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Is Chimpanzee Politics Machiavelli's Politics?

The Picture on the Book Cover of Machiavellian Intelligence IIIn 1967, Antony Jay published Management and Machiavelli: An Inquiry into the Politics of Corporate Life. He argued that the pursuit of power in a modern corporation was just...Show More Summary

The Biological Roots of Monogamy and Parental Care as Natural Desires

My list of 20 natural desires includes monogamous mating and parental care. If the good is the desirable, then a good life for most human beings will include monogamous marriage and parental care.I have argued that the biological roots...Show More Summary

Slaves Did Not Abolish Slavery

In my chapter on slavery in Darwinian Natural Right, I compared human slavery and ant slavery. The similarities suggest that both for human beings and for ants, slavery is a form of social parasitism in which slavemakers exploit their slaves through coercion and manipulation. Show More Summary

The Genetic Evolution of Adam and Eve

On June 26, 2000, in Washington, D.C., in the East Room of the White House, "the language of God was revealed." That's the way Francis Collins describes his experience that day as he stood next to President Bill Clinton for the public announcement that the Human Genome Project had produced a first draft of the human genome. Show More Summary

"I Do Not Believe in the Bible": Darwin's Correspondence on Biblical Religion

In September of 2015, this one-sentence letter by Charles Darwin was sold in an auction in New York City for $197,000. This brief letter could command such a high price because scholars were unaware of its existence for over a hundred...Show More Summary

Darwin and the Bible

For the first edition of his Origin of Species in 1859, Darwin put two epigrams opposite the title page. The first was from William Whewell's Bridgewater Treatise: "But with regard to the material world, we can at least go so far asShow More Summary

Is Genesis History? The Dishonest Silence of a Young-Earth Creationist Film

Is Genesis History? is a documentary film that promotes young-Earth creationism. It was written, directed, and produced by Thomas Purifoy. Del Tackett takes the central role in the film as he travels around the world to interview over a dozen young-Earth creationist scientists. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (12): Todd Wood's Baraminology

In my previous posts, I have mentioned Todd Wood's young-Earth creationist theory of baraminology--the idea that species have arisen through a limited evolution of species within created kinds (baramins). In 1941, Frank Marsh coinedShow More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (11): Creationist Ecotourism

As far as I know, Lester Harris was the first creationist scientist to lead a tour of the Galapagos in the early 1970s. Later, the Institute for Creation Research, founded by Henry Morris, began leading creationist tours of the Galapagos in 2000. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (10): Finding God in Galapagos

The Charles Darwin Mural on Charles Darwin Avenue in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz IslandOn the last day of our tour, the Cormorant was anchored in Academy Bay, the harbor of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. In the morning, we went to see...Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (9): Darwin's Snails

If I had had the opportunity to hike the highlands of Floreana, I would have looked for land snails, which are said to be abundant there in some spots. There are seventy species of Bulimulus land snails that are endemic to Galapagos....Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (8): Darwin's Mockingbirds

In the afternoon of Day 6, our tour group went snorkeling in Gardner Bay of Espanola. My wife and I, however, stayed on the boat to recover from our overexposure to the heat and the equatorial sun over the previous two days. This was...Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (7): The Natural and Sexual Selection of Marine Iguanas

On the morning of Day 5 (February 1), we were anchored in the harbor of Puerto Banquerizo Moreno, on the island of San Cristobal. We took a bus to the highlands of the island where we toured the Tortoise Breeding Center. Here tortoises are breed until they are old enough that they are not vulnerable to predation by rats. Show More Summary

Natural Law at Cambridge: Kantian Normativity, Catholic Antiliberalism, and Natural Human Law

On March 4th, I participated in a conference at the University of Cambridge. I was in Cambridge for four days, where I had a room in Pembroke College, which was founded in 1347, making it the third oldest of the Cambridge colleges. For me, this is a reminder that some of the oldest human institutions are universities. Show More Summary

The Violent Attack on Charles Murray at Middlebury College

On March 2, Charles Murray was at Middlebury College to speak about his book Coming Apart, which can be seen as an explanation of the plight of the white underclass in America that supported Donald Trump. He was not allowed to speak, however, because of the organized mob violence of the students. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (6): Animal Mating, Marriage, and Parenting

Pitt Point with the Cormorant in the BayPitt Point (Punta Pitt) is the only place in Galapagos where one can see all three species of boobies mating and nesting--Blue-footed, Red-footed, and Nazca Boobies. The Nazca Booby is an endemic species--that is, the species is found only in Galapagos and no where else in the world. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (5): FitzRoy and Darwin

Cerro Brujo (Finger Hill) on San Cristobal Island The "Cathedral" Rock Formation in Cerro Brujo On the morning of Day 4 (January 31), we were on the northwest coast of San Cristobal at Cerro Brujo, a large tuff cone that has eroded to create caves and a tunnel. Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (4): A Baconian Mastery of Nature for a Darwinian Contemplative Life

Hiking on South Plaza Island on Day 3 of our trip, we saw the over 500 cacti planted on this small island by the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS). They are protected by fencing. This was done because feral goals had eaten down most of the cacti on the island. Show More Summary

The Cambridge Conference on Natural Law: Comments on the Papers

I will be participating in a conference on natural law at the University of Cambridge on March 4th, at the Lecture Theatre LG 18, Faculty of Law.The papers for the conference can be found in a Dropbox file.My paper is entitled "The Darwinian...Show More Summary

Thinking About Galapagos (3): The Evolution of Iguanas, Finches, and Humans by Hybridization

Marine Iguana Land Iguana Hybrid Iguana from Breeding of a Male Marine Iguana and Female Land Iguana Video of Marine Iguana Feeding Underwater South Plaza Island, Looking Towards North Plaza Island A Video on the Hybrid IguanaOn DayShow More Summary

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