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Like sringtime and someone you regret sleeping with, this debut album from Classixx just can’t come soon enough.

Just wave your baton.

Brass Bed – I’ll Be There With Bells On. These four dudes are from Louisiana, and they’re here to give you some fuzzed-out indie pop. It’s interesting that there’s plenty of fuzz but also some roomy echo, some negative space that opens the song up, like Pavement and the Walkmen had a tiny hipster baby. [...]

If I Could Leave My Body Then I Would

With a stance and leather gloves borrowed from a young, hungry Glenn Danzig and an arch sense of theater copped from Morrissey, the lead singer of Iceage overcomes whatever perceived limitations of his voice. This performance is outstanding, and a reminder that their new album is out and it’s so worth your time. You can [...]

All My Drowning Friends Can See

“When I walk into a room I do not light it up…”

Never Have To Worry

It is a beautiful Spring day. The fly fishermen are waist deep in the river. The dog is full on sprinting for the frisbee. It is not a day to be savored in slow motion but a day to be devoured in huge, messy bites. We’ve been resting on laurels all winter, slowing braising. So [...]

Strokes Not Strokes

I felt compelled to go through all the Strokes solo albums this week and see how they held up. I even made a nifty Spotify playlist to go with it so you can follow along at home. It goes without saying that Albert Hammond Jr.’s work is the most consistent and the most ultimately Strokes-like. [...]

You Shouldn’t Let it Waste Your Time

There is still plenty of life left in the chillwave, especially when the beat underneath the hazy vocals throbs like the best Kavinsky / Valerie Collective production. Obviously a French import, Fear Club is quietly building a nice collection of tracks on his soundcloud page. It’s perfect stuff for this uneasy transition into Spring evoking [...]

Monday morning jangle

Oh man, we need songs like this, right? It may not be the most original sound around, but that’s kind of the point: it hits the sweet spot in your pop music subconscious, cramming all the minutes of FM radio that you’ve heard in your lifetime. Parks hail from Boston, and they’ve been getting some [...]

Sombre Danse

Sombre Danse (Single) by Night Riders This new single from Night Riders, taken from their upcoming French-language full length, Future Noir, blended in almost seamlessly while listening to the new Kavinsky this morning. It’s a similar throbbing, neurotic bass, somewhere between dancing and being chased. Sinister and seductive, I’ve already listened three times this morning [...]

Banging a pot.

The Pharmacy is back! The Pharmacy – Baby Be. I love their blend of surf-rock and mid-period Kinks. They’re not up to anything revolutionary, they’re just a band playing good ol’ rock music, and I like that. We can’t all be pushing the envelope. This is the kind of song my two-year-old daughter likes to [...]

You Can’t Afford This Modern Life

Mitzi – Modern Life. There is a freshly fallen blanket of snow outside, quietly dripping and fluffing in the trees. The birds chirp and flit from branch to branch. The land arches its back under the weight of the snow like a downward facing dog. Even though there are piles and piles of powder outside [...]

Never Make Your Path Less Heavy

Once in a while a song comes across our lap that would’ve blown our brains apart back in the early days of mp3 blogging. This Peaking Lights remix of the new Young Galaxy single is just such a track. To hear this patented New Order groove with synth strings and hand drums, the blog world [...]

No Matter What You Do Wrong

I can’t believe that one of the kids from Test Icicles has become such an incredible songwriter. First Solange’s “Losing You” and now this. Excellent. Let’s keep an eye on both Laura Welsh and Dev Hynes and see what happens.

How I Feel For You Now

Every once in a while, someone from the old days reaches out to us with a new song. You have no idea how happy this makes us. Back in 2007, we wrote about Hallelujah the Hills, and their then-new album “Collective Psychosis Begone.” It was a fun album — an excellent of-the-times indie document. If [...]


Wait, what? Horsehands – Tin Horn. This song is bonkers, but that’s what I love about it. Psychedelic freakout one minute, Built To Spill-style slow jam the next. I keep listening to it, thinking I’ll unlock what makes it hold together, but I can’t figure it out. Let’s call it a draw. Horsehands hail from [...]

You Frame Me In Such Disdain

There isn’t much I can say about this Hudson Mohawke remix of Disclosure’s “White Noise” except that it took an already brilliant song and brilliantly refined it. Since the long-ago departure of Robot Blair, we haven’t had much electronic stuff on here, but every once in a while we come across something that we just [...]

To Be Frank, I’m Fried

Kurt Vile – Wakin’ On A Pretty Day The story goes that in the backyard of Bob Seger’s house up in the moneyed hills of Detroit are buried the master tapes of his acoustic solo album, Brand New Morning. So unhappy with the finished product and totally unwilling to revisit it, Bob allegedly disowned the [...]

A Mortal Win

There are all kinds of Southern Californias. The quiet, still heat of the street outside Pie ‘n Burger. The rushed desert wind through the clothesline. The crisp clean breeze off the ocean, taco in hand. For these three Londoners in Vondelpark they seem to emphasize the spaces between things. The very idea of walking to [...]

I’m A Fool For Your Belly

Rhye continue to kill it with their new single. The album’s not out til March 5th but if it holds up to the strength of this one and The Fall it’s definitely in the running for album of the year. They ride a sexy line without sliding into kitsch or porn, capturing the natural. And [...]

I want a Pepsi and a heart that won’t break

Bad Bad Hats – Super America. I love everything about this song: the chugging acoustic guitars, the simple melody, Kerry Alexander’s just-engaged-enough voice, the handclaps, the tambourine. This is one of those embarrassing situations in which somebody completely has my number. Maybe I shouldn’t mind. Bad Bad Hats are Alexander, her songwriting partner Chris Hoge, [...]

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