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'Black Ring' UFO Captured On British Girl's iPhone

A 16-year-old schoolgirl had finished playing tennis with her mother in the British town of Leamington Spa on April 11, when the teenager and others s... Read more: Video, UFO News, Weird News News

Roadtrippers: That time subterranean aliens killed 60 people in New Mexico

Dulce, New Mexico is located right on the Colorado-New Mexico border. It's a quaint town, with a population just under 3,000. It's the trib... Read more: Weird New Mexico, Ufos, Aliens, New Mexico, UFO and Paranormal, Weird News New...

UFO or Pickup Truck?

What were the strange lights that appeared on camera the night of February 16 at the home of Mississippi residents Rainer and Edith Shattles? T... Read more: Video, Unidentified Flying Object, Ufo in Deer Cam, Ufo or Pickup Truck in Mississippi, Ufo, Weird Mississippi, Wlox News Ufo on Deer Cam, UFO News, Weird News News

LOOK: E.T. Hunters Excited By Mysterious White Light

Is a strange speck of light on Mars evidence of intelligent life on the Red Planet? That's what some are asking after what appears to be a bright w... Read more: Light on Mars, Mystery Light Mars, Mars Light, Life on Mars, White Light...Show More Summary

These Couldn't Possibly Be Real Fairies... Could They?

A British professor is getting a swarm of attention for a series of photos depicting tiny creatures that he suggests look like fairies. John Hyatt,... Read more: Weird UK, John Hyatt, Paranormal, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Fairies, Sir Arthur...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton Reveals His Aliens Theory

Former President Bill Clinton let loose Wednesday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" about his thoughts on extraterrestrial life. Kimmel got the conversa... Read more: Bill Clinton Ufo, Bill Clinton, Area 51, Video, Bill Clinton Aliens, Jimmy Kimmel, Aliens, Ufos, Bill Clinton Area 51, Bill Clinton Jimmy Kimmel, Roswell, Bill Clinton Roswell, Politics News

Alejandro Rojas: Former Yugoslavian Army Jet Fighter Pilot Recalls UFO Encounters

Just then the object zipped out to the west, decreasing in size and luminosity, and then it was gone. Hamzi? says what impressed him was that the craft must have been moving between 2,500-4,000 mph. Read more: Paranormal, Pilot UFO Sighting, Ufos, Ufo, UFO Sightings, Yugoslavia, Former Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia UFO, Serbia UFO, Weird News News

LOOK: Will Your Grandkids Be Living On One Of These Planets?

Colonize Mars? Meh. While some space enthusiasts are vying for a chance to create a human colony on the Red Planet, others say exoplanets like "Kepler... Read more: Exoplanets Infographic, Exoplanet Infographic, Habitable Zone, Exoplanet,...Show More Summary

John Lennon's UFO-inspired Art Fetches Big Bucks

In 1967, when John Lennon wrote his classic Beatles hit, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," everyone assumed the psychedelic song was about drugs. ... Read more: Video, Weird New York City, Unidentified Flying Object, John Lennon Ufo Sighting,...Show More Summary

UFO Conspiracy Theorist Says Child Porn Charges Are Gov. Conspiracy

On a sunny day in April 2013, police swarmed a suburban Colorado home to execute a search warrant on suspicion of child pornography. Their suspect, a... Read more: Lisa Romanek, Child Porn, Stan Romanek Child Porn, Child Pornography,...Show More Summary

WATCH: Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Ukraine City

A video recently surfaced on the Internet reportedly showing a large, elongated UFO gliding over Korosten, Ukraine, reports OpenMinds.TV. The objec... Read more: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Video, Alien Visitors to Earth, Unidentified...Show More Summary

Connie Willis: Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Abducted by a UFO?

Is it possible the missing Malaysia Flight 370 was abducted by a UFO? Well, that thought came to my mind initially, but I kept it to myself since I had just been watching a Bermuda Triangle documentary special. However, the Mutual UFO...Show More Summary

IS THIS The Way We'll Identify Alien Life?

Earth’s atmosphere is heavy—it’s what keeps water from flying off into space. So astronomers looking for alien worlds that can harbor life have... Read more: Alien Worlds, Astronomy, Dimers Alien Life, Biology, Astrobiology, Atmosphere Alien Life, Aliens, Exoplanets, James Webb Space Telescope, Extraterrestrial, Life on Other Planets, Alien Life, Search for E.T., Science News

Triangle UFOs Fly In The Face Of Logic

Whatever happened to good old circular flying saucers? While accounts of them continue to show up in police reports, newspapers, YouTube, etc., it see... Read more: Phoenix Lights 1997, Video, V-Shaped Ufos, Triangle Ufos, Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, Weird Arizona, Dorito-Shaped Ufos, David Marler and Triangle Ufos, UFO News, Weird News News

What UFO Shapes Do The Crazy People In Your State See?

UFO sightings were big in 2013. We know that a lot of them will turn out to be drones. But it doesn't change the fact that people in every state ar... Read more: Ufo Shapes, Ufo Sightings Map, UFO Sightings, Ufos, Mufon, Ufo Shape Sightings, Ufo Shapes Map, Outer Places, Weird News News

'If Aliens Exist, Do They Worship God?'

Do you believe in God or in the concept of an almighty supreme being or force that created and watches over everything in the universe? And if it t... Read more: God and Religion, God, Is God Necessary for Civilization to Survive, God Concept, Morgan Freeman, Do Aliens Worship God, Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman, Science Channel, UFO News, Weird News News

Astronaut Leroy Chiao Opens Explains 2005 UFO Sighting

In 2005, astronaut Leroy Chiao was commander of the International Space Station for six and a half months. During a spacewalk with cosmonaut Salizhan... Read more: Astronaut Leroy Chiao, Are We Alone?, Apollo 16 UFO, Science ChannelShow More Summary

Alejandro Rojas: Farrakhan Asks President Obama to Open Area 51 and Reveal its UFO Secrets

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan asked that President Obama open up Area 51 to scientists in a sermon he gave on Saturday, February 15. It was the last of a yearlong sermon series titled, "Time and What Must Be Done." Read more:...Show More Summary

Aaron Sagers: Purported UFO Abductee Arrested For Child Porn Distribution

Self-proclaimed alien abductee Stanley Romanek was arrested in Colorado last week for child pornography possession and distribution. Read more: Ufo, Stan Romanek, Weird News News

Alien Abductions, NASA Scientists, Crop Circles On Tap At UFO Congress

Once upon a time, UFO conventions or seminars primarily attracted the lunatic fringe crowd -- those who arrived wearing alien costumes, tin foil hats... Read more: Ufo and Bigfoot Connection, NASA Hunts for Extraterrestrial Life, Crop...Show More Summary

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