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The most popular fact checks of July

This month’s round-up of the most popular Fact Checker columns covers a wide variety of topics, from taxes to Obamacare to diplomacy, and once again shows the enduring interest in the Clintons. Programming note: Just as Congress goes on recess in August, so does The Fact Checker. Please keep sending tips for fact checks, especially […]

Fact checking the new Web site, ‘’

“On the inaugural Redskins team in 1933, four players and then-head coach William Henry ‘Lone Star’ Dietz identified themselves as Native Americans.” –from “History of our Name,” on The Washington Redskins have been...Show More Summary

Would boosting the eligibility age for Medicare save it from ‘bankruptcy’?

“We ought to have a platform to plan to save Medicare from bankruptcy. Under current law, Medicare goes bust. I don’t think that’s responsible. We have laid out a plan to save it from bankruptcy not only for current seniors but for future generations. I’d like to see the president and the Senate put some […]

Is Obama creating a ‘national school board’?

“As governor, I worked with President Reagan to try to get Washington completely out of our local schools. As senator, I have been trying to stop President Obama from creating a national school board for 100,000 public schools.” –Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), speaking in a new campaign ad Sen. Lamar Alexander is fond of easy-to-remember […]

The Walsh campaign’s claim that the senator’s plagiarism was merely incorrect citations

“Senator Walsh included 96 citations for a 14-page paper at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He acknowledges the citations were not all done correctly, but that it was an unintentional mistake.” –statement from the campaign of Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) Jonathan Martin of the New York Times reported on Wednesday that Walsh “appropriated” […]

Do 10,000 baby boomers retire every day?

“Each day,10,000 baby boomers retire and begin receiving Medicare and Social Security benefits.” –Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), writing in The Wall Street Journal, July 22, 2014 A reader asked about this line in Sen. Portman’s article, which warned of a looming budget crisis because of growth in entitlements. Could this figure possibly be true? The […]

Exemptions for congressional staff in ‘Obamacare,’ or hyprocisy?

“[As a doctor,] I saw that when politicians and bureaucrats control health care, your health care suffers.  Politicians know this.  So some in Congress exempted staff from Obamacare.  It’s good enough for us but not for them — that’s what’s wrong with Washington.” –Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), candidate for U.S. Senate, in a campaign ad […]

Biden versus Gates: foreign-policy smackdown

  It’s a foreign-policy smackdown! First, former defense secretary Robert Gates, in his memoir “Duty,” lashed out at Vice President Biden as being “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Now, in an interview with the New Yorker magazine, Biden has fired back: “You go back, […]

4 Pinocchios for a rocker’s off-base claims about taxes and the ’1 percent’

  “The 1 percent pays 80 percent of all taxes. Fifty percent of the population of the U.S. pays no taxes. The 1 percent provides all the jobs for everybody else. If the 1 percent didn’t exist, there would be chaos and the American economy would drop dead.” –Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, in an interview […]

The claim that sanctions on Iran have cost the U.S. $175 billion in lost exports

“In these economic times, one simply cannot ignore $175 billion in lost export revenue or 200,000 lost jobs in one year.” –Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, in a news release, July 14, 2014 The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a group that aims to foster better ties between the United States […]

The Cheneys’ claim of a ‘deep, longstanding, far-reaching relationship’ between al-Qaeda and Saddam

“It is undisputed, and has been confirmed repeatedly in Iraqi government documents captured after the invasion, that Saddam had deep, longstanding, far-reaching relationships with terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda and its affiliates. It...Show More Summary

Obama’s claim that 700,000 jobs are ‘at risk’ over highway funding

“If Congress fails to fund it [the Highway Trust Fund], it runs out of money.  That could put nearly 700,000 jobs at risk.” — President Obama, remarks at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, McLean, Va., July 15, 2014 This is fairly standard language from the president and other administration officials about the Highway Trust Fund, […]

Obama’s claim that the GOP has ‘blocked every serious idea’

  “So far this year, Republicans in Congress have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class.” –President Obama, weekly address, July 12, 2014 This has become a standard line in the president’s oratory, as part of making his case that he’s “acted this year to help working Americans on my own– when Congress […]

Democrats on Hobby Lobby: ‘Misspeaks,’ ‘opinion’ and overheated rhetoric

“Really, we should be afraid of this court.  The five guys who start determining what contraceptions are legal. Let’s not even go there.” — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), at her weekly news conference, on July 10 In the wake of the Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 ruling that, as a closely held company, Hobby Lobby was […]

A Kentucky shootout over stale Medicare claims

“Senator, I’m a retired coal miner and I want to know how you could have voted to raise my Medicare costs by $6,000.” –Don Disney of Cloverlick, Ky., in an ad for Alison Lundergan Grimes, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate “Obamacare cuts $700 billion from seniors’ Medicare. Obama and Grimes will pay for Obamacare on […]

Did health insurance premiums jump 50 percent because of Obamacare?

 “Lamar was proven right” –voiceover of new campaign ad for Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) This campaign ad highlights Alexander’s role as one of the chief GOP critics of President Obama’s health-care law during a nationally televised “health-care summit” held on Feb. 25, 2010. The ad shows Alexander debating the president over whether the Congressional Budget […]

Michigan lawmaker inflates his conservative cred

“Justin Amash was rated Michigan’s number one conservative” –voiceover of Amash for Congress ad, as the words “National Right to Life,” “Club for Growth” and “FreedomWorks” appear The intramural fight between Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and his challenger Brian Ellis has turned into a battle over who is more conservative, with much of fight centering […]

The most popular fact checks of June

Obamacare is clearly fading as an issue. For the first time since we started these monthly round-ups, not a single column on the Affordable Care Act cracked the top five list. The column on John McCain’s flip-flop was by far the most widely read column of the month, suggesting there continues to be strong interest in […]

Hillary Clinton’s claim that Hobby Lobby wanted to stop covering all contraception procedures

“It’s very troubling that a salesclerk at Hobby Lobby who needs contraception, which is pretty expensive, is not going to get that service through her employer’s health-care plan because her employer doesn’t think she should be using contraception.” – Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, June 30, 2014 […]

Sebelius’s claim that Obamacare has brought ‘affordable coverage’ to 22 million people

“There are now 22 million people with affordable coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and that’s a big deal and that number will grow.” — Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, in a speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival, June 27, 2014 This number — 22 million — is an interesting figure […]

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