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Is Big History Science or Myth? Or Both?

In 1978, Edward O. Wilson, in On Human Nature, warned that the naturalistic explanation of human nature as a product of natural evolution rather than divine creation created a spiritual dilemma: as products of a purposeless evolutionary...Show More Summary

Cosmic Evolution: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable

In many of my posts over the years, I have defended an evolutionary classical liberalism, which I see as a tradition of thought that stretches from David Hume and Adam Smith to Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin and to Friedrich Hayek and Matt Ridley. Show More Summary

A Prehistoric Massacre in Africa Suggests that the State of Nature was a State of War

Skeletal Remains of Early Holocene Hunter-Gatherers Killed in a Massacre at the Site of Nataruk, West of Lake Turkana, KenyaOne of the fundamental debates in the history of political philosophy is over whether the state of nature was a state of peace or a state of war. Show More Summary

The Evolutionary Origins of the Word "Liberalism"

The term "liberalism" has had a confusing history. When this English word was first coined in the 1820s in Great Britain, it referred to the political and economic ideas of those who stressed individual liberty in both politics and economics,...Show More Summary

Good Inequality

In recent years, it has become common for many political leaders to say that economic inequality--the growing gap between the few who are very rich and the many who are very poor--is the greatest political problem for the United States and many European countries. Show More Summary

The Rhetoric of Aristotle's Praise of the Philosophic Life as the Only Happy Life

In some previous posts here, here, here, here, here. and here. I have argued that Aristotle's arguments for the supremacy of the contemplative life in book 10 (chapters 7 and 8) of the Nicomachean Ethics are dubious in ways that suggest...Show More Summary

Hayek and the Genetic Evolution of Socialism and Capitalism

Over the years, I have written a series of posts criticizing Friedrich Hayek's Freudian theory of human evolution, in which he argues that human beings have evolved instincts favoring socialism, and that the spontaneous order of free...Show More Summary

Islamic Libertarianism in the Quran

The publication in 1943 of Rose Wilder Lane's The Discovery of Freedom: Man's Struggle Against Authority was one of the first statements of modern American libertarianism. She was a famous journalist, novelist, and world traveler, who...Show More Summary

The Biopolitical Science of Locke's State of Nature

This is a revised--and longer--version of a post from August. It's a fully developed article. As part of the project for developing a biopolitical science, a biological science of human nature and human history can be used to clarify and perhaps even resolve some of the fundamental debates in the history of political philosophy. Show More Summary

Apocalyptic Violence: Handel's Messiah and the Jihadist's Mahdi

This is the flag of the Islamic State. "No god but God" is in white across the top. "Muhammad is the Messenger of God" is in black inside a white circle. Spokesmen for the Islamic State explained its flag's design with a prayer: "We ask God, praised be He, to make this flag the sole flag for all Muslims. Show More Summary

The Foolish Panic over Terrorism

By any objective standard, terrorism is a very minor problem. It is certainly not, as so many political commentators have been telling us, an "existential threat" to civilization. The greatest harmful consequence of terrorism is notShow More Summary

The Evonomics of Classical Liberalism and the Illegal Economy

"Evonomics" is the term adopted by David Sloan Wilson and his colleagues for what they call "the Next Evolution of Economics," which they see as economics founded on evolution and complexity science. Two months ago, they started a website...Show More Summary

The Evolution of Private Governance and the Fictions of Anarchism and Statism

As naturally social and political animals, human beings have evolved to live in social orders that arise as self-regulating spontaneous orders. Every evolved human society has some form of governance. In most of their evolutionary history,...Show More Summary

"Ex Machina": Can Robotic Love Pass the Turing Test?

Ava in Ex MachinaI have recently viewed Alex Garland's film Ex Machina for the first time. On this blog, I have written about Alan Turing's test for thinking machines. In this film, Garland (the director and scriptwriter) has dramatized...Show More Summary

Matt Ridley's Evolutionary Science of Lucretian Libertarianism

Laissez faire et laissez passer, le monde va de lui meme. "Let do and let pass, the world goes on by itself." This was the declaration of the French physiocrats in the 18th century that was adopted by the proponents of free-market economics and classical liberalism. Show More Summary

The Natural Desire for Beauty

Bust of Queen Nefertiti of EgyptNumber 12 on my list of 20 natural desires is beauty. Human beings generally desire beauty in the human body. Everywhere human beings distinguish beauty and ugliness in bodily appearance. They esteem the bodily signs of health and vigor. Show More Summary

Justice Abraham Lincoln's Opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges

A long list of prominent people have signed a "Statement Calling for Constitutional Resistance to Obergefell v. Hodges," which has been supported by the American Principles Project of the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton University.They...Show More Summary

Ben Carson's Creationism: Is Evolutionary Science Promoted by Satan?

As Dr. Ben Carson has risen in the opinion polls for the Republican presidential primaries, there has been increased scrutiny of his Seventh Day Adventist religion, his creationist attack on evolution, and the connection between the two. Show More Summary

Intelligent Design Theory Is a Sophistical Argument from Ignorance and Equivocation

In Chapter 7 of Darwinian Conservatism and in various posts on this blog, I have claimed that the argument for intelligent design theory (as developed by people like Michael Behe, William Dembski, and Stephen Meyer) is a sophisticalShow More Summary

Did Abraham Lincoln's Speech in Charleston Show that He Was a White Supremacist?

Lerone Bennett, Jr., is an African American historian and journalist. who has been a senior editor of Ebony magazine for many years. He attended Morehouse College, where Martin Luther King, Jr., was one of his classmates. He later wrote...Show More Summary

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