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4 Ways to Reduce Your Cell Bill

The average cell phone bill is $139 a month, and according to a study completed by Validas in 2011, 80% of cell phone users are overpaying by $200 a year. My cell phone bill is $90 a month for four phones. Now I will admit that we don’t...Show More Summary

Your Children Will Grow and So Will Your Income

Is your budget tight?  Have you slashed, and slashed, and slashed expenses but still find that there is no money left at the end of the month?    Do you find that your kids are eating more and more while grocery prices are increasing? ...Show More Summary

The Habits of People With No Debt

When you’re battling debt and credit issues, you might take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one to experience this situation. For that matter, you might speak with friends who have endured something similar to get their advice and encouragement. Show More Summary

Seek Calm Financial Waters with Loans

The following post is sponsored by: Realistic Loans Over the last decade there has been a fair amount of financial turmoil. It should be everyone’s aim to reach a position of financial stability. There have been times in the last ten years when that was extremely difficult. Show More Summary

Are Extracurricular Activities Necessary for Young Children?

Little Amber is performing in her first dance recital.  She’s only three years old.  She feels pretty in her sparkly costume, and she likes the way her mom has done her hair.  But, she can’t remember many of the dance moves.  She and...Show More Summary

How to Manage the High Cost of Back-to-School Expenses

Do you remember the back-to-school excitement?  Your parents likely took you out shopping for new clothes and new folders, pens, pencils and other supplies.  While you couldn’t wait to get out of school in June, you were equally excited (at least temporarily) to go back in August or September. Show More Summary

Pay Off Your Debt for Good

“There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” There is an ongoing debate on the internet about whether or not that quote was first said by John Adams. Regardless, the quote is very powerful with its meaning. Show More Summary

Our Cross Country Move: One Year Later

Almost one year ago, our family made the move from Chicago to Tucson, Arizona.  Honestly, I wasn’t that excited to be moving so far away from my family in the Midwest, but we thought the move would only be for two or three years.  The...Show More Summary

Are You Ready for a BIG Emergency?

Are you ready for a big emergency?  Do you have the required 6 to 12 months’ emergency fund? I can hear your groan now.  Who has enough extra money to put aside 6 to 12 months in the bank?  If you have expenses of $3,000 a month, anShow More Summary

Earn Rewards with Swagbucks

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Swagbucks.  A little over a year to be exact.  And almost 3 years before that.  I’ve been using Swagbucks for a long time, I guess.  What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a rewards program.  You earn rewards called Swagbucks for doing a variety of activities. Show More Summary

Do Your Kids Do Chores?

I recently saw an article on Yahoo! that said only 28% of today’s kids do chores versus 82% of kids from our generation. I don’t know about you, but I had chores when I was growing up.  I took care of our pets, washed the dishes, and...Show More Summary

May 2015 Beating Broke Newsletter

Are you subscribed to the Beating Broke Newsletter?  If not, you just missed the May 2015 edition of it.  You can read it online though!  Check out the May 2015 edition of the Beating Broke Newsletter. If you aren’t subscribed, consider doing so here. Show More Summary

5 Fun Ways to Educate Your Child about Money This Summer

Ah, summer.  Your kids get to take a break from the school grind, and as a parent, you get to take a break from the homework grind.  While your child will likely have fun hanging out with friends, playing sports, going to the movies,...Show More Summary

Can You Build Wealth in College?

Generally speaking, college is not a place where you’d imagine building wealth. Typically, students who graduate college often owe thousands of dollars of student debt to their lenders. With all the expenses related to college, the frugal...Show More Summary

Is Not Keeping Up with the Joneses Boring?

We’ve been on a journey to pay off our debt for 3.5 years now.  At first, we were gazelle intense, but then I burned out from working too hard, so we slowed down on the debt repayment. Last year, we moved to Arizona from Illinois, so...Show More Summary

Giveaways: Budget Stretcher or Waste of Time?

Giveaways are nothing new.  Just read a handful of blogs and you’ll likely find plenty of giveaways.  But are they worth the time and effort?  Can you ever win something good? I’ll be honest, my husband and I are digging out of a hole...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Save When Online Shopping

Online shopping is a multibillion dollar industry and it continues to grow for a couple of reasons. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s extremely convenient to shop at home in your PJ’s and avoid all the crowds, another major benefit to shopping on the web is that it can save you money. Show More Summary

2 Best Places to Start Fixing Your Finances

When I first started trying to get my finances under control, I had no idea where to start. I tried to follow a patchwork of ideas like pay yourself first and only spend X percent of your income on rent, but at the end of the month there would always be more month than money. Show More Summary

Would You Consider Moving to Improve Your Standard of Living?

Last July, our family moved from the near suburbs of Chicago to the suburbs of Tucson, Arizona.  We knew that there would be some significant changes to get used to, like the change in weather, but honestly, we weren’t sure how our lives would change. Show More Summary

3 Easy Ways to Get a Home Cooked Meal on the Table: Save Time and Money

Do you cook at home?  If so, how many times a week? Chances are, your answer will vary depending on whether or not you work outside the home, your age, and your income. Sure, cooking at home can save you plenty of money, but not a lot...Show More Summary

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