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Stop Misusing Ghost Buttons

A ghost button is a button that has an outline but no solid fill. They’re a popular trend across the web, but many designers are misusing them.

PorkBun: Get a Free .design Domain Name

.design is a new domain name extension that’s geared towards websites focused on design.

Why the Email Confirmation Field Must Die

The email address is one of the most corrected form fields. It’s easy to mistype because the input contains a long string of various characters.

Stockio: Your Free Portfolio of Design Resources

A great user experience is not only about ease of use but also aesthetic appeal. The more appealing your site looks the more users will perceive it as easy to use.

User Experience T-Shirts for the Community

You may have a fashionable wardrobe, but you don't have shirts that show off what you do. If you're proud of your field and profession you should.

Why Mobile Menus Belong at the Bottom of the Screen

The way you use your mobile phone can affect your brain. A research study has found that daily mobile phone users have a larger somatosensory cortex.

5 Common Design Mistakes on Navigation Bar Buttons

10 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

The navigation bar is one of the most important elements on a site. Users rely on it to find the content they need. When designers don’t design navigation bar buttons correctly they force more work on the user.

Squarespace: Build a Beautiful Site in Half the Time

10 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

Who wants to install software, apply security patches and manage bandwidth when starting a site? Nobody. Squarespace is your all-in-one solution that removes these headaches.

8 Best Job Boards for UX Designers

10 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

Finding a job as a UX designer is no easy task if you don't know where to look. There are many job search sites, but many of them display cluttered and hard to read results.

Depositphotos: Download Pro Stock Photos for Any Project

11 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

A professional website should not only include exceptional content but great photos as well. Photography has become more important than ever in web design, advertising and social media.

Why Your Form Only Needs One Name Field

11 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

Does your form have two separate fields for first name and last name? If it does, you are making it harder for users to fill out your form. But there's a better way.

JotForm 4.0: Build Forms Anywhere, Anytime

11 months agoInternet / Usability : UX Movement

Forms are hard to manage if you don’t have coding experience. You often have to go through the developer to edit form elements and widgets. This can take many meetings, emails and revisions to get right.

The Conversion Rate Illusion of Modal Newsletter Forms

Ever visit a site and had a modal window newsletter form pop up in your face? Of course you have, they’re all over the web today. There’s a reason why many sites use them.

The Illusion of Modal Window Newsletter Forms

Ever visit a site and had a modal window newsletter form pop up in your face? Of course you have, they’re all over the web today. There’s a reason why many sites use them.

How Chatbots Can Help Your Users Without You There

2016 was the year of the Chatbot. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Samsung have all released chatbots, demonstrating the importance of artificial intelligence on the web.

Loop11: Online Usability Testing in Minutes

Are you making the best design decisions on your site? If you don’t know how users are using your site, you probably aren’t. Seeing how users use your site allows you to see actual usability problems that come up.

Progress Bars vs. Spinners: When to Use Which

How would you feel if you asked someone at the store where an item was and they just stood there? You would probably get frustrated and move on.

Why Formatted Data Fields Always Need Input Masks

In the world of forms, there are two types of data input found on text fields. There’s data input that has no format (characters only).

Envato Elements: A Curated Library of Web Design Assets

Designing a website can take more time and effort than expected if you’re designing it from scratch. It’s faster to design off an existing template if it matches the site you want to build.

Why the Footer Is the New Site Map

Years ago it was common practice to place a link to your sitemap in the footer navigation. Those days are over because the footer itself has become the new site map.

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