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Mars orbiter spots new crater that may be ExoMars’s lost lander

The lander may have turned off its thrusters too early, meaning it smacked into the ground at high speed with full fuel tanks - and may have exploded

The price of my life: $1.6 million and counting

Randy Hillard owes his survival to a very expensive drug – but is it fair that big pharma can often charge what it likes for life-saving treatment, he asks

Our ancestors chose reeds over grain when quitting nomadic life

It wasn’t all about cereal. When abandoning nomadic life, some of our ancestors were playing it safe with grasses that are less nutritious but grow all year round

Tesla shows off fully autonomous car in new video demonstration

Elon Musk has announced that all cars produced in Tesla's factories from now on will include upgraded hardware that enables them to drive entirely autonomously

Lab-made eggs will help people have children when they choose to

The creation of mature eggs from adult mouse skin cells will almost certainly be replicated in humans, giving people more choice over when they start a family

California is covering mountains with sensors to fight drought

A project is kicking off in the Sierra Nevada mountains to monitor moisture levels to help control the state’s water supplies and hydro power

Is it right to kill millions of animals if it protects others?

Culls are routinely carried out around the world in the name of upholding biodiversity and animal welfare. Are they ethical and do they work, asks Alice Klein

Some of our Stone Age tools may just be crafty monkey throwaways

Capuchins make stone flakes that could be mistaken for hominin tools, but they do so by accident in search of mineral dust they lick, perhaps as a medication

Mystery cosmic objects light up in X-ray then go dim in an hour

Digging through old observations of galaxies, astronomers have discovered X-ray flares from objects they can’t yet identify

Cameras monitor hospital patients’ vital signs from afar

Trials at John Radcliffe and Broadmoor hospitals show how special software can monitor patients' breathing and heart rate from camera images

Dental checks can’t verify the age of child asylum seekers

The ages of migrants seeking asylum as unaccompanied children cannot be accurately determined using dental X-rays or bone scans, says Tim Cole

Countdown to ExoMars landing as ESA braces for final descent

The ExoMars mission is GO. Over the next few hours the Schiaparelli lander will touch down on Mars, while the Trace Gas Orbiter tries to avoid smashing into it

What are you worth? How we calculate the value of a life

Each life is equally valuable. Until it's not. From the cost of saving your life to your worth once you’re gone, there's a price on all our heads

‘I had a mail-order abortion’: The women forced to go it alone

Many Irish women travel to England for abortions but sometimes this is not practical. One woman tells us how a website made it possible

Security agencies collected data unlawfully, UK court rules

Tribunal finds secret collection and use of confidential personal information by GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 breached privacy laws for more than a decade

Get ready for ESA’s white-knuckle descent to the Red Planet

Europe's latest attempt to land on Mars will be a nail-biting, nerve-wracking ride, says Mark Sims, who led its first touchdown on the Red Planet

Toddler stars’ baby fat kicks out almost all their exoplanets

The Kepler space telescope has found more singleton planets than expected. A new explanation blames young stars for tossing planets out in a tantrum

UK government taken to court over failure to cut air pollution

Campaign group ClientEarth has asked the British High Court to make the government do more to restrain nitrogen dioxide levels in cities

Home abortions are safe – we should let women do it themselves

The abortion pill is so safe and easy to use we should let women take it at home, says Clare Wilson

What do our natural laws really say about the world?

Four new books show that, one way or another, our planet is wilder and weirder than the rules we are used to would predict

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