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Trump reignites Clinton conspiracy theory

Donald Trump has attacked Bill Clinton as a predator and Hillary Clinton as an enabler; now he's jumping on the Vince Foster conspiracy bandwagon. What does...

Do voters take Trump's remarks seriously?

The Hardball roundtable weighs in on how Donald Trump’s constantly changing positions are perceived by voters and how that could affect his chances in November.

Clinton goes after Trump’s past

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is out with a new attack ad and is going after Donald Trump’s past remarks about the housing market crash. Will this strategy work...

Sanders: 'Democracy is messy'

Bernie Sanders is charging full speed ahead on challenging Hillary Clinton until the bitter end.

When Trump praised Bill Clinton

In 1998, Donald Trump praised the Clintons, but times have changed. Former RNC Chair Michael Steel, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and USA Today Washington Bureau Chief...

Let Me Finish: Clinton's two-front war

Chris Matthews ends Hardball with a final thought on a big question Hillary Clinton faces this spring that could determine the outcome of her campaign in...

How will Clinton run against Trump?

Hillary Clinton has a strategy for how she plans to stop Republicans and Independents from getting behind Donald Trump, but will it work?

Sanders' feud with DNC heats up

Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon talk about what it's going to take to get Bernie on board with the Democratic...

Clinton: Trump 'needs to release tax returns'

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns, but will it matter to the average voter if Trump doesn't release them? Ann Coulter, David...

Poll: Trump and Clinton in dead heat

The latest poll shows Donald Trump closing in on Hillary Clinton. Ann Coulter, David Corn and Jay Newton-Small discuss what’s causing the gap between Clinton...

Hardball 05/20/2016

Chris Matthews and a panel of guests discuss the political headlines and news of the day.

New play recreates Camp David Accords

Actor Richard Thomas joins to discuss his role as President Jimmy Carter in the new play "Camp David," which recreates the historic 1978 peace agreement...

Is the Never Trump movement dead?

There's evidence Republicans are lining up to support the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. But will party leaders follow suit?

Trump flip-flops on Libya, Gaddafi

Donald Trump says it was a mistake for the US to intervene in toppling Gaddafi, butIn 2011 he called for military action to do just that.

Clinton to Sanders: Enough is enough

Hillary Clinton says she going to be the Democratic nominee, but Bernie Sanders is going all out to win California. Will Bernie get on board at the convention?

Trump: ‘We're getting rid of gun-free zones’

Donald Trump gets tough on terror, attacks Hillary Clinton, and cozies up to the NRA.

Let Me Finish: Remembering Morley Safer

Journalist and author of “Becoming Grandma” Lesley Stahl joins Chris Matthews in remembering the legendary “60 Minutes” journalist Morley Safer.

Trump hits Clinton on terror threat

Donald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton on her judgment in response to remarks Clinton made earlier Thursday, and in light of the EgyptAir flight 804 plane...

EgyptAir crash more likely terrorism

MSNBC Terrorism Analyst Malcolm Nance and former CIA Military Analyst Tara Maller offer their analyses of the cause of the EgyptAir flight 804 plane crash.

Ralph Nader plays Hardball

Fmr. presidential candidate Ralph Nader talks about his new book, the problem with corporations, and the choice progressives will need to make in November.

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