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Was Westermarck a Darwinian Conservative?

Antti Lepisto of the University of Helsinki, Finland, has written a paper--"Darwinian Conservatives and Westermarck's Ethics: A Political Dimension of the Late Twentieth-Century Westermarckian Renaissance"--that has just been published as a book chapter in Evolution, Human Behavior, and Moraltiy: The Legacy of Westermarck, pp. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Now Admits that the Alt-Right is Wrong about Immigration

Recent polling suggests that the great majority of Americans have decided that Donald Trump was wrong in his earlier Alt-Right opposition to immigration. The great majority of Americans believe that immigrants are filling jobs that Americans don't won't to fill. Show More Summary

Darwinian Liberalism Versus Trump's Alt-Right White Supremacism

With Donald Trump's appointment of Stephen Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart Media, to lead his campaign, Trump has openly embraced the white-supremacist racism of the Alternative Right ("Alt-Right"). Bannon has boasted that Breitbart News is "the platform of the alt-right." The term Alternative Right is the name of a blog website. Show More Summary

The Intellectual Virtues of the Philosophic Life in Smith's Commercial Society: Strauss, Cropsey, and McCloskey

Although Joseph Cropsey and Deirdre McCloskey contradict one another in their interpretations of Adam Smith, they apparently agree that there is no place for the intellectual virtues of philosophy in Smith's commercial society. Cropsey...Show More Summary

Does Donald Trump Have Any Bourgeois Virtues?

Donald Trump is a reminder that the most dangerous enemies of capitalism are capitalists like himself.I am surprised, therefore, that Deirdre McCloskey defends Trump. On at least two occasions, she raises the question of whether Donald...Show More Summary

Bourgeois Virtues?

Deirdre McCloskey tells the story of preparing for a lecture at Princeton University. An office secretary at Princeton called her to get the title for the lecture. McCloskey said: "The Bourgeois Virtues." After a long pause on the telephone, the secretary laughed. Show More Summary

Deirdre McCloskey and the Evolutionary Science of Liberalism

The most momentous event in the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens over the past 200,000 years was the emergence of the Bourgeois Era through the Industrial Revolution (beginning around 1800) followed by the Great Enrichment (beginning around 1860). Show More Summary

Donald Trump, ISIS, and Islamic Libertarianism

Donald Trump has said that Barack Obama is the "founder" of ISIS, and Hillary Clinton is the "co-founder." Yesterday, here's what Trump said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt:HEWITT: Last night, you said the president was the founder of ISIS. Show More Summary

Adam Smith's Commentary on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Khizr Khan

If Adam Smith had been a commentator for Laissez Faire News at the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions, what would he have said about the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?That was the question in my mind as I watched large parts of the two conventions on C-Span. Show More Summary

Lucretius in the Evolution/Creation Debate

From ancient Greece and Rome to the present, one of the fundamental debates in human history has been over a deep question: Is our universe mindful and purposive or mindless and material? Do we live in a cosmos that was intentionally...Show More Summary

Does Moralistic Religion Promote Human Sacrifice and Other Moralistic Violence?

At the beginning of On the Nature of Things, Lucretius promises that his teaching of Epicurean atomism, according to which the world is governed by natural laws and not by the gods, will liberate human beings from the suffering caused by religion. Show More Summary

Cosmic Teleology in Big History?--Owen Gingerich's Response

In an email message, Owen Gingerich has replied to my previous blog post on cosmic teleology in big history. He has permitted me to post it here: "Thank you for sending your thoughtful blog post, including a cogent critique, not of what is in my books, but rather, what is not in them. Show More Summary

Cosmic Teleology in Big History?

Here are two models of the universe. The first is Dante's Christian model, which was generally accepted in Christendom until the 18th century. Dante's model has the Earth at the center. Circling around the Earth are the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Show More Summary

Is Gary Johnson Manly Enough to Make a Libertarian Argument?

I have expressed some hope that Gary Johnson could be remarkably successful as the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, particularly given the unpopularity of Clinton and Trump with many voters. But I have also expressedShow More Summary

The Republican Convention Delegates Can Dump Trump

Contrary to what has been asserted generally in the news media, the majority of the delegates to the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland are not bound by either state laws or party rules to vote for Donald Trump. In fact, at every...Show More Summary

The Brexit Vote: Ethnic Nationalism versus Commercial Cosmopolitanism in Big History

Arriving at one of his golf courses in Scotland, Donald Trump praised the British vote to leave the European Union: "They took their country back, just like we will take American back."Back to where? Protectionist trade barriers? Xenophobic...Show More Summary

Hitler Learns the Journal of American Greatness Has Shut Down

Now we can see what happened when Hitler learned that the Journal of American Greatness had shut down.A more serious lament about the loss of JAG is found in Hedley Wight's post at VDARE, who thinks JAG was "trying to articulate a new...Show More Summary

Islamic Libertarianism Can Defeat Islamic Terrorism

The Orlando massacre has renewed the debate over the possible connections between Islam and terrorism. In that debate, two crucial points are receiving little or no attention. The first point is that the panic over terrorism is foolish and dangerous. Show More Summary

Was the "Journal of American Greatness" an "Inside Joke"?

As I noted in my previous post, the "Journal of American Greatness" was started in February as a website where Straussians connected with the West-Coast Straussianism of Claremont McKenna College and Hillsdale College could defend "Trumpism." But as of today, the entire website has been erased. Show More Summary

Straussians for Trump: The Degradation of Leo Strauss's Legacy

Some of those who claim to be in the tradition of Leo Strauss--the Western Straussians connected to; Harry Jaffa and Claremont McKenna College--are now supporting Donald Trump. I cannot imagine Leo Strauss supporting someone like Trump...Show More Summary

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