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An Open Letter to Someone Rehoming Their Dog Via Online Classifieds

Dear _______, I was recently one of thousands of people to see your classified ad about rehoming your dog, and I thought others might benefit from this experience. First, you say you “tried your hand” at owning a GSD/Golden mix.  Trying...Show More Summary

No, You Can’t Have a Wolfdog

One of the lesser-known challenges faced by animal welfare organizations is what to do with wolf dogs (or, as we referred to them, wolf hybrids). Our rescue only dealt with this issue one time, and it came as a complete surprise to us. We found two adorable, but very odd-looking puppies with ears perched oddly … Continue reading No, You Can’t Have a Wolfdog

Their Favorite Mom

The other day my daughter shared some letters she had written to each member of her family, including one to her birth mother, who is dead, and one to me. The letter to me was heartfelt and said how much she loved me. The letter to her birth mother, which she wanted me to read, … Continue reading Their Favorite Mom

Caregiving: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I’ve laughed, cried, felt my heart soar and ache, and wondered how it is that fiction can be so deeply touching. I keep coming back to something Emily Gilmore says; I wonder how this character, this fiction, has struck me so thoroughly in the heart. Show More Summary

Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up

My fellow Americans, we have some very important decisions to make tomorrow. Beyond choosing (with the assistance, or not, of the electoral college) who’ll be sitting in the big chair, there are thousands of other races across our great...Show More Summary

Watch Rome Burn With Us During This Debate Liveblog

We’re almost there, poodles. Deep breath. Chin up. America’s year-long fest to light our own farts is almost over. Lets do this debate liveblog thing one last time. For unicorns. For peace. For America herself.    

Watch Two Old White Guys Try to Woo America in this Debate Liveblog

Here we are again, dear readers. We’re a month out from the election, and if there’s anyone out there who still has faith in humanity, please pitch us. We’re accepting drinking game suggestions on Twitter and in the comments all through the debate. Mostly, we’re just looking for justification from our peers.

Decant Your Box Wine for this Debate Liveblog

Let’s watch the debate, shall we? Gawker’s dead, there’s a Chiapet running for President, it’s time for Persephone to start raising a little hades.

Election 2016: Pmag Style

As it turns out, we have not been living in a nightmare for the past year, we’re on the fast track to hell in a handbasket full of deplorables. As Persephoneers, we always have a plan, even in the event of a wee-fingered-Cheeto inspired apocalypse.  Step One: Vote, for the love of all the gods, … Continue reading Election 2016: Pmag Style

The Future of Persephone Magazine

As you’ve noticed, I’m sure, we’ve dropped off content by quite a bit. This post is to explain why, and to talk a bit about our future. Lest I bury the lede, the most important takeaway is that we’re not going anywhere. Pmag will stay online as long as the server bill gets paid, and … Continue reading The Future of Persephone Magazine

You aren’t fated to be a bad parent just because yours were

Not all of us have had ideal parents, and sometimes long after we’re out of their sphere of influence, the damage they’ve done remains. I certainly fall into the category of someone who still is affected by what happened in her childhood,...Show More Summary

Caregiving: Fight Song

This has been the song on constant repeat. The soundtrack to my coming out of hibernation. The tune that I have reached for as I feel myself turning into a ball of stress. Winter has come and gone. Spring has bobbed ever closer; no longer a speck on the horizon, but a season that has … Continue reading Caregiving: Fight Song

News in Asia

Happy Easter for those who celebrate. Here’s the news… After the attacks in Belgium, Turkey and Iraq, the latest one occurred this weekend in Lahore, Pakistan. As of this writing, 65 are dead and hundreds wounded at a park in a residential neighborhood. Sources report that the targets were Christians. A Korean-American man is being … Continue reading News in Asia

A Holi Playlist

Spring is here, which means that it’s time for the best holiday that has been turned into corporate marketing that isn’t Christmas. It’s Holi! For all you folks whose office, school, or frisbee golf team is planning a fundraising Color Run because it’s fun and colorful and trendy, please just don’t.  If you do, I … Continue reading A Holi Playlist

News in Asia

Hi everyone. Welcome to another week of news. Turns out, it was allergies, not a cold that had me under the weather last week. I’ve never had allergies like that before and for those of you who have always suffered, I now understand. Now, here’s the news… Two of the five Hong Kong booksellers who … Continue reading News in Asia

Weekly Anime Review

Not as much action this week; all shows are entering the final stretch, more or less. This means more plot is revealed and things are being set up for the future. Heavy Object ep 21 Well, seems like there aren’t really seven Objects. Six of them are 0.5 gen objects according to Qwenthur because their floaters … Continue reading Weekly Anime Review

Weekly Anime Review

There were a lot of explosions this week. Things blew up in Iron-Blooded Orphans, Heavy Object, and Ajin. Explosions were aborted in Active Raid; the bomb didn’t explode. ERASED had no explosion, but it was still a nice episode. Heavy Object ep 20 How did a division of the Legitimate Kingdom end up with seven Objects … Continue reading Weekly Anime Review

News in Asia

I’ve finally succumbed to a cold after avoiding getting sick all winter so this week is quick links again. Have a great week unicorns. China’s once-yearly parliament meeting took place last week. One of the five Hong Kong booksellers who went missing several months ago has returned home. A total of three of the arrested booksellers … Continue reading News in Asia

Never Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store

In rescue I worked very hard to be diplomatic; in this column less so. Still, this one might be one for the record books. Here goes: if you buy a puppy from a pet shop, you are encouraging animal cruelty. If you read this column regularly, chances are you’re well aware that there are problems … Continue reading Never Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store

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