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Get rid of AdClick “Virus”

How does AdClick “Virus” work? Adware stands for advertising-supported software and is classed as anything that renders adverts on your PC to generate money for whoever it is advertising for. Adverts through this method become very obtrusive and can often... Continue Reading ?

How To Remove Smart New Tab “Virus”

What you should know about  Smart New Tab “Virus”   Smart New Tab “Virus”  characteristics and how did I get it All adware programs are an annoyance for the users and  Smart New Tab “Virus”  is no exception. With its obstructive... Continue Reading ?

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf

How To Get rid of Trusted Surf According to security experts, Trusted Surf is being classified, not as a virus, but as an adware. What is the difference? Well, an adware is a non-malicious piece of programming code that does... Continue Reading ?

How To Remove Albireo “Virus”

What is Albireo “Virus” Have you ever come upon messages on your computer claiming that you won a prize, e-mails with no certain recipient and no purpose, discount coupons for the most frequently visited online shops etc.? Do pop-up or banner... Continue Reading ?

How to get action on climate change? Hint: Don’t scare us out of our wits.

We’ve been told time and time again that telling a child they can’t do something just makes them want to do it more. It is particularly difficult to resist a child’s pleas when a prohibition violates their sense of fairness... Continue Reading ?

Farm Truck: a model for supplying fresh produce to New York City’s food deserts

Do you know how many servings of fruits or vegetables you ate in the past 24 hours? If it’s two or more, you’re in the minority. Almost 70 percent of Americans eat one serving or less of fresh produce each... Continue Reading ?

Are we outgrowing how we grow?

Could we have outgrown modern agriculture? Dr. E Ann Clark thinks “agriculture was never designed to be sustainable,” and argues in recent research that we need to re-vision our food production systems entirely for today’s needs. We do not have a... Continue Reading ?

Big Ideas: Alex Nicholls says social entrepreneurship is growing up

In our Big Ideas series, we check in regularly with top thinkers in the field of social innovation. We want to know what they’re working on, what questions they’re wrestling with, and what opportunities and challenges they see up ahead for... Continue Reading ?

Interview: Gabriel Brodbar of NYU’s Program in Social Entrepreneurship on trends to look for in 2011

Gabriel Brodbar is the founding director of the Catherine B. Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship at NYU, which is designed to attract, train, and encourage the next generation of leaders interested in careers in public service. The program, which will... Continue Reading ?

Dowser Interview: Ami Dar of Idealist

Ami Dar’s career as a social entrepreneur began with an epiphany, $1,000, and a childhood dream to change the world. Years later, he would act on that dream when he founded Idealist, a pioneering web-based portal that serves as a... Continue Reading ?

Sanitation In A Bag

“They call me ‘Mama Poo’” Anne told me matter-of-factly as we strolled through a dusty pathway in Silanga, a small neighborhood in the expansive Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. “And I like that,” she added. Anne Nudge is a Sales... Continue Reading ?

Mini Case Study: How to resurrect a social service cut by tight government budgets

PROBLEM: In 2006, residents of Arlington, VA were close to losing an after-school program that taught kids how to fix bikes. Community Spokes, as the program was known then, recruited economically disadvantaged students to learn bicycle mechanics, at once offering... Continue Reading ?

The Mission Asset Fund: A bridge between informal and formal banking

For many people, opening a savings account isn’t simply a rite of passage. In fact, about 30 million people are unbanked or under-banked according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Instead, people are relying on predatory institutions for money, like... Continue Reading ?

Our experience with removing malware and annoying pop up ads

How we stumbled upon We’ve recently had two of our computers infected by some kind of Ad-creating software named DNS Unlocker. Apparently this was not a virus and the anti-virus we were using was helpless, so we had to... Continue Reading ?

Charles Slaughter of Living Goods applies the Avon model to healthcare in Uganda

Living Goods is a hybrid microfinance and public health organization; it operates a network of saleswomen in Uganda who go door to door offering health products, like bed nets, condoms and water treatment tabs, at affordable prices. The women get... Continue Reading ?

Analysis: Why South Asia has Transformed into a Social Enterprise Hub

By Nidhi Chaudhary There are hubs for social entrepreneurship around the world—from San Francisco to the United Kingdom to Nairobi to Mexico City. No one can deny that India has rapidly become a leader in social innovation, rapidly harnessing the... Continue Reading ?

eflections from the 2012 mHealth Summit for Smarter Public Health

Guest post by Nick Martin, CEO of TechChange, a social enterprise developing technology education for development and social impact.  Four thousand attendees. Three days. Three challenges. One global network solution. The 2012 mHealth Summit brought three main challenges to address... Continue Reading ?

Innovating New Models for Change With ITP and The Grameen Creative Lab

Go spend time with your new market.  Understand their needs.  Do not presuppose that you know the answer. Multinationals can play a role in this.  It’s about collaborating.  They can contribute to the development of millions of people’s lives by... Continue Reading ?

Eight trends in social entrepreneurship to watch for in 2011

We thought we’d kick off the year with a look at some of the trends currently shaping the movement. What follows is the culmination of a series of interviews with a diverse group of experts. Each trend also links to... Continue Reading ?

DC Comics, Time Warner, Warner Bros Announce Campaign to Increase Aid to the Horn of Africa

On January 23, DC Comics announced a new campaign to support to humanitarian work in the Horn of Africa, where a confluence of drought, famine, and Islamist militia rule have led some 13 million people to starvation. The campaign, called... Continue Reading ?

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