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Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims

A federal court has rejected a lawsuit seeking compensation for some 22 million federal employees, retirees and others whose personal information was stolen from two government databases. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said Tuesday that it has no jurisdiction over cases brought by two federal unions following the hacking of Office […]

Induction of union-busting Reagan into Labor’s Hall of Honor shocks union

Isn’t it weird that someone who could contend for the title of America’s Greatest Union Buster will be inducted into the Labor Department’s Hall of Honor? More than strange, the union representing Labor Department employees says honoring former president Ronald Reagan is shocking. But Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta thinks inducting Reagan is a fine idea. […]

Q&A for federal workers: Veterans preference in hiring

Question: Does being a veteran guarantee someone a federal job? Answer: No, but it certainly helps. Veterans whose military service meets certain standards get preference for a large majority of federal jobs. In competitive hiring, where agencies rank candidates for hiring in categories, veterans are placed above nonveterans within each category, and where agencies use […]

Interior’s ‘unusual’ transfer of senior executives spurs official probe

It doesn’t smell right, so maybe an official probe will tell if it’s rotten. The Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is examining the extraordinary and politically suspect reassignment of dozens of Senior Executive Service (SES) members. The OIG’s review is in response to a request from eight Democrats on the Senate Energy and […]

Q&A for federal workers: Proposal for bigger buyouts

Question: What’s been happening with the proposal to increase the amount for buyout payments? Answer: Not much, but there’s still a chance Congress will agree to it. Federal agencies can offer buyouts, also called voluntary separation incentive payments, when cutting staff or reorganizing. Employees who accept the payments must resign (or retire, if eligible), and […]

Feds’ charitable giving reflects worry; reciting oath on video reflects pride and Trump counterpoint

“I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well […]

Panel calls for better use of confidential data in policymaking

There’s sweet irony in a federal blue-ribbon panel dispatching a report on the need for evidence in policymaking to a president known for prevarication. Yet without sarcasm or irony, the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking sent its findings to President Trump and congressional leaders Thursday. In their cover letter, the 15 commissioners, who unanimously adopted the […]

Even confidential data should be used in forming government policy, panel says

A federal commission is calling for increased “evidence-based policymaking” through potentially controversial use of data gathered from confidential information. “Traditionally, increasing access to confidential data presumed significantly increasing privacy risk,” says the commission’s report released Thursday. Show More Summary

Rep. Cummings: GOP failure to avert shutdown would ‘highlight their inability to govern effectively’

With the summer break over, Congress will make another attempt at becoming an effective, productive legislative body. Job No. 1 is keeping the government open. But that fundamental duty remains in question because of President Trump’s irresponsible shutdown threats. His latest, two weeks ago, was this bit of extortion about his plan to keep out […]

Q&A for federal workers: 1.9 percent pay raise looking likely

Question: Does President Trump’s order for a 1.9 percent federal pay raise in January mean we’re getting it for sure? Answer: It’s not an “order” but a raise of that amount now seems virtually certain. Under the complex federal pay law, if Congress does not set a General Schedule raise by the end of a year, […]

Federal agencies, employees surge to Harvey’s devastation

Like an atmospheric bully, Hurricane Harvey settled its big butt over the Texas Gulf Coast, causing epic rains, floods and misery — before inflicting more grief on Louisiana. But a welcome counterpoint to Mother Nature’s destructionShow More Summary

Q and A for federal workers: Life insurance changes

Question: I increased my government life insurance last year, but the higher coverage still hasn’t taken effect. What gives? Answer: The Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program held one of its rare open seasons last September, but coverage elections were delayed by a year, essentially to prevent those with a condition threatening their life in […]

Feds on Trump’s shutdown threat: ‘It’s blackmail’

President Trump’s latest threat to shut the government is just the most recent indication that he is unfit and unprepared for the office. The notion that the president of the United States would purposefully imperil services to taxpayers if Congress doesn’t approve $1.6 billion for his Mexico border wall would be far-fetched, if a credible […]

Is Trump making the political environment for top civil servants worse?

Uncle Sam can be a good boss in many ways, but his board of directors, a.k.a. Congress, and his chief executive, a.k.a. the president, can make life difficult for his staff, particularly those at the top of the civil service. A recently released Office of Personnel Management survey shows that work environment issues are “the […]

Q and A for federal workers: Open season choices

Question: When will the health insurance open season be held this year, and what changes should I expect? Answer: From Nov. 13 to Dec. 11, federal employees can enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program for 2018, and those already enrolled can change plans, change coverage options (between self-only and self-and-family, for example) or […]

Top federal union ousts second-highest leader during a critical time for feds

Two years ago, convention delegates reelected Eugene Hudson Jr. by acclimation to the second-highest office in the largest federal employee union. He had no opposition then, but he has plenty now. All but one member of the American Federation of Government Employees’ (AFGE) National Executive Council (NEC) voted to boot Hudson from his secretary-treasurer’s post […]

Rebel base names, statues disgrace U.S. military facilities and Congress

With all the attention on the white nationalist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, let’s not forget Uncle Sam’s curious comforting of treasonous confederates. While places like Maryland, New Orleans and Charlottesville have taken action against proslavery and Confederate statues, 10 U.S. Show More Summary

Q and A for federal workers: The debt limit and the TSP

Question: If the debt ceiling isn’t raised on time, can the government tap Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts to prevent a default? Answer: Money in the 401(k)-style TSP is the personal property of account holders — current federal employees (and military personnel) and those who keep their accounts open after leaving. However, the government can […]

Chocolate chips for charity chucked from federal workplace

Cancel the carrot cupcakes for charity collections, federal employees. Buying banana bread in a bag: banned. Peddling pumpkin pie on a plastic plate: prohibited. The government will no longer allow bake sales — those celebrations of carbohydrates that bring a whiff of an elementary school spring fair to the often-sterile federal workplace — to support […]

Q&A for federal workers: Health care on the table?

Question: Why don’t I see any attention to how the fight over the Affordable Care Act would affect federal employees? Answer: The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) for federal workers, retirees and family members is a separate program that has existed for decades, long before enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. […]

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