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Where are the Champions?

We development pros work hard to strengthen the relationships we have with folks who have given to our agencies and we call the process ‘retention.’  We also work really hard to build new relationships with folks who have not given to our agencies before, and when they do give for the first time we call […]

How to create a monthly giving program.

Terrific follow up post on the ‘how to’ of monthly giving from our friend Josh Collier at Tacoma YFC: Okay, you’re sold, monthly giving should be more than an option on a response card. But then, what should it be? Here are three keys to a successful monthly giving program: Invite people to join something […]

Do we really understand monthly giving?

Delighted to offer a guest posts this week from Josh Collier, Development Officer at Tacoma’s Youth for Christ.  He is a friend, colleague, and terrific fundraiser.  Enjoy: Most of us offer monthly giving as an option at fundraisers and in appeal letters – but do we really understand the potential of effective monthly giving? It’s […]

10% Battery Life

I recently saw Big Hero 6 with my daughter at her school’s movie night.  It was awesome.  The main character’s older brother was an incredibly gifted designer and built a relentless, multi-functional, adaptive, and engaging robot whose only barrier preventing his unceasing efforts to complete his mission was – limited battery life.  Without his batteries fully […]

Value Offers

What a privilege and help it is when our supporters and prospects provide candid feedback to us.  I mean, really candid feedback.  The kind that can sting a little bit, but, will without a doubt help us to strengthen our relationship with those that are giving said feedback as well as help us improve our […]

Good question!

I’m always impressed and grateful when a current supporter or prospect asks good questions.  First and foremost, it indicates that they are really considering our agency and mission carefully which means if I answer these questions well, a positive giving decision may follow.  Secondly, the questions the ask create opportunity for our relationship to deepen. […]

But you said you were going to give!?

Ok.  This is a real time situation.  Happening now.  I’ve got 4 or 5 folks that I’ve been building relationships with and over email and in person they have committed to giving a gift to the agency I have the privilege of representing.  We’ve had some great interactions, they are supportive of the mission and […]

That first impression.

Last week my colleague here at A Small Change, Jason Dick, wrote up a great piece on how wearing something that’s got a little color can impact donor interactions.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, I think there are a number of other small things, when considered, we should also commit to as we are […]

Colored Shirts

There’s no doubt about it, color makes everything more fun. Would you rather sit in a dark and colorless room or a well lit one with a vibrant painting?  We are all drawn to color. Color also makes you more noticeable. I am so glad that we are moving away from a culture where men […]

It’s not all about the cash.

We work in a context of mantras.  Lots of do’s and don’ts, lots of rules to live by, and lots of sage advice from folks who have raised lots of money for lots of different great agencies.  Over time, we gather these bits and pieces together and develop our own philosophy.  This is good. One of […]

Waiting for Disaster

“The health of a relationship, team or organization is best measured by the average time lag between identifying and discussing problems.” @JosephGrenny How long does it take you to talk about a challenge with your team or a co-worker? One of the indicators of a healthy organization is how long it takes for problems to be […]

The Value of Saying No

This is going to sound a little bit weird but I like hearing “No” from my supporters. Sure, I like hearing yes much more, but “No” is my second favorite answer when I ask for money. The majority of asks that I’ve done in my life result in a vague answer that can be really […]

At your event, make sure the Ask is right.

We’ve had some really great feedback and thoughts on a recent post highlighting the importance of caring for the little things to make your big fundraising events awesome.  Really excited to learn it has been helpful!  As a result I’ve been thinking more about the not so little things that are also critical to ensure […]

Are you taking notes?

It’s always a win during in-person meetings when our supporters and prospects share about their families, work, interests, passions, and other colors that shape their story.  As development professionals, hopefully we have taken some time to craft and consider good questions to get folks talking when we have the opportunity to connect for coffee, a […]

I really need some new material!

As Development professionals, we are story tellers.  We are deft and creative about sending messages to our supporters and prospects that generate a response.  Our hope is that the messages we send will be so compelling that those that hear and receive it will respond by giving financially to our cause.  This is a simplified […]

Phone calls, and emails, and Facebook, oh my!

So, maybe not scary, but, the technological choices that we have to make in terms of how best to engage, followup, and seek to connect with supporters, prospects, and partners are becoming increasingly diversified.  With social media anchoring so many interactions we have with people, the penchant for more personal connection that the phone affords, […]

With a BIG event, it’s all about the little things.

Galas.  Extravaganzas.  5Ks.  Auctions.  You insert the action here – A-thons.  Let’s face it, our signature events are a really big deal when it comes to strengthening relationships with our existing support base, as well as acquiring new giving relationships.  These events are key platforms to increase the likelihood of hitting our fiscal goals, and […]

Help! This donor just won’t talk to me!

Ok.  You just had a great big unsolicited gift come in.  You’re not sure why, but super grateful and excited.  Could be a response to a splash in the media, friend of a friend, year end tax break, the list goes on.  You celebrate for a few minutes but then the work begins because as you […]

Growing your Existing Donor Base

Everyone is always looking for ways to grow their donor base so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions and tips that I’ve used myself. Feel free to add some of your own ideas. The first step would be to figure out what you mean when you say “donor base.” Are we talking about monthly […]

Re-Prospecting Donors

There are always donors that have a personal relationship with other people in the organization. Often times the donors who have these friendships make judgement calls about their “donor friends” without consulting the individual donors. When your major donors have family that is on staff or are part of your staffs private inner circle (we […]

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