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Bunnies draped in fake polar bear fur are both cosy and stealthy

A warm fabric made of freeze-dried liquid silk mimics polar bear fur, making rabbits invisible to infrared cameras. It could do the same for humans

We all need to take our heads out of the sand

The fact we are running out of something so seemingly limitless as sand is a potent symbol of humanity's destructiveness. We must all strive to do better

Drone captures humpback whales catching krill with bubbles

It’s the climax of a sophisticated technique called bubble-net hunting – the trapping of krill using columns of bubbles that the whales exhale via their blowholes

Mute male crickets are still trying to serenade females

Male Hawaiian crickets that have lost the ability to chirp still go through the motion of “singing”, even though females can’t hear them

Should we revisit ethically dubious experiments from the past?

From deadly Nazi medical experiments to sociological studies on children, past science has taken paths we wouldn't tread today, but the results still have value

Our cities are driving evolution and it’s not all bad news

Urbanisation may be overrunning our planet, but in his book Darwin Comes to Town, evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen seeks – and finds – the positives

Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your hand

A flexible e-skin containing a few hundred micro LEDs can display your vital signs or messages from your doctor

William Harvey: The delightful inside story of blood

He spent 10 painstaking years working out how our blood really circulates: 17th-century physician William Harvey deserves his own London exhibition

World without sand: The race to save a precious resource

From electronics to concrete, modern life depends on sand. With supplies running low and mines harming the environment, it’s time to use it smarter

Drone dogfight crowns a winner in the battle against rogue UAVs

Illegal or unwanted drones put air travellers at risk, so a competition called DroneClash is calling for new ways to tackle them

Ants care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds clean

If a Matabele ant loses a limb in a battle with termites, its nestmates will tend its injuries - a behaviour never before seen in any non-human animal

Opioid painkillers are prescribed more in northern England

The opioid crisis may have crossed the Atlantic, with signs that opioid painkillers are prescribed more in England in socially-deprived areas in the north

Face-recognition software is perfect – if you’re a white man

Three leading face-recognition systems correctly identified white men 99 per cent of the time but did badly at identifying women with darker skin

Skincare science is frivolous and warrants attack, right? Wrong

It won't save the world and is misused in adverts but skincare science isn’t nonsense. So why is resurgent interest in it under fire, wonders Lara Williams

Expedition to uncover hidden life in mystery Antarctic realm

In July 2017 a huge iceberg broke away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf, revealing a marine world that was concealed for thousands of years

NASA may lose a major space telescope and space station funding

President Trump wants to cut back on major NASA projects, including a space telescope to study dark matter and dark energy, and US funding for the space station

Super-accurate atomic clock used in real world for first time

Atomic clocks are the best timekeepers, but they usually must be kept in a lab to work. Now, they've been used to measure gravity's effect on time in the Alps  

What is our place in the natural world?

A new exhibition, Mark Dion: Theatre of the natural world, sets out to explore the impact of our scientific endeavours. Plus, our rundown of the top upcoming events.

Feedback: Botoxed camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest

Plus: why a robot named Fabio was fired from its job, why old £1 coins are worth more than new ones, a new unit of time, drugs in videogames, and more

How Google and Facebook hooked us – and how to break the habit

Big tech companies avoid taxes and have taken over our lives and created monopolies – but what can we do about it and how much change do we really want?

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