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The Long Slog

We’re now in the middle of winter and the long, hard sloggy phase of the building process is rearing its head. Not that the builders aren’t great (they are) or that the process isn’t educational and fascinating (it is), but the seasonal weather has turned wet & cold and the entire build site is now […] The post The Long Slog appeared first on Nathan Branch.

View from the hills

Welcome to our little slice of heaven. Soon (well, okay, maybe by December of 2015) we’ll be living on this piece of land. Until then, I can only take pictures and dream. NOTE: This pic was taken in high summer (mid-January for us southern hemisphere folk) just as the sun was starting to set. In […] The post View from the hills appeared first on Nathan Branch.

A new year, some progress made

Brian checks out the back tunnel in the cave we’re having blasted out of a schist hill near where our house will be built. Because, really, if you’ve got a big old rock hill on your land, it aint going away — so you may as well embrace it, right? The architectural designs are nearly […] The post A new year, some progress made appeared first on Nathan Branch.

Random topics: French cheese, Hello Kitty and New Zealand whiskey

1.) French cheese makers suffer a dark night of the soul: “‘The big industrial producers will not tolerate the existence of other modes of production. They are determined to impose a bland homogeneity upon the consumer –- cheese shaped...Show More Summary

The Other Red Wine

I watched two red wine centric documentaries recently — “Red Obsession” and “A Year in Burgundy”; and while they’re both about the traditional production of wine in France, they couldn’t have been further apart in spirit and outlook....Show More Summary

Passing the time

1.) It’s been a fairly mild winter, overall, but still... winter. Cold days, snow, rain. I haven’t been out with my camera as much as I should (shoulda coulda woulda) due to foul weather and, well, because it’s just plain frigid out there! But frigid can have its upside now and again. […] The post Passing the time appeared first on Nathan Branch.

The new neighbourhood

This pic was taken across the road from our property — the foreground trees border the lower farm land (yes, we have farm land... I’m still trying to wrap my urban brain around that idea) and the brown hills roll up to where our house will be built, tucked away from prying […] The post The new neighbourhood appeared first on Nathan Branch.

Life through bite-size pics

Good morning, sunshi... oh wait. Yep, still cold. — Nathan Branch (@NathanBranch) May 27, 2014 So, as you can see from the above Tweet, it got cold really fast after we arrived in Arrowtown. I wasn’t expecting...Show More Summary

Moving Day (again)

I apologise for the almost three-month absence, but in my defence, our apartment now looks like this: And it’s getting worse by the minute. But by next week, we should be happily ensconced in New Zealand’s south island (just outsideShow More Summary

A place to call home

Below is a picture I took on our property the last time we were in Arrowtown — we were there to meet with the architect and builders, to initiate a time-plan and get the project moving into its first official steps. We’re starting to narrow down our options and express a much clearer idea of […] The post A place to call home appeared first on Nathan Branch.

G’bye, 2013 — Hello, 2014!

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while. But the Auckland summer for 2013-14 has turned out to be kind of uninspiringly blah (where last summer and winter were amazing and I was out photographing all the time), plus I’ve been distracted by our latest flurry of property hunting. Show More Summary

NZ Diary: Trees and things

Since moving to New Zealand, the desire to do nature photography has lodged its spiky pickaxe in my brain. I used to think, “Ugh — nature!” when I picked up a camera and headed out, assuming that only urban street scenes and manmade objects were worthy of attention. Show More Summary

NZ Diary: Memorial Museum pics

I made another pass through Auckland’s (beautiful) War Memorial Museum yesterday, and while the mood of war & death that shrouds the many rooms, altars and shrines is both sad and frustrating (will we ever evolve as a species past murder...Show More Summary

NZ Diary: Cake and fantasy

1). I leapt out of bed (at the crack of 10 a.m.), pulled on some clothes and ran to the Sustainable Auckland event this morning in order to be the first in line for freshly baked treats from The Caker, a New Zealand indie bakery (operated by one-woman wonder Jordan Rondel) that’s all about natural […] The post NZ Diary: Cake and fantasy appeared first on Nathan Branch.

NZ Diary: Fashion and Art

1.) I paid a visit to the New Zealand Fashion Museum‘s pop-up exhibit, “The Age of Aquarius”, in the eco-forward Geyser Building in the central Auckland neighbourhood of Parnell. The temporary exhibit celebrates New Zealand designers...Show More Summary

NZ Diary: Behind the scenes at NZ Fashion Week with Crane Brothers

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of getting backstage access to the Weddings Magazine Bridal Collection show at New Zealand Fashion Week. This kind of shoot wouldn’t ordinarily be my thing (women floating about in poofy white dresses),...Show More Summary

NZ Diary: The subject of subject

I’ve been working through the assignments in my online photographic seminar with Malaysian shutter-pro Ming Thein, covering topics like “filling the frame“, finding appropriate light, light metering, and aspect ratios. And while I’ve...Show More Summary

While I was sleeping: An interview

Yeah, I know, I’m starting to take longer stretches in-between postings, but I swear it’s not intentional! I either get sick, or I’m out of town, or the dog has to go to the vet, or... wait, I don’t even have a dog. I’m going to have to come up with better […] The post While I was sleeping: An interview appeared first on Nathan Branch.

Video clip: Hiroki Nakamura of visvim

A video clip from my new favourite designer, Hiroki Nakamura of the Japanese brand visvim: A full collection based on an imaginary 1948 camping trip in northern California. What’s not to love? “Most of the fabric, we make from scratch, and we use a lot of different techniques — especially, we are really into natural [...]Show More Summary

NZ Diary: Capturing the city

Ever since moving to Auckland, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around what I think of this city, how I emotionally respond to my new surroundings, and what kind of differences there are (if any) from living in the US. The Auckland skyline from the Dove-Myer Robinson Park And I’ve lived in several US [...] The post NZ Diary: Capturing the city appeared first on Nathan Branch.

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