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Morning Bits

The Anti-Defamation League slams President Obama: “The Obama administration’s intensified critique of Israel for housing plans in East Jerusalem, saying it will poison the atmosphere and even come between Israel and ‘its closest allies,’ is myopic, ill-timed and off the mark.” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) slams Obama for harping on building in Jerusalem and the failed […]

Bush 43: Jeb ‘wants to be president’

Former president George W. Bush says of his brother Jeb, “Yeah, I think he wants to be president.” While adding that he doesn’t think Jeb has made up his mind one way or another, the former president said, “He understands what it’s like to be president for not only the person, or serving, plus family. […]

Leon Panetta blows whistle on lies about Iraq

In clear and unequivocal terms, former Defense Secretary and CIA director Leon Panetta confirms precisely what conservative critics, lawmakers, former officials, tactical experts and military officials have said about Iraq: President Obama was advised to keep a stay-behind force and warned  about the consequences if he did not. He preferred to keep his campaign pledge […]

On the Islamic State, voters are ahead of our timid president and GOP opportunists

If House and Senate Republicans wonder why — other than for the sake of coherent policy — so many Senate GOP challengers are running on a tough foreign policy line and refusing to rule out ground troops in the war against the Islamic State, they need look no further than the mound of polling data […]

Fix the Senate: More experience, less Harry Reid

It is telling that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) – who supported the shutdown, filibustered on an absurd national security issue (arguing against drone jihadists overseas), falsely smeared a fellow senator, voted against bipartisan immigration reform bill and every budget compromise since elected, and now wants to invalidate a state law so he can run for president while keeping […]

Getting the Sunni tribes back in the fight

Despite the president’s rhetoric about conducting a war from the air and some right-wingers’ uninformed dismissal of  a “political” component to the war against the Islamic State, it is essential, just as it was in the original Iraq surge, to gain the cooperation of the Sunni tribes to expunge violent extremists in their midst. Who […]

Obama and Netanyahu not exactly in sync

Even in the cordial remarks before the meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one could sense the tension between two very different visions of the Middle East. Recall just days ago Obama at the United Nations lectured the Jewish state, “The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis […]

Morning Bits

Giving Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) a run for his money as the worst Democratic candidate of the cycle. “A Colorado insider said Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has done ‘everything you could possibly do wrong’ in his campaign against his Republican challenger Bob Beauprez, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt reported. ‘He’s angered some Democrats over gun control; he’s […]

Time for Dems to stop covering for White House blunders

If you want to know what is wrong with Washington, here is the perfect story, by way of the New York Times: [S]ome Democratic officeholders and strategists have complained that the [Secret Service] episode contributes to a broader impression that the Obama administration’s competence has come under fire on a variety of fronts, including last […]

Obama’s reckless aversion to ground troops

The president made a grievous error regarding keeping ground troops in the Middle East, is making an irresponsible promise now with regard to deploying ground troops and is recklessly cutting the number of ground troops that will be available for the remainder of his presidency and into his successor’s term. Let’s look at the past, […]

Romney should be the first to say: ‘Run, Paul Ryan, run.’

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Rep.) has what many potential 2016 candidates lack. Unlike New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has not been is able to give more than a superficial answer on national security (the “jury is out” is all he could muster on President Obama’s Islamic State debacle), Ryan is conversant and confident when it comes to strategy […]

Twenty ways to be different from Obama

It is a truism that an unpopular president tends to beget his opposite (Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan, for example). If so, then what could we expect from President Obama’s successor? 1. A president who every day, rain or shine, sits down for an intelligence briefing in person. 2. A president who promptly fires an […]

‘Desperate’ describes the West’s Iran negotiations

“Desperation” is the most common adjective one hears about the administration’s negotiating posture in the P5+1 talks. William Tobey, a veteran of arms talks with the Soviets and the former deputy administrator for nuclear nonproliferation, writes:   “There’s a bit of a sense of desperation about coming up with ways to break the logjams, on the […]

White House ‘appalled’ no more by civilian casualties

I trust the Israelis will not lecture the administration that “there is always more to do” to avoid civilian casualties, nor will the Israeli government proclaim itself  “appalled” and civilian deaths “totally unacceptable and totally indefensible” when it comes to fighting the Islamic State. The United States spoke in such terms to Israel during the Gaza […]

Morning Bits

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) argues against reimbursing Big Insurance via the so-called risk corridors. “We should not be bailing out a failure. Given the Obama Administration’s history of taking executive action to re-write Obamacare and ignoring the legislative process, Congress needs to make sure taxpayers don’t end up paying for an ObamaCare bailout in 2015 or […]

Shaheen on the defensive for defending Obama

It is not hard to see why Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) is ducking debates, refusing appearances, and trying to limit her exposure to hard questions from a well-prepared opponent. Challenger Scott Brown has been attacking her for supporting Obamacare and more recently for being “confused”about national security threats. In a phone interview he tells me, […]

Applying what Perry learned in 2012

Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to demonstrate he learned something in 2012. What can other Republicans learn from him? For starters, arrogance is one’s undoing. (President Obama’s tenure teaches us this as well.) Perry confesses, “I was a bit arrogant.” And that in turn leads to under-preparation. Perry again: “Preparation is the key to it, […]

If not the 3rd Obama term, what is Hillary Clinton running on?

The Hill headline reads: “GOP casts Clinton as third term for Obama.” But isn’t it true that she is running to continue his policies? The GOP is not simply “casting” Hillary Clinton as a continuation of the Obama presidency. A far more accurate headline would be: “Clinton spinners cast her as not at all like […]

The undoing of the Iraq and Syria revisionists

If President Obama and his spinners won’t accept conservatives’ take on the failures and missteps leading up to the Islamic State and the region-wide chaos in the Middle East, maybe they will believe the New York Times. Strangely enough, it confirms the facts and arguments conservative critics have been making for years now. What is […]

What makes someone run for president?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) denies he has decided to run for president, which is only slightly more believable than Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she has not yet decided to run. Political neophyte Dr. Ben Carson says he is thinking about running. Rick Santorum is “taking the temperature of potential donors.” The potential candidates who seems […]

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