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YOU are a valuable tool!

I had the privilege recently of participating in Jim Shapiro’s Better NonProfit Conference which was designed to help development professionals and other non-profit folks to grow, lead, and fund their organizations.  The speaker line up was solid, content really helpful, and the project reminded me of how valuable other development professionals are to me. I […]

A tool for inspiration: Mobile Giving

There are now more than 1 billion smartphones on the planet.  And, in a recent study, researchers learned that 9.5% of donations came from mobile devices.  Clearly, this is a huge opportunity for fundraisers and a seamless and user friendly mobile giving interface can be an incredibly helpful tool to increase giving. I’ve done a […]

A valuable tool from the archives: Handwritten Notes

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? I can count on one hand the number of handwritten notes that I’ve received in the last six months. If you eliminate holiday cards and birthday cards that just have a signature on it, then it’s even less. Another remarkable thing about the handwritten notes […]

That Crowdfunding though….

This year I have received many requests to participate in Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe campaigns.  And I mean, like a LOT.  There seems to be an interesting shift taking place and folks feel inclined to raise funds for just about anything, and some of them are amazing causes and products.  Some of them, not so […]

That ole donor database

Last week we queued up an intro to our next series of blogs that will highlight thoughts on the tools we need in our Toolbox as fundraisers.  Some of them are old and familiar and may need replacing.  Some of them may be new and we are getting to know how to use them well. […]

I need my tools

My daughter is a little bit of a hobbit.  She’s 5 & 1/2 and loves collecting leaves, seeds, sticks, flower buds, acorns and the like and bundling them up together.  It’s weird and wonderful and recently she’s been taking it more seriously as a craft.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been pulling together a […]

One from the Vault: Relationships

Excited to share this straightforward and thoughtful reminder from Jason Dick: Too often, we don’t ask the hard questions and share our real challenges, joys, and struggles. We do this because we are afraid of letting people into our worlds and of what they might think if they really knew who we are. What if […]

You don’t want to miss this!

There is a great conference coming up that you should really sign up for.  It’s free, it’s online, and it’s got a lineup of speakers that have a lot of helpful things to say about how to do fundraising more effectively and more creatively. It’s call the Better Nonprofit Conference and you can register today to […]

One simple way to simplify

A simple and helpful perspective shift from Josh Collier: I felt like I couldn’t get anything done. The Tyranny of the Urgent wasn’t just a struggle, it was my daily reality. Not able to do what I love most, I found myself totally discouraged. So I asked my friend David Achata for help. He said he’d […]

Sticky Notes Part II – The Practicum

A great follow up post from our friend Josh: 2 weeks ago we talked about my friend and his sticky notes – the big point: your technology doesn’t make your organized, YOU make you organized. All the tech in the world doesn’t change how you approach, prioritize, and organize your life. So, here’s 10 simple […]

This is my week, and I’m sticking to it.

Ok.  Last week we talked about the massive fail of inadvertently communicating to supporters and prospects that we are not really listening to them because we’ve got too many other things on our minds.  Today, I want to offer a general guide to structuring our weeks in such a way that this is less likely […]

‘I’m not really listening to you.’

What?!?!  This is probably the worst thing that we could ever communicate to a prospect or supporter for our agencies.  It is a privilege and huge opportunity to personally secure time with those that we are seeking to draw into closer relationship with us, and so, to tell them we’re not  listening would be just […]

Sticky Notes – Really?

Our friend Josh Collier kicks off our first segment on time management: I had this friend who organized his life with sticky notes. I thought he was so disorganized – he literally carried his laptop and a manilla folder filled with printer paper. Each page of paper was covered in sticky notes. What drove me […]

Time is assuredly not on our side.

Oh that song and those Rolling Stones singing ‘tiiiiiiiime, is our our side, yes it is….’ Well, Mick, for the fundraiser in today’s obscenely fragmented and fast moving culture time isn’t on our side, at all.  In fact, lacking time to get everything done, setting priorities, and addressing time management issues with the latest strategies […]

One from the Vault – Elusive Prospects

Grateful for these helpful words from Jason Dick in our first installment of ‘One from the Vault,’ featuring older posts that warrant revisiting: We all have those prospects which we can never get on the phone. I had a great question in my post, This Thing Called Follow-up, and I wanted to provide a bit […]

A Facebook Champ

So, I think this social media thing is sticking around.  Actually, it’s almost difficult to remember a time when a regular barrage of thoughts, videos, meals, reflections, events, parenting snafus, rants, groups, and other posts ranging from the really important to painfully unimportant were not frequently shared with us.  Let’s face it, social media (Facebook […]

Business Sponsors Are Awesome

It’s just that simple.  When we have come along side our Champions and coach them into creating pathways for partnership at the businesses they own or work for, inviting these same businesses to sponsor our big events follows naturally and is a win win. Last November, the agency I work for hosted it’s second annual […]

Let’s Talk Business.

We’ve had some great responses and feedback on our recent post about finding and cultivating Champions for our agencies, and how their throwing a party can be an effective and fun way to acquire new donors.  Folks have asked about other ways to empower and leverage our champions to diversity our support network, so we’ll offer another here. […]

Party On.

Alright, you’re in good shape.  You’ve identified some champions for your organization and you’re excited, encouraged, and relieved that you’ve got some folks to help broaden and diversify your support network. There are a number of ways that your champions can actively participate in the acquisition of new donors.  One of the most traditional and familiar […]

Where are the Champions?

We development pros work hard to strengthen the relationships we have with folks who have given to our agencies and we call the process ‘retention.’  We also work really hard to build new relationships with folks who have not given to our agencies before, and when they do give for the first time we call […]

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