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Obama’s own administration now fighting back

When Republicans win the White House, they are used to fighting trench warfare against their own executive branch employees. The permanent civil service is predictably liberal and often seeks to throw sand in the wheels when a Republican president attempts to steer policy in new ways. It’s entirely expected that you will have permanent bureaucrats […]

Brexit: Same phenomenon, different country

The stunning United Kingdom referendum vote to exit the European Union was in many ways a long time coming. Tories for years bemoaned the heavy hand of E.U. regulators and diminished British sovereignty. On one level, it was part of a long history of British antipathy toward the continent. But in this case, Brexit also tells us […]

Conservatives react to affirmative action decision

Conservative opponents of race-based affirmative action are exceptionally displeased with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas (Fisher II), allowing the use of race in that school’s admissions process. The nub of their argument is that the majority opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy pretends to follow Fisher I, which by insisting on […]

Morning Bits

Both sides agree: The president failed on immigration reform. “Though Obama predicted an immigration overhaul is inevitable, he conceded it won’t happen while he’s president due to opposition from the current Congress.” Bipartisan agreement slap-down of Donald Trump’s favorite world leader. Show More Summary

Harry Reid’s Florida candidate implodes

As we have written, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) staked a lot on his handpicked candidate for the Florida Senate seat, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.). Murphy was supposed to be the escape hatch, the “safe” candidate to block mercurial, lefty Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) in a critical primary for a Senate contest that could […]

Trump desperately needs an escape plan — and delegates can provide it

Consider the following data points: First, down in the polls, pummeled for a lack of fundraising and lacking a serious organization, Donald Trump goes to Scotland for his own business purposes. He won’t go to Altoona, Pa., or Youngstown, Ohio, but he’ll go to a golf course across the Atlantic. The golf project, by the […]

Court decisions: What they tell us, and don’t

Over the last 24 hours we have seen: A Baltimore judge declared yet another police officer not guilty in the Freddie Gray case. The Supreme Court by a 4-to-3 margin — thanks to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, not the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia — muddied the waters on affirmative action, although both sides would […]

Senate Republicans can win — by avoiding Trump

Senate incumbents running in a presidential election year can run either as “Help our candidate achieve his agenda” or “Stop the other candidate from hurting us too badly.” Because Donald Trump’s agenda is either uncertain (e.g. What’s his tax plan today?) or toxic (e.g. Round up 11 million people) or liberal (e.g. Social Security needs no […]

Clinton makes the case for a GOP-led Congress

Hillary Clinton’s economic speech made a compelling case for two arguments. The first she intended, the second she surely did not. As to the first, she once again made a compelling case against Donald Trump: The self-proclaimed “King of Debt” has no real ideas for making college more affordable or addressing the student debt crisis.  […]

Rubio sounds incoherent on Trump

In his statement explaining his decision to run for reelection, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) declared: “With Hillary Clinton, we would have four more years of the same failed economic policies that have left us with a stagnant economy. We would have four more years of the same failed foreign policy that has allowed radical Islam […]

Morning Bits

This is why we need an independent judiciary. “A federal judge appointed by President Obama struck down the administration’s regulation on hydraulic fracturing on federal lands on Tuesday, ruling that the Interior Department does not have congressional authority to regulate fracking.” A much-needed boost for congressional power. Show More Summary

10 takeaways from the House GOP’s Obamacare alternative

The Post reports on the rollout of the House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plan: The new plan does not include any price tags but rather resurfaces ideas that have long been discussed in Republican policy circles.  ... “It’s a framework,” the aide said, explaining that the nitty-gritty of a GOP health-care plan would be hashed […]

Clinton’s possible VP picks: Only one is ready for prime time

The Post reports, “The Hillary Clinton campaign has begun checking into the positions, backgrounds and financial dealings of at least three potential vice presidential candidates, Democrats familiar with the process said Tuesday: Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, Sen. Show More Summary

‘Free the Delegates’ gets lots of help

Each day the scales seem to tip ever so slightly in favor of the Dump Trump convention movement. In fact, as we get closer to the convention, the reasons for not dumping him are evaporating. Take the argument that delegates should not upset the “will of primary voters.” Aside from the misunderstanding of the concept […]

Rubio’s run comes with challenges

The good news for Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) just-announced Senate reelection bid is that he stands a good chance of winning. A Quinnipiac University poll finds: In Florida, Sen. Rubio leads U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy 47 – 40 percent and tops U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson 48 – 40 percent. Murphy and Grayson are ahead of several […]

Trump met with evangelical Christians and all he got was a lousy list

Donald Trump met with 1,000 evangelical Christian “leaders” in New York. He dispensed such words of wisdom as: Some of the people were saying, ‘Let’s pray for our leaders. Well, you can pray for your leaders, and I agree with that. Pray for everyone. But what you really have to do is you have to […]

Trump makes Clinton’s point for her

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday delivered in Columbus, Ohio, an economic speech, or rather, a speech shredding Donald Trump’s economic notions and business dealings. Her essential point was simple: Trump is a selfish con artist always out to feather his own nest. And boy did he underscore that message with his release of campaign finances. As […]

Morning Bits

Panic time. “New campaign finance reports showing Trump had less than $1.3 million in the bank heading into June ignited fears that the party will not be afford the kind of national field effort that the entire Republican ticket depends on. The real estate mogul responded by going on the offensive, saying GOP fundraisers have failed […]

The only Republican to come out ahead in 2016

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has inspired #NeverTrump forces by standing foursquare against Donald Trump. His refusal to endorse an unacceptable candidate stands in contrast to the long line of Republicans who capitulated to Trump and now are burdened with the task of defending him. Beltway conventional wisdom says this is a terrible mistake. (“Though Sasse […]

Pulling back the curtain on the sales job for the Iran deal

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration glossed over evidence of Iran’s nuclear weapons program as it spun and sold the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to Congress and the public. Iran analyst and JCPOA critic Omri Ceren emails, “The U.S. has concluded that Iran conducted activities relevant to creating nuclear […]

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