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top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 10 sleaziest ads of 2012.• 12 best of the worst stock photos of 2012.• When you pick the wrong font...• The best marketing stunt of 2012.• Merry Christmas, from your lawyer...

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• The 7 absolute worst ads of 2012.• Six commercials that really pissed people off this year.• The 8 most insane ads of 2012.• 14 pathetically bad corporate Facebook updates (above is one).• End of the world sex ads via Durex.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• The 12 best print ads of 2012.• Finally, Date Rape ads put the onus on the rapist.• This may be the best Tech ad of the year.• The raunchiest...toothpaste commercial ever.• 8 controversial... cookie ads.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week

• 10 vintage phallic ads.• Best mayoral slogan ever. • The world's worst World AIDS Day ads (NSFW). • Men's magazine's "demeaning" facebook image banned.• "Sneezing Sucks"—award-winning print ads for allergy relief medicine.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 12 best safe for work porn ads.• The best underwear commercial ever. Period.• Eight highly questionable promotions.• Best Buy's villainous Black Friday ad stunt. • 10 horrible stock photos that have never been purchased.

Top 5 BuzzFeed Posts of the week.

• 18 amazingly stupid things clients say.• PETA's classy new print ad (NSFW).• 1995 Guinness commercial was way ahead of its time.• This month's cover of South African Playboy is, uh, graphic (NSFW-ish) • Watch this nine year-old girl dominate a boys football league.

The top 6 BuzzFeed Posts from the last 2 weeks.

• The most blasphemous ad of the week.• Unfortunate Abe Lincoln subway poster placements ( one, two ).• The most accurate synopsis ever for The Wizard of Oz.• New York City's "Vote with your Gum" election results.• The seven best zoo ads from the last five years.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 13 of the worst "unnecessary" quotation marks ever.• Seven of the worst celebrity ads of the last seven years.• "Menacing Josh Romney."• Did Matt Groening steal Homer Simpson from this 1949 cartoon ?• The most literary "wash your hands" bathroom sign ever.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 18 hilarious London Tube prank signs (above).• 13 brilliant science museum billboards.• A rejection letter from the Church of Satan.• Death metal singer sings to his cat (adorable).• The 8 most useless pieces of exercise equipment...

top 5 BuzzFeed posts from last week

• Best British billboards of the last 40 years.• Incorrect Venn diagram ads piss off everybody.• These print ads are very uncomfortable to look at.• The five funniest language school commercials ever.• Ad stunt of the year: human flesh butcher shop in London.

Top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• Funny sandwich ads. • This tattoo is very graphic. • 18 year-old Victoria Beckham (20 photos ).• Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan get mocked on billboards.• The fiercest pair of high heels ever.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts from last week.

• Old man finds Halloween costume of himself.• One of the top commercials of the last 50 years.• Sofia Vergara's 1st commercial, 22 years ago (she was 17).• New Vogue photoshoot mocks homeless bag ladies.• Steamy, homoerotic World War II towel ads.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• The 5 worst 9/11 exploitation ads.• The best public transportation commercial ever.• Creationists go apoplectic over Dr. Pepper ad.• Luxury hotel ad features woman peeing on rug.• And, before/after corset photos from the 1940s.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• The best beer commercial of the year.• Chuck Norris's doomsday election video.• The worst cosplay at DragonCon.• American Hollister models mock Asians.• And, bold, new breast cancer awareness ad.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• Best political slogan ever (1903).• Lingerie ads will have you doing a double-take.• This month in Whore magazine.• Brilliant parody ad for a drug called "Legitimate Rape."• And, if you haven't seen it, Old Spice released the best interactive ad ever.

Top 5 BuzzFeed Posts of the Week.

• 12 of the worst/best puns ever. • Brilliant beer can design.• Ladies, it's the most demanding personal ad ever.• New loathsome Starbucks promo in Moscow.• And, hot topless model in new Japanese Toyota commercial.

Top five BuzzFeed posts from last week.

• The six best billboards of the last six years.• The six worst facelifts you've ever seen.• The best print ad for Nutella, ever.• Teddy the cat takes 19 seconds to prove he is an asshole.• These cleaning women have a...catchy sloga...

Top 5 BuzzFeed Posts of the Week.

• New sleazy True Blood ads.• Disgusting NYC payphone of the week. • Guess who is on the $50 bill in Total Recall? • New Hooters commercial is funny, says nobody.• Something you do not want to see written on an airplane wing.

Top 5 BuzzFeed Posts of the Week.

• The creepiest ice cream commercials ever produced.• The 13 best stock photos of women on the toilet.• The Hostess Twinkle commercials win the Olympics Gold Metal.• Brilliant local TV commercial of the week.• And, if this guy is in line to see Total Recall, he's a genius.

Top 5 BuzzFeed posts from last week.

• Nine glamorous Kotex ads from the 1950s.• The importance of kerning, via a Walmart can.• The grossest ad you will ever see (you've been warned).• The sleaziest bottled water ads you will ever see.• A sign that maybe it's time to m...

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