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Mice Prefer Action Movies to Porn, Study Suggests

Mice may prefer watching mouse-action movies to mouse-pornography, according to a team of Japanese researchers. Led by Shigeru Watanabe of Keio University, the team played videos for mice on iPods and noted how long the mice paid attention. The subjects were shown three different videos: one was sniffing related, another pornographic (for a mouse), and another […]

SCOTUS Judge Antonin Scalia Found Dead in Texas

Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court, was found dead of apparent natural causes on Saturday, February 13. He had been visiting a luxury resort in Marfa, Texas, according to federal officials. Scalia was 79. The late SCOTUS Justice was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch. He arrived there on Friday and attended a party […]

It’s 2016: Is Being On Your Phone At A Party REALLY Rude?

It’s 2016. Is browsing your mobile phone at a party really all that rude? It used to be rude to ignore a phone call. Now it seems the tables have turned—answering a call or sending a text is considered rude in certain company. But that recent piece of social etiquette already seems to be changing in […]

Lovers Can Now Mine Their Own Chocolate for Valentines’ Day

What says “I love you” more on Hearts’ Day than giving your loved one a box of delicious chocolate? Well, for starters… How about mining your own chocolate together? The Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku, Japan has come up with this fun and novel way to bring couples closer together. For a small fee, sweet […]

Cozy Up With Some Relationship Wisdom From Couples

Love is rarely wise, but it certainly is a source of so much wisdom. Mashable recently asked their readers what they learned about love through their own relationships via a sharing app, as well as the hashtag #LoveWisdoms on social. Couples who’ve stayed together anywhere from six months to twenty years have chipped in. Though […]

Man Flirts With Girl On Facebook; Finds Out She’s His Ex-Wife

Facebook sometimes is a fun playground for online flirts, and sometimes it can be a tricky landmine-laden field for hookups, as one unwitting man found out for himself. The unending squabbling of a couple in Bareilly, India has led to them going their own separate ways and filing for a divorce. Thinking Facebook was an […]

Funny Or Die Creates Hilarious Donald Trump Biopic With Johnny Depp

Donald Trump may be a cocky businessman running for president, but did he once tried his hand in films? Thanks to our friends over at Funny or Die, we have discovered a piece of forgotten history (or at least what we would of thought it was like). According to Funny or Die, back in 1988, […]

Guy Falls Asleep at Work; Becomes Internet Meme

2016,’s newest meme offering comes in the guise of our favorite office misdemeanor: falling asleep at our desks. Sometimes, being an intern at an ambitious tech startup can be a pretty tough affair. There’s a new schedule to adhere to, adjusting to the job and company culture, meeting deadlines and acing standards, and a whole […]

#ImNotKiddingMaddi: Twitter Mocks Obnoxious Hillary Clinton Email

Hillary Clinton is the queen of social media—according to out-of-touch partisan editorialists from 2008, anyway. The online generation simply doesn’t buy it. The former Secretary of State’s desperate schmoozing with millennials has become downright embarrassing. Show More Summary

H3H3: “SoFlo And Facebook Are Working Together To Destroy Internet”

H3H3 Productions’ outspoken founder, Ethan is back with another rant. As you might remember from a couple of months ago, Ethan explained how some of his video content was being stolen by another user and posted on Facebook. This concept, known as “freebooting”, really pissed off Ethan. He ranted about how Facebook basically told him […]

Instagram Artist Celebrates The Joys of Being Single

Aaaaah, the joys of being single. Nope, that’s not an oxymoron. With Valentines’ Day being just around the corner, it’s no wonder everyone’s gotten bit by the love bug. From Valentines’ courgettes to tiny dinner dates, the Internet is awash in the luuuurrve. On the other hand, if you’re an adamant V-day hater, there’ll always be […]

Say I Love You With A Potato

Conversation hearts are so last year. This Valentine’s Day let that special person know how much they mean to you with a personalized potato. Yes, a potato. offers a unique gag gift with a special message-bearing spud. The 5-month-old business is the brainchild of Jeff Kelly and Jim Owens. The friends both have extensive […]

Interview With A Cannibal: Infamous German Cannibal Tells All

Interview With A Cannibal: The Disturbing Tale Of Armin Meiwes German Armin Meiwes achieved worldwide notoriety when he was convicted of killing and eating a man for his own sexual satisfaction. Though the case was disturbing in its own right, it was the detail that Meiwes victim was willing to be eaten that catapulted the story into the […]

Ron Paul Explains Why He #FeelsTheBern

Libertarian Ron Paul might seem like an unlikely supporter of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, but in a recent FOX News interview, he described Sanders as the most “free market” candidate running, while disavowing his rival Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Ted Cruz. “You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz,” he told […]

Hugh Jackman Posts Pics After Skin Cancer Treatment

Actor Hugh Jackman posted a picture on Facebook after receiving treatment for skin cancer, warning his fans to use sunscreen. “An example of what happens when you don’t use sunscreen,” he wrote. “Basal cell. The mildest form of cancer. PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN and get check ups regularly!” This isn’t the first time Jackman has been […]

Michigan Lawmakers Attempt to Ban Gay Sex

On Thursday, the Michigan Senate passed an anti-animal cruelty bill with a rider reaffirming the state’s ban on sodomy, even though a 2003 Supreme Court decision ruled such bans unconstitutional. Though existing sodomy laws are rarely, if ever, enforced, the bill sends a nasty message to the LGBT+ community, who have been historically persecuted under such laws. As […]

Say Hello to The Man Braid on Instagram

This early in 2016, we just might see the man bun well on its way out, with the man braid to take its rightful place as the hipster hairstyle of choice. Men’s magazines hate it; women’s mags and style publications love it. Whichever side you choose to sit on the proverbial fence, there’s no denying that […]

#RIPTwitter? Users Freak Out Over Site’s Massive Changes

#RIPTwitter has trended to dizzying heights with the rumors circulating on the site about major change to the way users have enjoyed Twitter. After the euphoric high of #OneTeam, is Twitter now fated to crash for real? Let’s take a closer look at these two rumors and people’s reactions to them. Goodbye 140 Characters? Twitter […]

1 Man, 6 Photographers, 6 Unique Perspectives

If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then photographers are masters at crafting brand new stories for their subjects. The resulting image of the person on a photograph depends greatly on how the photographer chooses to see the person and tell their story. Canon invited six photographers to practice their craft in a […]

‘Catman’ Gets A Ticket To The Super Bowl, Thanks To Social Media

This Sunday, The Carolina Panthers will face off against the Denver Broncos for the much anticipated Super Bowl 50. Tickets for the big games sell for top dollar every year, so it’s safe to say most of us can only afford to watch from home. But, what happens when your team makes it to the […]

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