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Mirror Image : AB by BLOOD Concept

It doesn't matter if you smell AB first or start by reading the list of notes (aldehydes, aluminum, slate, pebble, water, cedar and metallic notes): you are going to think of Comme des Garçons, in particular the second half of OdeurShow More Summary

A Real Dish: Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits

Bois et Fruits is part of a set of four variations on Lutens' cedar-heavy Feminité du Bois (the others are Bois Oriental, Bois de Violette, and Bois et Musc), and it is probably the case that you can't properly understand them untilShow More Summary

Timeless: Myrrhiad by Huitième Art

First, the name, which is excellent, the sort of thing you can't believe nobody thought of before.Second, the bottle, which you can't quite figure out. Is it referencing an Egyptian canopic jar? A Chinese white-jade snuff bottle? A twentieth-century...Show More Summary

Not My Type: O by BLOOD Concept

Be honest, now: if you were presented with a lineup of a dozen fragrances of which you knew nothing, each named after a sign of zodiac, even if you knew that astrology is a load of complete nonsense, wouldn't your first instinct be to reach for the bottle that corresponded to your own sign?Maybe not you. Show More Summary

Girls' Night Out: Fan di Fendi

Fan di Fendi looks like hot stuff. Sephora has written or unearthed a rather frantic bit of ad copy for it:Fan di Fendi is the fragrance you just adore to adore. Like a hit refrain, it's insistent, addictive, and irresistible. Electrifying you, possessing you, haunting you. Show More Summary

Sweet 16: Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Mâle

Some things, as they say, get better with age. Cheese, for example.Since I embarked on the South Beach thing, I've been eating a lot of cheese. Too much, probably: after losing 30 pounds in three months, I've sort of stalled, which I guess is normal, but still frustrating. Show More Summary

Unfinished Business: Bond No. 9 Bryant Park

A month ago I wrote that I had signed up for Google Adsense, that they put little ads at the top of my blog for a theoretical payment at some point down the road depending on how many people clicked on the ads, and that I didn't expect to ever see any money from it. Show More Summary

Garden Variety: Estee Lauder White Linen

A little while ago I said that Samsara, whatever its actual ingredients, smelled of three things, and this is an interesting aspect of perfumery: an artistic perfumer can make a fragrance smell more or less complex that it actually is. Show More Summary

Old-Style: Bois 1920 Sutra Ylang

Let's start with names. Apparently, Bois 1920 has nothing to do with wood ("bois" is the French word for wood), but instead is an acronym referring to creator Enzo Galardi's grandfather Guido, who opened a perfumery in Italy in 1920 called Bottega Italiana Spigo, "Italian Lavender Boutique". Show More Summary

More Than Meets The Eye: Odori Tabacco

It is, I suppose, like one of those movies in which a man is searching for the perfect woman and doesn't realize until the last reel that she's been right there in front of him all the time.Tabacco by Odori is not exceptional at first. Show More Summary

Finishing Touches: The Smell of Freedom, Tuca Tuca, and Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume

I was naturally going to spin this out over the next week or so by doing these one at a time, as I've been doing, but what the hell. I don't have that much to say about them, so I might as well get it over with.Before we get started,...Show More Summary

Intermission: Biting the Hand

I don't know how comprehensive the ad-blocking software in your browser is — you do block most ads, don't you? — but you may see a discreet little ad at the top of this page: this is because some time ago I signed up for Google Ads,Show More Summary

There It Is: Orange Blossom by Gorilla Perfume (eventually)

Let's see how long it takes me to get to the point today. A while, I'm thinking.James Jorden, who as his alter ego La Cieca (Italian for "the blind woman" and a character from the opera La Gioconda) heads up the splendidly bitchy opera blog Parterre Box, also writes reviews under his own name for the New York Post, among others. Show More Summary

Red Alert: Lust by Gorilla Perfume

One of the problems with a very stripped-down scent is that there's only so much you can say about it. A big constructed scent can make you think: it has multiple meanings that change and reverberate over time, because the more elements...Show More Summary

Try Again: Karma by Gorilla Perfume

Now, I do not particularly love patchouli most of the time, although sometimes I will grudgingly admit that a patchouli scent can be excellent, even if I can't wear it, and on occasion in the right company it can sneak up on me, so you...Show More Summary

Intermission: Somebody Stop Me!

The Sunday before last, as I was heading off to work, it occurred to me that Monday the 5th of September was a holiday, I had Saturday the 3rd off, I would probably have Sunday the 4th off, and I would be able to switch my schedule around...Show More Summary

Coming Up Roses: Imogen Rose by Gorilla Perfume

In a nutshell, I am as overwhelmed by Imogen Rose as I was underwhelmed by Breath of God. Imogen Rose is an armload of bright, fresh, dewy roses wrapped in a sheaf of greenery, dusted with a puff of baby powder, laid on a bed of ambery...Show More Summary

A New Angle: Breath of God by Gorilla Perfume

I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago about how men and women speak differently and what this means for transsexuals, who have to basically learn how to be a different sex: a loud Starbucks, a man will just speak withShow More Summary

Animate Objects

Here's a still from the animated spy spoof "Archer", season 1, episode 4, with a European secret agent in the bathroom of wealthy spy-agency head Mallory Archer preparing to kill it doesn't really matter, does it, because we're here for the perfume bottles: That's self-evidently Chanel No. Show More Summary

Complexity / Simplicity: Guerlain Samsara Eau de Toilette

Samsara was launched in 1989, and I don't know how I failed to include it in the list of things I was wearing that year, because I bought it very shortly after its debut in my part of the world, I liked it a whole lot, and I'm wearing...Show More Summary

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