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Yellowstone National Park hit by 1400 earthquakes in six weeks

A major quake swarm has hit Yellowstone National Park - but it’s unlikely to be a sign of an impending volcanic eruption, according to geologists

Robot spots signs of melted fuel at submerged Fukushima reactor

An underwater robot captured images believed to be the first signs of melted nuclear reactor fuel that sank after the plant’s 2011 failure

Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins

Swarms of gold nanobots with rotating arms powered by magnetic fields could swim through the human body and deliver medicine directly where it’s needed

Fake duck test shows drones and AI beat humans at bird census

A fun experiment with hundreds of plastic ducks on a beach shows that AI trained on drone photos could seriously improve seabird colony counts

Screaming gel balls reveal a way to power soft but noisy robots

Hydrogel beads bounce thousands of times per second on a heated surface, emitting a high-pitched shriek, and generating lots of kinetic energy

Australia to expand commercial fishing in marine sanctuaries

Fishing operations will be rolled out in Australia’s protected marine areas, in a move that could endanger fragile ecosystems

Tides on exoplanets could drive alien biological clocks

On watery worlds that lack days and nights because one face always points toward their star, tides may help life emerge – and algal blooms might be the giveaway

What will happen when machines can tell how you feel?

Now that technology is finally getting emotion-savvy, could the machines give us the benefit of their new-found wisdom? Rosalind Picard thinks so

Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV

A two-year trial has found that long-acting injections of antiretroviral therapy work just as well or better at controlling HIV than daily pills

Digital drinking buddy replaces ill-advised tweets with cat pics

Better than a breathalyser – build a clever coaster to ensure there’s no more Twitter after too much liquor

Elon Musk seems to have ditched Red Dragon lander plan for Mars

SpaceX will design a new spacecraft for a mission to the Red Planet, but Musk’s focus may be closer to home as he tweets Hyperloop plans

Now North Sea cod is sustainable, is it really ok to eat?

The bounceback of North Sea cod means you can now buy guilt-free, but Brexit and climate change could threaten its fragile recovery

AI suggests recipe for a dish just by studying a photo of it

An algorithm trained on over one million online recipes can tell you what's in a dish and how to make it

Galaxy supercluster is one of the biggest things in the universe

The Saraswati supercluster of 400 galaxies could help us understand the physics governing the whole universe

The best way to detect aliens may be by finding their footprints

The first sign of aliens might not be microbes or radio signals but fossilised imprints or excrement left on the solid surfaces of Mars or Titan

Rats can tell when they’ve forgotten something, just like us

Ever walked into a room then realised you can't remember why you're there? Like people, rats know what they know, and can tell when their memory has failed them

Artificial Intelligence ushers in the era of superhuman doctors

Non-human intelligence will soon be a standard part of your medical care – if it isn’t already. Can you trust it?

Polar bear attacks on people set to rise as climate changes

Dwindling sea ice is driving hungry bears on to land and towards human settlements

Hundreds charged in huge opioid and healthcare fraud crackdown

Charges have been brought against 412 people in the US for healthcare fraud, including a doctor who allegedly gave out 12,000 illegal prescriptions for opioids

Swiss bank becomes first to offer bitcoin to its richest clients

Asset managers at Falcon Private Bank can now buy and store bitcoins for its investors. But is this missing the point of decentralised currencies?

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