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MPs support UK air strikes against IS

What will worry opponents of military action and those who are sceptical about it is the prime minister's clear desire to extend action to Syria. He has promised MPs another vote before that happens unless there is a need to move swiftly...Show More Summary

Iraq strikes: Symbolism or precursor?

Six RAF Tornado strike aircraft will once again be in action over the skies of Iraq very soon - in theory as early as this evening but I understand that Saturday night is more likely. The question today's Commons vote leaves unanswered...Show More Summary

British military action in Iraq: what next?

If/when the House of Commons votes for air strikes against IS forces in Iraq the next steps are becoming increasingly clear. Air strikes this weekend In theory, six RAF Tornado strike aircraft could be in action over the skies of Iraq...Show More Summary

Will Miliband's deficit slip haunt him?

For just £2 in Manchester you could buy your very own souvenir copy of a speech by a man who wants to be your next prime minister. A speech which will be remembered for two things - a promise to spend more on the NHS and Ed Miliband's...Show More Summary

Ed Miliband's CV for top job

Today's conference speech marked the start of an eight-month job application. So said Ed Miliband. The role to be filled - prime minister. The decision to be taken - by you next May. The big theme of his speech was not the threats the...Show More Summary

Parliament crucial to IS decision

One thing and one thing alone will determine whether the UK joins the United States in taking military action against Islamic State forces - parliamentary opinion. David Cameron will not risk a repeat of the Commons defeat he faced last...Show More Summary

Miliband to pledge rise in NHS spending

Labour leader Ed Miliband will pledge to increase spending on the NHS in his party conference speech on Tuesday, the BBC understands. He will say a "mansion tax" on homes worth more than £2m will help pay for the extra funding. Labour...Show More Summary

Change is coming to the constitution

There has never been a day in politics like this one. A vote to reject massive constitutional change in one part of the UK has triggered a debate about just that in every part of it. The man without whom this might never have happened...Show More Summary

The people have spoken. But it's not over

The people have spoken. Scotland has rejected independence. The result has been accepted by both sides. So that you might think is that. Not a bit of it. The fact that over 1.5m British citizens voted to break away from the rest of the...Show More Summary

Brown calls for three 'guarantees' for Scotland

Gordon Brown is calling for three "guarantees" for Scotland to be "locked in" before voting takes place in the referendum on Thursday. In a speech in Edinburgh later he will call for: 1. A permanent role for Scotland in the evolution...Show More Summary

Ian Paisley: From Dr No to Dr Yes

Loved and loathed, admired and feared, the life of the man known simply as "Big Ian" is the story of Northern Ireland's transition from violence to peace. Some will remember him for a single word - "Never!" - rarely spoken, usually bellowed. They...Show More Summary

Cameron and Miliband in Scotland

Today we looked at a man who knows that his tombstone may read "the prime minister who presided over the break-up of Britain". We listened to a man whose voice began to break as he made a plea for Scotland to stay. David Cameron said...Show More Summary

Scotland - Yes or No to protect the NHS?

The Unionist parties in Scotland will claim today that they can guarantee that spending on the NHS will not be cut by the next government in Westminster. They will argue that the new powers they are promising to give the Scottish Parliament...Show More Summary

Scotland - Vote No and get something better?

On the morning after the poll before, "Vote No and get something better" summed up George Osborne's message. It's a tried and trusted message which worked in the independence referendum in Quebec when a last minute poll lead for Yes was transformed into a narrow No. Show More Summary

Could Putin cross more 'red lines'?

For all the displays of military hardware, the promises to stand by Eastern Europe, the pledges to deploy more Nato forces there, it is the use of economic power, which according to Barack Obama and David Cameron has forced VladimirShow More Summary

Iraq hostage: The UK's response

A British hostage will be next to die. That was the clear and chilling message at the end of the latest horrific video produced by the brutal killers of the so-called "Islamic State". It will have shocked many but it came as no surprise...Show More Summary

The Europe 'bomb' goes off

This is a body blow for David Cameron. When he became Tory leader, he told his party that they needed to stop obsessing about Europe. This defection - and the by-election which will follow - will revive that obsession. Conservative MPs...Show More Summary

Fighting will continue after debate

Two heavyweight bruisers locked together - both desperate to land a knock-out blow. That, I fear, may be what sticks in the memory after Monday night's debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling. The two men's aggression was aShow More Summary

What's the PM's next move on Iraq?

There have been all too many acts of barbarism in Iraq and Syria in recent years. What makes this dreadful act stand out from the rest is the fact that the murderer is almost certainly a British citizen and the victim is not just a journalist...Show More Summary

Russia: how tough a response?

The rhetoric could scarcely sound tougher but will the reality come close to matching it? David Cameron, writing in yesterday's Sunday Times. said that "for too long there has been a reluctance on the part of too many European countries...Show More Summary

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