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Maybe Advertising Can Solve All The World's Problems?

Pepsi just defused social unrest. Dove of course has already treated and cured all female insecurities. But there are still too many brands on the sidelines of "purpose" marketing. So I helped several of them out by making (very rough) concepts for them. See them all here—on Digiday.

Use This One Weird Trick to Become a Better Copywriter.

Wanna be able to write headlines as good as these? Good luck! See more of the great Fallon McElligott ads of the 1980s—90s here— LINK to my latest post on Digiday.

Deciphering Meaningless Marketing Headlines

I tried—and failed—to find meaning in 9 recent marketing headlines. Take a look here—my latest post for Digiday.

Why "Fearless Girl" is one of the best ad stunts in the last 10 years.

It's simple and it has "creative tension".Read more on good vs. bad ad stunts here—copyranter on Digiday.

Does Facebook Advertising Even Work A Lick?

Shares and Likes ? sales spikes.Read why here—on Digiday.

Fashion Advertising Is Out Of Ideas.

No fresh concepts. Zero originality.Read why here—my latest post for Digiday.

We Are The New Diversified Ad Agency Of The Future!

We are Manifold Motley + Miscellaneous (our logo, above), and we foster unthinkable diversity! We have Blacks, women, Muslims, homeless refugees, centenarians, a stove-pipe sponge, and both serial and spree killers on staff! Read more about us on Digiday—LINK (this is "satire").


Why? Because brands/agencies are too lazy and scared to come up with an actual new campaign concept. Read more here in today's Digiday post—LINK.

The Lost Art of the Meaningless Tagline

Copywriters, these days, can't even write a decent meaningless tagline. Above are just two recent bad examples. Just Do It and Think Different were meaningless taglines, but they conquered the world for Nike and Apple. Read more in my latest post for Digiday—LINK.

2017: The Year of the "Creative".

Everybody's making ads now, so everybody's a "creative".This is not a good development, unsurprisingly.Read more about this trend here, my latest post for Digiday—LINK.

The Absolute Worst 10 Ads of 2016.

Including not one but two unoriginal, stupid "pregnant" man campaigns. Plus a dehumanizing, Dystopian subway station takeover by Facebook. The worst of the worst will not be a surprise to you. LINK—on Digiday.

The 6 Best Ads You Didn't See This Year.

There were ZERO (0) greats ads this year. I'm not kidding. But, here are 6 decent ones you might have missed, including the above graphically appealing campaign by Leo Burnett Dubai for McDonald's coffee. See the rest here—LINK.

Brands that use hashtags as taglines are fucking idiots.

"Search for better", Subway? I can find a better sandwich in any deli/prison.Read about more stupid brand hashtag taglines on Digiday—LINK.

So You Wanna Be A Change Agent...

Above: you can tell he's a "change agent" because he anthropomorphized "Crocodiles" If you're a change agent, wanna be a change agent, wanna know what the fuck a change agent is, or think all marketing people should just shut the Hell up, you'll find this to be a snackable piece of engaging content—LINK on Digiday.


Seven recent examples, including this pathetic, pandering Häagen-Dazs NYC subway poster that reads like it was written by a 5th grader from Indiana. See all the shitty writing here—LINK on Digiday.

This Season's 5 Worst Christmas Commercials

They're all bad, but the Lexus spots are the absolute worst. My latest post for Digiday—LINK.

I've Finally Found My Stock Photo Dæmon.

He's on Shutterstock, labeled: "Senior Man Using Laptop Computer At Rest In Park Outdoors". He is the perfect physical manifestation of my Inner Self. More about him (he's Russian) and more photos via my new post on Digiday—LINK.

What's the Difference Between a Smart Senseless Ad and a Stupid senseless Ad?

It's very subtle, but there is a difference.Read about it in this post I wrote for Digiday— LINK.

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