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Australia to destroy alien carp by releasing herpes into rivers

The Australian government has announced a A$15 million plan to release a strain of herpes virus into rivers to kill invasive carp, a notorious pest

See a cosmic spider as it entices a nearby galaxy

This active nursery for stars on the outer edge of our galaxy has been nicknamed the "spider" as it looks like it is catching a fly – if you squint a little

That’s odd: Axis of evil stretches across the cosmos

Unexplained waves disrupt the smooth sea of radiation left over from the big bang. They could be evidence of cosmic complications we can’t see

Record ivory burning shows world is failing Africa’s elephants

As Kenya prepares to symbolically destroy a huge stockpile of poached ivory, it is time for a radical rethink of how to save elephants, says Paola Cavalieri

Weasel halts LHC experiments after chewing on a power cable

The Large Hadron Collider has suffered a power outage after the unfortunate critter chewed on a 66 kilovolt electrical transformer

Japanese satellite’s death spiral linked to software malfunction

The Hitomi X-ray space telescope has failed just months after its launch, leaving astronomers hoping to glimpse black holes devastated

Noah’s ark island is saving vulnerable species in Australia

Endangered species shipped to Wedge island are thriving there and seemingly engineering an ecosystem that benefits island's native species, too

Lizard gets to grips with city life by evolving stickier feet

Anole lizards have a talent for evolution, and it's not confined to the wild – urban-dwellers have evolved new traits to help them climb windows and walls

Zoologger: Bagpiper fish keeps intruders away with song

The Lusitanian toadfish is quite noisy for a fish. It whistles, grunts and croaks, even forming choruses to attract mates and repel competitors

Zoologger: Hollow marine monsters as big as whales

Huge colonies of marine invertebrates known as pyrosomes may coordinate their jet-like propulsion system by flashing lights at each other

Zoologger: The baby spiders that munch up their mum

It's a family meal with a ghoulish difference: young velvet spiders feast on their mother to help them survive in the desert

Zoologger: Moustache helps hipster spider catch prey

How do you attract food if you're a spider hunting in pitch-dark at night? Evolve a bright moustache, of course!

Zoologger: Oral sex may be a life saver for spider

Male Darwin's bark spider use genital lubrication and binding to stop their mates from eating them after copulation

Zoologger: Insect females hell-bent on wiping out males

Female Australian spiny leaf stick insects are so keen to keep sexual partners away that they have evolved self-defence moves and an anti-aphrodisiac scent

The island paradise overrun by giant cannibals

Wall lizards in Greece find cannibalism the best way to remove young rivals

Zoologger: Judo spider finds armoured foe's Achilles heel

The armoured harvestman is too hard a nut for most predators to crack. But the recluse spider uses a martial arts move to sting it where it hurts

Zoologger: Spider has sex, then chews off own genitals

Self-castration after once-in-a-lifetime sex helps coin spiders protect their mate from the unwanted attentions of other males

Zoologger: The tasty crab that looks like an ugly frog

Is it a frog? Is it a crab? One look at a frog crab explains its name, but how these curious animals evolved has long been a mystery

Zoologger: Baby lobster with a taste for jellyfish surfing

Smooth fan lobster larvae hop aboard passing jellyfish for a free ride and a gourmet meal. But to survive the trip they need a strict beauty regime

Zoologger: The bird that mimics a toxic caterpillar

To avoid being eaten by snakes and monkeys, the chicks of a rather drab grey bird mimic the look and movements of a poisonous caterpillar

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