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Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows 980 Atmosphere, 756 Front Row, 658 Cosmopolite, 554 Minimalism

Dior has recently released a new range of single eye shadows. They keep doing this annoying thing of naming all their eye shadows lines since the dawn of time "Diorshow Mono", with the exception of the long-discontinued 1-Colour line (I'll get back to that one in a bit). Show More Summary

Memorial Day

Wishing you a peaceful and safe Memorial Day weekend. Photo of WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) during WWII from COPYRIGHT ©2006-2016 GAIA FISHLER WWW.THENONBLONDE.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CONTENT POACHING IS BOTH ILLEGAL AND UGLY. Copier, C'est Voler.

MAC Select Lipstick- So Select

A couple of months ago MAC started a Select program, similar to Sephora's VIB. I registered, because why not? It's free. I don't buy a lot of MAC makeup, but I was going to replenish some old staples, so why not get the benefits? OfShow More Summary

FotD: A Bronzed Summer Look

I'm not sure I'm crazy about this look, but I was feeling the sudden summer thing and decided to focus on a lightly bronzed skin and kind of juicy colors everywhere else. The camera prefers more defined eyes, and so do I, to be honest. Show More Summary

Colourpop #Alchemy Jaime King x Colourpop Eye & Cheek Set

When I bought this #Alchemy Jaime King x Colourpop set a couple of months ago I thought five of the colors were eye shadows and one was a blush. I was wrong, since two of the colors I considered to be eye shadows are actually highlighters and pack some serious glow voltage. Show More Summary

FotD: Lisa Eldridge's Bright Eyeliner/Nude Face

This is one of my favorite evening looks because I get to do a very blue eye contour with a sheer luminous everything else. It's my version of the bright eyeliner look by Lisa Eldridge, adjusted for my coloring and eye shape. Sometimes I stick closer to Lisa's version, but this is a looser interpretation because that's what I felt like doing. Show More Summary

Want: BLTRX Bags

First, a disclosure: the designer of these lovely bags is distantly related to me (her oldest brother is married to the Husband's youngest sister, so we share a niece and two nephews). We don't actually know each other, since we live on different continents, but I have been following Tamar Friedman's work for a while. Show More Summary

Currently- May 2016

BookThe Name Therapist by Duana Taha. Is having an unusual name makes you a more unusual person? What happens when your name just doesn't fit who you are? How does a name becomes a "stripper name? Are Brooklyn names really a thing? Like...Show More Summary

Artis Elite Collection Oval 8 Brush

I've been using this Oval 8 face brush by Artis for three months now, but it took me ages to actually take the photos. There's this cycle: I use the brush twice, wash it, take two days for it to dry, use again twice, the brush now is dirty and soaked with foundation, wash it, repeat. Show More Summary

Parfumerie Generale- Ilang Ivohibé (Revisited)

The first time I wrote about Ilang Ivohibé by Pierre Guillaume of Parfumerie Generale was just before I got my first bottle of this perfume, as I drained a sample or two during a massive Nor'Easter storm back in 2007. It has served as a spot of sunshine, a mood booster, and a source of true pleasure ever since. Show More Summary

10 Signs You're Married to a Beauty & Perfume Blogger

We all know that my long-suffering husband has come a very long way. Most spouses of beauty and/or perfume lovers learn to recognize colors like taupe or mauve, gain new relatives like Uncle Serge, and are sometimes go on a hunt for a much-coveted yet elusive palette or highlighter that is rumored to still be available at a distant Sephora. Show More Summary

Cadavre Exquis by Bruno Fazzolari & Antonio Gardoni

Art by Chris Buzelli Many things went through my head over the course of wearing Cadavre Exquis, the new limited edition perfume by Bruno Fazzolari and Antonio Gardoni. The one thought to which I've kept coming back was irony. ThereShow More Summary

Tom Ford Lipsticks: Ultra-Rich Purple Noon & MoistureCore Pipa

As my friend Josie was going through my box of "new stuff to photograph" she picked the box of new Tom Ford Moisturecore lipstick and game me a look. "You bought it because it's named 'Pipa'. Well, I sort of did, even though they spelled it wrong. Show More Summary

Nina Ricci Fleur de Fleurs (Vintage Perfume)

I had no idea I wanted (needed!) a bottle of Fleur de Fleurs, a Nina Ricci perfume from 1980 (via Nigel Groom, second edition) until I actually had one. How did I miss this beauty? Fleur de Fleurs is a classic floral that would haveShow More Summary

Bright red Lipsticks Two Ways (FotD), Including Kyoto Red

Bright red lips are my go-to these days. Probably because I have so many options and variations tempting me every time I look through my drawers, making me want to put everything on. We all should have more than one face so we can wear all the makeup. Show More Summary

Eris Parfums- Belle de Jour, Night Flower, Ma Bête

Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. Described by Homer in the Iliad:"Strife whose wrath is relentless, she is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. Show More Summary

Giorgio Armani S/S Runway Palette and Runway Eye Tint

It was the packaging that reeled me in. It's a tie-in with Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection that was shown in Milan last September, a love at first sight for me. I could picture myself right there on the front row next to Cate Blanchett taking notes and then announcing : "I'll have one of each, please". Show More Summary

Aroma M Geisha Vanilla Hinoki

Sometimes a perfume arrives in your life at exactly when you need them. That was the case with the newest Aroma M Geisha perfume, Vanilla Hinoki. Perfumer Maria McElroy sent me the sample a couple of weeks ago and I cracked it open the day I sprained the top of my left foot. Show More Summary

NARS Summer 2016 Under Cover Collection

While I've been sitting here kvetching with my left foot elevated on a heating pad (I got one by Serta from Amazon, and it's pure heaven), pretty things have been accumulating in my "take photos and start using" baskets. I figured IShow More Summary

Perfume Cheap Thrills

I started the day by posting about a $5 eye shadow primer, so it's fitting to end it with a much-requested list of perfume cheap thrills. The problem is deciding what exactly is considered a cheap thrill, and I'm not even talking about the price threshold (a while ago Robin of Now Smell This defined $100 as the new free). Show More Summary

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