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For Ozzy, after Crazy Train came Crazy Babies

Even though you didn't ask, my favorite Ozzy song of the ‘80s is not Crazy Train, nor is it Close My Eyes Forever, it's one that doesn't get any play on classic rock radio and it's called Crazy Babies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stuns fans by roaming Hollywood as the Terminator

This is pretty amazing. Arnold Schwarzenegger put on the makeup for Terminator again and roamed Hollywood to stun fans. Can't wait for Terminator: Genisys to open on July 1. By the way, watch until the end of the video to find out how you can help a good cause and be entered to join Arnold on the red carpet for the movie's …

Don't let the workweek be a ball and chain. Listen to more Aldo Nova

Over the years, SIT80's has made lists of the best power ballads of the decade, so let's throw another candidate into the fray with Aldo Nova and Ball and Chain.

Dress for success with the 'Get To Da Choppa!" T-shirt

Are you a sucker for '80s T-shirts? I'm betting I've spent a couple hundred dollars in the last year on '80s-themed T-shirts. Half of them are still in the delivery bag, maybe for use on The '80s Cruise. Some might never be worn outside the friendly confines of The Lair. But somehow, I …

Yes, we're actually going to talk about Michael Bolton in the '80s

With the focus this week being on hard rock, there is no better time than now to feature Michael Bolton. Say what? This is not a game; it's the hard-rocking Michael Bolton with Fool's Game.

Going black-face in 1986: Looking back on 'Soul Man' and its controversy

If all the hubbub about Rachel Dolezal's racial identity seems a little familiar to '80s nation, maybe that's because we had 1986's Soul Man. In the movie, C. Thomas Howell plays a privileged Harvard Law student who - after his parents decide against paying his tuition - overdoses on tanning pills so that he can accept a …

We heard you missed David Lee Roth ... he's back!

Yesterday we featured early Van Halen, but it was only a matter of time before the biggest band split of the ‘80s occurred when David Lee Roth left Van Halen. Roth's departure fulfilled his destiny to become the biggest ham in rock music as evidenced by the video for Stand Up.

Duran Duran releases 2015 tour dates, new album's name

Duran Duran's new album, produced by Nile Rodgers, will be called Paper Gods and it's due out in September, the band announced on Twitter.The band also released tour dates, …

Not every '80s Van Halen video was memorable

After last week's pop songs of the late ‘80s, you need to get wild, ingest some hard rock, rock out to something a little dangerous and lose control, so let's kick off a week of screaming guitars and banshee wailing with Van Halen and Loss of Control.

Best Jim Nabors role to celebrate on his 85th birthday? Lugs Harvey!

Jim Nabors turns 85 today. Eighty-five! I grew up watching re-runs of Gomer Pyle: USMC, so I'm a huge fan. And turns out our man Jim had a fair number of acting appearances in the '80s, before hanging it up completely in 1991. Nabors was in three episodes of The Love Boat, numerous eppys of The Carol Burnett …

This Robert Palmer video is proof the British are funnier than Americans

Robert Palmer was a chameleon of all music types, but we mainly remember him for his rocking videos with the dancing girls in Addicted To Love and Simply Irresistible, so let's mix things up and show his flexibility with Change His Ways.

Podcast: Classic songs covered in the '80s

For some reason, Stuck in the '80s is addicted to cover songs of our favorite decade - especially during this year's podcast. This week's show covers our favorite cover songs of previously recorded classics. You'll recognize every tune - at least the ''50s or '60s version. And maybe the '80s cover versions will turn your heads a little.

Bardot or Bardeux? Either way, here's their lost hit from 1988

More than 50 years ago, Brigitte Bardot was one of the sexiest women on the planet, but that doesn't mean her influence wasn't felt in the ‘80s as she inspired the band name of pop duo Bardeux who had a Top 40 hit in the ‘80s with When We Kiss.

What do love stories, senior citizens and video games have in common? The Beautiful South

Last month, we featured The Housemartins with the bubbly Happy Hour, so this month we will sail 180 degrees opposite and feature the band formed by former Housemartins called The Beautiful South with their poignant I'll Sail This Ship Alone.

For Level 42 and this lost hit from the '80s, it's never over

I'm not making idle threats. With today's blog post, I am announcing: It's Over! (dramatic pause, followed by crickets) Sorry to disappoint those who think this column as a waste of space on the internet, but I'm not going anywhere (just yet) and yes, it's really just a tease for another lovely lost song entitled It's Over by …

In search of the biggest myth of all: good pop music in the late '80s

Sometimes SIT80's gets a little critical of pop music in the late ‘80s and often with good justification, but I bet we can pull five Lost and Found pop gems from the late ‘80s this week. So if we want to look sharp and start off a winning note, let's get Dressed For Success with Roxette.

30 years ago, some kid named Ferris skipped school for a Cubs game

"Life moves pretty fast," a wise sage first told us 30 years ago. "If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Just like we just almost missed an important '80s anniversary! While technically 1986 marks the 30th anniversary of the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the

Top 5 rock operas of the '80s? Don't forget to include 'Pink World'

Best rock operas of the ‘80s? If we show you a Pink World, would you like what you see?

Video: Watch the new SFW trailer for 'Vacation' reboot

A new trailer is out for the Vacation remake, and this one (thankfully) is safe for work. A new trailer is out for the Vacation remake, and this one (thankfully) is safe for work.

Goonies fans celebrate 30th anniversary at Goondocks

The Goonies officially turns 30 years old on June 7. It's official: You're practically a senior citizen now. But you can attempt to relive it just by buying a ticket to Goondocks, which kicks off today in Astoria, Oregon.Goondocks is a …

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