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Angry Aging Area Ad Man (me) Baffled By Bullshit Buzzwords.

Dickweeds are trying to make Advertising more complicated than it is.Curated Brand Experience? Ephemeral Content? Big Data? All bullshit. LINK on Digiday.

UPDATE: Sex No Longers Sells.

18-34 year-olds ain't buying what their selling. Story Link.

WTF is a Creative Director?

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times over the years by civilians: Just what is it that a creative director does? Sorry, but there is no quick, pat answer, especially nowadays, young millennial. Instead, I will circle the question, like a vulture, hopefully while avoiding shitting on my own legs, unlike a vulture. Read the rest on Digiday.

Dove's "Real" Beauty Campaign is 100% Bullshit.

And finally, prominent women in media all calling them out. LINK.

How To Get Ahead As A Young Ad Creative.

copyranter—not afraid to be servicey.It's not pretty out there now for you Millennial CWs and ADs.But you can find work, if you follow my proprietary advice. LINK.

Evil, creepy Drone Advertising is here. And you can't stop it.

In Brazil. In Italy. In Japan. In Russia.Drone-vertising is scaring the shit out of people.And soon, it will be everywhere, all the time. Read more on Digiday.

Brands: Stop Hiring Journalists to Write Native Ads.

(If you were Hunter Thompson, then yes, I would let you write a native ad for my brand. But you're not. He's dead.)Now, well-educated, delusional, underpaid journalists think that they can do advertising better than ad copywriters. This is poppycock. Read why here.

Why did it take Facebook 11 f#©king years to advertise "friendship"?

We all remember the Most Depressing Tech Commercial in History, the 2012 Facebook "Chairs" ad that opened with a scene that looked it was from an episode of True Detective. Zuckerberg followed up that video with even more Dystopian ads.Well now, finally, Facebook has done something that makes sense. Read why, and see the new ads here.

The "Big Idea" ain't dead yet. Here's proof.

"No Bollocks" is a great Big Idea. If I were a CMO? I’d run my brand downtown to the Wall Street office of Droga5 and scream, Fry-like, “Shut up and take my money,” give Dave Droga a blank check, and then go to the lobby and sleep on...Show More Summary

Digital is Destroying All Creativity.

Note: this is an ironic visual. In News. In Fashion. And especially, in Advertising. LINK, on Digiday.

How to Create Creative Content in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps.

( a metaphor for your current shitty content) Here it is: I finally reveal the secrets that every good traditional ad creative knows about the mysterious "concepting" process. For goddamn free. ( LINK, on Digiday).

Can a Brand be Your Friend? FUCK No.

Gawker's Nick Denton thinks "a brand can be your friend".I successfully refute his bullshit on Digiday. LINK.

Native Advertising is Killing Ad Creativity.

I wrote this for Digiday ( LINK ).Please share it.Thank you.

copyranter, Inc. is open for business!

(me, creating your great ideas) I've registered the trademark copyranter™. So I'm now official as fuck.You want great ad concepts? I'll give you them. Any medium. Any product, from toothpaste to SheMale escort services. Three campaigns...Show More Summary

10 Awkward Stock Photos Of Businesspeople Holding Oversized Puzzle Pieces (With Undercurrents Of Sexual Tension).

Of all the depressing, cliched business theme stock photo sets, the "final piece of the puzzle" ones are the saddest. They make you want to give up your middle manager dreams and start a life of crime.Again—for a reason that escape me—I searched through thousands of photos to bring you this curated collection. Show More Summary

"EAT LESS FOR PUTIN" Propaganda Posters.

The AP reported this morning that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking at Davos, said that the Russian people will "eat less" for their dear leader as the country struggles through a recession and Western sanctions.Russia's...Show More Summary

12 Advertising Headlines That Mean Absolutely Fucking Nothing.

(via some mall in Atlanta) Shakespeare once described advertising (or maybe it was Life) as " full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Today, of course, most advertising means little or nothing. But some of it means more nothing than the rest. Show More Summary

What the HELL is going on in this new Shell ad?

(click image to enlarge) The ad, created by JWT London, was released late last month. It features the Forth Bridge, the iconic cantilever railroad bridge in Scotland. It also features a big menacing attack-balloon full of CO2.The url...Show More Summary

Which of these Apple Christmas Ad Post Headlines is the Most Hyperbolic?

Released last week, Apple's " The Song " (by TBWA) sent bloggers desperately searching deep into their souls (or asses) to pull out the most disingenuous, clickbaitiest heds. The only review I've read that came close to getting it right was by Hannah Jane Parkinson's for The Guardian. Show More Summary

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