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Put Tillerson out of his misery, Mr. President — just fire him

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, widely derided as the weakest secretary of state in recent memory, has only highlighted his marginal status in the administration. His slow-motion reorganization of the State Department, refusal to rebuff the president’s demands for enormous cuts to his budget, failure to reach beyond his close-knit staff, derogatory remarks about […]

Arpaio reminds us: Trump’s team enables evil behavior

As Hurricane Harvey was about to make landfall President Trump announced the pardon of former Maricopa sheriff Joe Arpaio, not mentioning the circumstances of his conviction for criminal contempt (i.e., flagrantly violating and then boasting about violating a court order on racial profiling). Once again, Trump made common cause not with the victims of racism […]

Ups and downs

UP: Bipartisan outrage over pardoning of Joe Arpaio DOWN: Cowardly Friday afternoon news dumps UP: Republican awareness that President Trump is unfit for office DOWN: Chances that Republicans do anything about Trump’s unfitness for office...Show More Summary

Morning Bits

The “But Gorsuch” argument destroyed. “No conservative lawyer (at least no lawyer who thinks that his or her profession is in the least bit a public trust) can, or should, support the erosion of critical public legal institutions that Trump has come to exemplify. To this my conservative friends (especially the lawyers) have a rejoinder. It is so […]

Sunday wrap

Who said it? 1.  “The president speaks for himself.” 2. “I wouldn’t have done it this way. And it absolutely should be out of bounds for somebody to use that as some sort of a political wedge. It appears as though that’s what it was.” 3. “It’s terrible when we take immigrants who have been […]

The generals running the government can’t do it all

It has become painfully obvious that President Trump does the ranting, and the generals (one still a three-star, the other two retired) do the governing. That’s a problem for democracy and also for domestic policy. Trump tweets and bellows at campaign events. He threatens lawmakers of his own party and raises the possibility of a […]

Distinguished person of the week

This week, University of California at Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ sent a message out to students and faculty. It began: This fall, the issue of free speech will once more engage our community in powerful and complex ways. Events in Charlottesville, with their racism, bigotry, violence and mayhem, make the issue of free speech even […]

It’s all about not losing in Afghanistan

The Post reports: Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and the senior U.S. Embassy official, special charge d’affairs Hugo Llorens, spoke at a joint news conference about the importance of reaching a settlement with the Taliban in an attempt to end the nearly 16-year war. In an address Monday, Trump focused […]

Democrats might not lose any ground in the Senate

Conventional wisdom has it that Senate Democrats, who will have to defend 25 seats, including 10 in states that Trump won in 2016, are likely to lose ground in the 2018 midterms. The numbers alone would make it hard for Republicans not to gain ground, right? Well, as things are playing out, Republicans might make no gains or […]

Guidelines on toppling Trump in 2020

A Republican pollster, Tony Fabrizio, for reasons that mystified many Republicans, put out a poll showing that 50 percent of GOP voters would prefer President Trump in the 2020 race. He claimed it was proof that Trump was “crushing a hypothetical GOP primary field. So much for the ‘buyer’s remorse’ the DC insiders are convinced […]

Trump provokes widespread anxiety

The George Washington University Battleground Poll released on Thursday reports: There is widespread national concern about President Donald Trump’s public discourse and behavior, according to the latest George Washington University Battleground Poll. Show More Summary

Morning Bits

Thumbs down for Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. “Tillerson has actually been far worse than I imagined — and I was never a fan to begin with. I called for the Senate to reject his nomination because I feared that his amoral approach to world affairs and his affinity for Vladimir Putin would reinforce Donald Trump’s […]

The markets’ revenge on Trump

President Trump loves to brag about the stock market, as if his mere presence in the White House has brought a new era of prosperity. Well, what the markets give, the markets can take away. The Wall Street Journal reports on fears of a default, which would occur if the debt ceiling is not raised […]

Trump’s obsession: Russia, Russia, Russia

It’s odd, isn’t it, that President Trump’s campaign had so many advocates on behalf of friendly relations with Russia and so many people wanting to establish connections to Russia — and not, say, China, Germany, Brazil or some other world power? Hmm. Likewise, it’s weird, I think, that Trump, who cares not at all about […]

Another blow to voter-ID laws — and the Trump Justice Department

The Associated Post reports: A federal judge who has compared Texas’ voter ID requirements to a “poll tax” on minorities once again blocked the law Wednesday, rejecting a weakened version backed by the Trump administration and dealing Texas Republicans another court defeat over voting rights. U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos rejected changes signed by […]

Rabbis join business leaders and artists in snubbing Trump

Four major associations of American rabbis have decided not to hold a conference call, an annual event begun under President Barack Obama, for the president to extend High Holy Day greetings to American rabbis. “We have concluded that President Trump’s statements during and after the tragic events in Charlottesville are so lacking in moral leadership […]

The Virginia GOP shows why it’s becoming irrelevant

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie was having a hard enough time with the Charlottesville fallout, trying to walk the tightrope between keeping right-wing supporters and President Trump fans on his side and trying not to offend the hundreds of thousands of moderate Northern Virginia voters. He wasn’t doing a very effective job, trying to […]

Trump is losing

The Quinnipiac poll confirms that the large majority of Americans haven’t lost their minds or their consciences: President Donald Trump is doing more to divide the country, 62 percent of voters say, while 31 percent say he is doing more to unite the country, his worst score on this question, according to a Quinnipiac University […]

Morning Bits

On the unprecedented number of vacancies: “If diplomacy is your secret to ending the longest U.S. war in history... we need to have our State Department firing on all cylinders.” Unparalleled in its awfulness. “The cover art [on the Claremont Review of Books] depicts immigrants as men with masks holding knives, Hispanics wearing sombreros, ominous […]

Trump’s silliest threat yet: Shutting down the government

President Trump, during his Phoenix temper tantrum, vowed: “If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall. One way or the other, we’re going to get that wall.” As a starting point, the trick in shutting down the government is not to admit you are the one instigating it, since Americans routinely […]

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