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United States v. Nixon

A quick history lesson for those of you not familiar with that landmark decision: United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974), was a landmark United States Supreme Court decision which resulted in a unanimous 8–0 ruling against President...Show More Summary

Thursday assorted links

1. Are people more likely to be accurate in providing information about their sex lives than their intelligence? 2. A new metric of sympathy and affection: “do you listen to me at 1.7x or 1.3x?” 3. Gangnam Style is no longer the most played video. Show More Summary

Not From The Onion: The Stress of Summer Vacation

We have this mythical belief that everyone will come out of it at the other end OK,” she said. “You don’t end up as a faculty member unless you did survive it. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t people in my generation who got so stressed out that they left. Show More Summary

The Golden Age of Conservative Intellectuals

When was the Golden Age of Conservative Intellectuals? It is easy to say when the Golden Age began; April 1947 at the first meeting of the Mont Pelerin society. Among those in attendance were: Maurice Allais, Paris Aaron Director, Chicago Walter Eucken, Freiburg Milton Friedman, Chicago F. Show More Summary

Is Dali, Yunnan the very best place in the world to visit right now?

It has just that right mix of exotic and comfort, and is mostly unfrequented by Western tourists.  You can spend a day in the center of town and not see ten of them.  Here are a few points: 1. Except for the rainy season, the weather...Show More Summary

Malcolm Gladwell at Behavioral Scientist on race and the courts

Here is a new interview with Gladwell, much of it focusing on the Brown vs. Board of Education decision.  Here is one excerpt: I was more than interested to discover how much of the work on these effects—which in education they call “same race effects”—has been done by economists. Show More Summary

Minimum Wage and Restaurant Hygiene Violation

This is evidence from Seattle, from a new paper by Subir K. Chakrabarti, Srikant Devaraj, and Pankaj C. Patel.  Here is the abstract: We assess the effects of rise in minimum wages on hygiene violation scores in food service establishments. Show More Summary

10 Chinese Megacities to See Before You Die

That is the title of my latest Bloomberg column; I love Chinese megacities, don’t you?  Here is the first and most general point: Chinese megacities are associated with the greatest migration in human history, namely the movement of several hundred million people from the countryside into urban areas. Show More Summary

DARE to Look at the Evidence!

We must have Drug Abuse Resistance Education…I am proud of your work. It has played a key role in saving thousands of lives and futures. Speaking at the 30th DARE Training Conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was enthusiastic and...Show More Summary

Wednesday assorted links

1. Lessons from German labor market reforms. 2. Some of the recent attacks on David Brooks indicate a) the current Left doesn’t understand its own intellectual history very well, and b) many of the attackers are part of the problem and...Show More Summary

The Amazing Janet Yellen

The latest video in our Principles of Macroeconomics class at MRUniversity introduces monetary policy and the amazing Janet Yellen. I do hope that she isn’t fired as we shall then have to change some heads. The post The Amazing Janet Yellen appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

When was the Golden Age of conservative intellectuals?

Paul Krugman says a mix of “never” and “certainly not now” (my paraphrases, not actual quotations from him).  Here is one bit: On environment, a similar turn took place a bit later.  The use of markets and price incentives to fight pollution...Show More Summary

State fiscal rankings Illinois is not last

There is a new Mercatus study by Eileen Norcross and Olivia Gonzalez, here is the bottom line: TOP 5 STATES: 1) Florida 2) North Dakota 3) South Dakota 4) Utah 5) Wyoming BOTTOM 5 STATES: 46) Maryland 47) Kentucky 48) Massachusetts 49)...Show More Summary

Will China ever democratize?

Probably not, or so I argue in my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is the closing bit: It is again time for the West to learn from China. The emotional force of nationalism is stronger than we had thought, stability is not guaranteed, and the Western democratic status quo ex ante is less of a strong […] The post Will China ever democratize? appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Will people pay higher rent for a prefab social life? 2. Nine young New Yorkers poised for creative greatness? (NYT)  Without intending any slight to these undoubtedly fine individuals, I found these feature scary. 3. The revolving door for financial regulators. Show More Summary

In Praise of Extreme Medicine

This Buzzfeed article on unauthorized poop transplants has much of interest: A spate of studies over the last decade have convinced microbiologists and doctors that “fecal microbiota transplantation,” or FMT, works for at least one disease: a deadly bacterial infection in the gut known as Clostridium difficile, or C. Show More Summary

North Korea strategies: how scared should you be?

Here is a good Tobin Harshaw interview with Jeffrey Lewis, here is one good bit, scary in more than one regard: Nuclear-armed missiles are a 1950s-era technology. And: Well, there is a difference between the range the missile demonstrated...Show More Summary

Do not buy pre-Hispanic antiquities (arbitrage)

Almost all of the artifacts described as the oldest in the permanent collection of the Mexican Museum are either forgeries or cannot be authenticated to display in a national museum. That’s the finding of a report commissioned by the...Show More Summary

Monday assorted links

1. Tweet stream on North Korean missiles and what if our interceptors end up going into Russia. 2. Reihan favors a form of proportional representation for the U.S. 3. The artistry of Japanese playgrounds. 4. The forest kindergarten culture that is Danish. Show More Summary

Populism sentences to ponder

It is easier for populist politicians to mobilise along ethno-national/cultural cleavages when the globalisation shock becomes salient in the form of immigration and refugees. That is largely the story of advanced countries in Europe. Show More Summary

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