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Quick thoughts on the new employment report

1. Labor force participation is down once again, and we cannot dismiss the notion that a new recession may be starting.  That said, at current margins I am not sure the traditional distinction between cyclical and structural factors still makes sense, so that word “recession” may be more misleading than illuminating. 2. Scott Sumner noted: […]

Corporate Prediction Markets Work Well

Prediction markets predict public events such as election outcomes better than do polls or other forecasting mechanisms. Internal corporate prediction markets in events such as sales forecasts, product launch times, and product feature demand have been less well studied. Show More Summary

Jason Furman and the CEA on the investment drought

Here is a pdf of his remarks, with useful graphs, excerpt: So in recent quarters, the investment story has been about oil. But drilling cannot explain the broader trends over the past five years. Since 2010, most of the step down in investment growth was attributable to reduced growth in equipment investment, as shown in […]

A free trade agreement for South Asia?

Are free trade agreements contagious?  The negotiations for TPP seem to be coming to a close, but there is the potential for a much more beneficial arrangement, namely for the subcontinent and thereabouts, can we toss in Ethiopia too? India has said that all South Asian economies need to speedily work towards a free trade […]

Thursday assorted links

1.Was it efficient for United to bump Bob Shiller off his flight to Aspen?  It’s time to ask Air Genius Gary Leff. 2. Swiss postal service starts testing drone delivery. 3. 115 status goods for 2015 (MIE x 115, basically).  Black Simon and Garfunkel, with white Garfunkel. 4. Jeremy Bentham’s prison cooking. 5. Syria fact […]

My conversation with Dani Rodrik

Here you will find the transcript, video, and podcast.  The summary is this: Tyler and Harvard economist Dani Rodrik discuss premature deindustrialization, the world’s trilemmas, the political economy of John le Carré, what’s so special about manufacturing, Orhan Pamuk, RCTs, and why the world is second best at best. Here is one excerpt from Rodrik, […]

Henry Kissinger

The subtitle is 1923-1968: The Idealist, and the author is Niall Ferguson.  This is really an impressive book and we all should be envious that we did not write it ourselves. Here is one line from Kissinger, cited by Ferguson: “Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” Over at […]

Yelp for people

You can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online. So the most surprising thing about Peeple — basically Yelp, but for humans — may be the fact that no one has yet had the gall to launch something like it. When the app does launch, probably in late November, […]

Austerity sentences to ponder

Upending conventional wisdom, there is now a strong chance that all the European governments that have accepted or implemented unpopular EU/IMF austerity programs may be re-elected in the coming months or remain the strongest political force. That is from Paul Taylor at Reuters, via YanniKouts.


Described as A Luxury Day Care Service for Pet Chickens in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon At first I thought it was a joke, but I can’t find evidence of fraud and the phone number checks out.  Still I wonder. In the meantime, file under Markets in Everything. The pointer is from Kate Darling, […]

Further Wednesday assorted links

1.Volkswagen and the trade agreements: “In the best of cases, the United States will emerge as the “world super-regulator.””  Bravo. 2. Is academic freedom dead in Hong Kong? 3. How to get kids to eat their vegetables.  And the true nature of Masonomics (photo, view carefully). 4. Good interview with Amy Finkelstein. 5. Reciprocal cooperation […]

Why it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission

Transport for London is preparing to launch a crackdown on Uber, proposing a series of new rules that will hit the popular minicab-hailing app in one of its most popular cities. …The proposals include a minimum five-minute wait time between ordering a private hire vehicle and it arriving, and banning operators from showing cars for […]

Why Weren’t Left Economists More Opposed and More Vocal on the Export-Import Bank?

That is the new piece by Veronique de Rugy, Ryan Daza, and Daniel Klein, the abstract is this: From 2013 to the present in 2015, the Export-Import Bank has been widely and actively discussed, because its charter was expiring and because people then wrangled (and still wrangle) over its extension and possible recharter. Working from […]

Wednesday assorted links

1.French toilets for profit and the dames pipi.  And a comprehensive look at the music business. 2. Chinese economic progress through 1850. 3. Chris Blattman on fear and behavioral economics, an excellent post. 4. Some high schools are cutting their football teams. 5. Crooked Timber blog nominates alternative MacArthur winners. 6. Gene-edited micropig markets in […]

Effective altruism in 1400

A loyal MR reader writes to me: If you taught the principles of effective altruism to a rich person in (say) 1400, what would they have thought was the most effective thing to do with their money?  What was in fact the most effective thing they could have done? I say send some money to […]

How bad a tragedy is the Volkswagen fraud?

The NYT symposium is here, including Robert Reich, Dan Ariely, and myself, among others.  Here is my piece, excerpt: One plausible estimate suggests this additional pollution has been killing 5 to 27 Americans each year, with that number worldwide reaching up to 404 as a maximum. To put that number in context, the World Health […]

Reviving Economic Growth: Policy Proposals from 51 Leading Experts

Brink Lindsey is the editor, and I am one of the experts (is anyone an expert on economic growth?), here are the other contributors, and that is also a link to the underlying on-line symposium.  It is a $5.99 ebook on Amazon.  Here is Cato’s home page for the ebook.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Ngdp for the ECB? 2. Soviet bus stops. 3. Can we moderns no longer understand Shakespeare?  If not, when will that time arrive? 4. Markets for migrants. 5. Chinese SOEs all the way down.  And China’s monetary strangulation. 6. New data and results for business pass-throughs.  And the doctor as fundraiser. 7. Dimitri Nakassis, […]

Economist Heidi Williams has won a MacArthur fellowship

The award announcement includes a description of her work (with further links), basically she does health care economics at MIT.  In particular she considers when IP restrictions might hinder rather than support further innovation.  Here is her home page, she also has interesting papers on prizes.  Here is her research statement (pdf), interesting throughout, a […]

Asymmetric Information and Signaling

MRUniversity now has its own video production team! We are continuing to work with the artists at Tilapia films to produce outstanding videos for teaching economics–these videos work great with our textbook, Modern Principles. Our in-house...Show More Summary

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