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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 383

You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?” Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past seven years. Show More Summary

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 356

14 Picture of Tabs in a Box All the great kitty supermodels have to earn their chops posing with cardboard, and before they can move into catalog work or runway, they have to demonstrate a certain level of kitty cardboard aptitude. It isn’t an easy prop to work with, either. Show More Summary

Comment to Win a $50 eGift Card From MAC! (Ends Monday)

Good morning and happy Caturday! ???? I hope you’re having a great morning so far. I’m just making myself some French toast and a cup of decaf green tea for breakfast while Tabs whines and mewls incessantly around the house. He’s a very mad/sad tabby right now. Show More Summary

Get Into Character With the OCC Cosplay Collection Lip Tars

I have yet to partake of the costumed creative greatness that is cosplay, but if/when I do, the character I play will HAVE to have crazy-@ss green lips — obviously — because if I’m going to go through the effort to dress up like a fantastical/comic...Show More Summary

New Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powders and Refillable Cases: The Look of Loose Powder From a Lovely Pressed Pan

Cross my heart, criss-cut fries, grab a husky tabby’s thighs! Wait — isn’t that how that rhyme goes? I can’t remember… Never mind! What I meant to say is that I SWEAR pressed and loose powders look completely different once I get them on my skin. Show More Summary

Fri-Yay Makeup Fun: Strobing Made Easy

If you’ve been wondering about this whole “strobing” trend and whether it involves pulsating lights and high-octane house music, it doesn’t, so feel free to leave your glow sticks at home. But what is does involve is highlighting, and LOTS of it. Show More Summary

Paul & Joe Perfect Makeup Primer Is Also a Purr-fectly Moisturizing Serum

Excuse me, um…why doesn’t this tube have a cat on it? Dear Friendly Person at Paul & Joe, A kitty cat somewhere on the packaging of your Perfect Makeup Primer would have turned it into the most Purrrrfect Makeup Primer, in my humble cray-cray cat lady opinion. Show More Summary

NARS Shows a Softer Side With the New NARS 413 BLKR Blush Duo

Whenever I think of New York, I think of that majestic, awe-inspiring Manhattan skyline, busy sidewalks, edgy street fashion and a go-go-GO hustle and bustle (among other things), but every city also has a softer side, and that’s the...Show More Summary

Honey, These Delicious New Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Balms Are Da Bomb!

I put one of Paul & Joe’s three new $18 Lip Treatment Balms (which they refer to as “flavors”) on my lips before bed last night, and when Tabs woke me up this morning (and BTW, he’s been biting me lately!), I ended up with cat hair all up in my grill. Show More Summary

Neat and New to Me: MAC Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush

Neat and New to Me Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a...Show More Summary

I’ll Take a Double Latte With an Extra Shot of Cute! The New Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Eye Color CS Shades Were Inspired by Frothy Coffee Shop Beverages

Paul & Joe: Hello, miss. Would you like an eyeshadow with your caffè latte? Me: YES, PLEASE. And can you make that a decaf? (The latte, not the eyeshadow.) OOH! And could you please draw a swirl on top of the foam for me? Paul & Joe: Sure. Show More Summary

Kitty Kisses From Paul & Joe: The Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Lipstick CS in Cafe Parisien, Coffee Cherry and Cafe Espresso

To say that I’m sweet on these three new limited edition fall lipsticks and refillable lipstick cases from Paul & Joe would be both a grievous understatement of ridiculous proportions, and incredibly apt, because, hello! — TEH KITTEHS. Show More Summary

Dreaming of Big Plush Hair? Full & Plush Hair Is Within Arms’ Reach (SPONSORED)

Advertorials like this one are brought to you by my sponsors. They’re carefully chosen based on what I think you might like; however, this post was entirely written by the sponsor. Do you dream of beautiful thick hair that feels full...Show More Summary

5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Conditioning washes I’ve been washing my wavy hair with conditioner to give it a break from harsher shampoos a few times a week for years, so it’s been kind of cool to see some of the big hair care brands embrace the whole “co-wash” trend as a thing. Show More Summary

The Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette: I Daydreamed About Blush (and a Lot of Other Things Today), and I Blame It on NARS

It was one of those days, ya know? Where you just stare out the window dumbfounded, like, everything was just sort of confusing me… Ha! I’m serious, though. I felt like things weren’t quite computing correctly, if you know what I mean. Show More Summary

Chic Crimson Helps the $40 BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette Contour, Sculpt and Brighten Eyes

I highly recommend that you roll your R’s when you say the name of BECCA’s new crimson tinged $40 Ombre Rouge eyeshadow palette like so: “Ombre Rrrrrrrrrrouge. Rrrrrrr-ooooo-uge.” Why? BECAUSE IT’S FUN. That’s why. That’s the main reason. Show More Summary

The “Ultimate NARS” Lip Pencil Set Shifts Lips Into Neutral

Yo, whose hoopty is this? Yes, the red ’95 Civic in the driveway. Will somebody please get this thing out of neutral and drive us to the Nordstrom NARS counter so we can play with the new “Ultimate NARS” lip pencil set ($49)? Wait —Show More Summary

Neat and New to Me: MAC Matte Blush in Coppertone

Neat and New to Me Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a...Show More Summary

L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray: Is This $17 Spray Infallible?

You know how when you finish your makeup, and you lightly mist your face with a makeup setting spray, it feels like the confirmation of a job well done? Like spritz! Thank you! Reward. I like that whole experiential angle to makeup setting sprays. Show More Summary

I’m Getting a Rush From This Coral Flush: It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush in Coral Flush

Add this blush to your list of “Things of the Utmost Importance That Must Be Attended to ASAP,” because we all know that blush is of the utmost importance…and blushes that refuse to sit on top of your skin lookin’ like a heavy, caked-on mess are of the UTMOST utmost importance. Show More Summary

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