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This is the right election to be unlikable

To his credit, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) admits he is not a warm and fuzzy guy. In the town hall before Wisconsin’s primary, he acknowledged, “What I will say is I’m a pretty driven guy. That has pros and cons. I have always been a very driven guy.” In the October GOP debate, he offered, “If […]

Morning Bits

Hillary Clinton, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), is running against a know-nothing. “Clinton said that judging by his remarks, it was clear to her that he ‘hadn’t done his homework and he’d been talking for more than a year about doing things that he hadn’t really studied or understood.’ The core of his campaign ‘doesn’t seem […]

Six ways to knock out Bernie Sanders in New York

Hillary Clinton is signaling she’s had enough of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). She is no danger of losing on the delegate count, but continued losses reinforce the perception she is a weak, vulnerable general election candidate. At home in New York, it makes sense for her to take off the gloves. Not so long ago she […]

Obama’s sneaky concession to Iran

The Obama administration, facing a violent backlash in Congress, swears up and down that it does not mean to give Iran direct access to U.S. banks. When pressed, however, it seems that the president is trying to achieve the same result, a unilateral concession to Iran that bolsters its economy, only by different means. The […]

Kasich racks up another humiliating loss

Unlike the shameless Donald Trump, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, we hope, is capable of self-reflection and dealing with reality. If so, he surely must recognize after Wisconsin’s balloting that his 31st loss out of 32 contests tells him something. Kasich not only came in third, but also came in a distant third in a Midwestern […]

#NeverTrump takes a victory lap

You can excuse some anti-Trump forces last night dancing in the end zone. They have been working furiously to rouse Republicans and undercut Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP. After the race was called for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) — or rather, against Trump — the primary anti-Trump group Our Principles PAC put out […]

Cruz made the most of the spotlight after Wisconsin victory

As we suggested Tuesday before the Wisconsin primary results were in, it was important for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to rack up a big victory in Wisconsin and then make the most of his opportunity to deliver a victory speech to the country. He did both, winning by more than 13 points and giving one of his […]

Incoherence on the right and the left

You might be confused as to why in open primaries some voters have a hard time choosing between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Donald Trump. Well, they have lots in common. Take a look at this on trade deals: So I think we need trade. But I think it should be based on fair trade […]

Morning Bits

Like Donald Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sounds incoherent and uninformed in an extended interview. “It is a giant double standard. If [Hillary Clinton] gave answers like that, she would be creamed.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) feels her pain. The State official sounds as confused as the Senate about what the administration is up to. […]

Wisconsin reset or just a bump in the road for front-runners?

Early calls in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) in Wisconsin’s Democratic and Republican primary races suggest the margin of victory will be significant when the votes are all counted. (In exit polls Hillary Clinton lost by 7 points and Donald Trump by  11 points.) Clinton’s loss in Wisconsin almost […]

Will voters dump the most scandal-plagued member of Congress?

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.), a member of the Freedom Caucus, is one of the few members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump. He may be the most ethically compromised member of Congress, which is quite an achievement. In August 2014, The Post reported: Weeks before the 2012 election, papers from his 2001 divorce were released, […]

If Trump were the chief executive, he’d be fired from his campaign

One can envision a presidential campaign as a multimillion-dollar corporation, operating in every state with difficult marketing, press, employee and revenue issues. If you think of a presidential campaign as a probationary period, at the end of which voters can decide to hire the candidate for a four-year contract based on performance, Donald Trump, ironically, […]

As important as a win tonight: Cruz’s victory speech

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is widely expected to win in Wisconsin tonight. He will have a large national audience and the attention of the punditocracy for his victory speech. In the past, he has fumbled opportunities like this with excessively long and unfocused remarks. At this stage in the race, he cannot afford to do […]

Trump’s desperation begets new harebrained idea

It would be impossible to implement. It’s unconstitutional. It’s an insult to voters’ intelligence. These objections apply to most of Donald Trump’s ideas, including his latest scheme. The Post reports: Donald Trump says he will force Mexico to pay for a border wall as president by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of […]

What dueling memos tell us

Yesterday, an angry, bitter internal Donald Trump campaign memo authored by campaign senior adviser Barry Bennett surfaced. It was not so much a memo as a rant against the media and the “Washington Establishment.” He fumed about the widespread perception his candidate was melting down: “Yet another pathetic display by the so called experts who […]

There is something worse than a Beltway pol: Trump

Donald Trump has certainly capitalized on and exploited some Americans’ economic anxiety, public anger and predilection for conspiracies. His support is strongest among the least educated and poorest elements in the GOP electorate. His support, due to his open hostility toward women unimpressed with his charms, is also increasingly male. As Michael Barone points out: […]

Morning Bits

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) or Josh Earnest? “I would encourage women to stand up [to Donald Trump] and say, ‘You know what, I’m not going to put up with his nonsense...” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) or President Obama? “NATO continues to be a linchpin, a cornerstone of our collective defense and U.S. […]

Seven silver linings in the Trump cloud

Sure, Donald Trump has lowered the level of presidential rhetoric, incited violence, given voice to misogynists and anti-immigrant groups, and put the very survival of the GOP at risk. But it’s not as though it’s all bad. Consider seven silver linings in the ominous Trumpian cloud hanging over the heads of Republicans and, really, all […]

Impossible for Paul Ryan to run for president? Think again.

Regarding the potential for a deadlocked Republican convention to nominate him, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) insists: “No, I’ve already said that that’s not me.” He continued: “I decided not to run for president. I think you should run, if you’re going to be president. I think you should start in Iowa and run to the […]

Obama increasingly isolated on Iran giveaways

According to President Obama, “Iran so far has followed the letter of the agreement, but the spirit of the agreement involves Iran also sending signals to the world community and businesses that it is not going to be engaging in a range of provocative actions that might scare business off.” He added, “When they launch […]

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