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Destiny players are reviving an old Omnigul exploit to level-up in time for the Rise of Iron raid

Destiny has a proud history when it comes to exploits. There was the loot cave. Then there was the Three of Coins exotic engram exploit. And who can forget turning the internet off in order to beat Crota? Now, players have revived another, old exploit most agree offers the quickest way to level up in the post-Rise of Iron game. Show More Summary

Four years later the Kingdoms of Amalur court case comes to an end

Four years later and it looks like whole 38 Studios/Curt Schilling/Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning legal battle with Rhode Island state is coming to a close. Schilling and three other defendants from 38 Studios have agreed to pay a $2.5m settlement. Show More Summary

Street Fighter 5's stages just got a lot better

Capcom just put out a big update for Street Fighter 5 and now the stages are a lot more fun. Previously, only one of the stages in the fighting game featured a transition and K.O. sequences. Now, all the launch stages feature K.O. sequences, and two include a transition. Show More Summary

FIFA 17 review

It's been 23 years since FIFA International Soccer, the first FIFA game, was released. For more than two decades, EA has taken its most successful product, tweaked it slightly, added a few marketing phrases and released new annual editions to huge success. Show More Summary

Watch Friday's EGX 2016 sessions live

Hello again from the NEC in fine Birmingham, and day two day of EGX 2016. Whether you're joining us here or watching at home, Friday's busy developer session schedule has lots to look forward to. All of the sessions are streamed live on the EGX Twitch channel - which you can watch right here if you're so inclined. Show More Summary

Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

A new report has accused Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey of secretly funding a website designed to promote Donald Trump memes on the internet. 24-year-old Luckey, whose fortune is pegged at $700m after selling Oculus to Facebook for...Show More Summary

Watch five minutes of Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel gameplay

Dark Souls 3 developer From Software has released nearly five minutes of new footage from its upcoming Ashes of Ariandel expansion. The first three-and-a-half minutes of the following video show off many of the nifty new enemies I wrote about in my hands-on preview from TGS that went live yesterday. Show More Summary

Call of Duty 3 now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Call of Duty 3 is now available on Xbox One's backwards compatible library. This was Treyarch's first stab at the Call of Duty franchise before becoming one of its main stewards with the Black Ops series under its belt, along with 2008's CoD: World at War. Show More Summary

Breaking up with Batman

Rocksteady Games, creator of the Batman Arkhamverse, is here at EGX to show off Batman VR - a brand new Batman Arkham experience made after the studio said they were definitely done with Batman. The lure of creating a detective gameShow More Summary

Watch new gameplay footage of Nier: Automata

Platinum Games' Nier spin-off Nier: Automata received some new gameplay videos via a TGS stream over the weekend. As you can see below, the developer shows off how this sequel will retain the original Nier's penchant for camera gymnastics transforming the typical third-person hack-and-slash combat into side-on or top-down arcade affairs. Show More Summary

Valve's unreleased Half-Life mod Threewave uncovered, fixed and released

Valve was once working on a Half-Life-related game with Three in the title. No, not Half-Life 3. Threewave. Threewave began life as a Capture the Flag mod for the original Quake that went on to enjoy huge popularity among the PC first-person shooter community. Show More Summary

Resident Evil 7 PC requirements revealed

Despite being another four months away, Capcom has already revealed Resident Evil 7's PC system requirements. As listed on Steam, they are as follows: MINIMUM: Read more…

Try out seven EGX indie games at home for free

Can't make it to EGX in Brimingham? (Doh!) Then Amazon is offering to bring Brimingham to you. The retail giant, in collaboration with GameSessions, is offering seven indie games from the Rezzed area of the show for free trial at its EGX hub. Show More Summary

ReCore update to tackle long load times on Xbox One

One of the most criticised things about the recently-released ReCore were the incredibly long load times on Xbox One (the game's also out on PC). Now, a patch has come out that makes them shorter. A note on the ReCore website signalled the release of an update for the Xbox One version of the game that improves load times. There is a caveat, however: Read more…

Face-Off: BioShock: The Collection

On paper, the package looks compelling. The original BioShock, its underrated sequel and all the DLC are treated to a full remaster for their current-gen console debuts, plus there's a full port of BioShock Infinite, offering the complete PC package for PS4 and Xbox One owners. Show More Summary

Platforming, puzzles and an anime aesthetic converge in Forgotton Anne

If you wake every morning, stare into the bathroom mirror and wish, most earnestly, for a story-driven platformer in which you get to fight a scarf, I have excellent news. Square Enix Collective has just announced its latest game, Forgotton Anne (not a typo), and it's a story-driven platformer in which you get to fight a scarf. Show More Summary

Is DayZ still coming out on console and, you know, WTH is going on?

Whenever I write anything about DayZ, the conversation is dominated by two things: DayZ not being finished and Dean Hall not finishing it. There are legitimate concerns tied around misinformed ones. I have tried to put all of these to the game's creative director Brian Hicks. Show More Summary

Oculus Rift controllers Oculus Touch to cost £190 in UK - report

It looks like the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers will cost £190 in the UK, which means, after all that price posturing, the full Oculus Rift virtual reality experience will be expensive as HTC Vive's. HTC Vive costs £759 in the UK following the Brexit price jump. Show More Summary

Firewatch Xbox One suffers last minute delay in Europe

Firewatch is out now on Xbox One in the US, but not Europe. The coming-of-middle-age drama had been due out yesterday, but it's been delayed on these shores to 30th September. In a post on its blog, Campo Santo said the delay was due to a ratings issue. Show More Summary

And that's that for fan game Pokemon Uranium

Development on the incredibly popular fan-made game Pokemon Uranium has ceased. In a note on Twitter, the creators of the game, nine years in the making, said they would no longer offer downloads, updates or support. Pokemon Uranium was pulled offline after hitting a whopping 1.5m downloads. Show More Summary

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