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Some Women Say No Way To #NoBraDay

#NoBraDay is celebrated every October 13 to raise awareness for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems only fitting. This day asks women to lose their bra for a day and post a picture in the hopes of getting more conversations started about breast cancer. But as thousands of women snap […]

Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live in November

The controversial Republican frontrunner will once again host the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on November 7. Oh boy, this should go over well. Republican frontrunner and professional media troll Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live‘s November 7th show. The controversial presidential candidate has made quite a splash in politics this year […]

These 4 Celebs Lost Everything

When people dream of leaving their boring, ordinary lives behind and becoming rich, famous celebrities, they often fail to imagine all of the inane details that go into maintaining such a lifestyle. In particular, people tend to assume that once you’re rich, you’re pretty much rich for life. While it’s true that being poor is […]

Video Games Shown to Be Effective Cancer Treatment

Your parents may have told you video games would “rot your brain,” but they’ve been put to good use helping cancer survivors improve working memory. A study has demonstrated that video games can help improve working memory and other cognitive skills in childhood cancer survivors. The study, conducted out of the St. Jude Children’s Research […]

Driveway Moose Fight Videos Go Viral

When it’s Moose Mating season in any place where these majestic creatures find fit to roam, there’s really only one rule to follow: Get out of the way. A video uploaded to Youtube earlier this month has gone viral within last week. It features a moose fight that gets too close for comfort. Just how […]

DUI Driver Accuses: “The Dog Did It!”

Sure, dogs are so smart and rambunctious, they often end up getting blamed for all sorts of mishaps. From missing homework to wrecked shoes to unearthed potted plants (of which the last two may or may not be true], Fido often gets the brunt of their human’s wrath, and boy do they know it. Though […]

Liking Black Coffee Doesn’t Make You A Psychopath [Science]

Are you one of those people who just can’t function like a proper human being without their coffee in the morning? Is a deep, deep black (“just the usual, Joe; as black as my SOUL”) the only acceptable way to go? If your colleagues have been anywhere around the Internet lately, chances are they’ll be […]

Baby Boomer LA Times Article Sparks #millennialpledge Backlash [Twitter Reacts]

Just like op-ed writer Jay Rosen tweetted on the latest devices of another: “When your op-ed is so bad it creates a hashtag #millennialpledge for people hating on it, this does not mean “you struck a nerve.” Earlier this weekend LA Times Op-Ed writer Chris Erskine sent out an article very self-explanatorily entitled “Millennials, you […]

Cracker That Survived Titanic Sinking to Be Sold for $18,000

A cracker that survived the Titanic disaster will go up for auction on October 24, with an estimated selling value of $18,000.  I t’s always amusing how some historical artifacts can be so rare and valuable, and yet so ordinary and commonplace. Take this cracker that survived the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. By all accounts, […]

What Does Your Facebook Profile Say to Employers?

Is your Facebook profile sending a good message to future employers? Could it give your boss an excuse to fire you? Find out below.    W hen Facebook launched way back in 2006, few predicted it would grow to affect our offline lives like it does today. Websites like Facebook rode the waves of a social […]

Russian Man Takes Bear for Car Ride, Police Say It’s OK [Video]

Apparently, it’s perfectly legal to take a bear with you on a car ride in Russia. So long as that bear has its seat belt on, of course. Russian drivers were shocked to see a brown bear stick its head out of the passenger-side window, casually cruising down the road. You don’t have to take […]

Florida Man Tragically Mistakes Super Glue for Woman’s Eye Drops

A Florida woman’s eye has been glued shut after someone mistook super glue for her eye drops. Ever read a news story that makes you cringe all over? It’s hard to think of a more fitting example than this piece of horrifying news coming out of Florida: a women’s eye has been glued shut after someone […]

These Celeb Halloween Costume Wins Will Inspire You

Yesterday, we covered some of the worst, most offensive celeb Halloween costumes. Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the brave, the proud, the bold who ventured forth to wow at Halloween with wit, poise, and creativity. If they can do it, we can do it, too! Let’s kick off these celeb halloween costume wins […]

Couple Announces Engagement On Facebook, There’s Just One Thing

Of course, it’s the first thing most women would do after getting engaged. Snap a selfie with the new diamond and post it to Facebook for the world to see. That’s exactly what Miranda Levy did after her boyfriend proposed to her. Well, sorta. Levy states that he wasn’t able to give her a real […]

The Top 5 Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes Show Us How NOT To Do Halloween

Oh, celeb-dom. With Halloween practically around the bend — admit it, you can practically smell the pumpkin spice and the candy in the air already — and you’re revving up to make a big splash at your next Halloween party. Sometimes your costumes are just made of pure Win — and sometimes, they’re just massive […]

Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar

What does your political affiliation say about your grammar? A lot, according to a new study by Grammarly. The proofreading app decided to conduct an experiment wherein they ranked 2016 presidential candidates by their supporters’ grammar. The results won’t be surprising to some, but must come as a shock to others. The result that stands out in […]

Awesome New Punctuation Marks Everybody Should Use

Do you often struggle to get your point across? Maybe you’re frequently misunderstood by people who assume you’re always being sarcastic or disingenuous? Perhaps you just plain want better control over how other people read what you write. Well, College Humor has good news for you. Introducing eight punctuation marks that are sure to improve […]

Guy’s Tantrum For Macaroni And Cheese Goes Viral [Video]

Maybe he was just really craving some macaroni and cheese? One UConn student was suffering from severe ‘hangriness’ (more like severe inebriation). Luke V. Gatti was caught on camera trying to purchase macaroni and cheese at the Storr campus’ Student Union. However, he was refused service because he openly carrying and drinking an alcoholic beverage. […]

You Might Be a Hipster If… [Quiz]

Are you a hipster? Find out right now, man. Or whatever.   The word “hipster” gets thrown around quite a bit. But the definition seems to change depending on who you’re talking to. There are, however, a few basic tenants of hipsterism, so take a look at this list in case you’ve been wondering if […]

10 Scariest Face Swaps of All Time

Just in time for Halloween, these face swaps are scary and hilarious. They’re scilarious.   Let’s face it: the internet can be a scary place. But of all the nightmare-inducing material on the internet, face-swaps might be the worst. Never has the world seen such an elegant mixture of hilarity and sheer terror. Just in time for the […]

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