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In the '80s, blue jeans could still talk

It's one honor to be on the cover of The Rolling Stone, but to be on the cover of Stuck in the '80s blog? Yes, Dr. Hook was alive and well in the early '80s, but will we admit to it with Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk?

Never Found in the '80s: Return of Live Bonus Week with The Replacements

It's been a while since my Never Found series has been found in the SIT80s' blog. A recap of the concept may be in order. Never Found in the 80s features musical acts which never found their way onto the American Top 40 Pop charts during our favorite decade. That's pretty much it.

This Sandal song came within a heartbeat of the top 40

The '80s Cruise has begun and just because the rest of us were left behind, let's not be broken-hearted as we'll bide the time with a full week's Lost and Found videos in between Steve's reports from the ship. I know we are not broken-hearted because if you listen to Scandal today, you can hear the Beat Of A Heart.

30 years later, is ‘Pretty in Pink’ one of John Hughes’ best movies or one of his worst?

Thirty years after its release, Pretty in Pink is revered by the ‘80s generation, and why not? Like most John Hughes movies, it has a heart bigger than its chest. It has actors in roles that would define their careers for decades to come. And it had a soundtrack that most of us have memorized word for word, note for note.

The story of Shalamar and 'Dead Giveaway'

The story of Shalamar is an interesting story in the annals of '80s music history. What are some of the tidbits about Shalamar to be revealed? You'll have to ready the post as we just can't have a Dead Giveaway?

Watch Stephen Colbert sing 'Blister in the Sun' with the Violent Femmes

We all know the words to Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes, right? The 1983 tune is burned on our brains - and the brain of late night talk show host Stephen Colbert, who sang it with the band Tuesday night."I think I've played [it] a thousand times, and I can't wait to hear a thousand and one,” …

Here’s who’s starring in film version of ‘Ready Player One’

If you’re an ‘80s fan, you should have read Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel Ready Player One at least a few times by now. The book's movie rights were snatched up by Hollywood a year before it was even published and Steven Spielberg quickly signed up to direct. The only question remaining was who would play the main …

Back in the '80s, 'Don't Stop The Music' was our generation's mantra

What makes a friendship to into romance? Sometimes it's music and so the story goes for Yarbrough & Peoples who would never say Don't Stop The Music.

You better think (THINK!) about this forgotten Aretha Franklin hit

Just because you are sired The Queen of Soul that doesn't mean that you can't rock. In the '80s, Aretha Franklin not only rocked a little, but Rock-A-Lott.

The other 'Juice' in the '80s gave us this Top 10 hit

Webster's dictionary cites 1986 as the year when it first recognized the slang word "diss" in the lexicon. Was it a coincidence that the same year the ultimate diss song of the '80s- The Rain - was released?

Phil Collins, ex-wife decide they have groovy kind of love, will remarry

So much for separate lives. Eighties pop god Phil Collins is planning to remarry his ex-wife, according to the UK’s Guardian. Collins married Orianne Cevey in 1999 and had two sons …

Podcast: 36 years later, the Mirace on Ice remains just that

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, the nickname given to the U.S. Olympic Men's Hockey Team's win over the Soviet Union. Nearly four decades later, when superlatives are over-used by talking heads on 24-hour networks, the term "miracle" still seems totally appropriate for this event.

Here's that other top 10 hit by Phillip Bailey in the '80s

It's been a while since we've committed a full week to R&B videos, so let's start the week off with a question. Who was the top male falsetto voice of the '80s? There are some good candidates like Jimmy Somerville of Bronski Beat and the bizarre Klaus Nomi, but for my money, it's Phillip Bailey. Why? …

What do Prince and They Might Be Giants have in common?

With thousands of songs in their arsenal, how do the two Johns of They Might Be Giants get ideas for their songs? Sometimes it's just as simple as word association like today's pick of Purple Toupee.

'The Last Starfighter' set to return as Hulu series

"Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by Hulu to defend the ‘80s from another bad remake of a beloved classic." Yes, 1984’s The Last Starfighter will get new life as a TV series called Future Man. Hulu has commissioned a Future Man pilot for a 30-minute “comedy” starring …

George Gaynes of Police Academy, Punky Brewser dies at age 98

George Gaynes, best known as the spacey Commandant Eric Lassard in the Police Academy movies, died Monday, according to Variety. He was 98.Gaynes is best known to ‘80s fans for a large body of work on TV and film. In …

What's this Bryan Ferry song really about? We don't kiss and tell

Yesterday we learned about Profumo Affair and the scandal that surrounded it. Today we highlight Bryan Ferry's tribute to that scandal and others with Kiss and Tell.

Watch full-length trailer of Pee-Wee Herman's new movie

The anticipation of the release of Pee-Wee's Big Holiday rivals only that of the new Star Wars movie.... No, not really. But it feels like some days. Including this day, where we finally get a look at the full trailer for …

Worst football movie of the ‘80s turned 30 and thankfully nobody noticed

Last week, we honored a forgotten classic about hockey, which turned 30. This week, we sadly most do the opposite. I hope I’m not alone in proclaiming Wildcats, which was released on Feb. 14, 1986, as the …

Scandals in the '60s left us good pop hits for the '80s

One day after a song about JFK on Lost and Found, let's do a quasi-'60s theme this week with an '80s song about one of the biggest political scandals in the '60s and one of the greatest voices of the '60s with Dusty Springfield and Nothing Has Been Proved.

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