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WeedTubers Become Periscope’s Newest Craze

There are plenty of strange things that we seem to waste time watching on the Internet. (Hours of cat videos, anyone?) However, it seems the latest trend taking over Periscope is a little far out. Women smoking weed has taken over the live-streaming site. These attractive tokers have been nicknamed “WeedTubers” because of their ability […]

15 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter

As much as just about everyone has diversified in their social media efforts over the course of these last few years, Twitter continues to be one of the top sources of information. This is especially true when you want to keep up with the latest trends and hottest up-to-the-minute news stories. It’s immediate, it’s authentic […]

President Obama Gets Trolled By Daughter Sasha via Snapchat

Sasha, you win the Internet right now. With less than 100 days to the ed of his presidential term. President Barack Obama is still up for making himself and his family the most memorable one — this time, it’s thanks to his daughter Sasha.  Folks, you know how it is: when a teenager schools you […]

Tinder Couple Find Each Other In The Same Loo

It has been said you do find Love in the most unusual places — sometimes, even in the loo, too. Tinder has become one of the most popular ways to meet either your next fling, your next date, or your next serious relationship. It’s matched couples in the most likely and unlikely places — whether […]

Chris Hemsworth Pokes Fun at Divorce Rumors On Instagram

Picture this: You’re Chris Hemsworth. You’re living the life, working in the career of your dreams, and married to the love of your life. And then out of the blue, you suddenly hear you’re actually on the brink of a divorce?! The brink of divorce, with your lovely wife basking in the sun in all […]

Do You Know The Origin Of These Strange Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated around the world. However, different parts of the globe celebrate the major holiday extremely differently. There are literally hundreds of different traditions and many of them may seem completely bizarre. So, do you know where some of the most popular strange Christmas traditions come from and why they exist? Here a few […]

Shake Up That Boring Christmas Gift Swap With These Great Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, it’s once again time to get ready for the number of Christmas gift exchanges you will inevitably have to participate in. As you begin to dread the normal white elephant gift exchange, you may be wondering if there is a way to change up the normal gift exchange routine. This […]

Hillary Clinton Makes Face — For The Cubs, or The Yankees?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on the route to the presidential seat has been quite the roller coaster ride. From her choice of running mate, to her endorsement from the Obamas, to the discussions surrounding her third and final debate tussle with Donald Trump, Hillary’s journey is nothing if not fraught with speculation, suspicion, and breaking down […]

Why Ranking for Your Name in Google and Social Media is Important

Have you ever Google’d yourself, or searched for your name on Twitter or Facebook? You likely have. Even more so if you are a business, brand or famous personality. No matter who, where, what and why you are searching online… there is a good chance a lot of people come up for your name in […]

Get Thrills and Chills with This Makeup Artist’s Halloween Skills

Just when you thought you’d seen all there is to see of Pinterest-worthy Halloween makeup artists getting their paint pots and brushes, here comes this makeup artist who just wows us to no end. Sarah Mudle is one talent that won’t be ignored on social media. She’s been hard at work with her 31 Faces of […]

In Case You Didn’t Know JK Rowling Has An Awesome Charity Named After A Spell

JK Rowling is cooler than you. She’s cooler than me too, way cooler than me. We have a total crush on her here at SND and it seems like it’s been forever since we wrote about the Harry Potter author. Rowling caught my attention last night on Twitter, during the Presidential Debate, when she sent […]

Would You Want To Spend Halloween Night In Dracula’s Castle?

Still looking for the perfect Halloween plans? Here is one idea that will definitely beat handing out candy to neighboring children or wearing an uncomfortable costume while making small talk at a friend’s party. What if we told you that you could spend the night in Dracula’s castle? Not just in the castle, but in […]

5 Ways to Maintain Privacy On Social Media Apps From an iOS Device

Have you ever thought about your personal information being shared by social media apps? Many iOS users post and share lots of personal information on social media unknowingly, which in turn makes them vulnerable to hackers, phishing scams and identity theft. Recent digital breaches in privacy have left many more aware about maintaining privacy on […]

Promote Your Business Through Social Media Coupon Campaigns

Shoppers are attracted to bargains like moth to a flame. Plus, this has gained quite a reputation on the internet nowadays. Customers like to research the market and prioritize discounts and coupons which may be beneficial for them (although not always for the shop owners). However, when executed properly, coupon deals and discounts may actually […]

#SavePepe: When Did Pepe The Frog Get So Angry?

#SavePepe is the campaign recently launched by Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog. For those of you who aren’t Tweeting, Pepe the Frog has become the calling card for many Twitter users who are biased toward Trump (most of them have the word “deplorable” before their name). But he’s also being misappropriated by […]

Teach Them How To Say Goodbye: Ad Has Obama Fans In Tears

We’re not going to deny it, Barack Obama, we’re really going to miss you. History has its eyes on you — as well as the teary-eyed ones of millions of your fans all over the world. You and your family have brought dignity and true warmth back to the White House, you and Michelle becoming […]

Pixar Animators Tug At Your Feelings With Dark Viral Video

Pixar Animation Studios is no stranger to introducing dark and heart-wrenching themes in their work. The toys holding hands and ready to consign themselves to a fiery fate in a smelting furnace in Toy Story? Bingbong’s sacrifice and goodbye to Joy in Inside Out? Ellie Fredericksen’s life montage up to that painful single balloon at […]

This Awesome Unicorn Halloween Costume Is Taking Over Pinterest

Halloween is right around the corner and many of us procrastinators will soon begin searching for a costume. If you are anything like me, Pinterest quickly becomes your best friend. There are literally thousands of photos for plenty of costume inspiration. However, one costume seems to be catching everyone’s interest. This magical unicorn costume is […]

The Newest Selfie Trend That Has People Risking Their Phones For A High-Five

The Internet has done it again, yet another selfie trend that has left us scratching our heads. The high five selfie trend has swept social media and left many with broken or cracked phones all in the name of likes. The strange trend seems to have all started after one college student’s selfie went viral. […]

Doug the Pug is on an Insta London Adventure

When you’ve got a dog as cute as Doug the Pug taking on the grand city of London, you’re sure to come away with a dozen Instagram shots that’ll be exactly your cup of tea. Doug is taking London by storm promoting his book Doug The Pug — King of The Internet, and fans just […]

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