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Meet ASL Interpreter Who Does ‘Anaconda’, Dirty Lyrics And All [Videos]

Yesterday, we covered an amazing young woman who interpreted Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself” in American Sign Language (ASL), and pretty much had an awesome time doing so. Today, we’ll show you another interpreter who’s taking ASL onstage onstage and giving it some zing. Meet Amber Galloway Gallego. She’s an ASL interpreter who specializes in music and […]

Bystanders Lift Doubledecker Bus To Save Unicyclist’s Life [Video]

About a hundred random bystanders did the nigh-impossible and lifted a doubledecker bus in a unified effort to save a unicyclist’s life at Walthamstow, east London, Thursday. The unicyclist, 55, was hit by a large vehicle, a 212 bus, and slipped under the bus before 6:00 pm. People walking to and from their destinations, restaurant […]

Beyonce and Ducktales Mashup Will Blow You Away [Video]

Beyonce is flawless, flawless, flawless; it’s a scientific fact. Every performance brings millions to tears the whole world over, and people are calling for someone to bottle those tears and use them to cure cancer. Beyonce has done for feminism what Chuck Norris has done for manliness, and we adore her for that. So here’s […]

Smallest Penis Pageant Is Short for Contestants [Video]

Is the mass of your manhood getting you down? Do you often find yourself flying at half-mast? Is your partner unimpressed by the length of your sword, or the might of your missile? Do you wish your derringer were a mighty tank turret? Don’t fret, because this contest just might be the thing to lift […]

#DadRappers: The Hashtag Game Strikes Again

Recently, there has been some pretty creative hashtag trend on Twitter, like #SoftenAFilm and #RejectedPairings. Now, we have #DadRappers. Basically, the combination of a rapper and a dad quality. Think television, farting and eating. Every kind of dad is represented. Old dads. Cypress Over the Hill #DadRappers @midnight — Jared Montana (@Jarmadillos) May 29, 2015 […]

Woman Performs Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ In Sign Language [Video]

Eminem’s hit song ‘Lose Yourself’ topped the charts and starred in a major movie, but one woman just took it to the next level. American Sign Language interpreter, Shelby Mitchusson performed the rap song on YouTube and the results are epic. The soon-to-be Internet sensation has also been known to interpret hardcore rock songs at […]

Norwegian Navy Offers Beard Request Form For Soldiers

Members of the Norwegian Navy can grow a beard if they want, but there is one catch: the beard request form. A simple paper form that gives the soldier the opportunity to have facial hair. Posted by Redditor “aellgutta”, the post explained the purpose of the beard application. Thanks to the handy translation, the post […]

Rockers, Marilyn Manson And Billy Corgan Host Reddit AMA, Kind Of A Letdown [ICYMI]

Musicians, Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan are kicking off their joint tour and as part of the publicity the duo hosted a Reddit AMA. And, of course, you know Social News Daily was there. The two rockers opened the floor for fans to ask anything about the tour, Manson’s latest album, ‘The Pale Emperor’ and […]

Controversial ‘Artist’, Richard Prince Sells Instagram Posts For Thousands

Richard Prince calls himself an artist. Everyone else seems to call him a thief. Blurring the lines of copyright infringement, Prince’s most recent ‘artwork’ uses Instagram posts from unsuspecting users. In fact, Prince has been making headlines with his latest creations. Prince sold prints of shots from the Suicide Girls’ Instagram at the New York […]

‘Hunger Games’ Three-Finger Salute Becomes Real Symbol Against Oppression in Thailand

This is pretty much one of the most unbelievable and truly unforgettable things I have ever had to write about on this site. You all know the three-finger salute Katniss uses in The Hunger Games books and movies? As much as this sucks to say out loud (because it only makes it more real), seems […]

Sleeping on Space Shuttle, Circa 1983

If you are of a curious nature and intrigued by science which many of us are, you may wonder how astronauts sleep on the space shuttle and when in zero gravity. Though there is much news available to us now about such things because of the web, we have to remember, the 80’s were a […]

Man Calls Suicide Line, They Show Up And Kill Him

Justin Way was in very bad shape. He was having a mental breakdown, only exasperated by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. He was growing more and more despondent and at one point, finally seemed like he was going to hurt himself by holding a knife to his own neck. In an act of bravery his […]

DIY Your Lego Gummy Candy With This Recipe! [Video]

This new gummy recipe isn’t just Pinterest-worthy, it’s bound to be a hit with kids of all ages — including millenials, because we’re cool kids like that. The brilliant person behind this video is Grant Thompson, a Youtube star who also goes by the monicker “The King of Random”. He releases a brand new video […]

Groom Slams Meninists With Brilliant Comeback, Twitter Applauds

You know those Meninists? That group of men on the Internet who focus on bringing to light the “immense and unbearable turmoil” of being a man in this day and age, of Oh the privilege! and Oh the wage inequality in their favor! and Egad, the double standards and the glass ceilings! — well, that, […]

India’s Heat Wave Melts Roads [Photos]

India and heat are more often quite synonymous with each other, but this recent heat wave has but many regions on alert, and it’s not hard to see why. Big Story | #HeatWave claims more than 750 lives in AP, Telangana; no respite expected — Hindustan Times (@htTweets) May 26, 2015 An extreme […]

Ghetto Spiderman Knocks His Own Ass Out At Party

Here’s the thing. If you are going to hire a performer in costume for your kid’s birthday party, there are a couple things you want to do. First, quick background check. Last thing you want it Spiderman pulling your kid into a closet to get his “spidey senses tingling’. Next up, ask around. Find people […]

A Guy’s Understanding Of Female Panties

Man, we men are so stupid, huh? Like, what is this strange material used to cover a woman’s bathing suit area? It is almost as if we didn’t know what it was we would think it was some fancy, lattice eye-patch or something. Truth is, I don’t think men are quite as stupid as this […]

Cat Sings “Happy And You Know It” With Owner

Most cats would rather ignore you than sing a song with you, but I think we found the exception. The one feline who actually enjoys being social. Heck, not only that, this cat sings! And not just any song, either. Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so I will let this […]

“Feminist Mad Max” Brings High-Octane Equality Statements [Meme]

A lot of you meme lovers out there know Feminist Ryan Gosling, and boy, do you know it by heart. Thanks to him, we’re never going to look at the statement “hey girl” the same way again. With the dawning of the ultimate glorious badassery known as “Mad Max: Fury Road”, it should come as […]

Single Text Can Crash Your iPhone

Apple fans beware; findings have reported that a single text can crash your iPhone. It’s not a particular word, an image, or an emoji, even — all it takes is a string of seeming Arabic characters sent on SMS for the phone to crash and send itself into a loop. Panicking? While it does seem […]

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