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How to prevent chaos at the first GOP debate

The Hill reports, “The rapid growth of the GOP presidential field is causing major headaches for party bosses ahead of a primary debate season that begins this summer. The dilemma for Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, is stark: If the declared field grows to 18 or 20 candidates, as now looks plausible, how can […]

Ted Cruz’s hypocritical efforts to become more mainstream

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has often encouraged libertarian fearmongering on the National Security Agency surveillance program, accusing the government of listening in on our calls. He praised Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for his drone filibuster and has resisted putting forth a full-throated plan to defeat the Islamic State. And there was no bigger opponent of […]

Jeb speaks from the heart

  At the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) in Houston on Wednesday, Jeb Bush gave the best speech of his pre-presidential campaign. Speaking without a script and with more emotion than we have seen he slipped into Spanish at times and remained upbeat and conversational. He spoke at length about his life — meeting his […]

Myths about Corker-Menendez

  Politicians, conservative pundits and the mainstream media are doing the country no favors in discussing the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (also known as Corker-Menendez). No matter how many headlines, statements or op-eds are written, several of their assertions simply aren’t true. Show More Summary

Morning Bits

The appeasement train rolls on. “Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio and six other Senate Republicans are demanding that the Obama administration explain why Iran was excluded from the terrorism section of an unclassified security assessment.” He’s not conceding anything. Show More Summary

Reimagining Reaganomics

Jim Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute writes that the flat tax “would raise taxes on middle-class and working-class families and the poor, and worsen some of [the] worst anti-growth aspects of the current code. If the flat tax is the answer for Republicans, what the heck is the question?” The question, I suppose, is […]

At least 6 reasons Ted Cruz shouldn’t be commander in chief

With typical self-puffery, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has laid out a “Cruz Doctrine” on foreign policy. However, it is likely to concern rather than mollify those who follow foreign policy closely and who have criticized the folly of the Obama administration. 1. In a heavy-handed attempt to separate himself from President George W. Bush, he declares his […]

More headaches for Hillary Clinton

At a time when she is reeling from multiple scandals, the foreign policy debacles she helped create and a political talent deficit, Hillary Clinton got two more pieces of bad news. Since she is firmly adhering to the White House, running for essentially a third Obama term, she will have to bear the burden of […]

The yin, the yang and the question mark in the GOP race

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at times seem to be two halves of an ideal candidate. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has both halves but a big question mark. Jeb Bush, we have learned, can opine on virtually any public policy matter. He is well-traveled, well-versed and well-funded. He can chat […]

Marshall Islands ship seizure shows perils of an unrestrained Iran

The New York Sun editorial board tells us: “The Gods of Irony certainly were on their game when they had the Iranians interrupt their plot to acquire an atomic bomb so they could seize a ship flying the flag of the Marshall Islands. The Marshalls are levying a lawsuit at the Hague against the nine […]

Corker-Menendez clears first hurdle

The first amendment to the Corker-Menendez bill to force the president to bring a final Iran deal to Congress went down to defeat in the Senate on Tuesday evening. The Hill reported: Senators on Tuesday blocked a Republican push to require a final deal on Iran’s nuclear program be submitted to the Senate as a treaty. Senators […]

Morning Bits

Not what anti-immigration hysterics want to hear. “In particular, a recent study by scholars Gihoon Hong and John McLaren looked at the experience of over 9 million workers in 219 metropolitan labor markets between 1980 and 2000. They find that each immigrant creates 1.2 jobs for local workers. Most of these go to native workers […]

Iran’s bullying on the high seas

The New York Times reports: Iran on Tuesday took control of a Marshall Islands-flagged ship and its crew of 34 people after accusing the ship of trespassing on its territorial waters, American defense officials said, and the United States Navy sent a destroyer toward the Persian Gulf in response. A Pentagon official in Washington said […]

If anti-gay marriage forces lose, here’s why

After listening to the entirety of argument on the first issue (a constitutional prohibition on anti-gay marriage bans), I have some additional thoughts. As much as the attorney for Michigan (defending the same-sex marriage ban) was overwhelmed and struggled, it was not his fault. The case was lost, in a sense, way, way before. Justice […]

An intriguing gay marriage debate

For those who believe that there is no logical reason other than bias to prevent gays from marrying, it may be hard to understand why the Supreme Court is struggling with a decision that could either eviscerate gay marriage bans or else leave a patchwork of states that allow gay marriage and states that disallow […]

About abolishing the IRS . . .

Mom, apple pie and abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. What could be more American? Unfortunately, getting rid of the IRS is bunk, unless you simply want to rename it. David Drucker reports: [Sen. Ted] Cruz said he envisions shifting the tracking and collection of federal taxes to “some much smaller division” of the Treasury Department. The […]

The Democrats’ reckless bet on an unethical Godzilla

Liberals and some media figures declare that Hillary Clinton is home free because there is no receipt (“one uranium sale approval owed“?) for the millions the Clintons took from foreign governments, Wall Street firms and titans of finance. Actually, they have no idea what is out there and when it might come to light. That […]

Gay marriage and gay rights: America has been won over

  As the Supreme Court hears arguments today to determine whether same-sex couples can access the right to marriage, there is more evidence that gay couples have won in the court of public opinion. Like World War II enemy soldiers who fought on from bunkers on a remote island because they had not found out […]

The top 3 2016 hopefuls

It was not too long ago that MSM pundits were calling Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) the frontrunner in the 2016 presidential race. Rightwing talk show hosts claimed Jeb Bush’s position on immigration (which turns out to be pretty much the same as several other candidates) would make him a nonstarter. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was […]

Morning Bits

Will he stop at $999 million then? “Jeb Bush Says Spending $1 Billion on a Campaign is Unnecessary.” Wait. But she is going to back Hillary Clinton? “[Sen. Elizabeth] Warren’s two biggest confrontations have been over Obama nominees whom she saw as too oriented toward Wall Street.” Another sign of the end of dysfunction. “Under pressure […]

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