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Will chaos be the defining trait of the Trump White House?

In every presidential administration to date we have never seen: A president lacking any semblance of impulse control — and who had 24/7 access to social media. A president who has no governing experience, along with so many advisers (e.g. Stephen K. Bannon, Reince Priebus, Jason Miller, Steve Mnuchin, Kellyanne Conway) who have never served […]

Distinguished people of 2016

From the mundane (Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton) to the horrific (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s bloodbath), there were plenty of people who distinguished themselves in 2016 by their ineptness, cowardice, dishonesty and cruelty. But let’s try to keep in mind some who stand out for positive reasons. They deserve praise. Sen. […]

Surprises under the tree?

For at least 65,844,954 Americans (48.2 percent of the electorate, those who voted for Hillary Clinton), 2016 was one horrible surprise after another — President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to run, Clinton’s email debacle, the Russian email drops, the final vote. We could all use some pleasant surprises, something other than the worst-case scenario becoming reality (over […]

Morning Bits

A powerful thumbs up from former senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) : “I think you’re going to find in the weeks ahead in the confirmation process on David Friedman that it’s going to be very clear that … he and President Trump want to be part of achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and that some […]

Here are signs that ethics scandals will keep weighing Trump down

President-elect Donald Trump may think the voters don’t care about his ethical quagmire, but at some level the man who coined “Crooked Hillary” must know that the constant drumbeat of scandal, conflicts of interest and greed eventually can erode the public’s trust in its leaders. Well, Trump’s problems increasingly seem to dominate the news: His […]

Fighting the wrong battle on Sessions

Democrats in and out of the Senate are well aware that their effort to derail the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) may fail. In a dozen or more conversations we have had with think-tank liberals, Hill staffers, outside activists and strategists, they concede two points. First, the deference shown to fellow senators is remarkably […]

The House GOP agenda is already out of date

The House GOP agenda rests on two flawed assumptions: (1) We are on the brink of a recession, and (2) Obamacare has to be repealed at all costs, as soon as possible. Republicans seems to have bought into President-elect Donald Trump’s portrait of American dystopia. It may have worked to gin up votes among those […]

How the opposition should respond to Trump

Democrats and #NeverTrump Republicans (collectively, the Trump opposition) arguably have taken the lessons of the 2016 election too seriously and not seriously enough. The margin of victory was tiny, and the election was complicated by a bizarre cavalcade of events (e.g. James Comey, Russian hacking, a nearly lifelong politician running in a change election year). […]

Foreign money trips up Trump

Ethics gurus Richard Painter and Norman Eisen may have full-time employment during a presidency distinguished in its transition by its blithe indifference to foreign meddling in our democracy and by its own glaring conflicts of interest. Show More Summary

Morning Bits

President-elect Donald Trump’s Achilles heel: “You’re seeing members like John McCain and Lindsey Graham kind of coming out guns blazing, even threatening the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be secretary of state, saying that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is a butcher and a thug, and we can’t do business with him. The concern is that […]

Ryan’s disingenuous ‘repeal and delay’ plan for Obamacare

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) seems to be feeling the heat from members of Congress, the press and outside groups (such as hospitals) who object to pulling the plug on Obamacare and not telling Americans, health-care providers and insurance companies what comes next. In an obviously defensive email blast, Ryan’s office asserts: Obamacare is […]

The cowardly GOP

In what may have been intended as a defense of GOP lawmakers now lining up behind President-elect Donald Trump, a Politico report underscored just how spineless Republicans are these day. With a big majority in the House, gerrymandered safe districts and most of the governorships and state legislatures, you would think Republicans would be gaining […]

A president’s legacy includes the things left undone

USA Today reports on its joint poll with Suffolk University: Overall, [President] Obama is leaving office with healthy ratings. By 55%-40%, Americans have a favorable opinion of him. That’s much better than [Donald] Trump’s ratings, which remain underwater by 5 points — 41% favorable, 46% unfavorable — although the president-elect’s standing has been improving. Just […]

Retroactive explanations for Trump’s actions don’t make sense

Having failed to take President-elect Donald Trump seriously or to fully appreciate how deep were Hillary Clinton’s flaws, members of the media have engaged since the election in a bout of self-recrimination. They’ve lambasted themselves for “living in a bubble,” for not understanding their fellow Americans and for all manner of blindness. While there is […]

When Trump goes off the rails, these five people can help

A Politico reports contends: “Democrats anxious over the future of their party and despondent over Donald Trump’s victory are pushing for President Barack Obama to more actively wield his status as the liberal standard-bearer to counter Trump’s presidency.” Who are these Democrats — five Democrats still in post-election mourning sitting in a Starbucks in Dupont […]

What has become of Tom Cotton?

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), quickly developing a reputation as a first-class apple polisher for President-elect Donald Trump, cooed: “Rex Tillerson is one of the most distinguished business leaders in the world and he will bring a remarkable set of skills and experiences to the role of Secretary of State. Rex and I enjoyed a wide-ranging conversation about Russia, […]

Morning Bits

Soon disputes over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be the next president’s problem. “Iranian officials are threatening to take action in the event that a controversial jet deal between Boeing and Iran Air collapses. Their heated rhetoric comes amid congressional opposition to the sale and mounting speculation that the deal will become unworkable […]

What the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should ask Tillerson

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has his hands full running interference for President-elect Donald Trump. He insists an investigation of Russian hacking can be done by House and Senate intelligence committees, despite a bipartisan drumbeat for a select committee. He also vouches for secretary of state nominee Rex W. Tillerson. “My prediction is that […]

Trump makes the feckless Obama look tough on Russia

A report by the American Enterprise Institute’s Fred Kagan,”Understanding Russia today: Russia’s many revisions,” should be required reading in the incoming administration and Congress. He explains: [Vladimir Putin] is redefining Russian...Show More Summary

Trump’s doubly dumb trade policy

One hopes that at least one of the billionaires nominated for President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet will explain to him that he is doing exactly the wrong things if he thinks China is “eating our lunch” or “killing us” or whatever. (Have you noticed all the Chinese students want to come here to study and remain […]

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