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The Braley-Ernst clash over ‘personhood’ in Iowa

Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa): “What I won’t do is support the type of legislation that Sen. Ernst introduced in Iowa—which would have banned all forms of abortion, that would have prevented certain forms of contraception from being available to Iowa women, that would have prevented in vitro fertilization and prosecuted doctors for performing what are […]

Did Intelligence agencies or the White House err on Islamic State?

  CBS News correspondent Steve Kroft: “How did they [Islamic State terrorists] end up where they are, in control of so much territory? Was that a complete surprise to you?” President Obama: “I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in […]

The NRA’s over-the-top ad stretches the facts with its images

“Mary Landrieu voted to take away your gun rights.” –new National Rifle Association ad, airing in Louisiana  This new NRA ad certainly packs a punch. It opens with idyllic scenes of a mother in an upper middle-class home checking on her baby in the crib and texting a spouse who’s away: “Love You. Good Night.” […]

Bill Clinton’s claim that 100,000 cops sent the crime rate ‘way down’

  “I worked hard to put more than 100,000 police on the street and the crime rate went way down.” –Former President Bill Clinton, in an interview on CNN, Sept. 24, 2014 During Clinton’s presidency, his 1994 proposal to have the federal government pay for 100,000 additional police officers was one of his signature talking […]

Obama’s claim to bragging rights on carbon emissions

“Over the past eight years, the United States has reduced our total carbon pollution by more than any other nation on Earth.” –President Obama, remarks at U.N. Climate Change Summit, Sept. 23, 2014 A suspicious reader asked us about this statistic, which certainly sounds impressive. But is there more to the story? The Facts There […]

A sleazy attack puts words in the other candidate’s mouth

“When I hear Evan Jenkins say that he’s gonna take away our black lung benefits, it just bothers me to no end.” – coal miner Jackie Counts Jr., in an ad for Rep. Nick Rahall (D), as this quote appears as a headline in the ad Our colleagues at have already done yeoman work […]

Tom Cotton’s invented version of Farm Bill history

 “When President Obama hijacked the farm bill, turned it into a food stamp bill, with billions more in spending, I voted no. Career politicians love attaching bad ideas to good ones. Then the bad ideas become law—and you pay for it.” –Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), in a campaign ad for his race for the Senate […]

The smarmy claim that Michelle Nunn funded groups linked to ‘terrorists’

“Michelle Nunn’s own plan says she funded organizations linked to terrorists.” — voice-over on a David Perdue (R) campaign ad as the headline reads, “exact quote from Nunn campaign ad” Our interest in this ad was piqued when we saw a report that Neil Bush, son of former president George H.W. Bush, called on David […]

A claim on illegal immigrants and veterans goes too far

–Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), speaking to the camera in a new ad The politics of immigration is hot in Louisiana, as evidenced by the increasingly negative and false attacks that both Cassidy and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) have made in recent weeks. Our colleagues at this week published a very good look at how […]

Four Pinocchios for Rand Paul’s claim that McCain met with the Islamic State

  “Here’s the problem. He [Sen. John McCain] did meet with ISIS, and had his picture taken, and didn’t know it was happening at the time.” –Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in an interview with The Daily Beast, Sept. 16, 2014 Just because it’s on the Internet, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Yet here’s a U.S. […]

Rove-affiliated group attacks Grimes for stance on immigration bill

Video of President Obama: “We want to be sure we have got a pathway to citizenship.” Voiceover: “Alison Grimes, proud supporter of Obama’s amnesty plan…” Video of Grimes: “We need an immigration bill…giving a pathway to citizenship to so many millions.” Voiceover: “Their plan? Citizenship for millions who broke the law. Illegal immigrants would become […]

The swarm of attack ads claiming $500 million in North Carolina education cuts

“I want their school to be a path to a better future. With Tom Tillis cutting funding to our schools, they lose.” — Shawn Jackson, a mother, in an ad sponsored by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as ad flashed headline “Tillis budget cut nearly $500 million from public schools.”  “The Fact is that Thom […]

Obama’s claim that businesses are in the ‘longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation’

“Our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history.” — President Obama, statement on the Islamic State, Sept. 10, 2014 During Obama’s address to the nation on the threat posed by the terrorist group that calls itself the Islamic State, he suddenly turned to domestic issues and offered this interesting […]

Refereeing the John McCain-Jay Carney spat over Iraq

The fierce debate on CNN between Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former White House press secretary Jay Carney after President Obama’s speech is an excellent example of how Republicans and Democrats in Washington frequently live in parallel universes. Earlier this year, The Fact Checker took a deep dive into the issues surrounding the politics of leaving […]

A too-sweet blog post about added sugar

  “There are a number of myths floating around out there about sugar consumption, and one of the most common is that the majority of added sugars in the American diet comes from sugar-sweetened beverages.  The truth is, people get most of their sugar from food, not beverages.  In fact, according to a March 2012 […]

An ‘Obamacare’ attack ad stuck in a time warp

“On TV, Mark Pryor talks about the health-care law he helped pass. What Pryor doesn’t say is that law was Obamacare. Or that it cuts over $700 billion from our Medicare and will cut benefits seniors rely on. Obamacare meant threatened insurance plans, higher premiums, and broken promises.” –voiceover of Crossroads GPS ad attacking Sen. […]

An attack ad so under the radar the sponsor won’t acknowledge it

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), speaking: “Last week, President Bush concluded the North American Free Trade Agreement, which will stimulate our economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.” Voice-over: “Mitch McConnell has been tragically wrong about foreign trade deals. They have cost Americans over half a million jobs. Kentucky is still losing jobs, and McConnell […]

Cotton earns Four Pinocchios for a claim discredited eight years ago

“You worked hard, all your life. You paid into Social Security. You counted on it being there — for you. But liberals in Washington want to let illegal immigrants get Social Security for work they did with forged identities. And when they needed one vote, they got it — from Sen. Mark Pryor. On illegal […]

Grimes’ attack on McConnell’s wealth and votes falls short

“Thirty years of Mitch McConnell is long enough.” –voice-over of ad for Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), candidate for U.S. Senate This is one of those “kitchen sink” ads, in which a flurry of facts are tossed at the viewer, hoping something will stick. It also seeks to remind Kentucky voters that McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, […]

‘Follow the money,’ say ads funded by big-money groups

“Follow the money” is perhaps the most-cited phrase from the Watergate affair, though the source called Deep Throat never actually said that to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. Instead, it was a line written by screenwriter William Goldman for his Oscar-winning screenplay of “All the President’s Men” (1976),  based on the book by Woodward and […]

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