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Please follow me to my new website.....

Here's a big HELLO to those of you who might find yourself here through a Google search, or you are a long-time subscriber to this site via Feedburner and/or RSS Feed. I've moved! I'd love to have you visit me at my own domain where I come out from behind the ElementaryHistoryTeacher name, but continue to share the stories behind the history. Show More Summary

Yes, I've Published a Book!

I've written and published a book! Of course, that was my intention when I began this blog way back in 2006 when I was still in the classroom, but the book I've published isn't exactly the book I had planned. The planned project - aShow More Summary

Getting to the Tooth of the Matter

Do you know what these are? If you guessed dental tools you would be correct? Now, who owned them? None other than America’s silversmith and favorite son of Liberty who rode the countryside warning the folks that the British were coming. Show More Summary

Frank Carpenter: World Traveler and Photographer

Over on the Facebook page for this blog I’ve been posting a series of pictures this week I’ve simply sourced as “Library of Congress”, but the source goes much deeper than that. The pictures are wonderful depictions of world scenes beginning in the 1890s through the 1930s. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Keep Your Alumni Base Lively

Great advice for folks who control alumni groups!! Via: iContact

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep....An Old Spin

This past February Mr. Elementaryhistoryteacher and I ran off for quick weekend in Charleston. It was rainy and cold most of the time, so we didn't get a chance to walk around very much, but we did take a turn through the visitor's center and then headed across the street to The Charleston Museum. Show More Summary

The Artist Explorer

The Age of Exploration. What do you immediately think of as you read those four words? More than likely, you would throw out some of the more famous explorer's names and where their expeditions took place. Some of you might tell me about...Show More Summary

Using Memoirs to Strengthen Curriculum

In my opinion the least taught war in United States classrooms has to be the Korean War. The U.S never declared war on North Korea because we weren’t there on our own. Our involvement was a result of the United Nations aiding South Korea with the United States supplying 88% of the forces. Show More Summary

Wordless: The Countess

If you hang around here any length of time you realize that my Wordless entries are never entirely wordless......just more brief than normal. This is Countess Virginia Oldoini....more than likely the very first fashion/photography model. Show More Summary

13 Things About the Washington Monument Stones

Last week I shared some information about the Washington Monument and the Pope's stone which was destroyed by the political party known as the Know Nothings. During my research I took a little side tour and found some interesting things about the panels that decorate the interior walls of the monument. Show More Summary

Gliding Through D-Day....Part II

A few years ago I paid homage to my Uncle Buck for his service to our country during the very early morning hours of June 6, 1944 by writing Gliding Into D-Day. Feel free to obtain a little background if you wish by clicking through and reading it first. Show More Summary

The Know Nothings and the Washington Monument

I've tried to get back into the groove of active posting by sharing old pictures on my Facebook page for "History Is Elementary" in the evening over the last several days. What? You don't "like" me on Facebook? Well, what are you waiting...Show More Summary

More About the Hunley

This article begins ….”For nearly 150 years, the story of the Hunley’s attack on the USS Housatonic has been Civil War legend. And it has been wrong.” Oops. Well, correcting myths, legends and poor history has been habit around here, so let’s dive in. Show More Summary

Let's Hear It for Local History

Over the last couple of years I’ve immersed myself into a personal local history project involving researching and writing about the history of my home…..Douglas County, Georgia. What started as a weekly column here at Douglasville Patchmorphed into a blog called Every Now and Then located here. Show More Summary

Pursuing Goals

Pursuing one’s goals…..a worthy pursuit, right? Hard work and determination….giving each and every move careful consideration…..making a plan……following the steps….changing course when necessary…… Yes, all of these are strategies to pursue one’s goals, but all too often we get tired of the time it takes to reach our goals. Show More Summary

Yes, You Can Quote Me!

Presidential quotes have always held my interest. I think they have a valid place in the classroom. Taken out of context they can appear as a random mish-mash of who the man happened to be, but when you do a little digging the quotations help students to gain a little more insight into the man and the historical era in question. Show More Summary

The Online College Student - Lazy?

Most colleges and universities provide their students with opportunities to take courses online. Unfortunately, online classes still suffer a bad reputation due to many myths that simply don't hold water. The following Info graphic takes a hard look at online education... Via: GetARealDegree.Com

13 Things - Lincoln...the Movie

I went to see the movie Lincoln last weekend. I loved it! I’m looking forward to seeing it again…and again. The movie covers the time period from January, 1865 to April 9 at the end of the war and five days later when President Lincoln was assassinated. Show More Summary

Mixed Images...One Powerful Message

Look at this picture. Observe it very carefully. You can click on the pictures to isolate them and make them a little larger Yes, you see soldiers proceeding up a street, but notice that you are actually looking at two images… from World War II and another from more contemporary times of the same location. Show More Summary

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