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Will Everyone Please Cool it on the Protectionism?!

As negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continue, many proposals seem to run counter to the goal of modernizing the deal, and some industry groups are taking the opportunity to advance their protectionist agenda. Show More Summary

LAPD Drones Threaten Privacy

Today, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) civilian police commission voted to approve proposed guidelines for a one-year unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) pilot program. According to the LAPD’s guidelines, UAVs will not be equipped with lethal or nonlethal weapons and will only be deployed in a narrow set of circumstances. Show More Summary

International Relations at China's 19th Party Congress

Later this week the Communist Party of China (CPC) will hold the 19 th Party Congress, a major political event that happens just once every five years. Domestic issues will take center stage at the Party Congress, and China watchersShow More Summary

Pruitt: No More Regulation By Settlement at the EPA

Welcome news from the Environmental Protection Agency: Administrator Scott Pruitt is curbing often-collusive deals (“sue and settle”) by which the agency, sued by outside groups, agrees to adopt new policies or enact new regulations....Show More Summary

Monetary Freedom: Lessons from the Western Han Dynasty

During the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – A.D. 9), the question of monetary freedom was vigorously debated. There were as yet no banks or paper money in China — money consisted solely of coin.  Private mints competed with government mints, either in the shadow market or legally. Show More Summary

Tax Reform: Ending Forced Retirement Withdrawals

As Republicans flesh out details of their tax plan, one target for reform should be the “required minimum distribution” (RMD) rules for retirement accounts. The rules generally require that people begin withdrawing from their 401(k)s,...Show More Summary

When a Lawyer Creates His Own "Evidence," It Shouldn't Help Him Win Millions

Should judges consider evidence that’s inadmissible at trial when deciding whether to certify a class for class-action litigation? Particularly given the serious consequences of certification—most defendants settle class actions to avoid...Show More Summary

Corporate Tax Cuts and Tax Revenues

The Republican tax reform framework envisions cutting the federal corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent. There may be pressure in coming weeks to scale-back some of the framework’s pro-growth provisions in order to hit revenue targets,...Show More Summary

Financial Regulatory Reform is In the Air

A decade after the start of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, and seven years after the passage of Dodd-Frank, it seems both the legislative and executive branches may be making small steps toward financial regulatory reform. Earlier this month, the Treasury Department released the second in a series of reports on the U.S. Show More Summary

Florida's Regulatory Takings Are for the Birds

As any child of five can tell you, taking a toy away in exchange for the promise of some future benefit does not change the fact that the toy was taken in the first place. This is also true of real property: A token gift of potential unknown value in no way changes the character of the initial taking. Show More Summary

Veterans Health Failure

This study explored why there is so much failure and mismanagement in the federal government. Federal agencies lack incentives for efficiency and quality, and the environment in some workplaces seems to breed unethical behavior. TheShow More Summary

Trump Executive Order Could Save Millions from ObamaCare

President Trump today signed an executive order that urges executive-branch agencies to take steps that could free millions of consumers from ObamaCare’s hidden taxes, bring transparency to that law, and give hundreds of millions ofShow More Summary

Licensing the Press: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come Again?

Yesterday, the President tweeted: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” He then followed up with this: “Network news has become so partisan, distorted and fake that licenses must be challenged and, if appropriate, revoked. Show More Summary

Impeachment for "Impulsive, Ignorant Incompetence"?

In Sunday’s episode of “Reality-Show Presidency,” we found out what happens when the president and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “stop being polite… and start getting real.” After President Trump blasted him in a series of tweets early Sunday, Sen. Show More Summary

The Hydra-Headed Drug Business

With television cameras rolling and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on hand in San Diego, the Coast Guard announced late last month that it had set a new record for cocaine seizures at sea—more than 455,000 pounds through September 11, topping last year’s record.   At last we’ve turned the corner in the war on drugs. Show More Summary

Some Promising Anti-SLAPP Legislation

Ohio Sen. Matt Huffman (R) has introduced anti-SLAPP legislation, titled the Ohio Citizen Participation Act, which includes novel protections of anonymous internet speech. If approved by the legislature, it will stand as a new gold standard...Show More Summary

Tax Reform Goals

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans are refining their tax reform plan and ramping up their marketing efforts. It is a good plan so far, but comments by some GOP leaders suggest that reforms may veer off-course asShow More Summary

Travel Ban Is Based on Executive Whim, Not Objective Criteria

President Trump’s travel ban proclamation states that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed a global baseline for visa vetting that all governments must meet before their nationals can travel to the United States. The proclamation...Show More Summary

Seven of the Many Problems with Trump’s Immigration Principles

The White House released a list of immigration priorities for Congress yesterday. These ideas would render a broken immigration system even more dysfunctional, and the president’s team justifies these expensive and unnecessary proposals with distortions and falsehoods. Show More Summary

There is No Public Safety Justification for the "Travel Ban"

The Trump administration’s newest argument in favor of the travel ban is that foreigners from the eight banned countries are disproportionately crime prone. Indeed, the administration’s new travel ban proclamation references “criminal” risks or “public safety threats” from foreigners from those eight banned countries a total 34 times. Show More Summary

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