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A Movie Scene About Abortion, With a Message for Mother and Daughter

29 minutes agoLifestyle / Parenting : Motherlode

I don't want my daughters to have abortions. I do want them to know they can come to me, like the character in "Obvious Child" goes to her mother.

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Sheet-Pan Chicken

Kids in the Kitchen: A 3-year-old learns how to make Easy Sheet-Pan Chicken, and basic cooking skills.

A Familiar Sense of Uncertainty

The only certainty in the foster care world, and I suppose in parenting in general, is the uncertainty of it all.

Stay Close, Sleep Close, or ‘Stay Close, Sleep Apart?’

Bed-sharing was so important for us, but the New York City Department of Health advertises that parents and infants should "Stay close. Sleep apart."

Esme Can Read

My daughter does not speak. She does not sign. She cannot point or use picture exchange. But she can read.

A Kindergarten Form Asks: Vaginal Birth, or C-section. Why?

I couldn't imagine why anyone would ask this of an ordinary 5-year-old entering kindergarten, and I couldn't get a good answer to my question.

For a Child with a Learning Disability, There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Help

A full-time aide seemed like the perfect solution for my son — until he came to rely on her aid far too much.

Kids in the Kitchen: Ketchup Chicken

An 11-year old learns to cook Stir-Fried Chicken with Ketchup in the first #NYTKidsCook.

Why Affluent Parents Clam Up About Their Incomes

A recent survey suggests that the parents with the most money are the least likely to talk about it with their kids.

When Parents Compare Siblings, the Results Can Show On Report Cards

New research suggests that a parent's belief that one sibling is a better student than another can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Foster Parents Support a Son—and Need Support of Their Own

My husband and I signed up for the challenges of foster parenting. Our friends and extended family did not, but they still come through.

Congolese Children, Adopted Years Ago, May Soon Be Permitted to Travel to New Homes

At least 12 children have died during the Democratic Republic of Congo's years-long suspension of their exit permits.

How Does an Uber Driver Take Family Leave?

More freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs means even more people asking "How am I going to take parental leave when my kid is born?"

‘Inside Out:’ Pixar’s Convincing Argument Against Childhood Happiness

In its latest release, Pixar helpfully and gleefully rejects the premise that all we should want is for our children to be happy.

With Charleston Shooting, a Time to Stop Teaching Children About the ‘History’ of Racial Violence

How many of your children have come home from school to tell you that black people "used to" be treated differently?

‘But Aren’t You Already Married?’ The Supreme Court, Same-Sex Marriage, and Kids

My wife and I are ready to toast marriage equality. But our children don't need to know their family was ever unequal.

Unused Embryos, to Donate, Destroy or Debate

Embryo donors and recipients may be happy with their choices, but the larger debate over embryo status remains.

Military Spouses, Facing Deployment, but Not Alone

As I looked ahead to my husband's long term deployment, I felt as if I were drowning—until the Navy issued me a life preserver.

The Foster Family Honeymoon Is Over

We’d been told it is common for a foster child to be on his best behavior for the first few weeks or months.

Shelf, Ipad, Bed Table: Reading, May 2015

One novel, two semi-memoirs and a whole lot of reading in bits and pages.

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