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Your Blueprint for Donor-Focused, High-Revenue Fundraising Storytelling

I had two uncles who were great storytellers: Uncle Herbert and Uncle Hubert. (They weren't brothers, as their names might suggest, but they were married to sisters, so they knew each other well.) They were both product of a different world from ours: A world without electronic entertainment. Show More Summary

What George Washington and Abraham Lincoln teach us about stories

Today is Presidents Day here in the USA, so I'm not really blogging. But I have something on my chest... This holiday bugs me, because in 1971 they took the February birthdays of two of our greatest presidents squished them into a single commemoration. Show More Summary

Podcast: Engagement fundraising -- how you raise the big bucks from the happiest donors

This is a powerful and super-informative interview with Greg Warner, founder of MarketSmart who also hosts a great podcast called Engagement Fundraising. The secret to accelerating your fundraising program is this: find the right level of engagement and giving for every donor, especially: Those who will leave your organization a bequest. Show More Summary

Here's great way to write fundraising subject lines

Subject lines are tough. That's one reason your email open rates are lower than you wish. Here's a helpful post from the Fearless Fundraising blog, Email Subject Lines for Gift Officers that might help energize your search for better...Show More Summary

The hard part of fundraising: getting attention (the money is the easy part)

It was one of those hairy mornings, when every other email contains something that urgently required my attention. I was trying hard to stick to the in-box plan of do, delegate, or delete. Which is darn hard to practice. I often end up taking a fourth option, delay. Show More Summary

Donors don't care about your great solutions ... what DO they care about?

This will help you think about fundraising in a different way; Why Your Customers Don't Care About Your Products and Services at Duct Tape Marketing. It's about commercial marketing, but if you apply it to fundraising you just might find some new ways to get donors excited: Your job... Show More Summary

The craziest thing about fundraising -- and that's saying a lot

About five years ago. I was working at a quality national fundraising agency with a whole bunch of superb nonprofit clients. Helping them raise a lot of money. I knew my stuff. Authored a (ahem) popular blog about fundraising. I'd written a book about fundraising, and was at work on my second book. Show More Summary

You still have time ... maybe

If it's still Friday (February 9) while you read this, you can still take my four-part online Moceanic course, 7 Steps to Creating Record-Smashing Direct Mail for $100 off. But hurry. As I post this, it's already Saturday in many parts of the world! So click over there as fast as you can. Show More Summary

The donor hasn't given in 9 years -- should you keep trying?

I want to show you a smart piece of fundraising I got in the mail recently from Feeding America. First the envelope: This is a smart envelope. I don't know what DONOR CONFIRMATION ENCLOSED means, and that's its power. (Also, the organization that sent it is not identified in any way -- there's only a PO Box address on the back flap. Show More Summary

The subject-line word that's flattening open rates

Here's an easy improvement. Change the The 1 Word That Shouldn't Appear In Your Nonprofit's Email Newsletter Subject Line (according to the Bloomerang blog. That word: newsletter. As the post theorizes: With the amount of emails we're...Show More Summary

The illustration that revolutionized my fundraising career

The first time I saw this picture, it changed my world: It was back in the days of the late, lamented Domain Group. I thought I understood the concept of donor lifecycles. Bu this illustration, by brilliant colleague, brought it to life for me. Show More Summary

I MESSED UP -- but you can benefit, big time

This morning's post contained an error in the description of the deeply discounted cost of my upcoming Moceanic online course on direct mail fundraising. Here's how it should have been: Register before Friday (February 9) and get $100 OFF. Show More Summary

What to do when there's a HIPPO trampling your fundraising

Is your fundraising being trampled by a HIPPO (highest paid person's opinion)? It's one of the most significant problems in fundraising -- HIPPOS vs. best practices, HIPPOS vs. innovation, and sometimes, devastatingly, both at once.Show More Summary

Podcast: How to conduct interviews that get you the fundraising stories that stir your donors' hearts

We all know how important it is to tell great stories in fundraising. Those stories almost never drop out of the sky! We have to go and get them. In this quick discussion, you'll get some great interviewing tips, including: Know what you want to get what you want. Show More Summary

7 steps to creating record-smashing direct mail

Wait. Did I hear someone say Direct mail is dead? Again? Whoever said it, they need to stop! Because it just isn't true. While direct mail is more challenging than it used to be, it's still the largest and most dependable source of donated revenue here in the US, and in most countries that have a reliable postal service. Show More Summary

When fundraising writing is "too good" to raise funds

Occasionally you'll see fundraising copy that reads something like this: The rain slashed down like needles as the evening darkness spread, bring the fear of night to the huddled inhabitants of the homeless camp under the roaring traffic of the freeway. Show More Summary

Fundraising secrets from "the world's best copywriter"

One of the best ways to become a better fundraising writer is to study what the masters at commercial direct marketing do. Here's some insight from our commercial cousins at the Hubspot Marketing blog, at How to Write Copy People Notice,...Show More Summary

An easy way to raise more money: give your donors choices

Why do reply devices almost always have choices like this? It's because giving donors choices is good, as noted on the Passionate Giving blog, at Provide Options in Your Ask:... a good salesperson will often provide two or three options, including the one she is really wanting the customer to buy. Show More Summary

The secret blueprint for direct mail that makes donors LOVE to give

Secret blueprint? You bet! Next week, I'm offering a Moceanic FREE webinar called The Secret Blueprint for Direct Mail that Makes Donors LOVE to Give. Did you note I said free? What do you have to lose? I urge you to sign up! In theShow More Summary

Two beautiful truths that will make you an amazing fundraiser

Does asking for a gift hurt donors? To hear some fundraisers and consultants talk, you might think it does. In fact, some folks in our industry seem to equate a direct mail fundraising appeal with a slap in the face by a very ripe kipper: rude, painful, odoriferous, and just plain uncalled-for. Show More Summary

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