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What to protest Black Lives Matter continued

Following up on yesterday’s discussion, I received this in my email: I think you protest society (and whatever you think the cause is) on the unconditional probabilities but only protest cops on the conditional probabilities. That is...Show More Summary

China fact of the day

RMB accounted for 98% global bitcoin trading volume over past six months Here is the link, picture, and source.  Of course that is all about capital controls, and a capital control-evading mechanism is what Bitcoin has evolved into. ...Show More Summary

Why aren’t you busy selling short?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, I know that so many of you are full of excuses.  Here is one part of the column: If we’re really headed off the cliff, selling all equities has to be better than doing nothing. Buying nonleveraged puts would be a possible Step 2, and most […] The post Why aren’t you busy selling short? appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Ten best economic history works of the last decade, part II. 2. Various short takes on President Obama from the Bloomberg View writers, including one by me. 3. In 1940, the median American hadn’t finished 9th grade. 4. Why are so many American cities functionally insolvent? 5. Show More Summary

My Conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri

I thought this was one of the very best of the conversations, Jhumpa responded consistently with brilliance and grace.  Here is the link to the transcript, podcast, and video versions.  In addition to discussing her books, we covered...Show More Summary

The FDA Fails to Prevent Traveler’s Diarhea

I’ve been getting lots of vaccinations in preparation for my sabbatical in India. A Canadian friend recommended Dukoral. Dukoral is a vaccine for cholera, a very serious disease although one that’s rare for travelers even in undeveloped countries. Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter

Several loyal MR readers requested I cover this topic.  My views are pretty simple, namely that I am a fan of the movement.  Police in this country kill, beat, arrest, fine, and confiscate the property of black people at unfair and disproportionate...Show More Summary

Understudied conflicts of interest in American government

Roger Barris emails me: I am not sure that this is a suitable subject for a blog post, probably more a project for an aspiring PhD student, but with all the discussion of conflicts of interest in the Trump cabinet, it strikes me that...Show More Summary

Will speech analysis determine your next promotion?

It works like this. Your 15-minute voice recording is analysed digitally — tone of voice, choice of words, sentence structure — to determine personality traits such as openness to change, enthusiasm, empathy. In a fraction of a second, a software program sums up your character. Show More Summary

Tuesday assorted links

1. Esther Duflo’s Ely lecture, “The economist as plumber.” 2. Disappearing markets in everything: the last disco ball maker (there is noisy sound at the link).  And how bad is authoritarianism really?  And David Brooks on Bannon vs. Trump, I am always happy to see actual analysis of the Trump administration. Show More Summary

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone

Here is what I wrote in 2007, when Prospect magazine asked me to name the most underrated cultural development of the year: The iPhone. The world really did change…We now have handheld personal computers and personal entertainment centres, yet they are no larger than a thin pack of cards. Show More Summary

Is capital share declining because mark-ups are rising?

From Simcha Barkai at the University of Chicago (pdf): This paper shows that the decline in the labor share over the last 30 years was not offset by an increase in the capital share. I calculate payments to capital as the product ofShow More Summary

Best classical music recordings of 2016

I found it to be a remarkably deep year for recordings, against all economic odds.  I could easily go twenty deep with little loss of quality, but these are the few that stood out for me: The Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson for Voice...Show More Summary

Apple accessory markets in everything

A Candle That Gives Off The Scent Of Freshly Unboxed Apple Products It is 100% soy wax, in case you are wondering. The pointer is from Ted Gioia. The post Apple accessory markets in everything appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

From the comments, on the new Republican tax plan

The non-deductibility of imports is simply crazy. It will immediately increase inflation. Take IKEA, for example, they cannot source locally, they will increase prices immediately by 20%, or whatever the tax will be. At all effects, it is a flat tariff of 20% on every import. Show More Summary

Computer bot sentences to ponder

…as pricing systems become ever more autonomous, aspiring monopolists like Mr Topkins eventually will not even need to speak to their competitors to fix prices. Computers will do the colluding for them, either by using the same algorithm...Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. Some Indian kidnappers accept online (non-anonymous) payments. 2. Do men get more credit for co-authored economics papers than do women?  Here is the home page of researcher Heather Sarsons, which includes a link to the paper. 3.Show More Summary

When should the federal government own land?

Public land would be interesting. That was a request for topic coverage from Ryan, from last night.  Here is a 2014 CRS survey piece with good background information. I can think of a few reasons for federal government ownership of public land: 1. Show More Summary

Larry Summers on the new Republican tax plan

He summarizes the plan as follows: The central concept put forward by Mr Ryan, which appears to have the support of Mr Trump, is to turn corporate income tax from a tax on the return to capital into a tax only on extraordinary profits. Show More Summary

Request for requests

Are there any particular topics or questions you would like me to blog about?  I make no promises! The post Request for requests appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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