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Jeffrey Shaffer: Hello Drones, Goodbye UFO Hunting

The era of drones is in full flight. I'm pretty sure it means my hopes of getting a final answer to the Great UFO Riddle have been permanently grounded. Read more: Drones, Ufos, Movies, Aliens, Flying Saucers, Technology News

Vatican Scientist Thinks Aliens May Exist -- But Not An Alien Jesus

NASA scientists are getting closer to determining whether there is life on other planets -- and the enthusiasm about aliens has spread to the Va... Read more: Vatican, Vatican Observatory, Alien, Kepler-452b, Space, Alien Jesus, Extraterrestrial, Religion News

Similar UFOs Appear Over Japanese, U.S. Cities

Two separate cases of unusual-looking lights -- over cities on different continents -- were captured on video, prompting speculation that the objects... Read more: UFO Video, UFO News, Unidentified Flying Object, Chinese Lanterns, Weird Japan, Weird Wisconsin, Police Officer Gustavo Rojas Ufo, Ufo Wisconsin, Ufo Japan, Weird News News

UFO Lights Up Tucson Sky Like Christmas Tree

On July 4, at approximately 9:00 p.m., Tom Sanger videotaped a very odd-looking object in the sky over the Sabino Canyon, northeast of Tucson, Arizon... Read more: Ufo, Unidentified Flying Object, Multi-Colored Tucson Ufo, Tucson Night Vision Ufo, Sabino Canyon Arizona Ufo, Tom Sanger Tucson Ufo, Gene Coleman Arizona Ufo, Weird News News

Shastri Purushotma: Earth 2.0: Good News for Our Understanding of God

Just as MS DOS was a good operating system for the Intel x86, but even Bill Gates wouldn't use it now, our understanding of religion also needs to upgrade as human progress continues. But lets not just assume that "software upgrades"...Show More Summary

Monstrous Controversy Rages Over Loch Ness UFO Photos

A family vacationing in the Scottish Highlands overlooking Loch Ness, the famous home of an alleged prehistoric animal (or animals), recently produce... Read more: UFO News, Weird Scotland, Loch Ness Ufos, Loch Ness Ufo Photos, Betts Family Loch Ness Ufo, Loch Ness Ufo Lamp Reflection,, Mick West Debunks Loch Ness Ufo, Weird News News

WATCH: Cloud-Like UFO Glides Through Philadelphia (Not New York)

It may look like a cloud at first, especially when you see it as individual screen shots (shown above). But when you look at the following video shot... Read more: Video, UFO News, Weird Philadelphia, Ufo, Unidentified Flying Object, Ufo Over Philadelphia, Weird News News

Dean Regas: Brightest Planets Meet on Tuesday

You've probably seen them in the evening: two suspiciously bright lights in the western sky. What are they? Planes? UFOs? No, they're the two brightest planets and they're heading for a dramatic conjunction Tuesday night. Read more: Astronomy, Space, Venus, Jupiter, Stars, Ufos, Planetary Conjunction, Science News

Reboot Illinois: Crazy UFO Sightings In Illinois

Illinois might just be one of the most UFO-crazy states in the nation. Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network,... Read more: Illinois, Reboot Illinois, Ufos, Ufo, Aliens, UFO News, Chicago News

Happy New Year! On Mars!

MARS, Pa. (AP) — Earth to Mars: Happy New Year! That's the sentiment being offered this weekend in Mars, Pennsylvania, as NASA and other space enth... Read more: Mars Pennyslvania, Pennsylvania Weird, Ufo, Weird Science, Martian New Year, UFO News, Weird News News

Ashley Jude Collie: LA Stories -- My "Stoop Kidz" Talk UFOs, "San Andreas" Rockin' the B.O., and that Real Big One!

On the weekend, I hung out with some peeps, my "kidz" and neighbors, and with their pals, sipping any number of different beers (Guinness, Horchata flavored ale, and the best of the el cheapo beers, Pabst). Read more: Ashley Jude Collie, Ufos, San Andreas Movie, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, Carla Gugino, Earthquake, Los Angeles News

Seth Shostak: Roswell Aliens Not So Alien

Nearly 70 years after extraterrestrials supposedly pushed the wrong button in their spacecraft and nose-dived into scrubby ranchland near Roswell, New... Read more: Aliens, Roswell, Ufo, Science News

Leslie Kean: Exclusive: New Video of Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon From Chile

The CEFAA has left no stone unturned in trying to identify the source of this UAP. The Santiago Radar Control Center provided all primary radar recordings of aircraft flying in the area at the time. No known traffic could account for the lights in formation. Read more: Ufo, Uap, Chile, CEFAA Chile, Kean, Near Weird, Weird News News

UFO Spotted At PGA Tournament

Did a UFO share the field of view of a flying golf ball during a PGA tournament in Florida? Upon first examination, this is some approach shot. It... Read more: Video, UFO News, Ufo, Unidentified Flying Object, Weird Florida, Mufon, Mutual Ufo Network, Mufon Ufo Video Analyst Marc Dantonio, Ufo at Pga Players Championship, Weird News News

Why We Are Closer Than Ever To Discovering Aliens

Some E.T. researchers believe we could have proof of alien life within 30 years. says there are six reasons why. ... Read more: UFO News, Weird Photos & Videos, Weird News News

Did A UFO 'Not Made By Man' Hover Over Chile?

There's a story going around that Chile supposedly revealed remarkable UFO photographs of an aerial object so advanced that government experts are cla... Read more: Ufo, Unidentified Flying Object, Chile Ufo, Weird Chile, UFO News, CEFAA Chile, Jose Lay CEFAA, Collahuasi Chile UFO, Leslie Kean Chile UFO, Video, Weird News News

Seth Shostak: Super Civilizations: What Do They Really Want?

Could it be that no one is out there? Are we now free to declare ourselves the acme of brain power in this part of the cosmos, and certify that everything out to 50 million light-years is Klingon-free? Read more: Aliens, Paranormal Activity, Astronomy, Extraterrestrials, Extraterrestrial Life, Super Civilizations, Science News

UFOs Show Up During War, Says Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer

The public rarely hears about interactions between military personnel and unexplained aircraft -- especially during wartime. As time goes on, howev... Read more: Video, UFO News, Unidentified Flying Objects, Air Force Capt. George Filer,...Show More Summary

David H. Bailey: Desperately Seeking ET: Fermi's Paradox Turns 65 (Part II)

In our Part I article, we mentioned how numerous scientists over the past 65 years, since Fermi first raised the question "Where is everybody?", have examined Fermi's paradox and have proposed solutions. There is still no easy answer. Read more: Fermi, Milky Way, Extraterrestrials, Interstellar, Space, Universe, Space Travel, Science News

Burglary Suspect Acquitted -- He Thought He Was Entering A Spaceship

It makes sense when you think about it... maybe. A San Francisco man accused of burglarizing an apartment last May was acquitted earlier this week... Read more: Santonio Aviles, Santonio Aviles Spaceship, San Francisco Crime, Santonio...Show More Summary

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