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Sanders’s claim that he ‘does not have a super PAC’

“I do not have a super PAC, and I do not want a super PAC.” –Bernie Sanders, remarks after New Hampshire primary, Feb. 9, 2016 “I am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super PAC, who’s not raising huge sums of money from Wall Street and special […]

Recidivism Watch: Donald Trump’s misleading claims about Common Core and education trends

“You look at our rankings on education in the world, we’re number 30 in the world, which is ridiculous. No. 1 in cost.” –Donald Trump, interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Dec. 10, 2016 “We’re getting rid of Common Core. We’re going to educate our children locally. We educate our children locally.” –Trump, remarks following the New […]

Democrats’ claims that a Koch-backed group wants to ‘privatize’ the VA

“This is another part of the Koch brothers agenda. They’ve actually formed an organization to try to begin to convince Americans we should no longer have guaranteed health care, specialized care for our veterans. I will fight that as hard as I can. I think there’s where we can enlist the veterans service organizations, the […]

Elizabeth Warren’s critique of Hillary Clinton’s 2001 bankruptcy vote

“You will not find that I ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that I ever received.” –Hillary Clinton, in the fifth Democratic debate, Feb. 4, 2016 Moments after the former secretary of state (and N.Y. senator) made this statement, the Bernie Sanders campaign issued a news release titled “Elizabeth Warren […]

Sen. Tom Cotton’s claim that sentencing reform bill would release ‘thousands of violent felons’

“I don’t believe we should allow thousands of violent felons to be released early from prison, nor do I believe we should reduce sentences for violent offenders in the future.” — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), quoted in New York Times, Jan. 30 “It would be very dangerous and unwise to proceed with the Senate Judiciary bill, […]

Fact checking the eighth GOP debate

ABC News aired the eighth GOP presidential debate on Feb. 6,  a prime-time event starring the seven top-tier candidates, based on an average of recent polls. Not every candidate uttered statements that are easily fact checked, but the following is a list of 15 suspicious or interesting claims. As is our practice, we do not award Pinocchios when we do a […]

Fact-checking the fifth Democratic debate

MSNBC aired the fifth Democratic presidential debate on Feb. 5, a showdown between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.). Not every statement could be easily fact-checked, but following is a list of 11 suspicious or interesting claims. As is our practice, we do not award Pinocchios when we do a roundup of […]

How did ‘Top Secret’ emails end up on Hillary Clinton’s server?

George Stephanopoulos: “You know, you’ve said many times that the emails were not marked classified. The non-disclosure agreement you signed as secretary of state says that that’s really not that relevant. It says classified information is marked or unmarked classified and that all of you are trained to treat all of that sensitively and should […]

Ted Cruz resurrects a very stale Obamacare claim

“President Obama told the American people that under Obamacare the average family’s premium would drop $2,500. In fact, the average family’s premiums have risen $3,000. Now, Chris [Wallace], if you’re a single mom, if you’re struggling to feed your kids, $5,500, that is real money that you can’t provide for your family.” — Sen. Ted Cruz […]

Donald Trump’s misleading claims about Common Core and education trends

“I’m a tremendous believer in education. But education has to be at a local level. We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education. So Common Core is a total disaster. We can’t let it continue. We are rated 28th in the world, the United States. Think of it, […]

Attack ad misrepresents John Kasich’s record on taxes in Ohio

“Kasich’s budget raised taxes by billions, hitting businesses hard and the middle class even harder.” —ad by American Future Fund, released Jan. 28, 2016 This ad by dark-money group American Future Fund, a politically active 501(c)(4) nonprofit, attacks Ohio Gov. John Kasich over being an “Obama Republican.” You see more information about this ad at Political […]

A $43 million gas station in Afghanistan? Not so fast

“We built a $43 million gas station in Afghanistan and it doesn’t even sell the right gas.” —Donald Trump, rally in Meza, Ariz., Dec. 16, 2015 Sometimes a news report generates big headlines at first, but the corrective follow-up weeks or months later generates barely a ripple — or is ignored altogether. This is a […]

Fact checking the seventh round of GOP debates

Fox News aired two GOP presidential debates on Jan. 28: a prime-time event starring seven candidates and an earlier debate featuring four second-tier contenders, based on an average of recent polls. Front-runner Donald Trump opted out of the debate, preferring to hold his own televised rally. Show More Summary

Did the 15 richest Americans gain as much wealth as the bottom 100 million?

“Is the economy rigged?  Well, the fifteen richest Americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom one hundred million people combined.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), remarks in a television advertisement We discovered this ad in the nifty new Political TV ad archive, a project of the Internet Archive, which tracks ads in key primary states. The ad itself […]

Jeb Bush’s claims about too few Friday college classes and workload of tenured professors

“There are a lot of beautiful buildings being built on college campuses, but you can’t get a course on Friday afternoon. And a professor, tenured professor, may not be teaching many more courses than one per semester.” –former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R), at a town hall event in Peterborough, N.H., Jan. 7 Bush often […]

Everything you wanted to know about Bernie Sanders’s record on guns

With the Iowa caucuses quickly approaching, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton are both focused on Sanders’s gun record: Sanders on the defense and Clinton on the offense, using the issue to cast a significant difference between Sanders and herself. The Fact Checker has written extensively about Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) […]

600 ‘requests’ from Benghazi for better security: What this statistic really means

“Look at Benghazi, our ambassador. He wired her 500 or 600 times asking for help.”  — Donald Trump, interview on Fox News, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015 We’re using this Donald Trump quote as a jumping-off point to explore a figure that has been widely cited since the House Select Committee on Benghazi held a hearing in October featuring former […]

Ted Cruz’s claim that sexual assaults rate ‘went up significantly’ after Australian gun control laws

“And as you know, Hugh, after Australia did that [gun buyback program], the rate of sexual assaults, the rate of rapes, went up significantly, because women were unable to defend themselves.” –Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), interview on “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Jan. 12, 2016 We’ve heard politicians make all sorts of conclusions about the 1996 gun buyback program […]

The zombie claim that 300,000 children are used as child soldiers

300,000 children are used as soldiers worldwide — tweeted around the world as a UNICEF fact In early January, an affiliate of UNICEF USA called End Trafficking tweeted that 300,000 children are used as soldiers worldwide. A reader wondered how UNICEF knew this figure, and so we decided to investigate. Shortly after we launched our […]

Did Iran’s parliament approve a ‘different’ Iranian nuclear deal?

“Iran has already torn it [the nuclear deal] up. Iran has not approved the agreement that President Obama has said that they have approved. They have approved a different agreement in their parliament.” — Former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), remarks in the Republican undercard debate, Jan. 14, 2016 Santorum’s claim, made during the sixth round […]

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