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Welfare and warfare

But it is also a question of history and, more specifically, of how welfare states in the rest of the world developed alongside warfare. European welfare states began in Prussia at the end of the 19th century, when war with France required the mobilisation of a large number of civilians. Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. Who’s complacent?  Not St. George, Utah. 2. Review of David Goodhart, The Road to Somewhere, quite an interesting book, most of all for the UK. 3. Kenneth Arrow was right about information being a public good: “David Pogue tested 47 pill-reminder apps to find the best.”  And two-year fellowships at Brookings. Show More Summary

Optimism about the margin is sometimes pessimism about the infra-margin

Let’s say you believe that a flood of forthcoming warrior-entrepreneurs will create exciting new products and earn high rates of return on their capital; associated venture capitalists will benefit too. That might sound quite optimistic,...Show More Summary

Every conference should invite two hitchhikers

Recently I went to a (very good) conference.  As a number of us got off the train and waited near the platform for a ride, we immediately recognized each other as belonging to the same event, even though we had not met each other before. ...Show More Summary

Can rents in megacities keep on going up forever?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, and it is assuming no major increase in supply in the megacities themselves.  Here is one bit: We live in a special time where clustered activities are unusually important for economic growth. Show More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. Digital prescriptions to limit opioid abuse? 2. More on violations of covered interest parity. 3. How serious a problem is crony capitalism? 4. Bethany McLean reviews Complacent Class; I would say she is too hung up on thinking this has to be a book about whom to raise and lower in status.  You can […] The post Thursday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Does AI in warfare help the offense or the defense?

…I interviewed Eric Schmidt of Google fame, who has been leading a civilian panel of technologists looking at how the Pentagon can better innovate. He said something I hadn’t heard before, which is that artificial intelligence helps the defense better than the offense. Show More Summary

Tennis sentences to ponder

[Andre] Agassi pauses when asked if he and his wife [Steffi Graf] sometimes hit a few balls in Vegas – for old time’s sake? “No. It sounds a nice idea. But as soon as you hit the first couple of balls you remember you can do this. But you’re also reminded of what you can’t […] The post Tennis sentences to ponder appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Has intergenerational mobility finally been shown to have declined?

If you recall, Robert D. Putnam, in his last book, expressed surprise that Chetty and Hendren, (2014) did not find evidence of a decline in intergenerational mobility.  Putnam predicted that researchers would find such evidence...Show More Summary

Today’s American men are weaker than their dads

A new study in press at the Journal of Hand Therapy (yes, a real thing) finds that millennial men may have significantly weaker hands and arms than men the same age did 30 years ago. Researchers measured the grip strength (how strongly...Show More Summary

The Political Economy of Special Economic Zones, by Lotta Moberg

Here is part of the book summary: This book examines SEZs from a political economy perspective, both to dissect the incentives of governments, zone developers, and exporters, and to uncover both the hidden costs and untapped potential of zone policies. Show More Summary

Wednesday assorted links

1. James Tooley’s stay in Indian prison, described. 2. Facebook Live session with me, all sorts of questions. 3. Guy Who Got a C on Constitutional-Amendment Paper GETS CONSTITUTION AMENDED. 4. Ross Douthat on Jane Austen (NYT). 5. “Now,...Show More Summary

My exchange with Noah Smith about American complacency

Here is one of Noah’s bits: Smith: OK. I wanted to press you on a couple more things. First, you discuss how productivity growth has slowed down, but you also mention that people might be slacking off a lot more at work. Don’t thoseShow More Summary

My very short take on where the world is today

Written for the 40th (!) anniversary of the Cato Institute, here is the clinching summary paragraph: So we’re going to see a kind of intellectual war, and possibly war in other, more violent forms too. That war, using that word in the...Show More Summary

Planet earth spider fact of the day

Their conclusion was that there are 25m tonnes of spiders around the world and that, collectively, these arachnids consume between 400m and 800m tonnes of animal prey every year. This puts spiders in the same predatory league as humans as a species, and whales as a group. Show More Summary

Has American federalism moved from underrated to overrated?

Probably so, so says my latest Bloomberg column.  One problem is that interstate mobility as a competitive check has declined, but there are other problems too.  Here is one excerpt: One unfortunate side effect of today’s political polarization...Show More Summary

LBRY Saves 20,000 Courses from the ADA

Walter Olson at Overlawyered reports: Those free online course materials may be gone from the University of California, Berkeley, courtesy of a U.S. Deparment of Justice interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and related...Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. Does Trumpism have an academic home?  Probably overstated, but still of interest. 2. Do complacent societies become more secular? 3. The curious state of Apple product pricing. 4. VIX vs. SKEW.  And the Mexican peso has bounced back more than ten percent since its post-election low. Show More Summary

New MRU video on American stasis

Here are the other videos in the Complacent Class series. The post New MRU video on American stasis appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

The Great Stagnation has been worse than you think

The value of household services was equal to about 37% of GDP in 1965, but is currently equal to about 23% of GDP. That is from Timothy Taylor. The post The Great Stagnation has been worse than you think appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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