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From San Fran To Yosemite To La Jolla: The Turleys Invade The Golden State

8 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

You know that you have arrived at San Francisco airport when this sign greets you in front of your arrival gate. Yes, the Turleys have gone West to find fun and fortune (or at least a family wedding and some beaches). I will try to post each day but that will depend on the signal. […]

El Rancho Sells Family Cake Containing Sharp Scissors and Later Offers To Make Amends By Giving Family A New Cake

8 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

CBS is reporting that a family near Dallas had a true surprise at their surprise birthday party for Yoly Nava’s mother when a $60 cake from El Rancho Market was found to have a large pair of scissors baked into the cake. No this was not part of a prison break, just an apparent added […]

Nepalese Father Confesses To Luring Poor Child with Food and then Murdered Him

20 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have yet another horrific account of a primitive religious practice leading to the murder of an innocent person. The latest scandal occurred in Nepal Kodai Harijan, a father, admitted that he lured a poor child with a pack of biscuits and 49 cents. He then murdered the 10-year-old child on the alleged advice of […]

NFL: Brady Ordered His Cellphone Destroyed After Meeting With NFL Investigators

As expected, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension. What is notable however is one fact released by the NFL. Brady allegedly met with NFL investigators, including Ted Wells, and then (after being informed of the need to examine his cellphone) ordered minions to destroy his phone. In a criminal […]

American Dentist Accused Of Luring, Killing, And Beheading Beloved Cecil the Lion In Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, Cecil the lion was a believed to be a rare animal that was relatively safe from trophy hunters and poachers. After all, the 13-year-old lion wore a GPS collar as part of a research project with Oxford University and lived in a reserve funded by various governments and organizations to keep animals safe. […]

University of California Gives Students Six Gender Identity Categories

The University of California admissions department has updated its applications to reflect alternative genders. However, the school has not simply added “transgender” or a third option. Instead, it has added six gender identity categories. Students will now be able to select one of the following: 1. male 2. female 3. trans male/trans male 4. trans […]

Obama Administration Moves To Sharply Curtail Authority Of Government Watchdogs

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The Obama Administration has been accused by public interest groups of being one of the most hostile administration toward whistleblowers since the Nixon Administration. Not only whistleblowers but reporters have been subject to abusive investigations and crackdowns under President Obama. Show More Summary

Wives In Lethal Florida Road Rage Case Could End Up Offering Evidence Against Their Respective Husbands

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is an tragic road road case out of Florida where two middle aged men that led to a shooting. Robert Eric Doyle, 51, was arrested for the murder of Candelario Gonzalez, 44. What is different about this case if two fold. First, both cars were on the telephone with 911 during the chase and […]

Big Catch: Star Of Reality Show Wicked Tuna Indicted For Disability Fraud

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Paul Hebert, 50, one of the stars of the National Geographic Channel reality show “Wicked Tuna,” has learned the peril of being a celebrity. Hebert has been indicted on federal fraud charges after officials found it odd to see him on television working hard in the tuna business when he accepted $44,000 in Social Security […]

DWP (Driving While Praying): Ohio Woman Says That She Was Praying When She Crashed Into Car

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Marilyn Perry, 62, (left) has curious defense for crashing into the car of Pamela Beckham, 50, (right below) and breaking Beckham’s neck and causing her other injuries in Bellevue. Perry was trying to get her grandchildren out of the car so it could have been much much worse when Beckham slammed into her. The police […]

Report: Police Department In Massachusetts Gave Higher Points To Candidates Who Pledged Not To Arrest Fellow Officers For DUI

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is an interesting story out of Massachusetts where an official at the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission found that the Methuen Police Department admitted that job applicants were given higher scores if they indicated that they would never arrest a fellow officer for drunk driving and other applicants were downgraded for saying that they would […]

George W. Bush: “What difference does it make if the order is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton or it is Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Bush?”

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

For those who are already upset about the prospect of the country again being given simply a choice between a Bush or a Clinton in the general election, they might not want to read the recent interview of President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in Time magazine. In a revealing aside, Bush shrugs off […]

New LA Clippers Forward Josh Smith Laments It Will Be “Harder” Getting By On $7 Million

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

With so many families struggling these days to make ends meet, new Los Angeles Clippers forward Josh Smith may have chosen an awkward way of introducing himself to his new fans. Smith told the media that it will be a bit harder on his family to make ends meet but that they were persevere with […]

Clinton: “Pretty Clear” No Emails Were Classified Despite Contrary Findings Of Inspector General

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Despite the determination of investigators at the State Department and intelligence agencies that Hillary Clinton did use her personal email system to handle confirmed classified information (and potentially compromised “hundreds ofShow More Summary

Concession or Coincidence? Pollard Reportedly To Be Released In Aftermath Of Iran Deal

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Obama Administration is preparing to release one of this country’s most notorious spies in an effort to placate Israel in the aftermath of Iranian agreement. Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy, betrayed his country and was arrested as he attempted to flee to the Israeli embassy in 1985. […]


5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

New Horizons made its farewell pass of Pluto and left us with incredible pictures of the dwarf planet to analyze and discuss for years. It has been an incredible experience for all of humanity to see the most distant planet, even if it has been downgraded to dwarf planet. The pictures have shown surprising geologic […]

State Department and Intelligence Agencies Ask For Criminal Investigation in the Clinton Email Scandal

6 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

In a major development on the Clinton email scandal, the New York Times is reporting that the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence community have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a personal email account while secretary of state. We […]

Video: LAPD Under Fire For Tasering Suspect In Wheelchair

A new video shows 10 officers with the LAPD surrounding Christopher Zareck, 43, who is confined to a wheelchair. In the video below, Zareck appears combative, but the response of the officers is being criticized as excessive and abusive. Zareck was tasered and hit repeatedly by bean-bag rounds. Officers were trying to taken Zareck into […]

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson Dropped From Democratic Events

The Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinners are famous events for the state Democratic Party in Connecticut. However, as part of the backlash against historical figures who owned slaves, the NAACP demanded that both names be stripped away from the dinner and the state Democratic Party agreed. Nick Balletto, the party’s first-year chairman, said that he hoped […]

The Reincarnation of Carlos Danger: Anthony Weiner Hired By Leading PR Firm To Give Advice On Public Relations

In a story that could easily be a skit for Saturday Night Live, the leading public relations firm MWW has hired former Congressman Anthony Weiner to give advice to the firm which specializes on “crisis communications.” Presumably MWW clients will identify with someone who created his own crises and then managed them. The only problem […]

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