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"Sharknado" balsa wood glider is the coolest promo item ever.

(click to enlarge) I want one. It's that simple. I'm writing the ad agency. The agency press note: "To get radio DJs and TV reviewers talking, writing and tweeting about the New Zealand TV debut (on Prime TV) of Sharknado... DraftFCB Auckland delivered them giant balsawood kitset shark 'gliders'. Proving that fear really can take to the air." Previously in: Cool Promo Items.

New campaign for UN Women is a perfect example of why simple ideas are always the most powerful.

Click ads for enlarged view. Images via. The campaign is by Christopher Hunt, creative at Ogilvy & Mather Dubai. He says this about the ads:“This campaign uses the world's most popular search engine (Google) to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem. Show More Summary

Banksy's tribute to 9/11.

As part of his one month NYC street art project "Better Out Than In," Banksy created this Twin Towers scene a couple of blocks from the World Trade Center site. The flower is a dahlia, which "symbolize the eternal bond between two people” — according to The Dusty Rebel, who was the first to find the piece today. Click images to enlarge.

BAM! Breast Cancer, Cured.

Are you aware that it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month?!? My Mom might be, since she had breast cancer last year (now in remission). My Dad may be aware of it, since he's my Mom's husband, and since he has incurable multiple myeloma,Show More Summary exploits government shutdown with brilliant fake jobs ad

Finally, an advertiser parks one vis-à-vis the government shutdown. Monster posted this ad today on their website. As you can see the positions are "SENIOR LEADERS, U.S. GOVERNMENT." The advertiser is: "The people of the United States...Show More Summary

Dr. Neil Clark Warren needs to get the hell out of eHarmony's ads.

Jesus, I guess the spots are working? But if ever there was a CEO who needed to stay the hell out of his company's ads, it's This fervently anti-gay marriage freakazoid.Here's what he has to say about his parents' marriage, which lasted...Show More Summary

Top 5 BuzzFeed Post of the Month.

• The most epic shit-related ad ever. • 20 uniquely smart business card designs.• Latest Guinness commercial gave me the chills.• Brilliant award-winning Romanian tourism campaign (above, 10 ads total).• One of the biggest con jobs in advertising history (vintage Lysol douche ads).

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 10 fake ads some people think are real (above).• the most brutal domestic violence awareness ads (trigger warning).• the 15 funniest cat GIFs of the Summer.• Newcastle's " No Bollocks " campaign is the best beer advertising right now.• and, the 20 funniest banned commercials.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week (last 2 weeks).

• How to kiss a girl (sly 1911 ad).• Meth ads — nothing but Meth ads (20 ads).• Hate children? Then watch this glorious commercial.• 11 brilliant ads that don't need any copy (example above).• Even in 2013, Axe ads continue to objectify women.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week (well, last 2 weeks)

• Accurate corporate logos. • The six most popular Creative Director outfits.•New Wendy's logo has a dark subliminal message.• 10 more retro ads that made women look like idiots.• Teen girl dating advice from the 1950s (very strange Kotex ads, one of them, above).

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• Sex used to sell the most unsexy products (17 ads).• Your gym is punk-ass compared to this Ukrainian one.• 10 more vintage ads that made women look like idiots. • 10 of the best ever unconventional ads (one above).• and, the violent exploitation of women in fashion advertising continues.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• On the subway (10 photos). • Fabio picking up men at Whole Foods (5 photos).• "Million Moms" knickers knotted over Kraft naked hunk ad.• 10 scary vintage Dutch work safety posters.• And, the most offensive fashion ad of the year, via Beirut.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• What the human face will look like 100,000 years.• These prostitute posters (above) aren't what they seem.• Which of these 8 commercials will win the Grand Prix at Cannes?• 10 best local business ads of the month.• Best sex PSA ever — Ricky is caught masturbating.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the last week.

• The 10 smartest ads of May.• Cute interracial couple Cheerios spot provokes major shitstorm.• If companies had realistic taglines (above).• 6 best photos found on reddit in the last week. • Feel good post: children's cancer center rebrands chemo as " SuperFormula "

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• 10 ads that pissed off everybody.• 10 funny spelling and grammar mistakes (above).• Scary/awkward product packaging (12 photos).• More Great and Terrible local business ads ( one, two ).

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• Now this is a tattoo. • Six most awkward stock photos of the week (above).• More of the best/worst local business ads/taglines ( link, link ).• High-tech child abuse poster is revolutionary, but it is effective?

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• Chernobyl, 27 years later (above, 20 photos).• 22 longer sex condom ads from around the world.• 10 funniest cat GIFs of the week.• A stripper's one day take in tips ( photo ).• And, the first ever Saudi Arabian female abuse awareness ad.

Top 5 BuzzFeed Posts of the Week.

• The best Gun Control commercial ever produced?• One of the best newspaper headlines ever written.• Three impressive pieces of feces (above, a bizarre laxative campaign).• Alarming anorexia ads put blame on fashion designers.• And, 10 more amazingly stupid things client say.

top 5 BuzzFeed posts of the week.

• The very best ads from the Mad Men era (12 ads, one above).• Most deceptive ads in advertising history (inflatable doll ads of 1971).• The most powerful child abuse ads ever produced.• Barbie — without make-up. • And, 20 funny cat GIFs.

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