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How should a fundraiser respond to a bad boss?

It's become clear to me that the biggest problem the fundraising profession faces is poor leadership -- that is, bosses, CEOS, presidents, boards who just don't understand fundraising and insist that we do it wrong. If you are struggling with poor leadership, my sympathies are with you. Show More Summary

7 ways to make your fundraising message stronger

From the great Jerold Panas, writing at the Guidestar blog, here's a powerful post about how you make your fundraising cut through and reach your donors, at The Mighty Seven: Keep it Simple. Be a master of exclusion. Focus on what’s most important. Show More Summary

Good stories vs relevant stories -- and how you can make them part of your fundraising

Here's an excerpt from a story in a fundraising message: The puppy shivered in the winter cold. In his short life, he's never eaten anything but garbage, and nobody had ever said a kind word to him. Until we came a long, picked him up, wrapped him in a blanket, and took him to our shelter for nutritious food, medical care, and good old TLC. Show More Summary

Special extra post for fundraisers who want to raise more funds

Quick note for smart Future Fundraising Now readers! There's still time to register for my 4-part Moceanic masterclass called Irresistible Communications for Great Nonprofits. And there's still time to get the exclusive $100 off by using the checkout code FFN100. Show More Summary

Asking for a donation in a gift acknowledgement -- the work of a schmuck?

You've probably heard that if you ask a donor for a gift within an acknowledgement, the seas will boil, the moon will turn red, and the donor will leave you forever, telling everyone she knows what a mean-spirited schmuck you are. Reality is not quite that. Show More Summary

What the pro fundraisers do: Wow first-time donors

The real job in fundraising is getting the second gift from a new donor. That's when the relationship starts. That's why this post from John Haydon, 3 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with First-Time Donors, is especially important: Express heartfelt and sincere thanks. Show More Summary

5 ways to make the most of your successful fundraising campaign

Congratulations! Your fundraising campaign is finished, the results are in, and it went great! Now what? Here are some great thoughts from the Achieve Blog: 5 Things Not to Do After a Fundraising Campaign. Don't do these things: Don't forget to say thank you. Show More Summary

Donors don't want to hear from you? Think again

The most deadly (and common) error in fundraising: Assuming your donors don't like to hear from you -- and that too much contact (whatever that means) will drive away donors, causing your donor file to erode and eventually collapse. There's no evidence that it's true. Show More Summary

The fundraising retention crisis and how to beat it

Here's a fairly disturbing picture of The State of Donor Retention in One Image from Bloomerang. If your average donor retention is just 46%, your program is in trouble. You simply aren't keeping enough of your donors. Chances are your file is static or even shrinking. Show More Summary

Quick ideas for better fundraising subject lines

The first place for improving your email fundraising results is to improve your subject lines. Here are some great tips from Hubspot marketing, at How to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines: 17 Tips: Keep it short and sweet. Aim for under 50 characters. Show More Summary

How to help skeptical donors to give

by guest blogger George Crankovic. He blogs at The Clued-in Copywriter. Is your nonprofit one of the "good" ones? Of course it is! And that's how we fall into the "nonprofit mindset." We know that our nonprofit is honest, doing good work, and focused intensely on the mission. Show More Summary

LAST CHANCE (yes, really last chance) to register for masterclass in nonprofit communications

You can still register for my 4-part Moceanic masterclass called Irresisitible Communications for Great Nonprofits. It starts on November 6 -- and you can take the course on your own time, at your own pace. If you register by November 3, you can get $100 off by using the checkout code FFN100. Show More Summary

Why you shouldn't feel good about your fundraising

I recently heard about some research on professional fundraisers where they were asked what was important to them about their fundraising. The results: 75% wanted to feel good about their fundraising 25% wanted have more effective fundraising...Show More Summary

Final chance to register for career-changing masterclass in nonprofit communications

We are running out of time, but you can still register for my 4-part masterclass on nonprofit communications. It starts on November 6 -- and you can take the course on your own time, at your own pace. Here are the titles of the fourShow More Summary

Why you can't leave the emotions out of fundraising

Is it unethical to use knowledge of human psychology to be more effective at influencing their behavior? Is it a type of trickery or manipulation? In theory, we could cross the line to manipulation. And we shouldn't. But "using emotion" isn't mind control. Show More Summary

The full report or the scene on the street -- what's compelling?

What's this? It's one of the secrets I'll reveal in my 4-part Moceanic masterclass, Irresistible Communications for Great Nonprofits. It starts next week! (Glory and esteem if you can explain what the point of this in the comments!) Register now for this powerful 4-part webinar. Show More Summary

How a "gifted writer" figured out fundraising for real

Register now for this powerful 4-part webinar. It starts on November 6 -- and you can take the course on your own time, at your own pace. When I landed my first fundraising job at a small nonprofit 30 years ago I thought I was the bee's knees. Show More Summary

Your job in year-end fundraising is VERY simple

The Season is upon us! That last few weeks of the year when a huge portion of our donations come in. It starts some time in November and comes to a sudden end on January 1. The interesting thing about this year-end push is that the fundraising is different from the rest of the year. Show More Summary

Marketers gallop to the rescue of hapless fundraisers

Like The Agitator, I also said Yikes when I say this article in the New York Times: To Sell Themselves to Donors, Nonprofits Are Turning to the Pros. It's that same old story: benighted, ignorant fundraisers (the non-pros) are rescued by the pros from commercial marketing. Show More Summary

Last chance to register for free webinar

What's this? It's an outline for a fundraising message. Probably direct mail, possibly email. It's one of the secrets I'll reveal in tomorrow's free Moceanic webinar, Irresistible Communications for Great Nonprofits. Your chance to register...Show More Summary

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