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Happy Monday! You May Need To Buy Rape Insurance.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that apparently includes the shaft women get. Gov. Greg Abbott sign HB 214, which bans abortion coverage from all public and private health insurance plans. But wait! There’s more! It also states that abortion … More » Happy Monday! You May Need To Buy Rape Insurance. Show More Summary

4 Ways To Recover When You’re Caught Job-Hunting At Work

So you followed all of our advice (or perhaps not enough of it) and you still got busted job hunting while you’re at work—or maybe your boss just sensed that you have one foot out the door. How do you … More » 4 Ways To Recover WhenShow More Summary

7 Tips On How To Job Hunt While You’re At Work

Job hunting is pretty much a fulltime job in itself. That can get frustrating and exhausting when you’re job hunting while you’re already employed, so it’s very tempting to search for a new job while you’re already at work for … More...Show More Summary

DJ Who Assaulted Taylor Swift Can’t Get A Job

The former Denver KYGO FM DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift, David Mueller, can’t get his hands on a job. Mueller is sad that no one wants to hire him now and swears he only took Swift to court to … More » DJ Who Assaulted Taylor Swift...Show More Summary

Exactly How To Ask For Work Flexibility

Our pals at FlexJobs have some tips on exactly how to ask for work flexibility. Here they are! Related posts: 1 Million for Work Flexibility Launches Policy Page FlexJobs Names The Top 10 International Companies for Remote Jobs 12 Flexible...Show More Summary

4 Reasons To Encourage Meditation At Work

Guest blogger Barbara Cox, Ph.D. (, is a consultant and coach for innovative leaders and organizations. To learn more about meditation, try one of the free guided recordings at Her adviceShow More Summary

Why A Fox Sports Reporter Hid Her Pregnancy

Finally, some non-Nazi news: There are lot of alleged issues with Fox properties in general (remember all those sexual harassment suits?), but this one was pretty unique. Fox Sports San Diego-turned-ESPN reporter Kris Budden wrote an...Show More Summary

Nazi Douche Gets Fired For Being Nazi Douche

Nazi douche Cole White of California was fired from his restaurant gig after Yes, You’re Racist outed him as one of the participants in the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. As it turns out, being a Nazi andShow More Summary

Nazi Douche Is Sad He’s Called A Nazi Douche

Sorry if you were expecting other content this week. I promise we’ll get back to it eventually. That said, I want to make sure we’re still paying attention to the alt-right, fascist, neo-Nazi bigots that are trying to make life … More...Show More Summary

Let’s Get Some Nazis Fired

I’m usually against doxxing or getting people fired for things that they tweet or stupid nonsense like that. However, when it comes to Nazis, neo-Nazis, or white supremacists who rally in public over a statue of Robert E. Lee that …Show More Summary

10 GIFs That Perfectly Capture The Feeling Of Computer Issues At Work

You show up. You’re on time. You’re eager. You’re less miserable today than you usually are. And then your computer crashes. Is there any more disheartening feeling on a Monday? No. Join and wallow in my pain. Related posts: Your … More...Show More Summary

5 Times To Speak Up At Work

You already know when you should keep your mouth shut. That’s not all the time. There are some situations at work in which it’s actually imperative that you speak up and state your truth. Here are the most crucial times … More » 5 Times...Show More Summary

5 Times To Keep Quiet At Work

Communication is key anywhere, be it the office or in your dating life. Still, sometimes speaking up does more harm than good. Here are a few instances at work when it’s best to keep your nose to the grindstone (yup, … More » 5 Times...Show More Summary

Malia Obama Was A Pretty Awesome Intern

Malia Obama didn’t let being a former First Daughter get in the way of kicking ass at her internship with the Weinstein Company, where she served as a production assistant—and an Oscar winner even vouched for her work ethic. Halle …Show More Summary

Coding Bootcamp Pays Off For Flatiron School

Today, Flatiron School, the nation’s top coding bootcamp with the longest history of transparent outcomes reporting, released its 2017 annual jobs report, continuing its commitment to providing a high quality, outcomes-focused education that produces life-changing results for its students. Show More Summary

15 Songs To Make You Feel Better On A Bad Day At Work

Generally like your job, but having an awful day? Have a job that sucks, but that you know you can’t leave just yet? If you’re having a bad day at work but can’t exactly quit your job (or just know … More » 15 Songs To Make You FeelShow More Summary

Transgender Air Force Staff Sergeant Responds To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Because Donald Trump’s military ban of transgender individuals is idiotic and prejudiced, we’ll be publishing responses from the LGBTQ and military communities. They sometimes overlap. That’s the point. Air Force staff sergeant Logan...Show More Summary

Watch John McCain Vote ‘No’ On Trumpcare On A Loop

Ladies and gentlemen, here is John McCain defying Republicans to do the right thing and not leave millions of people without health insurance to benefit the rich. You’re welcome. And to John McCain, thank you. Related posts: How To Avoid...Show More Summary

Caitlyn Jenner Responds To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Because Donald Trump’s military ban of transgender individuals is idiotic and prejudiced, we’ll be publishing responses from the LGBTQ and military communities. They sometimes overlap. That’s the point. There are 15,000 patriotic transgender...Show More Summary

10 Songs About Hating Your Job

Hating your job is brutal. You can feel isolated, alone, and even bratty, considering so many people you know may be out of work. But dagnabbit, you’re human, and you’re entitled to feel this way. Here are 10 tunes for … More » 10 Songs...Show More Summary

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