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‘#VeryRealisticYA’ Tweets Keep it Real

Book lovers on Twitter have just met a new hashtag to love, and tweets are aplenty all around. #VeryRealisticYA has been one trending hashtag that has readers and young adult literature fans poking fun at YA Lit conventions and stereotypes. Twitter users of all ages have pitched in with their two cents on many tropes […]

Obama and ‘Anger Translator Luther’ Dropped Burns at 2015 WHCD

So recently at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Barack Obama brought in an “anger translator” to dish out some real burns on certain issues that needed addressing. Luther the Anger Translator is a character used in many of the comedy duo Key & Peele’s presidential address skits. These skits feature Jordan Peele impersonating Barack Obama […]

Jason Alexander From ‘Seinfeld’ Records Personal George Costanza Answering Machine Message For Kat Dennings [Watch]

A very special nostalgic treat happened on the ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ this week. Fans of ‘Seinfeld’ will recognize this song immediately. The famous George Costanza’s famous answering machine message, which was sang along to the TV series Greatest American Hero’s theme song. Jason Alexander was a great sport after hearing the star […]

David Blaine Freaks Out Harrison Ford with Magic

Harrison Ford. The man who played one of the most iconic space pirates and gunslingers of all time, had a Wookie for a best friend, and made us swoon with two simple words: “I know.” The man who had us holding our breath as he dodged rolling boulders, plunged the depth of wondrous and mysterious […]

Kermit Doppleganger Discovered; Kermit Reacts

Kermit The Frog may just have met his long-lost twin. A newly-discovered frog deep in the heart of the Amazon rain forest is not only causing quite the stir in the Science world. It’s also creating a big buzz in Jim Henson’s fuzzy muppet world, too, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Meet Hyalinobatrachium dianae, or […]

“Half-Drunk” Chris Pratt Answers Fan’s Questions, So Many Coincidences

Actor and heartthrob, Chris Pratt spent some time with the Internet today during a Reddit AMA. Pratt is a leading Hollywood actor with roles in both television and films. Best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt hasn’t always been a leading man. Working various jobs from salesman to stripper, he ended […]

This Is What MacGyver Looks Like Today

In Hollywood, looking good is important especially as you age. Many stars will try anything to keep their looks, while others can’t help but let themselves go. It seems time hasn’t been too kind to American TV hero icon, Richard Dean Anderson. Anderson, who has best known for his roles as MacGyver and Lieutenant General […]

Swedish Cops Stop New York Subway Attack [Video]

Some officers put their vacation plans on hold to save the day for some commuters on a New York subway. The four Swedish cops were visiting New York and were on their way to see the Broadway show, Les Miserables. As the men were on the subway train, they noticed a angry homeless man attacking […]

Guy Uses Selfie Stick To Record Girlfriend And Mom Fighting [Watch]

“Video or it didn’t happen.” – This guy’s friends at school. Well. Nothing is private anymore. Privacy with all of the available social media and technology is an old term that used to mean something. So if this was 20 years ago. This girlfriend and his mother would have fought peacefully in the front of […]

Photos From The Volcano Calbuco Eruption In Chile Are Extraordinary

Chile’s Volcano Calbuco erupted yesterday, about 600 miles south of Santiago, forcing 4,000 people to evacuate after a red alert was issued in the area. The first one since 1972, but thankfully there are no reports of missing people, injuries, or deaths. Knowing there are no fatalities helps to enjoy the astonishing photos that were […]

How You Can Use Twitter To Cheer Someone Up

A new website is using tweets from Twitter to help turn a person’s frown upside down. Visitors to can reply to tweets of people that are feeling down or just having a bad day. The tweets are randomly selected through a computerized process. gathers thousands of tweets using Twitter API and then sifts […]

Girl Who Was Paralyzed Surprises Her Nurse By Standing And Walking To Her, The Reaction Is Beautiful [Watch]

Oh those videos. The videos where you attempt to hold back the tears, or you don’t realize you have been smiling the whole time, or you had no chance of holding back the tears and it is a steady stream of the feels. A video of a girl named, Bailey, was uploaded to YouTube a […]

GoPro Turns Day At The Office Into Internet Gold [Video]

GoPro cameras have been used in a number of thrilling activities: skydiving, cliff jumping, skiing… you get the picture. But what about all of the mundane activities just waiting to be spiced up by strapping a GoPro camera to your head? One man decided to try it out. Using a GoPro, he recorded a day […]

Girlfriend Throws Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products In Soapy Bathtub [Photos]

Be still my beating heart. All of those beautiful, and expensive, Apple products fully submerged under soapy water. Soapy should be a term used loosely, but the various bubbles add a nice touch. The Japanese woman posted pictures of the Apple bath on twitter a few days ago and has been retweeted over 15,000 times. […]

Every Day Is Earth Day At Apple

Apple is celebrating Earth Day 2015 by starting something that will last all year. The tech giant has created an entire section of eco-friendly apps in the Apple app store. Not only can users find interesting apps, but customers can also use iTunes to download podcasts, books and films about the environment. Apple is making […]

Lindsay Lohan Makes A Big Instagram Oops

Lindsay Lohan should think twice about what she posts to Instagram. On Tuesday afternoon, Lohan posted what was supposed to be an inspirational message to her profile, only to quickly regret it. The photo shows the message, “You’re Beautiful” in English and Arabic. The only problem is the Arabic message doesn’t translate into that message. […]

#DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow Has Twitter Users Baring All

The latest trend on Twitter has people taking a hilarious look at their sex lives. #DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow has users post a title of a television show that describes their life between the sheets. As expected, there have been some rather unique responses to the trending #DescribeYourSexLifeInATvShow. While the majority were funny, some were a little too […]

Marshall Henderson Gets Twitter Revenge Against Erin Andrews Years Later

The latest example of Twitter revenge is reminding us to be careful what you write about others on social media, because chances are it will come back to bite you in the future. That’s exactly what is happening to well-known sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews. It all started back in 2013, when Andrews threw some shade […]

Man Catcalls Women During An Interview About Anti-Catcalling In New York [Watch]

This guy. An apparel company has recently posted some Anti-catcalling signs in New York City. Patrick Jones from Buzz60 went out to interview the public on this Anti-catcalling campaign and how they feel about catcalling women (or men). Jones meets a guy who doesn’t realize it is an interview against catcalling and catcalls women on […]

Earthworms Rain From The Sky In Norway

People living in Southern Norway had the surprise of their lives on Sunday after they discovered earthworms falling from the sky. Norwegian biology teacher, Karstein Erstad spoke to Norway’s NRK News channel about his strange experience. “I saw thousands of earthworms on the surface of the snow,” he told The Local. “When I found them […]

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