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The Uber Undertaker: Puerto Rican Taxi Driver Given Unique Send Off With His Hands On The Wheel

25 minutes agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We previously discussed the growing trend of posing dead bodies at funerals in activities that were most associated with the deceased from a woman at a kitchen table to a young man partying with a beer in his hand. The family of Puerto Rican taxi driver Victor Perez Cardona outdid the competition by having his […]

Made Man: Sepp Blatter Releected FIFA President Despite Expanding Corruption Scandal and Arrests

22 hours agoNews : Jonathan Turley

In the ultimate signal from the FIFA leadership that it cares little about corruption or public opinion or even criminal prosecution, Sepp Blatter, 79, was reelected as FIFA’s president for a fifth term by the world governing body’s 209 member associations. FIFA officials are still be processed as arrestees in the corruption investigation in the […]

Creationist Finds 60 Million Year Old Fossils In His Basement But Maintains That It Proves Nothing

We have previously discussed the struggle that creationists have with the daily disclosures of scientific research, particularly the discovery of fossils and other items that are dates in the millions rather than thousands of years. It is hard to maintain that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old given the overwhelming evidence to the […]

Former House Speaker Hastert Indicted

The details on the indictment of former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, 73, have remained hazy with some notable gaps in the underlying criminal enterprise alleged in the complaint. The theory is that Hastert was paying millions to a blackmailer and tried to hide the payment through “structuring” of withdrawing less than $10,000 to avoid […]


The hearing on the Administration’s motion to dismiss the House challenge was heard yesterday in Washington, D.C. as reported widely in the media. (Wall Street Journal, NBC, Daily Mail, Rollcall, New York Times,AP, The motion is now under advisement and the parties will wait for a decision on whether the House can be heard on […]

Scientists Find Likely Identity of Intact Skeleton Unearthed at Waterloo Site

There is a remarkable story out of Belgium where researchers have not only identified a 200-year old skeleton discovered beneath a parking lot at the Battle of Waterloo site as a German soldier, but identified the soldier as 23-year old Friedrich Brandt, was a member of the King’s German Legion of British monarch George III. […]

Georgia Officer Indicted In Shooting Of Unarmed Driver

A Georgia grand jury has indicted former police officer Justin Gregory Craven (left) for the shooting death of an unarmed driver, Ernest Satterwhite, 68, through his car window following a car chase. What is interesting about the case is the grand jury rejected homicide charges and the prosecutors then asked and received a charge for […]

Amnesty International Accuses Hamas of War Crimes

Amnesty International has issued a report accusing Hamas to a campaign of abduction, torture and wanton executions of Palestinians during last year’s conflict in the Gaza Strip. The report identifies roughly two dozen 23 Palestinians who were shot and killed by Hamas and dozens of others who were arrested and tortured. Victims of Hamas included […]

Police Search For Suspect Who Assaulted 63-Year-Old Man and Stole $1

D.C. police are searching for this man who was shown on a video (below) assaulted a 63-year-old man and knocking him out — and then robbing him of $1. The video was found on a surveillance camera on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The attacker is shown first speaking with the victim and then suddenly […]


3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

At 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will hear argument on the motion to dismiss filed by the defendants in U.S. House of Representatives v. Burwell, et al., No. 1:14-cv-01967 (D.D.C.). The defendants are the Departments of Health and Human Services and Treasury, […]

“For the Game, For the World”: Swiss Police Raid FIFA Meeting And Arrest Senior Officials in Sweeping Corruption Investigation

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

For those of us who have been vocal critics of the flagrant and open corruption of FIFA, there is finally some good news. Swiss authorities swooped into a hotel Wednesday and arrested some of the top soccer officers on corruption charges in the United States. The police notably went to one of the most expensive […]

Respecting Women By Erasing Them: Ultra-Orthodox Publications Delete Images of Female Cabinet Members in Government Picture Including Justice Minister and Gender Equality Minister

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have yet another triumph of Orthodoxy in the removal of all female cabinet members from an official picture with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There are three new female cabinet members — Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Culture Minister Miri Regev and Minister for Senior Citizens Gila Gamliel — but you would never know it […]

Egyptian Woman Arrested For Dancing On Video for “Inciting Debauchery”

3 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have yet another prosecution in Egypt in the name of public morality. Reda el-Fouly is shown dancing in a a low-budget clip entitled “Hands Off,” or “Sib Eddi” in Egyptian Arabic. The clip below contains no nudity but a lot of sensual moves to the music of a singer named Mena. That was enough […]

Don Carlos Sues Twin Peaks Over Bike Melee In Waco

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is an interesting lawsuit coming out of Waco, Texas in the aftermath of shootings between motorcycle gangs at the Twin Peaks restaurant where nine people were killed and 18 wounded Sunday. The nearby Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant is now suing Twin Peaks for the loss of business — blaming the chain for ignoring police […]

Australian Man Repeatedly Rapes And Beats Dutch Backpacker Over Months . . . But Could Be Released In Just 13 Years

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

We have previously discussed the sentencing difference between the United States and the United Kingdom and other countries. While we clearly have a problem with lengthening sentences in this country, there are cases abroad that shock the conscience in the imposition of relatively light sentences. The difference is evident in the Australian case of Alfio […]

Bears Cut Ray McDonald After New Arrest for Domestic Violence

4 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

The Chicago Bears has always prided itself on valuing character in its players — often passing on talented players with off-field conduct problems. For that reason, many (myself included) were not thrilled with the decision to take defensive end Ray McDonald on a one year contract after he was dumped by the 49ers. He was […]


5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Best wishes to all on this Memorial Day. It is a sobering holiday as we think of all of the brave men and women that we have lost around the world. I went this morning for dawn hike on Billy Goat trail for a quiet start of the day as the sun was coming up […]

Muslim Mob Sets Sharia Court On Fire In Nigeria After The Release of Defendant Accused Of Insulting Mohammad

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There was a bizarre twist on an all-too-familiar story in Nigeria. An irate mob of Muslim protesters set a court on fire for releasing a cleric, Malam Abdul Nyass, after he was accused of insulting Mohammad. The crowd demanded his death. What is a bit different is that the court was actually a Sharia court […]

A Beautiful Mind And A Senseless Waste: John and Alicia Nash Killed In Taxi Accident in New Jersey

5 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

Famed mathematician John Nash, 86, and his wife Alicia, 82, were killed in a tragic accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. The world has lost one of its most brilliant minds in John Nash, though not one of its most inspiring stories in the life of this couple. The couple was in a taxi on […]

Dutch Cabinet Backs Partial Burqa Ban

6 days agoNews : Jonathan Turley

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor The Dutch Cabinet voted to draft a bill to enforce a ban on wearing the Islamic burqa in various government buildings and institution. Citing what were described as security concerns, the government in a statement declared “Face-covering clothing will in [the] future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, […]

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