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Republican Senate candidates do much better than Trump with Hispanics

Last week, America’s Voice, a pro-immigration group, released the results of a national survey of more than 3,700 Hispanic voters. By an astounding 70 percent to 19 percent, they favor Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is viewed unfavorably by 74 percent of Hispanics. Today, it has put out data on seven battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, […]

Hillary Clinton is another Colin Powell victim

Suspicion falls on a high-level administration official. Colin Powell, who cultivates a saintlike image as a man above politics, knows that the accused is blameless. He nevertheless remains silent so as not to besmirch his own image. The accused twists in the wind and suffers personal and professional calamities, which largely could have been avoided […]

This week’s Baghdad Bob

It’s Friday and time for our “Baghdad Bob” award, named in honor of Saddam Hussein’s information minister who spouted hilarious and totally false tales of success at the onset of the Iraq War. This week’s award — for the most cringe-worthy spin on behalf of Donald Trump — goes to Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus. […]

Morning Bits

Like  father, like son. “Donald Trump Jr. promotes conspiracy theory on Clinton earpiece.” Good grief. You may not like the result, but not every sleazy act is criminal. “Federal prosecutors will not attempt to retry former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, on corruption charges, ending a years long saga that rocked […]

Another 50-state poll shows big trouble for Trump

Morning Consult is out with a new 50-state poll of more than 18,000 voters, which differs only slightly from The Post’s survey released earlier in the week. The Post survey has Hillary Clinton with 244 electoral votes; Morning Consult’s poll puts her at 258 (with close states, that goes up to 321.) In neither survey […]

It won’t be so easy to skate by in the debate

As it is, Donald Trump’s performance in the commander-in-chief forum Wednesday night is getting panned. Hillary Clinton was so anxious to criticize him she actually held a news conference. (Republicans, by the way, should be on the lookout. “Every Republican holding or seeking office in this country should be asked if they agree with Donald Trump about […]

Someone should pin down Pence on Trump’s outrageous views

The job of a vice-presidential nominee is to help the top of the ticket articulate and defend his positions as well as attack the opposition. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is doing a credible job of the latter — it’s hardly a difficult task to get Republican audiences riled up about Hillary Clinton. He is not, […]

What Hillary Clinton should say to the Baptists

Later today in Kansas City, Hillary Clinton will address the National Baptist Convention, the nation’s oldest and largest African American religious organization. Clinton is already wiping the floor with Donald Trump when it comes to African Americans. This, however, gives her a chance to speak specifically to a faith-based group. She shouldn’t miss the chance to send […]

Trump flunks the commander-in-chief test

Hillary Clinton did not have a great night at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday. Donald Trump had a horrendous one. It was in that sense a microcosm of the race: Only against Trump could Clinton seem far and away the most responsible contender. Clinton started off playing defense on — what else? — her emails. […]

Renewed optimism on GOP Senate races

Politico reports that outside groups have raised $100 million for GOP Senate candidates. The Democrats seem to have given up on Ohio, where Sen. Rob Portman (R) is comfortably ahead and running well above Donald Trump’s numbers at the top of the ticket. There is also growing confidence that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will hold […]

Morning Bits

Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation tout  a nearly $100 million fundraising haul. “Donors, skeptical of Donald Trump and increasingly convinced he will lose in November, are turning away from the presidential race in an effort to save their legislative firewall on Capitol Hill.” Republicans boast that their party is serious about national security. This certainly […]

Evan McMullin: More professional than professional pols

It is hard to remember that the “real” candidates are supposedly a vitriolic real estate mogul and a woman whose ethical radar is permanently on the fritz. It is, however, the guy who got into the race just four weeks ago with no political experience and no experience in pay-to-play malfeasance who is composed, thoughtful […]

The political landscape has changed, but the GOP hasn’t

Observers following the minutiae of electoral politics can easily forget how radically political fortunes can change. The GOP suffered one of its worst presidential defeats in 1964; it won the presidency in 1968. The South used to be solidly Democratic; after the Civil Rights movement that changed dramatically. There used to be moderate GOP senators […]

Trump voters should be held accountable

Donald Trump for more than a year has pitched his loathsome message to the voters’ worst instincts (bigotry, resentment) in the most vulgar terms we have witnessed in a presidential election in at least a century. He mocks the disabled. He ridicules women’s physical appearance. (First, he insulted Carly Fiorina’s face, now he says Hillary […]

Why isn’t Trump facing a bribery investigation?

Donald Trump has demanded that Hillary Clinton be investigated, tried and convicted of bribery in connection with meetings she held as secretary of state with those who gave to her foundation. There are plenty of reasons this is silly, including the lack of evidence that Clinton met with these ex-donors — who include a Nobel […]

Republicans for Clinton join the fray

The group –Republicans for Clinton in 2016 — has been actively recruiting Republicans to announce support for Hillary Clinton and has been busy publicizing its cause. Co-founder John Stubbs tells me, “The entire focus of our voter outreach is on the 4-5 million Republican voters who won’t vote for [Donald] Trump but might still […]

Debate questions for Gary Johnson

Based on current polling, the Libertarian nominee, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is not likely to make the presidential debate, where the poll requirement is set at 15 percent. If so, that would be a shame in an election in which voters are terribly unsatisfied with the two major party contenders. Since the difference between […]

Morning Bits

Here’s the latest tumult between the White House and Republicans on the defense budget. “House Speaker Paul Ryan slammed the Obama administration for plotting to derail the GOP’s defense spending legislation Tuesday, alleging the Pentagon is...Show More Summary

How Trump is helping #NeverTrump

James K. Glassman, an adviser to (a GOP group backing Hillary Clinton) and former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, argues that if you really think Donald Trump is a threat to the nation you have to vote for Clinton because she is the only one able to stop him. He writes, […]

For the GOP, what would a landslide look like this year?

That we are debating whether Donald Trump will lose by a landslide or only as badly as, say, Mitt Romney is evidence of how badly the election is going for the GOP. The label “landslide” has serious consequences for the post-election GOP’s future (if any) and for the Clinton 45 administration. For the GOP, it […]

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