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You could make a decent speech from what Trump didn’t say

Contrary to our (low) expectations, many cable TV talking heads avoided exaggerated gushing over President Trump’s State of the Union address. Even for the most starry-eyed optimist squinting to see flashes of “presidential” temperament,...Show More Summary

Kennedy’s speech — so how’d he do?

Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) had the utterly thankless task of delivering the response to the State of the Union. Speaking in front of a live audience that frequently applauded was smart. Did he look awfully young and have a distracting bead of sweat (or was it saliva) at the corner of his mouth? Yes, […]

Trump is placing poor bets with his economic boasts

What struck me listening to President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night was how much economic good news he inherited from President Barack Obama. Like the crowing rooster who claims credit for the sunrise, Trump would like us to think that all good things are attributable to him. In fact, the average monthly […]

Morning Bits: Nothing the GOP won’t sacrifice at the altar of Trump

It’s for show, folks. “Ever since President Donald Trump signed a massive corporate tax cut into law last month, some of the biggest American companies have been touting pay increases as evidence of profits translating into meaningful gains for workers. But there’s a problem with this spin: Nearly all of the companies involved, from Walmart to […]

Trump’s State of the Union: A diatribe against immigrants

President Trump’s State of the Union address was the perfect reflection of him — self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, disingenuous and entirely lacking in empathy. “There has never been a better time to start living the American dream,” he declared, as if the dystopia of the Barack Obama years — that bleak, losing, crime-ridden nightmare — had vanished […]

Republican response to Trump’s assault on the Justice Department: A collective yawn

For those political watchers convinced that at some point Republicans will push back in meaningful ways against President Trump’s assault on democratic norms, today must be another downer. Once again, GOP “leaders” seek to normalize Trump, not combat the erosion of democratic institutions. Show More Summary

Morning Bits: Trump not the only one addressing things today

There is plenty for them to address. Preet Bharara [the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York] and Christine Todd Whitman [a former EPA administrator and one-time governor of New Jersey] are “launching an independent democracy...Show More Summary

Trump is tearing down the FBI and the Justice Department. Won’t the GOP stop him?

On Monday, the White House successfully forced out FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. In contravention of the protocol followed by both Democratic and Republican administrations, chief of staff John Kelly — not the White House counsel — was the point person for the effort. Kelly, who holds a purely political role, was tasked with badgering […]

What I would like to hear from Joe Kennedy

It is useless to set forth the themes and sentiments that I would like to hear tonight from President Trump during his first State of the Union address. He either won’t say them or, if he does, we’ll know that he is either insincere or simply clueless. A more interesting proposition is what I — perhaps […]

Trump upstages his State of the Union address with a meltdown over the Justice Department

We’re not much further along than we were Monday in piecing together the explanation for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s abrupt departure. Reports are disturbing insofar as they paint a picture of a vengeful president who is out of control and of a chief of staff, John F. Kelly, helping President Trump to muscle […]

You want fake news? Watch the State of the Union.

State of the Union addresses have become Washington kabuki theater at its worst. Everything is for show — the staged applause, the invited guests in the gallery, the self-congratulations, the empty promises. The insincerity on all sides oozes from the chamber. Worst of all may be the chin-stroking pundits who pretend this is significant. They […]

Andrew McCabe is retiring early. Here’s what we know.

After reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at the direction of the president, unsuccessfully applied pressure on FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, McCabe has announced that he intends to depart earlier than planned. NBC News, which first reported McCabe’s exit, tells us: “A long-time career servant, McCabe had served […]

Democrats have a historic opportunity. They shouldn’t blow it.

Bloomberg reports: “An analysis by Bloomberg Government of historical data, election maps and public polling points to sweeping Democratic gains in the November election, when all 435 House seats and one-third of the Senate are on the ballot.” Adding to normal losses for the incumbent party in midterm elections is President Trump’s drag on the […]

If a DACA fix fails, let’s be crystal clear who’s to blame

The Republican Congress’s complete subservience to the White House is nowhere more evident than on immigration. There are clear, overwhelming majorities in both houses for a narrowly focused bill to legalize the “dreamers” and to strengthen border security. A bill of that type, however, almost certainly will not get an up-or-down vote in both houses. […]

Finally, a good argument for the wall

The arguments against a wall on our southern border are well known. It is unnecessary, wasteful, and inefficient if not useless (but may do wonders for the ladder industry). A wall may actually increase the number of illegal immigrants in the United States (by making it hard for seasonal workers to go back and forth). […]

Will Trump be the final Republican nominee for president?

The Concord (N.H.) Monitor reported last week: “John Kasich is coming back to the first-in-the-nation primary state. The two-term Ohio governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate will headline a fireside chat at New England College...Show More Summary

Bogus conspiracies, and a bona fide money trail

The Post reports: Over the past year, this tactic has become pervasive: defending [President] Trump by arguing that it’s actually the president who is the victim of a conspiracy and whipping up whatever evidence is at hand to bolster that claim. This effort has by now spawned nearly as many branches and subparts as the […]

A year of Trump foreign policy: More is broken than the State Department

Understandably, a great deal of the foreign policy debate in the first year of the Trump presidency has centered on process — the dysfunction and exodus of career Foreign Service people from the State Department, the tenuous relationship between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Trump, and whether foreign policy can be coherent when […]

After his gusher of lies, can anyone trust Trump?

Republicans and their handmaidens at Fox News would have us believe all sorts of things. The FBI was part of a “deep state” plot to oust the president. A 20-year veteran of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, was a Hillary Clinton flunky. The report that President Trump paid $130,000 to a porn star is a “baseless” […]

America is winning, just not in places Trump voters live

Hillary Clinton carried counties that “accounted for nearly three-fourths of the nation’s increased economic output and almost two-thirds of its new jobs in the years leading up to [Donald Trump’s] election,” Ron Brownstein reminds us. The...Show More Summary

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