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Sunday assorted links

1. The importance of upper-tail knowledge.  Mike Tyson Bitcoin. 2. Long-term interest rates, a survey (pdf). 3. “The median price for someone’s identity was $21.35.” 4. Malcolm Gladwell is skeptical about Big Data. 5. The only partially successful history of people mailing themselves in boxes. 6. A hundred cities within Seoul. 7. Another look at […]

Your smart phone can predict your grades

Interesting but worrying too: The SmartGPA study uses passive sensing data and self-reports from students’ smartphones to understand individual behavioral differences between high and low performers during a single 10-week term. We propose...Show More Summary

What the Not Very Serious People among the Not Very Serious People were up to

Arresting the central bank’s governor. Emptying its vaults. Appealing to Moscow for help. These were the elements of a covert plan to return Greece to the drachma hatched by members of the Left Platform faction of Greece’s governing Syriza party. That is from the FT, and there is more: The plan demonstrates the apparently ruthless […]

Saturday assorted links

1. Profile of Terry Tao. 2. Did Medicare D affect outcomes? 3. Is drinking a countercyclical asset in Greece? 4. Drug testing is coming to e-Gaming. 5. Interview with William Vollmann.  I still think the “By the Book” series in the NYT is the single best thing on the web these days. 6. One billion […]

Sanity on financial transactions taxes

Overall, the dogmatic argument that a financial transactions tax is unworkable is clearly false. It operates in a lot of countries. The wide-eyed hope that such a tax can be a truly major revenue source also seems to be false. In part because of concerns over the risk of creating counterproductive incentives–either just to structure […]

Hurrah for Singapore birthday markets in everything

Rolls-Royce will be celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence with a special bespoke luxury car, the first time the carmaker has commissioned a car to celebrate the anniversary of a country. Based on the Ghost line of vehicles, the limited edition “SG50 Ghost Series II” bears the red and white colors of Singapore’s flag. The […]

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: An Anthology

An excellent collection, edited by Jonathan Anomaly, Geoffrey Brennan, Michael C. Munger, and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, self-recommending.  If I wanted a one-stop collection on PPE for teaching purposes, this exactly what I would use.

Friday assorted links

1. I am sorry people, I can no longer tell what is satire and what is not.  I am so sorry. 2. Chinese Communists preferred.  And China overtakes U.S. as top ice cream market.  And Adam Sandler strikes the Taj Mahal, not the Great Wall.  Read also about Captain Phillips at the bottom of that […]

Rent Control in Stockholm

Here’s an interesting letter from “Stockholm” to Seattle Dear Seattle, I am writing to you because I heard that you are looking at rent control. Seattle, you need to ask your citizens this: How would citizens like it if they walked into a rental agency and the agent told them to register and come back […]

Japan fact of the day

Over three million people watched the live stream of Nikkei’s announcement that it is buying The Financial Times. Furthermore the combined digital Nikkei and FT subscriber base is the largest in the world.  Here is more general data on newspaper circulation in Japan.

Washington fact of the day

Jeff Bezos' net worth just went up by 29 Washington Posts — Matt Anderson (@MattAnderson_NY) July 23, 2015

The progressive closure of San Francisco

…San Francisco does not have a massive network of regional public transit connecting hundreds of different high-density, walkable communities to the city. In fact, neighborhoods that foster urban life and convenience are tremendously scarce in the Bay Area. All of this means the pressure on San Francisco has proven to be even greater than other […]

The University of California raises its minimum wage

University of California President Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday the school will become the first to raise the on-campus minimum wage to $15 an hour. “This is the right thing to do,” Napolitano said at a meeting in San Francisco. “For our workers and their families, for our mission and values, and to enhance UC’s leadership […]

Arrived in my pile

John Kay, Other People’s Money: The Real Business of Finance.  This seems to be a book on what is wrong with finance and how to fix it.

The Financial Times as a purely digital product

The word is now in, Nikkei is the buyer, but Pearson is keeping The Economist. I find the Financial Times works well as a purely digital product, and of the major newspapers it is the one I can most easily imagine reading digital only.  From a newspaper I care not only about the amount of […]

China fact of the day

Recent overweighting to stem A-share plunge has made China Securities Finance Corp (CSF), central bank-backed refinancing institution, among top 10 shareholders of many listed-firms, reported Securities Times on Wednesday. Among allShow More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. Discourse on inequality. 2. Two months of Soylent. 3. The upside of bride prices? 4. Henry on the Very Serious People. 5. The Krugman vs. Moore debate, the video. 6. Imprisoned books. 7. “That’s why the saga of these two deworming trials should be regarded as a pivotal point in history.” 8. Is the […]

Is there a great teen sex stagnation?

The share of teen girls who reported they’ve had sex at least once dropped from 51 percent in 1988 to 44 percent in 2013, they found. Abstinence was more pronounced among the guys: 60 percent of teen boys in 1988 said they’d had sex, compared to 47 percent in 2013. That is from Paquette and Cai, the […]

Wednesday assorted links

1. Daniel Davies defends the 2010 bailout of Greece. 2. Indian markets in everything: Andhra Pradesh pays beggars to stay away from festival.  Many are trying to claim the benefit, but verification of beggar status is required. 3. What are the most popular picks on freshman reading lists? 4. The tiny islands where Canada and […]

Taylor Swift, Straussian?

The singer is launching her own Taylor Swift-branded clothing line next month, on the platforms of local e-commerce giants and the Alibaba group, with t-shirts, dresses and sweatshirts featuring the politically charged date 1989. The date – as well as being Swift’s year of birth – refers to her album and live tour of […]

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