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Miliband's unorthodox strategy

Don't pick a fight with big business. Don't fall out with Murdoch. Don't look anti-aspiration. Those have long been considered the rules for anyone serious about winning an election. What makes this campaign so unpredictable and so fascinating is that Ed Miliband is tearing up those rules. Show More Summary

Who's winning the tax dodge row?

Dodgy...bang to rights...up to his neck. Not normal parliamentary language, but those are the words and phrases Ed Miliband used today in the Commons to allege that David Cameron's Tory party takes money from tax dodgers. Even by the...Show More Summary

Why young people should register to vote

"Can I get you to vote?" That's what I asked when I took my ballot box to the hair salon to ask a group of apprentices whether they're going to bother. Their answers - which you can see in my TV report - were revealing. Some argued there was no point because the system was rigged against them and nothing changed. Show More Summary

Why Miliband took on Commons taunts

The morning after that Newsnight embarrassment, Ed Miliband did something rather interesting. He chose to march towards the sound of Conservative gunfire. The Labour leader knew that if he dared to raise anything about the economy at...Show More Summary

Debates - on or off?

Debates - on or off? David Cameron says he wants to take part in TV election debates and that he thinks a deal can be done but... he's also setting new conditions for taking part. The PM told the BBC this morning that the Northern Ireland...Show More Summary

Scots votes on English NHS laws

I have been speaking to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon about how SNP MPs will vote after the next election. With the polls predicting a doubling in the party's support and, potentially, a huge increase in the number of their MPs this really matters. Specifically, Nicola Sturgeon says that SNP MPs will vote on the English NHS. Show More Summary

Iraq Inquiry - Is it being 'sexed down'?

Delayed again. Until after the election. Very suspicious say those who fear a cover up of the decisions taken by Tony Blair's government which led the UK to join George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq. Nick Clegg - whose Liberal DemocratShow More Summary

Farage and the NHS

Nigel Farage tried and failed to persuade his party to back his view that the NHS should be replaced with an insurance based system like they have in many parts of the world. Two years ago he said that he'd be more comfortable if the...Show More Summary

Economy travels across the Atlantic

This is the day when the argument about the British economy travels across the Atlantic. A day on which the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama have written a joint article in The Times boasting of how they've...Show More Summary

TV election debates - who blinks first

A high-stakes poker game in which the ultimate prize is power - that is what the row about the party leaders' general-election TV debates has now become. The players at the table are not just the nation's party leaders but also the bosses...Show More Summary

Election - Facts, claims, spin

The claims are all too familiar. You can't trust Labour not to spend and tax and borrow say the Conservatives. You can't trust the Tories with the NHS say Labour. The facts and the claims and the spin that underpin them are new, though, and they matter. What's also different from previous elections is the state of the public finances. Show More Summary

UKIP - power struggle, not soap opera

A parliamentary candidate resigns having tried blaming his racist comments on taking painkillers. This comes days after an alleged sex scandal at UKIP head office in which the party's chief executive did - or did not - sleep with another...Show More Summary

The speech that remembered the deficit

Just weeks after the speech which forgot the deficit comes the speech that remembers it - big time. Ed Miliband knows he has a problem and can sense an opportunity. The problem is Labour's lack of economic credibility - something every...Show More Summary

Osborne on voters' choice in 2015: Competence or chaos

A "price that works for our country". That's how George Osborne describes the deep spending cuts which he claims are needed to cut the deficit. Speaking to me in Manchester, the Chancellor said that "the prize is economic stability,Show More Summary

A pre-election Budget

In all but name this was a pre-election Budget. From his first to his last sentence - from boasting about Britain's growth to unveiling the Coalition's version of the mansion tax - Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement...Show More Summary

Spend, spend, spend – what are politicians up to?

Spend spend spend. That's what people do who can afford to, at this time of the year. Why though are our politicians following suit when the country is still deeply in the red? Today - on the morning after that NHS spending promise before...Show More Summary

Disarming the NHS as a political threat

Disarming the greatest threat to their election chances. That, at least in part, is what the announcement of a promise of £2 billion for the NHS is all about. For months ministers have worried about the mounting evidence of an NHS under...Show More Summary

Cameron changes immigration tactics

Control. Control of who comes here. Control of what benefits they receive. That's what David Cameron said the people were demanding on the morning after that broken immigration promise. What was striking about his speech though, wasShow More Summary

Analysis: PM's EU immigration speech

It is a speech which David Cameron and his adviser have agonised over for months. Ideas for it have been floated in the media, tested in capitals across Europe, debated with civil servants and, no doubt, market tested as well. What is...Show More Summary

Why change in Scotland will change the whole UK

If you think today's constitutional changes are only about Scotland, think again. If you think they mark the end of a process of change, think again. If you think they will end the debate about Scottish independence, think again. The...Show More Summary

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