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Introducing The World's First 100% Transparent Ad Agency

They specialize in digital advertising, doctored case studies, and kickbacks.Your free tour starts here—LINK on Digiday.

Celebrating Ads That Push It Real Good

Great ads are in fact just like great sex: you feel it in your gut, or thereabouts. Here are five recent ads that will make you say Ooh Baby Baby (maybe)— LINK on Digiday.

How To Write A Good Six-Second Ad

Six-second ads are gonna be big in 2018—on platforms and on TV. But nobody is doing them well yet. LINK—on Digiday.

The Four Worst Ad Agency Websites

Too many agencies don't know when to shut-up— LINK on Digiday.

Enough With The Bullshit Teary Faux Docu-Ads

It's the worst creative trend in advertising right now. See some of the worst perpetrators here—latest post on Digiday.

How To Tell If You're An Asshole Creative

You're too self-important, you enter scams ads in awards shows, you wear winter hats inside, and you're probably a man. Find out for sure here—latest post on Digiday.

Puzzling Marketing Headlines Interpreted

Marketing/English experts: please help me figure out WTF these recent marketing headlines are trying to communicate— LINK, on Digiday.

Ad Agencies Now Shamelessly Stealing Creative Ideas Left and Right

Jimi Obama—Foxy! Several more recent examples here—latest Digiday post.

Unfortunate Marketing Job Titles of the Near Future

VP of Wokeness, Head of Thought, Marketing Mahatma. What will your overly important title by in 2020? LINK—on Digiday.

How To Write A Great Ad Headline

There have been approximately zero great ad headlines so far in 2017.Time to get service-y, LINK—on Digiday.

The Most Bizarre Trump Ads By Brands

The President has been used to sell a sex exposition in South Africa, a cola in Germany, and tea in India. See all the ads here—latest post on Digiday.

Enter The Nihilist Tagline Writer

Wherever hopelessness and meaninglessness exist, nihilism breeds. And these days, nearly nothing is as hopeless as the State of the Advertising Tagline. More nihilistic taglines here—new post on Digiday.

Storytelling vs. "Storytelling"

Despite what digital marketers tell you, storytelling and selling can commingle and even thrive together. See three classic storytelling ads that sold the shit out of the product—my latest post for Digiday—LINK.

Why do Ad Agencies Suck at Advertising Themselves?

Would you hire a broke stock broker? How about a hacked hacker? Then why would you hire an ad agency that sucked at advertising itself? Latest post on Digiday—LINK, which includes four of the worst ad agency self-promo ads ever produced.

Deep Inside a Bleeding-Edge MarTech Meeting

If you understand what's being said here, you're a genius. Post Link—on Digiday.

Finally, a Good 2017 Tagline.

Read about it here, latest post on Digiday—LINK.

What's New in Condom Advertising?

The latest condom ads, from all over the world-- LINK.

The Death of Creative Departments is Near

Ad agency “Crowdsourcing” and “Collaboration” and “Co-Creation” are leading to mediocre ads, and the end of creative departments is near. Story link on Digiday.

Five New "Punchable" Ads

These aren't just bad ads, these are reprehensible ads that talk to you like they hate you. See the new punchable ads here—my latest post for Digiday.

Cannes Creativity Report: visuals beat words, every time

The best Lion winners this year all had one thing in common: great visual concepts. See them all here—LINK, latest Digiday post.

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