Trump University students received. A raft of polls suggests otherwise. For now, one can […]

Hillary Clinton’s guide to winning the votes of distraught Republicans

As Hillary Clinton’s campaign turns its gaze to the general election, it might spot some poor souls stumbling about, looking distraught and discombobulated. Every once in a while, these people might shout out, “And we could have had Marco Rubio!” or “And where were the evangelicals when we really needed them?” These would be Republicans, […]

Hard truths politicians won’t tell us

All politicians pander. They are not running a graduate seminar in economics so they shave and carve facts and their own opinions to match voters’ expectations. That’s nothing new. Less remarked upon is that politicians’ courage is inversely proportional to the seriousness of our challenges: The worse our problems the more they avoid tough realities […]

Carly did help, but is it enough?

The Morning Consult poll has some interesting data as to the impact Carly Fiorina has had on the race. Despite pundits talk that naming her this early showed Sen. Ted Cruz’s desperation and would backfire on him, voters think she is a small plus. In a national poll, the survey found that among Republicans, Fiorina […]

Morning Bits

There is no magic bullet. “Uncle Sam cannot simply snap his fingers and make these changes occur. But the U.S. can do a lot more to throw our not-inconsiderable diplomatic, political, economic, and military weight behind trying to improve the dismal political picture in Iraq. This will require a concerted effort of the kind that […]

Clinton will trounce Trump on foreign policy

Remember way back when Hillary Clinton looked like a sitting duck on foreign policy? (That would have been 2015.) She’d been secretary of state for a president who made numerous errors. The Middle East is aflame, with Iraq coming apart at the seams. As long as the GOP put up someone minimally competent who did […]

Donald Trump, master fabulist

Elites’ fetish with postmodernism — the negation of objective truth in favor of subjective emotions — shares its disdain for facts with authoritarian leaders. The latter insist that you adopt their views as “truth,” no matter the evidence before your eyes; left-wing elites posit that people are entitled not only to their own opinions, but their […]

Rubio: A phenom who rose too quickly — or was he never going to make it?

Looking back on the 2016 presidential field, there was no candidate who seemed to hold as much potential or engender as much excitement as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) did. His family’s story was inspirational. He had a winning smile and could produce stirring rhetoric. And yet there had been warning signs that the exterior charm […]

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