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Making public goods excludable again

One of Beijing’s busiest public toilets is fighting the scourge of toilet paper theft through the use technology – giving out loo roll only to patrons who use a face scanner. The automated facial recognition dispenser comes as a response to elderly residents removing large amounts of toilet paper for use at home. Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. American football average is over. 2. This Sunday Times profile of me has a nice Straussian opener, the significance of which becomes clear only with the end close.  Possibly gated for some of you. 3. Ross Douthat praises Singapore...Show More Summary

The US Civil War, Globalization and the City of Bombay

The structure of Bombay is intimately tied to the history of the United States in ways that illustrate the long arc of globalization. At the heart of Bombay, around the Oval Maidan, on which cricket games are often played, one can see many...Show More Summary

What should I ask Jill Lepore?

I will be doing a Conversation with Tyler with her, podcast only no public event.  She is one of the best known historians, teaching at Harvard, the author of numerous books, and also writing a column for The New Yorker.  Much of her...Show More Summary

Great Britain fact of the day

…the [English] census of 1851 for the first time registered a majority as living in urban areas…the rest of the world remained overwhelmingly rural, perhaps one-tenth of humanity living in towns.  The exceptionalism persisted throughout...Show More Summary

Demovote 101, the future polity that is Danish?

What are we doing We are devising a way to hack direct democracy into representative without changing the rules by building two things: 1) A web-based platform for Danish citizens to vote on all legislature put forth in parliament. 2) A political party to vote according to the general vote on the platform. Show More Summary

Who’s complacent?

Not Jordan Peterson: Raised and toughened in the frigid wastelands of Northern Alberta, Jordan Peterson has flown a hammer-head roll in a carbon-fiber stunt plane, piloted a mahogany racing sailboat around Alcatraz Island, explored an...Show More Summary

Public Choice Outreach Conference!

The annual Public Choice Outreach Conference is June 16-18th, at the Hyatt Arlington in Rosslyn, VA! Submit an application and please do encourage your students to apply. Here’s some more information. What is the Public Choice Outreach...Show More Summary

Sunday assorted links

1. “A proper Chelsea gem.” 2. Is THAAD good for North Korea? 3. Competency-based education at scale? 4. RIP, Graham Gladwell. 5. How Rez accents strengthen identity. 6. The boom in Sioux Falls, SD. 7. Chuck Berry, RIP, don’t forget the influence of calypso on him, and here is “You Can’t Catch Me.” The post Sunday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Heligoland fact of the day

In 1947 British forces set off here the largest non-nuclear explosion on record, blowing up what was left of Hitler’s island fortress. That is from the new (and recommended) book Heligoland: Britain, Germany, and the Struggle for the North Sea, by Jan Ruger. Show More Summary

Saturday assorted links

1. Ryan Avent: “Given the structure of our social safety net, automation tends to increase poverty and inequality rather than unemployment.”  And Ryan on unemployment and video games. 2. Looking back on Norman Podhoretz (NYT). 3. Complacency and cheeseburgers.  “Cowen is optimistic in general, but not necessarily for you.” 4. Show More Summary

Churchgoing and tolerance

For decades, liberals have called the Christian right intolerant. When conservatives disengage from organized religion, however, they don’t become more tolerant. They become intolerant in different ways. Research shows that evangelicals who don’t regularly attend church are less hostile to gay people than those who do. Show More Summary

Deuteronomy and complacency

A few of you have been asking me about the Straussian readings of The Complacent Class.  One of them refers to Deuteronomy 4:25-26: “When you have had children and children’s children, and become complacent in the land, if you act corruptly...Show More Summary

Philosophy of humor bleg

What makes something funny?  What should I read on this topic?  I thank you all in advance for your wisdom and guidance.  I can assure you I will put this material to use, though not as a producer of humor. The post Philosophy of humor bleg appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Friday assorted links

1. Siberian barter markets in everything if only they had stabilized nominal gdp.  It might mean less sex. 2. Spatial competition and the Great Divergence. 3. Steve Keen turns to crowdfunding to pay his salary. 4. Noah Smith responds...Show More Summary

The Baffling Politics of Paid Maternity Leave in India

Policy makers and intellectuals in India are well informed about politics and intellectual developments in the United States and Europe. Among this group, for example, one can easily strike up a conversation about say Angus Deaton on RCTs versus structural econometric modelling. Show More Summary

Solve for the (drone) equilibrium

A Patriot missile – usually priced at about $3m (£2.5m) – was used to shoot down a small quadcopter drone, according to a US general. The strike was made by a US ally, Gen David Perkins told a military symposium. “That quadcopter that...Show More Summary

Cyber plus nuclear equals Uh-Oh

Cyber weapons are different. If you are a state and you let potential enemies know about your arsenal of cyber attacks, you are giving them the opportunity to fix their information systems so that they can neutralize the threat. This...Show More Summary

Make Northern Ireland Great Again

Northern Ireland of course is much smaller than the southern Republic: The difference between north and south — in 1926, for example — was crucial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors of the economy playing very different roles in...Show More Summary

Ballycastle, Antrim County, Northern Ireland

Ballycastle was named the best place to live in Northern Ireland in a list compiled by The Sunday Times in 2016. Link here.  77.7% Catholic, with a lovely 18th century church.  The downtown is thriving and intact, with no real signsShow More Summary

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