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The recurring claim that the medical device tax has cost more than 30,000 jobs

“One area where we’ve become less competitive is in the health-care industry because of Obamacare. We’re seeing lost jobs, we’re seeing higher costs. And here, the House is working to address that well, bringing bipartisan legislation forward this week to repeal the medical device tax, something that has led to more than 30,000 jobs being […]

Has there been one school shooting per week since Sandy Hook?

“Since Sandy Hook there has been a school shooting, on average, every week. How on earth can we live with ourselves if we do nothing?” — Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), speech on Senate floor, June 24, 2015 The shooting rampage that killed nine churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., has again sparked debate over gun control and mass […]

Fact checking the Obamacare rhetoric, pro and con

Moments after the Supreme Court upheld a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, our inbox began to be flooded with statements from politicians either condemning or praising the 6 to 3 ruling. These e-mails were then followed by queries from readers asking for an explanation of the facts spouted in those statements. Here’s a […]

Huckabee’s claim that ‘global freezing’ theories from the 1970s shows the science is ‘not as settled’ on climate change

“Whether it’s man-made or not, I know that when I was in college I was being taught that if we didn’t act very quickly, that we were going to be entering a global freezing. And, you know, go back and look at the covers of Time and Newsweek from the early ’70s. And we were […]

Lindsey Graham’s zombie claim about no fugitive being arrested after a failed gun background check

“Well, 80,000 people failed a background check last year or two years ago. Nine thousand were felons on the run from the law and not one of them was arrested or prosecuted. Absolutely, if I get to be president of the United States, you fail a criminal background check, you try to buy a guy […]

Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush on economic growth under Obama

“When President Obama honored the bargain, we pulled back from the brink of depression, saved the auto industry…and replaced the jobs we lost faster than the historical average after a financial crash.” — Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton (D), presidential announcement speech, June 13, 2015  “They’re responsible for the slowest economic recovery ever, the […]

Rand Paul’s ridiculous story of an elderly man imprisoned for ‘dirt on his land’

“Over 40 years, we now define pollutants as dirt and your back yard as a navigable stream. It wouldn’t be funny if we weren’t putting people in jail for it. Guy named Robert Lucas, down at the southern part of Mississippi, 10 years ago was 70 years old. He was put in prison for 10 […]

Jeb Bush’s slam against Washington, D.C.

“This morning I was in Washington, Iowa. Washington, Iowa, is a little different than Washington, D.C. It’s pretty, the people there are hard-working, they don’t think that they’re the masters of people. It’s not the most prosperous place in the world, in the United States. Sadly, Washington, D.C., is. I don’t know if you know […]

Planned Parenthood’s claim that ’60 percent’ of voters oppose 20-week abortion ban

“A solid 60 percent of voters oppose 20-week bans when they understand the real-world impact these laws would have.” — Planned Parenthood Action Fund, news release, June 11, 2015 The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, also known as the 20-week abortion ban bill, seeks to ban abortions earlier than the age of viability, generally pegged at […]

Fact checking Donald Trump’s presidential announcement speech

Businessman Donald Trump is a fact checker’s dream…and nightmare. He spouts off so many “facts,” often twisted or wrong, that it takes a lot of time to hack through the weeds. So here are some of the highlights—and lowlights—of Trump’s announcement on June 16 that he will seek the Republican nomination for president. As is […]

The stale statistic that one in three black males has a chance of ending up in jail

“A black male baby born today, if we do not change the system, stands a one in three chance ending up in jail. This is an unspeakable tragedy.” — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), interview on the Charlie Rose Show, June 11, 2015  This was interesting factoid offered by the Vermont senator, who is seeking the […]

Bill Clinton’s claim that Hillary did economic diplomacy because there was no Commerce Secretary

“She [Hillary Clinton] believed that part of the job as secretary of state was to advance America’s economic interests around the world. And, for much of the time she was secretary, for a number of complex reasons, we didn’t have [a] commerce secretary. And now we have got Penny Pritzker. And she’s very vigorous and very […]

Rubio’s claim that two-thirds of Americans make less money today than in 2002

“We are living through a moment of transformation that we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution. And yet we have all these leaders, especially on the left, that are stuck in the past. Two-thirds of Americans today make less money than they did in 2002.” — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), speech at “Roast and Ride” […]

The Four-Pinocchio claim that ‘on average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old’

“On average, girls first become victims of sex trafficking at 13 years old.” –Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), speech on the Senate floor, May 29, 2015 Defense attorneys sometimes warn that bad legal precedents are created through criminal cases against organized crime, because prosecutors take advantage of the fact that most people are willing to overlook legal […]

Perry’s cherry-picked claim that America would have lost 400,000 jobs without Texas

“In the last seven years of my tenure, Texas created 1.5 million new jobs. As a matter of fact, without Texas, America would have lost 400,000 jobs.” –Former Texas governor Rick Perry (R), presidential announcement speech, June 4, 2015 In declaring his second bid for the presidency, Perry touted one of his favorite talking points: […]

Chafee’s absurd comparison on the fiscal impact of the Iraq war and the Bush tax cuts

“As you know, from my announcement speech, I talked about waging peace and the economic benefits that can come from that. The war in Iraq is costing us $6 trillion, $6 trillion. The tax cut was $1.6 trillion. I mean, what this war is costing us has just dwarfed all the other spending that’s going […]

The most popular fact checks of May

Topping the list of the most popular fact checks of May is a Four-Pinocchio claim by Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who had falsely asserted that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than major corporations in New York. But close on her heels was another Four-Pinocchio claim by one of her possible GOP rivals — […]

Walker’s claim that a controversial abortion law allows a choice of ultrasounds

“It [the transvaginal ultrasound] has to be offered to the individual [seeking an abortion]. They can choose whether they want to see it or not, or have it done it or not.” –Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker (R), speaking in Manchester, N.H., May 30, 2015 “Simply put, if someone is going to go in for an […]

O’Malley’s claim on unprecedented wage stagnation for 70 percent of Americans since World War II

“Today in America, 70 percent of us are earning the same or less than we were 12 years ago, and this is the first time that that has happened this side of World War II.” — Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley (D), presidential announcement speech, May 30, 2015  O’Malley officially entered the Democratic presidential race […]

No, federal workers are not necessarily watching porn on their days off

“Survey: Federal employees commemorate Memorial Day by watching porn” –Headline on article, May 22, 2015 “What do federal employees do on their days off? When it’s a federal holiday like Memorial Day, you might imagine firing up the grill and hanging out with friends and family. Some new data released today shows that many may […]

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