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Do you really need 3 kinds of conditioner? Episode 142

Do I really need to use 3 kinds of conditioner? Dev asks… Is it absolutely essential to use a leave in, a rinse out, and a deep conditioner? I’ve been washing my hair and appling a regular rinse out conditioner and then I leave it in until the next time I wash my hair about […]

Can Coca Cola give you a better sun tan? Episode 141

Can Coca Cola give you a better tan? Nanda asks…Will Coca Cola give you a better sun tan?? When I first head this I thought it was an obscure, ridiculous rumor. But I was wrong. it turns out it’s a very pervasive, ridiculous rumor. Yeah, if you Google “using coca cola to tan” you get […]

Is fabric softener a good hair conditioner? Episode 140

Does blotting oily sunscreen reduce SPF? Emma asks in Gmail…I don’t like the oily skin I get from using sunscreen so I blot off the excess with an oil absorbing sheet. Is this reducing the SPF of the sunscreen? Yes, blotting some of the sunscreen off your face will reduce the UV protection, to some […]

Can hair really be sensitive to protein? Episode 139

Is the NIOD brand really “ultra-scientific?” Saania says…I have a question about a skincare brand that’s gained a cult status amongst serious skin care junkies. The brand NIOD, under the umbrella brand Deciem, claims to be “skincare for the hyper-educated”.  Their star product is called Copper Amino Isolate Serum. I wanted to know what you […]

Are boar bristle brushes better for your hair? Episode 138

Are boar bristle brushes better for your hair? Georgina asks…Are boar bristle brushes better for your hair? I’m looking at a Mason Pearson brush that’s about $100 and I want to know if it’s worth it. It’s tough to give a definitive answer because as you might imagine there aren’t many double blind, peer reviewed […]

Are super foods good for your skin? Episode 137

Are super foods effective beauty ingredients? Jana asks…What are your thoughts on super foods in skin care? Ingredients like acacia, coconut, grapeseed oil, berries, green tea, avocado, turmeric and resveratrol. What the heck IS a super food? There is no scientific or medical definition. Show More Summary

Can I use clay to shampoo my hair? Episode 136

Can I use clay to shampoo my hair?  Joneen says…I have a question about rhassoul clay. I’ve heard great things about using it as a shampoo. My concern, though, is mineral buildup. This is one of the results of hard water that has a negative impact on hair, and something I am currently experiencing and […]

Do anti-aging patches really work? Episode 135

Do anti-aging patches really work? Julia asks…Can micro needle patches really work to deliver anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid? Coincidentally I just read a study about a new technology for lightening age spots that involves, get this, Dissolving Micro Needles. This research was published by a Korean team in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and here’s […]

Should you be worried about aluminum in deodorants? Episode 134

Should we be worried about aluminum in deodorants? Erin asks…Should we be worried about aluminum in deodorants? First of all don’t get confused between anti-perspirant and deodorants. Anti-perspirants contain aluminum salts that help plug your pores so you don’t sweat as much. Deodorants do not contain aluminum and they don’t stop you from sweating. They […]

Will silicone ruin a coconut oil hair treatment? Episode 133

Is the “Remedy” hair treatment by Rita Hazan really magic? Lizzy asks…Does the Rita Hazan Remedy have any magic in it? My hair feels soft and shiny after I use it, but it didn’t do anything for my sister. I must say I’ve never seen a product quite like this before. It’s a two part […]

Can I mix my own sunscreen? Episode 132

How do I find a sunscreen that doesn’t cause acne? Allison asks…What’s the difference between a sunscreen and a sunblock? Also, what ingredients should I look for in a product that will not contribute to acne? And, when’s the best time to apply sunscreen in my morning skin care routine? Sunscreens use UV absorbers to protect your […]

Do silicones really melt on your hair? Episode 131

Cosmetic Questions Do silicones melt on your hair? Kylie asks…I am attempting to remove years of black hair dye and came across Scott Cornwall and his product Decolour. He makes a claim that if it doesn’t work likely cause is hair plasticised due to using heat over 220 deg cel. Quote “If you use heated […]

Do anti-aging hair care products really work? Episode 130

Hair and skin have some things in common but there’s one big difference: skin is alive and responds to so called “anti-aging” ingredients while hair is DEAD. Check out this encore episode where we give you the straight scoop on hair care products that claim to make your hair younger.   Click here for the our […]

Are you sick of greenwashed cosmetics? Episode 129

In this encore episode we discuss why cosmetic companies STILL make so many fake natural products. There are a few main reasons: True natural consumers are still a small market segment All-natural cosmetics do not work as well Consumers don’t know the difference Greenwashing keeps costs down There are no required standards Click here to […]

How can I tell if my product contains natural or synthetic colors?

Just about everyone has been puzzled about how “natural” certain products are. This is especially true of color cosmetics because not very many of the colorants used in makeup are truly natural.  In today’s encore presentation, we discuss a quick history of cosmetic colorants, tell you where colorants come from, and explain the difference between […]

Are cosmetics really unregulated? Episode 127

Is it true that cosmetics are unregulated and that companies can put anything they want in beauty products? Find out as Perry and I talk about the laws that govern the cosmetics industry.  This is an encore presentation of an important episode that most of our audience hasn’t heard yet. Please click here for the […]

Everything you need to know about fragrance allergens – Episode 126

This week you’ll learn all about fragrance allergies – what they are and how to avoid them.  Would you like to ask YOUR question on our Show? Here’s how to submit an audio question to the Beauty Brains. Question of the week Nicole’s question: I was recently diagnosed with orris root allergy. My doctor says […]

Should I use antibacterial soap? Episode 125

The FDA has announced that it’s going to take a closer look at antibacterial soaps. In today’s show (an encore presentation from 2013) we discuss everything you need to know. What is an antibacterial soap? Soaps that contain antimicrobial or antibacterial agents are actually drugs that are controlled by the FDA (in the US). Since […]

Should farmland be used to grow organic beauty ingredients? Episode 124

In another lost episode Sarah Bellum and Left Brain discuss… Will my 3 year old bottle of shampoo still work? Is there a standard definition for organic or natural? The first organic perfume line launched in France The Clinique counter beauty app The danger of bath salts and…Left Brain’s trip to China  

Can bedtime products really help your baby sleep? Episode 123

Skin care and the sound of music Link Cosmetic marketers are always trying to innovate but sometimes I think they take it a bit too far. This new innovation from Shiseido seems to be one of those times. According to a report in Cosmetics Design, Shiseido has developed some music software that supposedly enhances the power […]

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