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Monster slugs are devouring defenceless baby birds in nests

Nestlings are sitting ducks for giant slugs – some of them invasive ­– that have been recorded feeding on the chicks of several birds species

Failure of fake babies: Why it doesn’t pay to go with your gut

Many schools give dolls that cry and need changing to teen girls to reduce pregnancy rates. It’s no surprise they seem to have the opposite effect, says Sally Adee

Italy to test earthquake predictor to reduce deaths and damage

A national earthquake forecasting system combined with data on building vulnerability may help communicate risk of shocks happening – but uncertainties remain

I won’t let the anti-conservationists win

Insults, name calling and character assassination are no match for conservation causes backed by solid evidence, says naturalist Chris Packham

Ghost galaxy is 99.99 per cent dark matter with almost no stars

We've spotted a galaxy that weighs almost as much as the Milky Way yet has 1 per cent the number of stars, suggesting it’s chock-full of dark matter

Getting to Proxima b might become an existential requirement

Current starshot ventures to get to our new neighbour are too expensive to be practical, but finding out more about the planet should be a high priority

Rewinding memories may help us recall where the good stuff is

When a place contains a lot of chocolate, rats replay their memories of how they got there – both forwards and in reverse

If Earth-like planet Proxima b has life, what might it be like?

Author Stephen Baxter wonders if the newly discovered Proxima b could resemble Per Ardua, the life-bearing world he imagined around the same nearby star

Mouse’s body made entirely transparent to reveal nervous system

A technique that shrinks a dead body and makes it see-through could enable us to inspect human brains and bodies in greater detail than ever before

No-fly zone: Exploring the uncharted layers of our atmosphere

In this forbidden region, planes can't fly, balloons can't float, and satellites struggle to orbit. A swarm of tiny probes is about to reveal its secrets

China’s drive to clean up its coal power, one plant at a time

A visionary engineer, Feng Weizhong, plans to reduce the country’s carbon footprint with cleaner-burning technologies, and he is designing its cleanest coal plant yet

Inspired by the Olympic vibe? Get moving to save your life

Exercise is a wonder drug that can stave off many of the diseases of ageing. Walk, run, bike or whatever floats your boat

Why choosing the right workout could fine-tune your brain

Whether you need to focus for an exam, tap into your creativity, or curb cravings, there's a type of exercise that could help

Quantum trick sees two things happen before and after each other

By placing the order of two events into a quantum superposition, physicists have probed the nature of causality

Deep-sea squid cannibals battle it out in a fight to the death

Submersibles have caught two species of little-studied Gonatus squid eating each other deep in the waters of California’s Monterey Bay

Hyperactive galaxy could run out of gas in just 8 million years

The nearby galaxy M82 forms stars at a prodigious rate, but it is using up and blowing out far more gas than it takes in

President Perón, I’ll give you fusion in a bottle

Ronald Richter promised Argentina limitless nuclear energy by controlling the process that powers the sun, and President Perón lapped it up

Shock therapy to make a comeback as evidence grows that it works

Electroconvulsive therapy is often viewed with fear, but some psychiatrists are adamant it works. Now the medical establishment is waking up to its promise

Synthetic supermicrobe will be resistant to all known viruses

A bacterium with a different genetic code to every other living things is in the pipeline. It will be resistance to all known viruses - and its inventor wants to alter humans in the same way

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