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The working rich are driving income inequality, not the rentiers

Anti-Piketty: Have passive rentiers replaced the working rich at the top of the U.S. income distribution? Using administrative data linking 10 million firms to their owners, this paper shows that private business owners who actively manage their firms are key for top income inequality. Show More Summary

Mind the gap bring back retail deregulate building

Mandatory parking requirements, sidewalks, curb cuts, fire lanes, on site stormwater management, handicapped accessibility, draught tolerant native plantings… It’s a very long list that totaled $340,000 worth of work. They only paid $245,000 for the entire property. Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on Kurzweil’s predictions. 2. Charles Koch and foreign policy. 3. Brazil fact of the day.  And Judith Butler in Brazil. 4. Should physicists give up on dark matter? 5. No posh cabal here, British Vogue edition. 6. Solve for the chatbot equilibrium. Show More Summary

The Growth of Marginal Revolution University

Tyler and I are always pleased to get emails like this: Dear Prof Alex and Prof Tyler, I write to express my profound gratitude to you and your team for putting those videos online for the benefit of mankind. I am currently running an Executive MBA at University of Ibadan School of Business in Nigeria. Show More Summary

My visit to an Amazon bookstore

My commentary here is late to the party, but I had not visited a branch before.  Here are my impressions, derived from the Columbus Circle outlet in Manhattan: 1. It is a poorly designed store for me, most of all because it does not emphasize new releases.  I feel I am familiar with a lot […] The post My visit to an Amazon bookstore appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Assorted gated and ungated links

1. NYT profile of Stephen Dubner.  And WSJ profile of Dubner: “Sitting in New York’s Central Park, he sees two tennis players nearby and wonders, “Why is the average age of top-tier tennis players going up and the average age of golfers going down?”” 2. Show More Summary

The culture of harassment in Washington, D.C.

The sexual-harassment revolution is coming more slowly to Washington. Even the four female lawmakers who recently told the Associated Press of sexual harassment they faced from their male co-workers didn’t feel comfortable sharing the names of their harassers. Show More Summary

Sunday assorted links

1. Has Germany returned to ultra-romanticism? 2. Has Betsy DeVos made any kind of progress? 3. Sex toy company admits to recording users’ remote sessions. 4. “Overall, we conclude that state taxes have a significant effect on the location of star scientists.” 5. Show More Summary

Further claims about Saudi

Here is Ali Shihabi: In the short term, these detentions will lead, directly and indirectly (i.e., by example of what can happen to those who do not cooperate), to the recovery of substantial ill-gotten assets from many members of the...Show More Summary

The new political culture that is American Thanksgiving

Using smartphone-tracking data and precinct-level voting, we show that politically divided families shortened Thanksgiving dinners by 20-30 minutes following the divisive 2016 election. This decline survives comparisons with 2015 and extensive demographic and spatial controls, and more than doubles in media markets with heavy political advertising. Show More Summary

Saturday assorted links

1. Trump as Condorcet loser? 2. China’s hairy crab vending machine. 3. Is a retail apocalypse coming? 4. Across cultures, who is overconfident? 5. “In this company, one person can only have five families at a time.” 6. The economics of tokens (long, interesting, and dizzying). The post Saturday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Won’t Get Foiled Again

The Trump administration has just put crippling tariffs (97-162%) on the import of aluminium foil from China. Making America great again? It’s doubtful. Far more American firms use aluminium foil than make it. Indeed, only two US-based firms make it and one of them is owned by Swedes. Show More Summary

You can now pre-order Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education

My view is not exactly that of Bryan’s, but this will be one of the most interesting and important books of the year, pre-order it here. Here is Bryan on the book. The post You can now pre-order Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

The top classic movies and books about American politics and DC.

The estimable Chug asks me: Curious what you consider the top classic movies and books about American politics and DC. Today let’s do movies, the following come to mind: 1. All the President’s Men. 2. No Way Out: Gene Hackman at his peak.  The Conversation also might count as a DC movie. Show More Summary

Might tech super-firms mean the Great Stagnation is over?

I am now giving this a chance of somewhat over 50 (!) percent, and that is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is one bit: Gross domestic product growth for the last two quarters was over 3 percent, even in light of hurricane...Show More Summary

Stalin, by Stephen Kotkin

Definitely recommended, the volume covers 1929-1941, I am now on p.234.  Here is one good “that was then, this is now” bit: Stalin had fixed a covetous eye on Chinese Turkestan, or Xinjiang (“New Territory”).  From January through April...Show More Summary

Who’s complacent? Nutella edition

Nutella fans are outraged after it was revealed the recipe for the chocolate spread is changing – making it lighter and sweeter. The makers of the popular spread, Italian food company Ferrero, admitted it is adjusting the recipe after the slight changes were noticed by German consumer group Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre. Show More Summary

Friday assorted links

1. North Korean snacks. 2. Why non-complacency is hard, Trump and Native Americans edition. 3. Ways in which computers are getting worse. 4. “You Can Rent a (Grounded) Private Jet Just to Take Instagram Photos In.” 5. Helen Dale’s libertarian novel about Christ and Roman law. Show More Summary

Where is the typical eating the best?

Andrea Matranga emails me: “You have to drop a pin somewhere. Thereafter, at each meal time, a random person living within 30km of that pin will be selected, and you will eat an exact copy of what he is eating. Breakfast, lunch, andShow More Summary

The Wizard and the Prophet

That is the new Charles C. Mann book, I pre-ordered long ago, here is the new Kirkus review: A dual biography of two significant figures who “had little regard” for each other’s work but “were largely responsible for the creation ofShow More Summary

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