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This Year: $488 on School Supplies. Next Year Will Be Different.

We need to go buy school supplies, my daughter said. It won't be like last year, she said. Not at all.

Kids Cooking Pizza Two Ways: On the Grill and in the Oven

Making pizza at home: a 3-year-old can help; two 9-year-olds can nearly do the job themselves.

A Fertility Diary’s Happy Ending: Was It All Worth It?

After 3 years of infertility, 4 miscarriages and 10 doctors, our daughter was born. Friends keep asking, "Would you do it all again?"

How Do You Talk to a 3-Year-Old About a Divorce You Don’t Want?

When one parent is planning to leave a marriage, how can both spouses prepare a preschooler for the change?

Shelf, iPad, Bed Table: An End-of-Summer Reading List

Any month includes new work by Shirley Jackson and Laura Ingalls Wilder is a good month.

After a Father’s Heart Attack, A Well-Meant Lie Backfires on the Playground

My husband had a heart attack in Singapore, and I got on a plane without telling our son.

Is This Family Gender-Biased?

Gender roles can be so ingrained that we don't even realize we're reinforcing them with our own parenting choices.

Kids in the Kitchen: Broiled Fish With Chermoula

Chermoula: a huge success. Salmon for the child who doesn't like it anymore? Less so.

Foster Parents, Trying Not to Ask ‘What Will We Do If He Leaves?’

“The kids,” which comes out so naturally now, could very easily go back to “the kid” very soon.

Now That Target Won’t Label Toys By Gender, Some Alternatives

A few fresh suggestions for new labels on toy aisles: Spatial skills. Thinking. Aggression. Sexualization.

If She Can Make It There (Europe) She’ll Make It Anywhere (College). Right?

It may sound as though I was so cool with my daughter's backpacking trip that I dropped her off with a hug and a wave. I wasn't, but maybe I should have been.

Mom, I Know You’re Doing that ‘Gift of Failure’ Thing, But Could You Please Just Not?

Jessica Lahey literally wrote the book about letting kids fail. But sometimes her kids want her to step in, not back.

Six Things Parents Need for Back to School (That We Can’t Buy)

Make that "6 Things I Need To Send Kids Back to School" that I don't have, and can't possibly buy.

Kids in the Kitchen: Outdoor Fish Fry

Frying fish outdoors means less splatter and mess, and it’s a job older children can enjoy.

Struggling to Stay Connected When a Spouse Deploys

How did we go from long talks, fingers intertwined, to miles apart and discussing appliances?

Embarrassed by Coupons, but Learning How to Save to Splurge

My youngest child used to stand near other adults on line when the complaints began, as if he was with another, less-troublesome shopper.

‘I Love to Watch You Play’; but Not Every Game

When did watching every game become an unspoken part of the modern parental contract?

A Missed Opportunity: G.O.P. Debate Avoids Family Policy Issues

Do any of the Republican candidates support policies that support working families? We don't know, because they weren't asked.

The Book That Became the ‘Little House’ Books

Laura Ingalls Wilder's original autobiography, "Pioneer Girl," annotated with every detail of her many journeys, both into the West and into print.

Teenagers Leading Happy, Connected Lives Online

A Pew Foundation report finds that teenagers use online connections to strengthen old friendships and build new ones.

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