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Back to This Future

yesterdaySports : Grantland

The Cubs have a new front-line starter and top-tier manager, a slew of elite prospects, and money to spend. The front office has a plan, and the division is in decline. So stop talking about building a future contender, North Siders. The playoff run begins now.

The Roomies

yesterdaySports : Grantland

When Panthers superstar rookie Aaron Ekblad needed a place to crash, team captain Willie Mitchell (and his extremely understanding wife) stepped in. Since then, they’ve shared seemingly everything — a house, a boat, and infectious diseases — except the one thing they want most: the playoffs.

The Woman Who Froze in Fargo

last weekSports : Grantland

The new movie ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’ tells the story of a Japanese woman on a quest for riches who was lured to the brutal cold of the Midwest by a Coen brothers film. The woman was real, even if the story isn’t entirely true. And it’s been told before, by a documentarian. So where is the line between fact and fiction, and just how strong is it?

30 for 30 Shorts: The Billion Dollar Game

last weekSports : Grantland

Our latest film, directed by Nick Guthe, shows the day the NCAA tournament made the leap from sporting event to mainstream cultural tradition.

2015 NBA Trade Value, Part 3: The Final Countdown

last weekSports : Grantland

Without further ado, here’s the final installment of our ranking of the NBA’s top 60 most valuable assets.

Who Is the Greatest Fictional Basketball Player of All Time?

2 weeks agoSports : Grantland

We spent six weeks rewatching every movie about basketball. We did this because we are just (slightly) larger versions of children, but also because we wanted to figure out who is the best fictional basketball player of all time.

Barack and Me

2 weeks agoSports : Grantland

A sit-down with the president on Air Force One and a trip to Selma on the 50th anniversary of the historic marches across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

National Treasures

2 weeks agoSports : Grantland

The Nationals could be the first team since 2011 to win 100 games. They might have the best pitching staff since the 1990s. Winning the NL East in 2015 feels like their floor, not their ceiling. But whether or not they win the World Series, we should all appreciate what they’re trying to do: dominate from Game 1 to Game 162.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘Chrome’

2 weeks agoSports : Grantland

“You can tell a lot from a horse by looking at the eye.” Steve Coburn talks about California Chrome, the horse who nearly became the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years in the 2014 campaign. By looking into Coburn’s eyes, you’ll see why we love horses.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘Most Valuable Whatever’

2 weeks agoSports : Grantland

What would possess someone to pay $8,000 for Ty Cobb’s dentures? Or $5,300 for the toilet that the Toronto Maple Leafs sat on? Or $820 for the butt fumble jersey?

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘Being Mr. Met’

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

From 1994 to 1997, A.J. Mass entertained millions at Shea Stadium without saying a word as one of baseball's most iconic and beloved figures, Mr. Met.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘The Streaker’

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

If the name of Mark Roberts doesn’t ring a bell, his body might. He is the British man who has been interrupting events for more than 22 years, in more than 22 countries, by running naked through events -- from the Olympics to the Super Bowl.

The Grantland Q&A: Errol Morris

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

In a wide-ranging conversation, the legendary documentary filmmaker and writer talks about interviewing killers, war criminals, and some of society’s most fascinating oddballs. Plus, his take on his best movie, his critics, and what he’ll do next.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘The Heist’

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

North Carolina basketball fans are well aware of the Jordan no. 23 jersey that hangs from the rafters of the Dean Dome. But there was a time — February 1998, to be exact — when it disappeared.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports: ‘The Subterranean Stadium’

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

Welcome to Errol Morris Week, a celebration of the legendary director and his work. This is the first of his six shorts for ESPN Films. It’s about electric football, a basement league, and the gang of glorious eccentrics who keep a decades-long tradition alive.

Will Forte Can’t Stop (and He Hopes That Doesn’t Bother Anyone)

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

Behind the scenes with the obsessive-compulsive star-slash-creator-slash-writer-slash-everything of Fox’s postapocalyptic new sitcom ‘The Last Man on Earth.’

Life’s Rich Pageant: Meet a Florida Man

3 weeks agoSports : Grantland

“I wasn’t a hunter-fisherman. And it was not a good idea, and then it went terribly wrong.”

2015 NBA Trade Value, Part 2: The Temple of Doom

4 weeks agoSports : Grantland

Welcome to the latest installment of our ranking of the NBA’s top 60 most valuable assets.

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