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Chicago Police Arrest Alleged Killer Of Nine-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

2 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Chicago police believe that they have arrested the man who they believe executed a 9-year-old boy, Tyshawn Lee.  Police believe that Corey Morgan, 27, lured Tyshawn into an alley in retaliation for the murder of his brother. Police have been struggling to solve the case due to what they say has been a refusal of […]

Saudi Arabia Woman Sentenced To Be Stoned To Death . . . Male Lover To Be Given 100 Lashes

2 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We recently discussed the bizarre report that the Saudi Arabian government was going to sue a Twitter user for a tweet where he compared the death sentence given poet Ashraf Fayadh to ISIS executions. It appears that decapitations of non-believers ordered under Sharia are materially different from decapitations of nonbelievers ordered by ISIS under Sharia […]

Controversial Leonard Peltier Art Now Displayed In Grocery Store

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor This month we revealed the artwork of Leonard Pelteir, who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1975 murder of FBI agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, was being displayed at the Washington Department of Labor and industries during a Native American art and culture event. After the […]

Why I Went Back To BASICs And Bought A 32 Year Old Computer

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor I previously wrote how I fired my corporate pharmacy and went back to basics. In my retrospective longings I decided to “go retro” in many aspects of life. Some buy old muscle cars, others collect stamps, but I decided to throw out this notion of six month obsolescence of smart […]

Our Decapitations Of Nonbelievers Are Nothing Like Their Decapitations of Nonbelievers: Saudi Arabia To Sue Twitter User Over Comparisons To ISIS

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

I recently raised concerns on PBS Newshour about a lawsuit by Israelis who are suing in the United States to force Facebook to take down violent, anti-Jewish sites. While I believe Facebook can and should take down the sites, the use of the government to close such sites raise serious free speech questions in where […]

“He’s Not A Bad Father”: Milwaukee Police Search For “Money G” Who Has Left 17 Children Without Support

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have previously discussed the dilemma of how to deal with men who continue to have children without child support. The latest case in point is Armond Curry, 36, (known as “Money G Allstar Mack”) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who is being sought by police after failing to support 17 children. Despite the warrant for arrest […]

Furay Into Criminal Stardom: Texas Teenager’s Mugshot Goes Viral

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have previously discussed people who simply do not know how to take a mugshot... and some who appear long prepared for their close up. Sarah Elizabeth Furay, 19, is one of the photo-ready alleged felons. Dubbed the “happiest mugshot” by the Houston Chronicle, Furay seems like she has been selected for […]

Russia Moves To Shoot Down Turkish History: New Legislation Would Make Denial Of Armenian Genocide A Crime

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The Russians appear to be moving in the aftermath of Turkey shooting down one of its fighters: it has targeted Turkish history in a new and abusive criminal law. Russian lawmaker Sergei Mironov said that his Just Russia party has proposed a bill that criminalizes the denial that the 1915 killings of Armenians by Ottoman […]


4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are in Durham, North Carolina with my in-laws to celebrate my favorite holiday. We will begin the day as the Turleys have for over 40 years with our Turkey bowl football game, though this will be a smaller affair since we will not be in McLean this year. We will […]

Massachusetts Cheerleader Tweets A Criticism Of Illegal Immigration And School Responds By Banning Her From Her Team

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have been discussing the rapid erosion of free speech on our campuses. That trend started a long time ago in our high schools where officials have steadily attacked the exercise of free speech by teenagers. Few however have reached the level of censorship and content-based punishment as Revere High School in Massachusetts. Cheerleader Caley […]

“Silly Piggies Tricks R For U”: New Jersey Woman Arrested For False Assault Report To Avoid DUI Stop

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

If the allegations are proven, Hayley Oates, 25, have succeeded in combining virtually every bad trait into one dysfunctional personality. Oates allegedly wanted to drive home drunk but was sober enough to worry about a DUI stop. While most people would opt to take a cab or order coffee, Oates decided to call 911 to […]

“Harvard-Trained Lawyer” Arrested For Fraud In Boston

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

David Corazza, 47, was the very image of the international jet-setting lawyer with postings highlighting his Harvard education, offices in cities around the world, and even photos with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. The problem is that this Harvard-trained lawyer was neither a graduate of Harvard or a lawyer. Indeed, he does not even appear to be […]

Afghan Girl Reportedly Dies After Public Flogging After She Is (Wrongly) Accused Of Running Away From Home

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have another outrage against women in Afghanistan where Shirin Gul, 26, was reportedly flogged to death in the Shahrak district of Ghor after being accused of running away from home. What is fascinating is how the greatest concern is not that a woman can be publicly flogged but whether the flogging proved too excessive […]

Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder In 2014 Shooting Of Black Teenager

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder in his shooting of Laquan McDonald, 17, on Oct. 20, 2014. The videotape below challenges a claim that Van Dyke was defending himself or others in shooting McDonald 16 times. While McDonald was armed with a knife, he was walking away from the […]

Former Indian Chief Justice Causes Near Riot At Academic Conference For Noting That 95% of Beef Traders Are Hindi

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

As we have discussed, there seems to be a rising level of intolerance in academia and campuses for opposing views. A recent international conference showed this intolerance in the response to former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Justice Rajinder Sachar in his speech on “Radical Islamism.” In an effort to address stereotypes and […]

University of Ottawa Students Pull The Mat On Yoga Classes As “Cultural Appropriation”

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

I have been writing a great deal about my concern over the erosion of free speech on our campuses. Part of the problem is that I sometimes have a difficult time even understanding the objection to some forms of speech or association as in the ever-widening range of things deemed “micro aggressions.” The latest such […]

English Student Complains That He Cannot Go To Classes After Questioning Rape Awareness Sessions

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The growing intolerance shown on campuses continues this week with a new controversy at Warwick University in Coventry, England where second-year George Lawlor, 19, has been publicly harassed and denounced for questioning rape awareness sessions. Show More Summary

Trump Retweets Wildly Inaccurate Figures on The Rate of Blacks Killing Whites

6 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There have been an uptick in stories challenging statements made by presidential candidate Donald Trump such as his account of watching thousands of people cheering the destruction of the Twin Towers in New Jersey. One such factual dispute comes from a retweet on Trump’s account that shows dark-skinned man wearing a bandana, a dark shirt […]

The Mark of Cain: Alleged New Orleans Shooter Arrested After Wounding Student Hero

6 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Police have arrested the man allegedly shown in a despicable and disgusting attack in New Orleans. The man was caught on a surveillance camera dragging a woman down a street Friday morning and then shooting fourth-year medical student Peter Gold, 25, when he tried to help the woman. Gold is a genuine hero and is […]

Forty Percent of Millennials Favor Censorship of Offensive Speech By Government

We have long discussed the rapid decline of free speech protections in the West. I have long argued that the West appears to have fallen out of love with free speech, which is more often viewed as a rising scourge rather than a defining value in some countries. A recent poll of the Pew Research […]

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