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Trump is tearing us apart

The Post reports: Seven in 10 Americans say the nation’s political divisions are at least as big as during the Vietnam War, according to a new poll, which also finds nearly 6 in 10 saying Donald Trump’s presidency is making the U.S. political system more dysfunctional. The Washington Post-University of Maryland poll — conducted nine months […]

Distinguished pol of the week

Never have we heard a speech like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) delivered on the floor of the Senate, blasting the president of his own party and urging his fellow Republicans to stop worrying about reelection, grow a spine and recapture our democracy. He declared: When we remain silent and fail to act when we know […]

Republicans are running out of justifications for their tax plan

The Wall Street Journal reports: The U.S. economy posted its best six-month stretch of growth in three years, rebounding quickly from two hurricanes and showing momentum heading into the year’s final months. Gross domestic product—the broadest measure of goods and services made in the U.S.—expanded at a 3% annual rate in the third quarter, the […]

What the latest Iran vote tells us

The Associated Press reports: The Republican-led House overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation Thursday that would slap new sanctions on Iran for its pursuit of long-range ballistic missiles without derailing the 2015 international nuclear accord that President Donald Trump has threatened to unravel. Show More Summary

Trump’s opioid announcement is as empty as his Trump U promises

President Trump is and will always be a carnival barker, a snake-oil salesman, a flim-flam artist who dresses up a lot of nothing in showy garb. He’s gotten people to buy his crummy steaks, stay in gaudy hotels and pay thousands of dollars for Trump U. With that in mind, you can fully appreciate his […]

Two approaches to Roy Moore illustrate the GOP divide

Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore serves as a convenient dividing line. If Republicans cannot oppose a former state supreme court justice ousted twice from the bench who espouses rabidly anti-Muslim views and believes homosexuality should be criminalized, the GOP is truly headed for the ash heap of history. So how are they doing? In […]

Morning Bits

Disappointment awaits those desperate to believe this president can be domesticated. “For all of the talk of Mr. Kelly as a moderating force and the so-called grown-up in the room, it turns out that he harbors strong feelings on patriotism, national security and immigration that mirror the hard-line views of his outspoken boss. With his attack […]

10 reasons Biden may run in 2020

The reasons for former vice president Joe Biden not to run in 2020 for president are not insubstantial. He has run unsuccessfully for president twice before. He will turn 78 in November 2020. At a time insiders are vilified, he’s truly a lifetime politician, having served in one capacity or another from 1970 (on the […]

Trump’s culture wars are a bore

President Trump knew how to ride to the White House on a wave of white resentment, evangelical victimhood and Fox News watchers’ obsession with foreigners. His fixation on cultural and racial pot-stirring has continued, of course, with a wink to neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, pandering to “values voters” (You can say “Merry Christmas”!), attacks on the […]

Could a DACA fix get done?

HuffPost has reported: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) privately conceded to a group of House conservatives on Tuesday that he plans to include a legislative fix for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children in a year-end spending deal. Asked if he envisioned a December omnibus spending bill including Cost Sharing Reductions for […]

Flake’s example argues for an independent presidential candidate in 2020

The appetite among Republicans for repudiating President Trump, defending democratic norms and deploring nativism, xenophobia and protectionism is apparently so slight that the only major Republican elected officials willing to go after...Show More Summary

Trump’s poll numbers should be a warning to Republicans

Despite the eloquence of former president George W. Bush and Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) — all of whom have discussed the unfitness of President Trump and the unacceptability of Trumpism — we have yet to see a throng of brave Republicans step forward to grab their party back […]

Morning Bits

We noticed. “Trump: I ‘really started this whole fake news thing.'” Notice there is lots of talk but not much else. “Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Wednesday he is working with his Democratic counterpart in the hopes of crafting a bipartisan plan that meets President Donald Trump’s demand for a stronger […]

What matters and what doesn’t in scandal news

Here’s a tip: Whenever Republicans launch a story about Hillary Clinton, it is a transparent diversion — except for Fox News, which can play this stuff in an endless loop and avoid covering a cratering president. Uranium? Investigated and debunked long ago. The State Department was one of nine agencies that approved the acquisition by […]

On health care, Sen. Lamar Alexander got what no other Republican has

Each Republican health-care plan has been eviscerated by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which exposed huge tax cuts for the rich, loss of health-care coverage for tens of millions of Americans and increased premiums for older, more rural Americans. Finally, a Republican has gotten a boost from the CBO. Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty […]

The GOP’s tax rewrite needs to be rewritten

The effort to spin the White House tax reform outline as a “middle-class tax cut” has hit a brick wall. According to a Reuters-Ipsos poll, among “adults who said they had heard of the ‘tax reform plan recently proposed by congressional Republicans,’ just 28 percent said they support it, while 41 percent said they oppose […]

Gillespie breaks the hypocrisy meter

After running “Willie Horton”-style ads featuring menacing Hispanic gang members, whipping up the phony issue of sanctuary cities (which don’t exist in the state) and turning into a Confederate statue-hugger, Ed Gillespie, the GOP nominee for Virginia governor, has decided to bring into the state two prominent Hispanic leaders, both of whom favor immigration reform. […]

How Republicans can heed Flake’s stirring call to action

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) delivered a stirring call to action in the Senate against a president who has proved himself unfit to govern. In an op-ed for The Post, Flake continued his message: “The outcome of this is in our hands. We can no longer remain silent, merely observing this train wreck, passively, as if […]

Flake showed what utter cowards his fellow Republicans are

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) spoke on the Senate floor on Tuesday with a moral clarity we have rarely seen among his fellow elected Republicans — and never from GOP leadership on Capitol Hill. He simultaneously denounced the president, revealed the moral cowardice of his party and summoned fellow citizens to stand up for their democracy. […]

Morning Bits

That makes perfect sense. Steven Rattner: “I understand why [Sen. Bernie] Sanders and his acolytes believe that sweeping progressive ideas — however unrealistic they may be — might capture the public imagination better than the more carefully constructed proposals of centrists, policies that are harder to articulate and can come across as mushy. But the Sanders […]

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