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Responsible data practices

(Book Cover Photo For 100 years foundations and nonprofits have developed practices to use time and money for good.For 50 years, investors have been developing ways to use investment capital...Show More Summary

Technology, democracy, civil society

Loved this quote from Nathan Schneider in an article on the "slow technology" movement:"There is a habit in tech culture of saying that the latest app is “democratizing” whatever it happens to do. This is lovely, but best not to confuse it with actual democracy. Show More Summary

Blueprint 2016

Yes. It is time for me to start thinking about Blueprint 2016. To get it to you live in December I start thinking, mulling, complaining about, and drafting by June. I just made my annual notebook to start compiling my papers, thoughts, and ephemera that I don't store online. Show More Summary

Digital Sabbatical = brain growth

Thanks to everyone who has asked about my digital sabbatical. It was fantastic. The best way I can describe it? Remember the part in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, when his heart grows three sizes? Without the addictive stimulation and distractions of digital life it feels like my brain grew three sizes.And I returned to an empty inbox. Show More Summary

How to use private data for public benefit

(gambar:'ve been away, writing. 28 days, 167 draft pages. Probably 50-60 more to go.And just yesterday, working on something else, I think I've figured out what I'm trying to say.We need a theory of data for the public good...Show More Summary

Digital sabbatical

It's intermission. I am going offline (email, twitter, blog, etc.) till mid - May. Please be in touch again after May 15.

Institutional philanthropy goes digital (slowly)

I often write about emergent forms of philanthropy, enabled or accelerated by digital technology. And I spend a lot of time looking for ways that established philanthropic institutions are or could be using these tools. Here are twoShow More Summary

19 minutes on digital civil society

This was a fun interview to do, with Dave Erasmus of Givey (UK mobile giving platform). Nineteen minutes (in British and American English) on what we're trying to understand at the Stanford PACS Digital Civil Society Lab.

Beyond Big Data

What happens when a university with schools of arts and humanities, business, design, education, engineering, law, and medicine decides to develop interdisciplinary learning experiences for professionals, using the latest technologyShow More Summary

Laboratory of human behavior...

"A laboratory of human behavior the likes of which we've never seen."That's actually a description of a social media company. You can hear more in this fantastic Radio Lab podcast, The Trust Engineers, which Andrew Means of Data Science...Show More Summary

Ethics, data, mission and revenue

I just finished a three part series on digital values and civil society. We'll have to call this post part 3.5.As I did so, I was (slightly) relieved to see that the Chronicle of Philanthropy raised an ethical eyebrow at the growingShow More Summary

Values Aligned Technology

I've been thinking a lot about values, society, and technological design. I'm trying to articulate what, when, and how the values that shape civil society should be expressed with and within technology. What I do know is that it's not just at the point of use. Show More Summary

Data privacy standards - another missed opportunity for civil society

Here we go again. A small group of #nonprofits will engage in the policy battle about data privacy. The rest of nonprofit sector and philanthropy will stand by, ignoring it. Thinking "consumer data privacy standards" - not our issue.Yes, It is our issue. Show More Summary

Digital isn't optional and it isn't "other"

Digital infrastructure and the nature of digital assets have been transformative. Business gets this - companies traffic in data, are valued in the marketplace by their ability to collect and manage digital data, products are designed...Show More Summary

Net Neutrality Congratulations

Congratulations and thank you to the civil society actors who acted to help protect an open internet.ACLUBerkman Center ColorOfChange.orgCommon CauseCREDO ActionDaily KosDemand ProgressElectronic Frontier FoundationFree Press Fight for...Show More Summary

Philosophy Talk on Cyber Activism

The radio program Philosophy Talk invited me on to discuss issues of digital civil society. I thought we were going to discuss freedom of association, free expression, and the architecture of the Internet compared to the design choices coded into the apps and web sites built on top of it. Show More Summary

Crowdfunding and philanthropy

A community foundation friend just asked me what's up with crowdfunding? New wine in old bottles or new money? Here's what I said:"Crowdfunding is here to stay in some form. I think it's "gateway giving" for folks who live entirely online...Show More Summary

The #NetGain Challenge

It's great to see several big foundations recognizing that digital infrastructure is now fundamental to civil society. Check out the #NetGainChallenge for several ideas about what we need to ensure that independent private action for public benefit continues to thrive in the digital age. Show More Summary

The giving quants or "algorithmic philanthropy"

I spent the weekend preparing for, and then taping, a segment on digital activism for Philanthropy Talk. That's the public radio "car talk" program for philosophical questions. The segment will air in January.So it's no wonder that I have thought experiments on my mind. Show More Summary

The (failure) and future of civil society

A friend forwarded this to me in an email - it's a link to an article in The Guardian, a letter from the head of Civicus, a global organization representing civil society organizations.In it he notes the growth of the sector.And its failures to solve the problems it seeks to address. Show More Summary

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