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Metal week without this classic video? I smell a Ratt

While hard rock is not the easiest to dance to, that's not going to stop Ratt for trying as evidenced for the video for Dance.

'80s trailer time machine: Robin Williams was the man 'who dropped the ball'

I never get tired of movies where an individual is tortured repeatedly for mistakes he or she made in the past. Maybe Stuck in the '80s is my penance. In any case, I found a soul brother in Robin Williams in the 1986 movie The Best of Times. Here's the original trailer.

Another Metal Week morning ... or is it two minutes to midnight?

Like other bands with rabid fan bases like Rush and Tesla, we tread carefully as we offer up Lost and Found entries, so please don't torture me and put me on the rack as we profile Iron Maiden and their video for 2 Minutes To Midnig...

The Kiss-and-makeup song from Gene and Co. for their fans

By now we are used to seeing Kiss without makeup, but what is the last video they made in full makeup before unmasking? It's I Love It Loud.

How well do you know Stuck in the '80s? Take our quiz

Stuck in the '80s has been around the block a time or two. We've had 340-plus episodes, 70-something celebrity guests, more than a dozen co-hosts. But let's find out how well you really know our podcast, which you can RELATED POST PROFILESHARE

Melissa Etheridge in the '80s? Sure, but you won't remember the song

Of the diverse female voices that were introduced on radio in the ‘80s, no one sounded like Melissa Etheridge.

What killed Amanda Peterson? Coroner rules death from morphine overdose

It's been almost two months since we lost Amanda Peterson, star of the 1987 movie Can't Buy Me Love. And today we finally got the answer to why she died. A coroner in Colorado has ruled that …

If you're still aching for the '80s, here's a country pop song for you

We have featured very little of country pop on Lost and Found, but if I was going to pick a good song to represent the genre, you don't have to look any farther that the daughter of The Man In Black - Rosanne Cash and her hit Seven Year Ache.

Eighties movies coming and going on Netflix in September 2015

At my ripe old age of 48, my social life consists in equal parts between watching old MTV videos on Youtube and binge-watching old favorites on Netflix. (After three years, I've finally managed to kick my addiction to West Wing. I should be getting my three-month …

Before she became so unusual, Cyndi Lauper flew with Blue Angel

In 1983 Cyndi Lauper seemed to come out of the blue into our radios and TV screens, but actually she came right out of Blue Angel.

Name the hit song by Taylor Dayne that Tina Turner turned down

Taylor Dayne may have been late to the ‘80s dance party, but that didn't mean she didn't bring the goods as we remember one of her hits that you don't hear much these days - I'll Be You Shelter.

Who's ready for September? Earth Wind & Fire was ... even before the '80s started

Favorite lines from Fast Times At Ridgemont High? When Charles Jefferson asks Mike Damone about when those Earth, Wind & Fire tickets are coming in. Because he's taking his little brother. Hope you scored a pair of tickets, Damone, because Jefferson's about to freak out when he sees what happens to his car.

Whatever you do ... don't fall asleep: Top 5 Wes Craven movies of the '80s

Eighties horror fans lost a big one over the weekend. Wes Craven, the writer-director who gave us Freddy Krueger (co-starring some guy we've never heard of - Johnny Depp), passed away Sunday after battling …

Recognize this '80s wife/singer/actress? We'll keep holdin' on while you figure it out

Forgive us if in sometimes we appear a little guy-centric on Stuck in the ‘80s, but this week we hope to redeem ourselves with a week with nothing but the ladies on Lost and Found starting off Tane Cain and Holdin' On.

Give it up for disco in the '80s with this forgotten hit from KC (sans the Sunshine Band)

Though we are Stuck In The ‘80s, many of us fondly remember the ‘70s and shaking our booty to KC and the Sunshine Band. Though we traded in our bell bottom jeans for a skinny tie at the turn of the decade, that doesn't mean we can't forget our '70s roots and Give It Up.

30 years ago, Tiffany got her start with Ed McMahon and Star Search

Before Tiffany became the teen pop princess and darling of the mall concert circuit, she was in 1985 a contestant on Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon. And believe it or not, she didn't win. Instead, the teen then known as "Tiffany Renee" came in second to Melissa Moultrie. But she took the disappointment like champ and learned …

This Tom Teeley video has more '80s nostalgia packed into it than any other video

The fireworks of summer are over, but today we bring the boom with Tom Teeley and the fun A Rocket and a Roman Candle.

Just missed the '80s: Pump Up The Volume 'talked hard' to the next generation

In the early days of Stuck in the '80s, I had a very strict policy about not honoring working done before Jan. 1, 1980 and ignoring anything beyond Dec. 31, 1989. Ten years later, I've learned to chill. In fact, one of my favorite just-barely-non-'80s movies just turned 25 years old this month: Pump Up The Volume. Released …

The '80s had its own version of 'Farrenheit' ... even if the spelling is a bit off

You know Fahrenheit 451 the novel; Fahrenheit 911 the movie and Fahrenheit 7800 the Bon Jovi album, but this is Lost and Found and today it's just plain old Farrenheit and another lost AOR nugget called Fool In Love.

35 years later, is Xanadu still a place where nobody dares to go?

Did we forget to honor Xanadu on its 35th anniversary earlier this month. Maaaybe. Released on Aug. 8, 1980, the big-screen fantasy-on-rollerskates is infamous for basically killing Hollywood's love affair with musicals. It's been said that, along with the Village People sorta-bio-pic Can't Stop The Music, Xanadu basically …

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