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Massive LEGO Colosseum and Arch of Constantine

My mind hurts thinking about the instruction book you'd have to write for this one, but it is quite the nerdtastic feast! All hail builder Ryan McNaught, who built this for the University of Sydney using over 200,000 blocks! See more over at Gizmodo.

The Classical Testicle

"Marbles", a new series by photographer Ingrid Berthon-Moine, explores the aesthetic of the testicle in Classical sculpture. Ingrid Berthon-Moine Hrag Vartanian interviewed her for Hyperallergic, where she explainsI like to look at men … the way they look at women. Show More Summary


Yes, they went there. Restaurant chain Denny's is channeling the spirit of Dionysus, filtered through the prurient enthusiasm of the American nerd, to bring you 'Baconalia'. Oh look, you can get a commemorative plate. From a purely philological...Show More Summary

Dirtying the waters: Archaeopop in Macao

A version of this article first appeared in Pork #10. Get it here.Macao. This former Portuguese colony off the coast of China's Guangdong province is packed with baroque churches, old forts, and gritty 20th century apartment buildings dyed gray and black by the ever-present pall of air pollution. Show More Summary

Egyptomania in Living Color, 1910s

From the collections of the George Eastman House on Flickr, some of the earliest color photographs ever taken. A glimpse at Egyptomaniacs of the 1910s. The autochrome process, developed by the Lumière brothers of cinema fame, was the earliest technique for making color photographs. Show More Summary

3D print your own airship trireme

Whoa, there's a lot of concepts stuffed into that title. But look at the awesomeness. Artist and designer Arnold Martin produces templates for a variety of fanciful airship models (not functioning, sadly) that you can print out on a home 3D printer such as the MakerBot Replicator 2 (now only $2199). Show More Summary

Why does everyone hate David's penis?

Not one but TWO stories this week about people objecting to the penis of Michelangelo's David. Personally, I always thought it was a little on the small size, and not that impressive. But consider these two stories from opposite sides...Show More Summary

The relaxing Caracalla spa

Hot tip for the Archaeopop-minded traveller: the Caracalla Spa in Baden-Baden. Looks like quite a nice spot. Why anyone would name their spa after Antoninus Caracalla (Emperor from AD 188-217) confuses me a little. Of course, he's known...Show More Summary

Stalking Turkish Santa Claus

This article appears in PORK #9, out now from Goblinko. Read it all here! We drove out of the scrub-covered hills into a valley covered in greenhouses and dust. Everything was warped and bent in the July Mediterranean heat: the giant...Show More Summary

Apocalypse blah

I know, I know. It’s December 21, 2012, this is a blog about archaeology and popular culture, and I’m supposed to say something witty about how the world hasn’t ended yet. But to tell you the truth I’ve always been bored to death by the nonexistent ‘Mayan’ ‘Apocalypse’, because it’s so stupid. Show More Summary

Berlusconi: the Mummy Returns

"Return of the Mummy": French daily Libération's snide comment on Silvio Berlusconi's return to Italian politics (after announcing his retirement at least 1000000 times). Not that he will win, but maybe there'll be some undead bunga-bunga.. Stolen from Luca Pareschi's Facebook feed (Grazie, caro!)

Pharaoh Morsi

Revolutions always spawn great graffiti. Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian prime minister, was mocked as 'pharaoh' for his seizure of dictatorial emergency powers (now, apparently, cancelled - or maybe not?)I love this stencil. Via the Guardian...Show More Summary

Hard truths about North Korea's unicorn lair

I SO wish (Gawker) "North Korean archaeologists discover unicorn lair" is maybe the best lede ever. Yesterday this amazing press release from North Korea got splattered all over the interwebs: Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- Archaeologists...Show More Summary

One Minute Meme: All Creative Work is Derivative

Nina Paley's One Minute Meme for Question Copyright:The whole history of human culture evolves through copying, making tiny transformations (sometimes called "errors") with each replication. Copying is the engine of cultural progress. Show More Summary

Osiris-Themed Roller Coaster

"Fly Osiris", the new roller coaster at 'Parc Astérix' in France. The "new PHARAONIC attraction"! Whatever you want to say about the French, at least they like a little archaeology in their theme parks. Spotted in the Paris Metro. Bonus points for the ironic graffiti (Osiris = god of the dead)

Rise of the drones

The drone revolution reached archaeology this summer. Archaeologists from Vanderbilt University are using a backpack-sized styrofoam drone called Skate to map the early colonial Peruvian site of Mawchu Lllacta from the air. The drone can carry 1080p HD video cameras, infrared sensors, cameras, or other instruments. Show More Summary

Hobbits run afoul of trademark

Kevin Stead/COSMOS It seems the contemporary masters of Middle-Earth would rather not have hobbits in the fossil record. Reports the Guardian:It was, perhaps, inevitable that Homo floresiensis, the three-foot-tall species of primitive human discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores, would come to be widely known as "hobbits". Show More Summary

Stone Age Zombies vs. Oldest Gay Caveman

Look, scientific proof of caveman zombies. Every generation writes the past it wants to read. This week, my favorite greenwashing network has a seasonally-appropriate article on Stone Age zombies: The zombie apocalypse may be much more than a plot device exploited by modern horror movies. Show More Summary

Autumn Lull

It was a quiet summer at Archaeopop and the trend is continuing into fall. I needed a break from the blog; I love it but it consumes a surprising amount of processing power. After three years, I'm also chafing a little bit at my own self-imposed limits with this blog - sometimes I just want to forget about archaeology and talk about other things. Show More Summary

This is what 500 tipsy archaeologists look like

Yep, pretty much like everyone else, but with much more obscure conversation starters. ("So you're working on the Norwegian Iron Age?"). I made it to the Old Student House in Helsinki for the opening party for the European Association...Show More Summary

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