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15 Pinterest beauty hacks that are bad for you Episode 97

Now you can get a FREE audio version of our book, The Beauty Aisle Insider.  Just click this link to 15 Pinterest beauty hacks that are bad for your skin DIY Fruit masks Using cooking oils as moisturizers DIY salt scrubs Burning face mask Strengthen nails by soaking in lemon juice Aspirin, toothpaste, baking soda […]

Does Dial Body Wash really moisturize skin? Episode 96

Please support the Beauty Brains by signing up for a free audio book at Click here to get your free audio book. Does Dial Body Wash really moisturize skin? This is the segment of the show where we dissect the claims of popular personal care products. We try to help you understand what the claims […]

Can live bacteria cure acne? Episode 95

Now you can get a FREE audio version of our second book, The Beauty Aisle Insider.  Just click this link to Latest acne cure: battling bacteria I think we often overlook that even the best acne treatments can be problematic for many people. For example both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can irritate your skin. And […]

Do hair dye removing products like Color Oops really work? Episode 94

Do hair dye removing products, like Color Oops, really work? Lenora in our Forum asks…There seems to be some debate on this in online forums, so I’m wondering if you guys can please answer if “Color Oops” can be damaging to the hair? Thanks for the question Lenora but I think before we can answer […]

Can you orgasm just from smelling mushrooms? Episode 93

Buy ANYTHING on Amazon and support the Beauty Brains. Shop Amazon with our link Herbal Essences has a new owner I have Herbal Essences on my mind because I just saw the news that Proctor and Gamble are selling the brand to Coty. That’s right according to this story P&G is selling off some of their […]

Do cosmetic ingredients really penetrate skin? Episode 92

Please support the Beauty Brains by signing up for a free audio book at Click here to get your free audio book. Do cosmetic ingredients penetrate skin? Chris says…Can you guys talk a little bit about ingredient penetration? Why do some ingredients penetrate skin while others won’t? What mechanisms and conditions are involved? Let’s […]

Preservative free products can be dangerous! Episode 91

Perfume for poop I never realized how important it is to have a good perfume for poop. We really take a lot of things for granted living in a first world country and one of them is proper sanitation. A lot of places lack proper plumbing and instead use latrines or outdoor toilets. That’s not as much fun as […]

Does John Frieda 7 Day Volume treatment really work? Episode 90

Do 7 day volume treatments really work? MC Wonders says… John Frieda has a new product out called “7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment“. They claim this rinse-out gel will create fullness that lasts 3-5 shampoos. The marketing claim about this new technology/approach to volume is hard to resist, but based on the ingredients, do you […]

Is DIY perfume a bad idea? Episode 89

Cosmetic science in colonial America For those of you who are listening to this show in real time we’re only a couple of days away from the Fourth of July holiday weekend. If you’re interested in learning what life was like in colonial America, you can find an excellent summary at; the details of […]

7 of the best beauty blogs you’ll ever read

The Beauty Brains were nominated as one of Marie Claire’s Best Beauty Blogs. Today is the LAST DAY before voting ends. Click here to vote for the Beauty Brains now. The last few days I’ve been telling you about our nomination in Marie Claire’s Best Beauty blog competition. I thought you might like to see […]

How do color correcting conditioners work? Episode 88

We’ve been nominated for one of Marie Claire’s “Most Wanted Beauty Awards.” Click here now to vote for the Beauty Brains!  Listen to the podcast for this week’s question and answer session. Plus, another game of Improbable Products! How do color correcting conditioners work? Audrey asks…How do color correcting conditioners work? Color correcting conditioners work two […]

The Beauty Brains nominated for Marie Claire best beauty blog!

Every year Marie Claire (US) publishes the Most Wanted Beauty Awards in the October issue. This year Perry and I are proud to announce that we’ve been nominated in the best blog/editorial site category.  If you like the work we do, you can help us out by voting for us HERE.  The voting ends June 30 so […]

Men prefer brainy women and other beauty science news Episode 87

It’s another Beauty Science News episode! But first a new feature that helps you save money when shopping for beauty products. We call it “Who’s Who in the Beauty Biz.” Who’s Who in the Beauty Biz It’s important to understand who makes your beauty products because that knowledge can alert you to watch for formula […]

Are anti-wrinkle pillows good for anti-aging? Episode 86

Today were going to do one of our anti-aging spotlights on anti-wrinkle pillows. Let’s start by talking about whether or not sleep really causes wrinkles. Does sleep cause wrinkles? The answer to this question lies in understanding the two basic types of aging. There is intrinsic aging which is what happens internally to your skin. […]

Sunscreen shaming and other news Episode 85

Have you heard about sunscreen shaming? I didn’t either but this is a real thing. There’s an entire discussion thread on the popular site Reddit dedicated to the phenomena. Apparently, not everyone is accepting of the idea that you should wear sunscreen to prevent getting tan. In this article there were a number of instances […]

Depilatory or bleach – which is better for hair removal?

Vick asks…Bleach or depilatory – which lasts longer or is less toxic for facial hair? The Beauty Brains respond Vick, I’m not sure what you mean when you say “less toxic” for hair. If you mean “toxic” in the sense of “poisonous” then you don’t need to worry about it because neither product will be poisonous […]

Can plant stem cells grow more hair? Episode 84

Perry kicks of the episode by telling he wants to go beauty spelunking in the Salt Caves of Norridge. The place is actually called Galos Caves and it was built in Chicago because the Midwest has a low iodine content in the air. According to the company, the technology of building salt-iodine caves is based on the […]

Is the Remington Wet 2 Straight Iron good for hair?

Bluecatbaby asks…Last year I bought a Remington Wet 2 Straight iron. It is marketed as an iron that can be used on wet hair without causing the damage that other irons cause when used on wet hair. I actually have hardly used it because I am skeptical of its claims and I hate damaging my […]

Do mild cleansers really get your hair clean? Episode 83

On this week’s podcast we talk about the effectiveness of mild hair cleaners and other interesting beauty science news.  Should natural beauty products be patented? We think one advantage of natural beauty products (and natural medicines for that matter) is that they are available to anyone to use without having to pay “Big Beauty” or […]

Does Bio Oil really work? Episode 82

This week we answer listener questions about Bio Oil and other products. But first, another game of Improbable Products… Improbable Products Which of these bad body odor products is not real: The iPhone bad breathalyzer that tells you if you have halitosis. Odor detecting gym socks that change color when you feet start to smell. […]

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