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Waste of a Nation

The authors are Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey and the subtitle is Garbage and Growth in India, here is one excerpt from this worthy book: In India, the tool for cleaning teeth and gums had long been a twig usually taken from a neem tree…, which can be plucked each morning, chewed into a teeth-cleaning […] The post Waste of a Nation appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Markets in everything, probably more where this came from edition

Mr. Sarkozy, 63, was taken into custody in Nanterre, northwest of Paris, after answering a police summons, according to a French judicial official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, in line with department policy… The suspicions...Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. Sam Harris interviews Robin Hanson. 2. I still find the Cambridge Analytica story confusing.  This article is useful, but it heightens my confusion too.  Who exactly did what wrong?  And I don’t think I agree with the framing of this...Show More Summary

Sheriff Takes Food from Prisoners, Locks up WhistleBlower

A sheriff in Alabama bought a house using money that was budgeted to feed jail inmates. When I saw this headlined a week ago I assumed that this was a run-of-the-mill story about white collar fraud and I ignored it. Yesterday, prodded by new developments, I investigated further. Show More Summary

Public Choice Outreach Conference!

The 2018 Public Choice Outreach Conference, a crash course in public choice for students planning careers in academia, journalism, law, or public policy will held June 9-10 in Arlington VA. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates are eligible to apply. Show More Summary

Should America retire the penny and the nickel?

I am agnostic on this question, but Jay L. Zagorsky presents the case for no: First of all, the Mint creates coins in response to demand, and demand for small-denomination coins is soaring. Over the past decade, the Mint roughly doubled the number of pennies and nickels it shipped. Show More Summary

The wisdom of Ben (Stratechery) Thompson

It seems far more likely that Facebook will be directly regulated than Google; arguably this is already the case in Europe with the GDPR. What is worth noting, though, is that regulations like the GDPR entrench incumbents: protecting users from Facebook will, in all likelihood, lock in Facebook’s competitive position. Show More Summary

True sentences about SB 827

California state Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 827 — a sweeping approach to solve California’s housing crisis by having the state government preempt local zoning ordinances and allow for greater density near rapid transit stations and high-frequency bus stops — is one of the most important ideas in American politics today. Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. The Freedom Party wants to give Austrians (the people, not the economists) the freedom to smoke (NYT). 2. Facebook will now be more reluctant to share with social scientists. 3. The problem of Germany. 4. The Arnold Kling high school memoir.  More people should write pieces of this kind. Show More Summary

The sons of well-off black families do not do so well

White boys who grow up rich are likely to remain that way. Black boys raised at the top, however, are more likely to become poor than to stay wealthy in their own adult households… Gaps persisted even when black and white boys grew up...Show More Summary

Those old service sector jobs (speculative?)

According to no less an authority than Danny Baker, this story is absolutely true. Harrods in the sixties employed someone to be sacked- surely the best job in the world. Apparently  the employee was paid to sit among the boxes on Harrods top-floor smoking his pipe and reading the Sporting Life. Show More Summary

Solve for the music legal equilibrium

Pop superstar Miley Cyrus now being sued for copyright infringement — with damages potentially hitting $300 million.  That is, for one lyric in her hit single, “We Can’t Stop”.  The song is from her fourth studio album, Bangerz, released in 2013. Show More Summary

The electoral campaign that is Russia

It’s early March, two weeks before Russia’s polling day, but the presidential election season is already in full swing in Chubulga, a reindeer-herding settlement in north-eastern Yakutia. It’s an hour’s flight to the nearest village, which is itself a further two hours from the nearest asphalt road and 5,000km east of Moscow. Show More Summary

Greeting cards aren’t about greeting

Greeting cards and cliché more generally bear witness to the fact that the most banal and the most meaningful regularly coincide, and that something always remains beyond the reach of words. Cliché is a place where life and language resist one another. Show More Summary

The revenge of the pecuniary externalities on cryptocurrencies

The town of Plattsburgh, New York, has become the first in the US to place a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining. It’s not an outright ban, at least not yet — it doesn’t affect miners currently operating in the city, just new ones looking to set up shop, and it’s only in place for 18 months. Show More Summary

Tanzania fact of the day

Since coming to power in the country of 55m on the east coast of Africa in 2015, Mr Magufuli, nicknamed “the bulldozer” from his time as roads minister, has bashed foreign-owned businesses with impossible tax demands, ordered pregnant...Show More Summary

Sunday assorted links

1. How many American Indian art works are actually made in the Philippines? 2. Is Village Global a new model for venture capital? 3. Surrealism and Haitian vodou art. 4. How chaotic are things in the Trump administration? 5. Not surprisingly, dogs prefer it when you talk to them in “dog talk.” 6. Show More Summary

Does fake news spread faster on Twitter?

You may recall last week a spate of stories and tweets claiming that fake news spreads further and faster on Twitter.  For instance, there is Steve Lohr at the NYT, who doesn’t quite get it right: And people, the study’s authors also say, prefer false news. Show More Summary

Saturday assorted links

1. AMA with Patrick Collison. 2. If Finland is the world’s happiest country, why does it seem so…? 3. How Amazon determines if a streaming investment was worth the cost. 4. A literal world map. 5. “So it could be that Virginia-styleShow More Summary

Titus Levi on Black Panther

Titus emails to me: I had an atypical reaction: I left the theatre feeling very, very sad. First, for the reasons enumerated here. Second, because everything good and noble turned out to be incredibly fragile. All it took was an alternate vision of how to use power and Paradise degenerated into civil conflict. Show More Summary

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