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Twisted Copyright Claim: Yoga Writer Loses Effort To Copyright Yoga Poses and Breathing Methods

1 hour agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is an interesting case out of the 9th Circuit where the court ruled that yogi Bikram Choudhury cannot copyright 26 poses. We have been discussing a disturbing trend in copyright and trademark claims over things occurring in public or common phrases or terms. (For a prior column, click here). We have often discussed the […]

Utah Valley University Holds National Conference On Federalism

1 hour agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The Center for Constitutional Studies at the Utah Valley University will hold a conference today on federalism with leading academics from around the country. The conference is being held pursuant to a grant from the Utah State Legislature. The conference will lead off with a presentation by John Dinan, Professor of Political Science, Wake Forest […]

The Glory of The Wasatch Mountains

2 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Yesterday, I flew from Chicago to Utah for a conference at the Utah Valley University. As an avid hiker, I never miss an opportunity to hit the trails in Utah, one of my favorite places on Earth. One could spend a lifetime experiencing the natural wonders of Utah and one scratch the surface. On this […]

American Sentenced In Canada For Possession Of Child Pornography . . . Of Cartoon Characters

There is an interesting criminal case in Canada where American Peter Hasler, 25, of Murrells Inlet, S.C., is under arrest for possession of child pornography. However, the images were not of human beings but cartoon characters. Canada treats sexual cartoon images as pornography – a view widely rejected in the United States as inimical to […]

“I Am Too Young To Die”: Pregnant Syrian Rape Victim Allegedly Murdered By Father And Brothers in Muslim “Honor Killing”

We have another alleged “honor killing” in Europe. Rokstan M. is a woman who was gang raped by three Syrian soldiers and fled for freedom in the West. Her family however treated her as unclean and guilty for being gang raped. She reportedly feared being killed by her father and brothers. The young pregnant woman […]

Elephants Found To Hold Possible Cure To Cancer While Humans Continue To Poison Herds To Feed Chinese Ivory Market

The irony is truly crushing. Elephants may be the key to eradicating cancer in humans, according to new research. Yet, humans continue to wipe out elephants to fuel Chinese ivory and herbal medicine markets. More elephants were poisoned this week and four rangers protecting them were murdered. These same criminals like the recently arrested Chinese […]

Home Depot’s Home Invasion

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor It only took a few minutes for Home Depot to tell the world I visited its website. Now, my home computer reminds me of the mistake I made in providing Home Depot the chance to earn my business. I went to look at one of their products and got spammed […]

Ethical Certainties: Why Pro-Life Supporters Cannot Morally Abandon Their Cause

2 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor The issue of abortion is at the very least highly contentious. Decades of heated arguments are not likely to end this discussion soon even in light of various statutory and common law mandates laying out a legal framework for which it is permitted or denied. The matter is a perennial […]

Ivory Poachers In Zimbabwe Reportedly Using Cyanide Laced Food As Bait

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor In another low in the animal poaching world poachers are reportedly starting to utilize cyanide in hunting protected elephants. Rangers for the Hwange National Park stated they discovered six elephant carcasses having their tusks removed. A week later, four more died but had not yet suffered the harvesting of their […]

Clemson University Apologizes For Holding Mexican Food Night

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have often discussed how universities have become battle grounds over so-called “microaggressions” and offensive terms or images involving race, religion, or culture. Some of these efforts raise serious questions of the erosion of free speech as well as double standards applied to faculty and students. The example of the sensitivity toward such objections was […]

Saudi Housewife Faces Possible Prosecution For Posting Picture of Husband Assaulting Housekeeper

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The plight of servants in Saudi Arabia is well-documented as foreign workers particularly are heated and sexual assaulted with little apparent repercussions from the Kingdom. Women generally are denied basic rights and freedoms in the country which follows the medieval Sharia legal system. Now a wife is facing imprisonment because she filmed her husband sexually […]

Saudi Arabia Remains Adamant On The Beheading and Crucifixion Of Political Dissident

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We previously discussed the truly bizarre scene of having Saudi Arabia sit on the UN Human Rights Council despite being one of the most infamous violators of human rights. As if to remind the world of the crushing irony, Saudi Arabia has issued a statement telling the world that it has no business objecting to […]

“Ivory Queen” Nabbed In Tanzania After Years Of Feeding Chinese Market With Elephant and Rhino Horn

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Police have finally nabbed one of the most infamous environmental criminals in the world. Chinese national Yang Feng Glan (known as the “Ivory Queen”) was arrested in Tanzania on charges of poaching and smuggling ring. Glan is responsible for countless kills of elephants for their ivory. Glan, 66, would travel between China and the killing […]

Berkeley Under Fire For New Race-Based Program

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is another controversy brewing in California over allegations that the University of California at Berkeley is again trying to circumvent a state law that bars the use of race in educational decisions. Berkeley has announced a $20 million fund to endow scholarships for African-American students and to hire a diverse faculty. Critics say that […]

UPenn Professor Calls Ben Carson A “Coon”

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Dr. Ben Carson is learning the perils of rising in the polls in a presidential election. This week, the National Enquirer produced an article detailing what it says is a pattern of malpractice by Carson, including leaving a sponge in the head of a patient. Some of the harshest commentary however have come from liberal […]

Gun-Toting North Carolina Candidate Pledges To Hunt Down “Rinos” In Political Ad

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

House GOP primary candidate Kay Daly is challenging Rep. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina clearly has a different view of what constitutes a high calibre candidate. The former N.C. GOP spokeswoman and congressional aide is running an advertisement that says that she does not just oppose RINOs (“Republican In Name Only”) but wants to bag […]

Shutout: Cubs Win The Wild Card

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Yes, it has happened. The Cubs shut out the Pirates 4-0 just minutes ago. For Cubbies, this has been long in coming. Years of all of the ribbing and jeering about the “lovable losers.” Well, there is a wave of Cubbie blue heading for the St. Louis Cardinals and this is going to be one […]

University of London Diversity Officer Charged With Threatening Communications After Racist and Sexist Comments

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Bahar Mustafa, of the University of London is facing criminal charges for sending a threatening communication. Mustafa attracted international condemnation for her use of a Twitter hashtag #killallwhitemen and asked for white men not to come to certain university events. Despite her unmitigated racism and sexism, an effort to remove her failed after only 165 […]

State’s Attorney Alvarez Refuses To Re-Open Cases For Men Found Earlier To Be Most Likely Innocent

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez in Chicago has long been criticized for her efforts to bar the public filming of police officers, bizarre positions, and anti-civil liberties positions. Now she is again under fire for refusing to re-open four cases that were identified in an independent investigation as “more likely than not” resulting in the conviction […]

Report: Half of the Country Has No Savings

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have occasionally followed new reports on the economic condition of the public and the news is rarely good. After an extremely very poor jobs report, a new study found that twenty-eight percent of Americans have nothing in their savings accounts and another 21 percent have no savings account at all. Only 29 percent has […]

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